The Awakening: Ending Chapter Version 1

I spent the rest of that night holding Glenn in my arms and comforting him as best as I could. My eyes were swollen from all of the crying and just when I thought I had run out of tears, more would come flooding out.


“Oh…babe…no” As I looked down at him all that was once a beautiful boy had been taken over and was destroyed by this evil monster, the only recognizable characteristic was the intricate marking of the love band on his arm. I ran my fingers along the border of his band; his skin was so cold that I was sure it was an unnatural temperature.



The only thing running through my mind was the thought that if love was the cause of this then maybe love could reverse what I have done. As I feel a sleep I held Glenn tight in my arms and whispered in his ear. “I love you sweetheart, nothing will ever change that”


When I awoke the next evening with Glenn in my arms, I began to shiver from the ice cold feeling of his body. That was not something that I was used to, I normally woke up to Glenn’s warm cute body all nestled up next to me. The only thing I have now is this love band, the monster has taken all of the beauty from him now, and a twisted form is all that is left. Tears began to fill my eyes as the sadness I was feeling last night had returned. There was a slight noise from outside my door, then the turning of the lock could be heard, the door was opened and my captor and his body guards entered the room, the two of them holding large metal spikes in their hands.


“I only came to check on your friends’ progress, nothing more, and from the looks of it he doesn’t have very long. I told you that he has until midnight and then he must be killed…but now I’m not so sure he has that long until…well you know”


All the sadness I was feeling turned to anger the moment they walked in the room. I sat up from the bed as Jeremiah spoke to me.


“You came to check on him…from the looks of your two friends here it looks like you came here to kill him Jeremiah, am I not correct in my assumption. You’re so afraid of him waking up, that you came here to kill him hours before your deadline”


All of my anger built up at once, I looked Jeremiah in the eyes and balled my fist. “Get out all of you, if you don’t leave now I promise that Glenn will not be the only one to die tonight”


“You’re right” one of the guards said as he ran his finger down the metal stake and then pressing the tip into his finger just slightly.


Jeremiah placed his hand on the guard’s chest. “Enough of that, were not here for him”

“OUT” I shouted.


“We are leaving but, I will be back in a few hours, by then I hope you have come to terms with what must happen, I will not risk the lives of everyone here just for the sake of your love” He turned around and motioned for the guards to leave the room and he follwed, closing and locking the door.


“Come to terms…grrrrr…I’ll show you terms, let me out of here” I shouted, but all I could hear was my own voice echoing off of the walls.


I turned to face Glenn, only a few strands of hair graced his head and his eyes look as if they were almost open. The cold stare of those dark crimson eyes sent the shivers down my spine again, my body twitched as it tried to shake it off.


There was no sadness I could feel anymore, it has all turned into hatred. I hated the fact that I had someone telling me they were coming to kill my boyfriend, and there was nothing that I could do about it. I also hated them for keeping us here for so long that there was no chance at all for me to find some way to cure Glenn. With all this hate boiling through my veins, I began to hate myself for what I had done to him. A cute, loving, caring and just all around great guy, was now destroyed and I was the one to blame.


I no longer sat on the bed and comforted Glenn. I paced the room for the next couple of hours planning things that I never would have done before, but I guess Glenn isn’t the only monster in this room. I was going to treat these guys like prey and let all of my primal instincts take over. The first person through that door would get the worst of it all; a deep slash to the throat will surly put them down for a while, if not for good. The next two or three through the door I’m not so sure of, that I will have to see how it plays out.


Hours went by as I played the scenario out in my head. I took out my optrics so that they will see my true eyes as I attacked them. The thought of the taste of their blood was starting to drive me insane. All of my senses were now on high alert, as I got ready to attack. My heart beat was like the ticking of a time bomb that was ready to explode. I heard a small noise from down the hall, it wasn’t loud but enough for me to put myself into action. My mouth began to salivate as my fangs exposed themselves, and my eye must have had a deep crimson color one that matched my lovers. I positioned myself near the door ready to strike at my first target.


The key slid into the lock and the door started to open, I crouched and waited. Jeremiah was the first through the door. I lunged forward and took a large chunk of his jugular out with my hand. He stumbled back a bit and grabbed his throat, then fell to his knees. The two body guards were just outside the door.


“The nasferatu” the guard out of my vision screamed out.


“No…it’s the b..”

