Welcome All!

February 10, 2020: Launch of the 3rd Generation
Your Archivist: Specter

Hi everyone and welcome to the newly redesigned GFD BloodBank! I know many have followed this site for years, some since the very beginning; and I know I have some pretty big shoes to fill. I promise I'll do my best!

So, who am I and why am I here? My name is Spencer, known in darkness as Specter as I can make my entire body look like a vapor or look "ghost-like" to one person or everyone near me if I want. It's an extra that has saved me many times and driven a few a little mad. (Trust me, no one who didn't deserve it.) Uriel, the original archivist, had been a friend of mine for many years and he did a great job making the idea of the BloodBank a reality. Then he disappeared without warning, leaving the archive orphaned. So, Comicality (Yeah, THE Comicality!) turned to his friend Turtleboy to see if he was up for the task. Not only did Turtleboy move the archive to its own server with its own domain, he completely redesigned the site and made it, bigger without changing the overall feel of the original site. Uriel would have been pleased for sure! Unfortunately, after a few technical issues and a server crash, Turtleboy had to bring in help to restore the archive. It was moved to yet another server and restored but, didn't have an archivist anymore. So, when Comicality learned that I was close to the original archivist and his sire (who was my best friend for what felt like a lifetime) he asked me if I'd take on the job and build on the work of those who built this library of darkness.

Long story short, We’re Back! It's been a long rough journey but The Bloodbank is back in action and we’ve got some plans on the darkened skyline for you all. For now, some time will be spent just cleaning up the damage from our recent redesign. I've been following the layout and additions since day one so, I just need to get the finishing touches and minor growing pains addressed. Soon I’ll tell you some more about myself and once the main archive has been completely moved in, shed some light where light hasn't been seen for eons…

As every archivist before me has said, feel free to look around! I’m sure there will be some more changes and additions in the weeks to come as we settle in and get ready to get the new blood pumping through her old veins again! But for now, we’ve got MORE stories, MORE videos, MORE pics/drawings, MORE poetry, and MORE vampire darkness than we’ve ever had before! And we are ALWAYS looking for more! So if you guys have stories or character pics or a vampire ‘whatever’, let me know and we’ll make it happen! Cool?

Also, if you wanna go back and read the epic story that made this whole site possible, be sure to read the GFD Original Scriptures which are the base of our entire group here in the shadows! (A special thank you to the Gay Authors Community for giving our leader a safe place to build our world and the Shack Outback Mirror for connecting to our archive directly to help maintain everything the great vampire mimic has to offer!

And feel free to come by and talk vampires with us whenever you like! The forum is still where you left it... just might be a little dusty ;)



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