Yup, We’re Back! After an unplanned vacation, “GFD: Blood Bank” is back in action and we’ve got some plans on the horizon for you all. For now, some time will be spent just cleaning up the damage from our recent move to a brand new server. It will also give me some time to learn how the last archivist had stuff set up. Soon I’ll introduce myself to you all and let you in on some of my plans for a very dark future…

As the last archivist said, feel free to look around! I’m sure there will be some more changes and additions in the weeks to come as we settle in and get ready to get those creative vampire wheels turning again! But for now, we’ve got MORE stories, MORE videos, MORE pics/drawings, MORE poetry, and MORE vampire goodness than we’ve ever had before! And we are ALWAYS looking for more! So if you guys have stories or character pics or a vampire ‘whatever’, let me know and we’ll make it happen! Cool?

Also, if you wanna go back and read the epic story that made this whole site possible, click the link and look for Gone From Daylight under “Stories” at Comicality’s Shack Out Back!

And feel free to come by and talk vampires with us whenever you like on our *NEW* forum