Renegade Dawn: Chapter 2 – Version 1

As I looked around at all of their faces, I could see the fear and the anger all mixed into one emotion. We all stood still for a moment trying to get our heads wrapped around what we had just been told. Hayden’s grip he had on my hand told me that he was looking to me to get him out of here alive, was it my stature or the confidence I showed inside the box, what ever it was I didn’t want to let him down, I could tell that a few of the others had also put their lives in my hands as well, so I decided to speak up.



“Ok you guys, we all heard the what was said, and I think it would be best if we stayed together.” I looked around at all of them and they seemed to agree with me. “Good, now form what I can remember from the image of the map, and from what Lauren and Rodney copied in the sand here it looks like there is a safe spot about eight hours from here, if we keep a good pace and don’t have too much trouble from our captures”


“Wait, I have a small pad of paper in my jacket, I keep it there because I’m always writing songs and stuff” Lauren said as she digs into her coat pocket and pulls out the note pad and starts to make copies of the map, handing one to each of us as she finishes. “This way if we get separated you still have a chance to make it to a sanctuary” She said with a smile on her face, we all thanked her when we received our copy.


I stood there and stared into the thickening jungle that lay before us only feet away, I was trying to catch any sign of our captors, well hunters now. I could hear or see nothing, which meant that they were close, not even the wild life on this Island was making any noise. It was like they could sense the intense battle that was about to take place. I took a few steps toward the jungle, and turned around to look at everyone.


“Alright follow me and stay close, keep your selves alert and ready for action” I looked at each of them individually and they nodded as my eyes past them.


I turned back around and started walking into the jungle; I could here the timid foot steps of the other behind me, and a few whispers coming from Minx and Rodney as they were the last two to enter the jungle, or so I thought, it was at that moment I heard someone scream, it was Roland, then Minx was soon to follow with a scream of her own.


“What’s going on back there” I yelled to the others


“It’s Roland…he…he…he’s been hit…in the heart” Minx slowly said as she fell to her knees next to Roland taking him in her arm trying to comfort him in his last seconds.


“I told you it was going to be seven against seven, we were paid a lot to kill him right from the start, dawn will be here in a matter of hours, I suggest you get going or you may never make it” A mysterious voice echoed through the jungle.


Rodney put his hand on Minx’s shoulder. “Come on…we have to go, he’s already dead”


Minx wiped the tears from her eyes and took Rodney’s hand and stood up, we all gathered around him and said our last words, well those of us that had any. I took the lead again and started to walk back into the jungle. I stopped to face them again.


“Look you guys we need to run as fast as we can to cover as much ground as possible before these guys decide to attack us” I didn’t look for their approval this time, I grabbed Hayden and threw him onto my back. “Hold on kid as tight as you can” I then took of running in the direction of our first sanctuary, with the other hot on my tail, and no doubt in my mind the hunters were somewhere near by I could smell at least two of them up wind, foolish humans the forget about our sense of smell at times.


We continued to run at a nice steady pace for the next hour, a few of the others kept asking questions as if they wanted to have them attack, like they were tired of being the hunted and they would rather do the hunting, but they continued to run none the less. It was at this point that I deciphered Vaso’s vision that he had about the golden dagger and I began to wonder if Vaso had figured it out as well, but now wasn’t the time to discuss such maters, I would have to wait until we made it to the sanctuary, and that’s if we both make it.


I stopped dead in my tracks with the others right behind me, Lauren wasn’t so quick to stop and she almost went right off the cliff to the small ravine that was in front of us, but Saul was quick enough to grab the back of her jacket and pull her back off the edge.


“Thanks Saul” Lauren hugged Saul and gave him a kiss on the cheek.


“You’re welcome Lauren, it was my pleasure” Saul blushed a little.


I shook my head as I looked upon this small obstacle in our way. “We have to figure a way around this and fast” I said as I pulled the map from my pocket. I studied the map with Vaso as the others kept watch.


“It looks as if there is a bridge not to far from here, but it no doubt ably  has been taken out by these jerks” Vaso said and I nodded in response.


“This one looks large enough” Saul said as he walked up to a large tree next to the ravine and began to try to push it over. “I cold use a little help over here”


We all gathered next to Saul and began to help him push the tree over, the earth around the tree began to give way and the tree began to lean over, a few moments later it was crashing down making the perfect path across, we all smiled at Saul and gave him a pat on the back. Just as we began to go across I could here the foot steps of one of the hunters getting closer, once we were all safely across Saul and I threw our end of the tree down and into the ravine assuring they could not cross the same way we did, the only thing that I was sure of is that we didn’t know where they all were, they could have just as well be already on this side and we were walking into a trap.


To Be Continued…..



This is just the beginning to what I hope to be a great story, Thanks Comsie for starting this one off ::Hugs::

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