Taryn’s Song: Chapter 7

“Taryn’s Song 7”

I had no idea where Trevor had planned to take us, and I have to admit that I didn’t much care. Whether Trevor was leading us to a good place or a bad place…it was better than having no direction at all.

I was desperate. I didn’t know what to do or how to do it. And desperation leads people to the worst decisions they’ll ever make in their lives. That’s what my father used to say, anyway. If you have to hesitate on something, then that means you feel bad about it. And if you can hesitate for oneminute, then you can hesitate for TEN minutes. Thirty minutes. Hours. Days. To really think about what you’re actually getting ready to do with the rest of your life. If you hesitate, then you’re not ready. I had the lesson drilled into me since I was a little boy.

So why was it so easy to abandon my common sense when Trevor smiled in my direction and asked me to come with him?

“You guys coming?” Trevor asked the other two boys.

Sean and Milo looked at one another and said, “I wouldn’t mind stopping in for a visit. I haven’t seen the gang in a few weeks.”

“Alright then. Let’s make moves.” Trevor grinned, and I simply found myself following his lead. I was SO tired. So worn out. I really wanted to believe him. I just…I wanted to believe in somethingat that moment. Anything. Seriously, just…ANYTHING! I don’t care if it’s a lie, just take me away from this fog of emptiness and confusion, Trevor. Please. Make me feel something other than doubt, and pain, and helplessness…

Desperation is the Devil’s tail. And I took hold of it. I took hold, and I let him lead me down a dark path that I was sure to regret someday.

But I walked in his footsteps, regardless. I did it of my own free will. And I took Alec with me.

I had already been exhausted by the amount of walking around that it took to even find Trevor tonight, but he didn’t seem to feel any loss of energy at all. Neither did Sean or Milo. In fact, it was hard for Alec and I to keep up with them as they led me further out West from the downtown area. Alec seemed to be panting as his tiny legs attempted to keep up and I wasn’t doing much better. It was only the stoplights and late night traffic on the city streets that got us to pause every few corners and allow Alec and I to catch our breath.

His cough was getting sooooo bad. He began to spit it out and make faces, rubbing his little chest as the pain of repeated contractions caused him to ache all over. Simply rubbing his back and giving him the occasional kiss on the top of the head was a seriously lame attempt at bringing him any comfort at all. An illusion, hoping to deceive him long enough to get to some place where he could lay down and maybe get some restful sleep for a change. He’s gone so long without it.

Eventually, after a somewhat epic hike out to the West side of Chicago, Trevor took us towards a church that looked…well…pretty run down. Especially for a church. Two of the windows were boarded up, and it was just sitting there on the corner in a neighborhood that I probably would have worked hard to avoidafter dark in these situations.

The area was dark. Only half of the streetlights worked. It was a far cry to anything that I was used to. Was this whole part of townabandoned and left for dead, or what?

Trevor was going to take us into the church, but told Sean and Milo, “Why don’t you guys go on ahead and…prepare the others for visitors?”

Milo gave him a strange look. “Wait, just us?”

Sean added, “I don’t think she’s going to be too crazy about that, Trevor.”

But Trevor said, “It’s ok. Honestly. They don’t hold grudges, you know that. Besides, Sean…I thought you would be anxious to see the new girl again. Right?”

“Not while she’s flipping out like she as been, I’m not.” Sean leaned in, and quietly said, “I thought you wanted me to…you know…’help you out’?”

“You did.” Trevor said. “But the night is young. Stick around. I’ll need you some more in a bit.” Sean seemed a bit…I don’t know. I can’t say worried. But slightly concerned about something. Like he had something on his mind. An expression that vanished from his face as soon as he looked over and saw me listening in on their conversation. Trevor peeked back at me for a moment, and told him, “Look, I’ll talk to Jeremy this weekend. Maybe you guys can get a break from the prowl for a couple of weeks. What do you say?”

I don’t know who ‘Jeremy’ is, or what he meant by the ‘prowl’…but it seemed to take their minds off of giving him any further resistance.

They both wished me well and with a few playful grins…they began to walk away. Leaving Trevor alone with me and Alec. “Come on. Don’t worry. It’s not as bad a place as it looks from the outside. I promised you two a place to clean up…I plan to deliver.” Trevor smiled at me as he walked towards the front door, and despite my apprehension on the whole deal, I heard Alec cough loudly and whimper as he held his stomach in pain.

