While the main “Gone From Daylight” story surrounds Justin and Taryn, their love, and their own personal struggles in darkness…there are MANY more vampire stories to be told! From many different angles! And from many different vampires! Some of the stories will intertwine with the main “GFD” series, and some may be far removed tales of vampires the likes that we have never seen! Vampires are as old as time itself, so it can take place in ANY part of the world, during ANY time throughout history! Create your own characters, extras, storylines…it’s all up to you! Let everyone see the world of darkness in all its dismal glory through your eyes! Below…the stories begin…

All stories submitted will be posted right here in The GFD: Blood Bank, including Comicality’s!!! Just make sure to send your work to and include the name you wish to be credited for the work! (Your name, pen name, or your desired name in darkness! It's all up to you.)