Story Starters

Now here's something we hope you all can sink your fangs into! It's commonly known that any one who enjoys reading enough will have a clear "Hope" for what direction a story will go in. After initially getting to know the main characters, many authors get feedback as to what they really wish to see in the chapters to come. Comicality has decided it's time for you all to have an open invitation to write along with him. No Joke!!! He's going to write 4 story starters and while he's working on his ending, we are all invited to write our own. One beginning, literally thousands of possible endings... Which one can you dream up?

All continuations submitted will be posted right here in The GFD: Blood Bank, including Comicality's!!! Just make sure to send your work to and include the name you wish to be credited for the work!(Your name, pen name, or your desired name in darkness! It's all up to you.)