And before he could finish, I jumped up grabbed the top of the door jamb and used it to swing through the door way and kick the first guard dead center in the chest, sending him flying into the wall, then  down to the floor. I let go of the door and took a stance in front of the second guard as he was already aware of my actions and ready to fight. The guard that was on the floor started to move, so I gave him a swift kick to the head to keep him down for just a little longer. Jeremiah was gasping for air on the floor and twitching a bit.

I took my stance once again. Every thing was going just better than any scenario that I could come up with. Huh I never thought I would even get this far and untouched nun the less.


The guard was tired of waiting, he lunged at me with his spike, but I was able to dodge his attack and hit his hand sending the spike flying. It was now a fair fight…well as far as vampires are concerned. We traded blows as our fists went flying. I was doing the best that I could to keep him off me, but his speed was just a little faster than me. If I go one in, he was fast enough to hit me with at least two counters. I wasn’t going to last long at this rate especially when the other guard wakes up. He landed a kick to my side that sent me into the wall and down on the floor next to his friend who was starting to come to. As I tried to get up off the floor I noticed that Jeremiah was no longer in the door way.


When I got to my knees I noticed that the guard was already picking up his spike and walking towards me. I gathered the rest of my strength and stood up. As the guard got closer I was barely able to stand, he lunged forward and I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to dodge it this time. It was at this time that an unforeseen variable came into play. Glenn appeared with traces of blood around his mouth. The guard looked in horror “Nasferatu” he cried out and turned to run. Glenn grabbed him by the arm and spun him around, he then ripped the guards arm off and threw it to the floor. The guard screamed out in pain and tried to stop the blood from spraying out of him. Glenn jumped on top of him and bit down on his neck. As I looked at him draining the life out of the guard, I wasn’t scared, in fact I was enjoying it, I was watching my childe get his first kill…Hehehe…well maybe his second.


When the guard on the floor finally woke up and started to stand, Glenn was just about done. He threw the drained corpse to the floor and jumped onto the other guard and began to devour him. The guard tried to fight him off but Glenn was to strong in this state and thrashed his face until he stopped fighting.


I stood there catching my breath and watching my boyfriend feed, still unafraid that I could be next. I had a large devilish grin as I looked upon this scene of horror.


“That’s right kill him babe, they were going to kill you”


His fangs allowed him to drain his prey at an alarming rate. When he was finished with the guard he was quick to pounce on me like a leap frog. It was at this point when fear became a reality again, I was able to get a hold of his arms and keep him from slashing me with his razor sharp claws.


“NO GLENN PLEASE…It’s me Julian, I love you” I cried out for any form of mercy.


It was at that moment that another miracle happened, our love bands began to glow once more, like they did the night of his crossover. He slowly backed away and allowed me to get to my feet, Glenn stood there and slightly bowed his head in submission to me. It seams some how the band has protected me from his attack.


“Julian…” I heard a voice but it wasn’t Glenn’s


“Glenn, oh my god honey, how are you feeling”


“Julian, is this what it’s like to be a vampire…I’m so hungry, I’ve had three so far and I still want more, a lot more”


Tears filled my eyes for the first time in hours. “Glenn…I’m sorry, I screwed it all up, you’re what they call a Nasferatu, and you will always be hungry, every night all night”


“I don’t want to live like this Julian. I’m scared, and look at what I’ve become. Those men are dead because of me and now you’re saying that I will do this for the rest of my life. Well then I want you to kill me Julian, take my life now so I don’t have to be this monster any more” Glenn pleaded, and what was some form of tears surrounded his eyes.


I looked at my boyfriend standing there in front of me through teary eyes. I gave him the biggest hug and gave him a kiss.


”I love you Glenn”


“I love you too, Julian”


“Come on, we have to make it out of here and I’m not sure which way is the way out, plus there must be more than just these three here. We might have to fight again Glenn before we make it outside”




We walked down the hall way hoping that the direction we had chosen was the right one, after making our way through the catacomb of tunnels and running into a number of vampires and human guards all of whom Glenn drained and threw their body’s to the ground like ragdolls, while I stood to the side and watched his back. They were no match for him as he tore a number of them limb from limb, then draining whatever blood was left.


Glenn and I finally reached the front door after leaving a trail of blood and corpses behind, it felt good to smell the fresh air again. We made our way to a tall building close to the wax museum and climbed the fire escape to the roof and sat up there together talking and laughing, and reliving our memories of our lives together. We held each other tight as we watched the horizon and the last sunrise we would ever experience together.





(I hope you liked my ending to Comsie’s story and if you didn’t then I challenge you to write your own…..

Heheehe, thanks for reading)  *HUGS*

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