“C’mon, Alec. Let’s wash up. K?” I said, and he took my hand as we went inside. I hope Trevor is just doing this out of the kindness of his heart. I don’t really have much to offer him in the means of paying him back.

“Go on in.” He said. “Just down the stairs and to the left, I think. You guys can get cleaned up in there.” And Trevor actually walked away from us for a moment. I’m not sure where he was going, but Alec and I finally had a moment to ourselves. I followed Trevor’s directions towards the lower level of the church and was happy to see it brightly lit, and relatively clean.

It was pretty big for a church bathroom. And there was another section just around the other side of the wall in the middle of the room. I walked over to take a peek…catching a glimpse at a room full of showerheads. But…while the idea of taking a full on hot shower to wash the four day old ‘scum’ off of me was extremely appealing…I wasn’t really too keen on being naked in a public place tonight. And not in front of Alec either. And certainlynot in front of Trevor.

Instead, I joined my little brother by the sink, and grabbed some paper towels, wadding them up to make them as soft as I possibly could. I made sure to wipe Alec’s nose and tell him to blow. Hoping to get some of this sickness out of his system. Running some warm water and getting the cloths damp, I wiped some of the grime and grit off of Alec’s face, then trying to fix myself up as best as I could. I made sure to wash under my arms and all, wetting my hair and hoping that it didn’t look too ugly and matted down. I don’t think I was doing much of a good job.

I saw my face in the mirror. Took a really good long look at my red and tired eyes. And I was ashamed. So ashamed. I just…I wasn’t as strong as I thought I was. Not nearly as strong as I needed to be. I doubt my father would be very proud of me if he could see me right now.

“What are you doing?” Came Trevor’s voice from behind me.

Startled at first, I just said, “I wanted to make sure Alec was ok. I’m trying to make him…’presentable’, or whatever.”

Trevor giggled. “Dude…there are showersright over in the next room. Spiffy yourself up. It’ll be alright.”

Feeling extremely bashful at the moment, I mumbled, “…We’re ok. We’ll be home soon.”

Trevor said, “Don’t be ridiculous. It’s fine. Nobody’s coming down here for a peep show. It’s just us. It’s late. It’ll be fine.”

I don’t know….with my hidden feelings, some of the scrapes and bruises that I had collected from a boy that I THOUGHTI was in love with, and the protection of little Alec being naked in front of a stranger after good ol’ Chuck had put his filthy hands on him the way he did…I just didn’t feel comfortable about something like this at all.

I didn’t answer. Just sort of shook my head as I turned my focus towards getting Alec as clean as I could from the waist up. Trevor’s smile got a bit more mischievous. And he took a few steps back from us. That’s when I saw him reach down to lift his shirt up over his head. “What…wh-what are you doing?” I asked.

“Hehehe, what does it look like? I’m going to take a shower.” He said. “You’re more than welcome to join me. I can’t promise I won’t peek, but you? You can look all you want. I’m not nearly as bashful as you are.”

It’s no secret that Trevor was insanely beautiful. I knew that. But the idea of actually seeing him naked left me both excited and terrified. I wasn’t sure that I could handle the thrill of it all. Just seeing his smooth and creamy skin coming into view as the fabric crawled up the flat surface of his stomach, soft muscles…barely visible as they surrounded a shallow navel and slender hips…smallish nipples and tiny puffs of underarm hair…it caused my heart to beat out of control. Then up and over his head, the shirt collar bringing his soft blond up for a brief moment before letting every last golden strand of it fall back into place. That one moment was enough eroticism to last me for a long long time.

And then he reached for his pants.

Nervous, I quickly averted my eyes and turned around so as not to stare. But it didn’t help. I could still hear him. The top button, the lowering of his zipper, the lowering of material as it traveled down the length of Trevor’s long, smooth, legs. I was panting at this point, nearly breaking a sweat. My hardness began to swell even though I was doing all I could to fight it. Then…just when all of my self control was gone and I couldn’t take anymore, I casually glanced back at Trevor. I don’t know why I did it. He was just…he was CUTE, and he was naked, and…well, let’s be honest, I’ve never seen a boy as undeniably hot as Trevor without his clothes on before. Not counting the stealthy but timid attempts to spy on my classmates after gym. Blurry, unsatisfying, images in the high school showers, followed by the guilt of ‘eye raping’ them in secret, and surrounded with the constant threat of getting any level of enjoyment out of it. Fearing that an uncontrollable erection would be the result.

This wasn’t like that at all.

The moment I turned around, Trevor was lowering his underwear, and the pale, shapely, mounds of a sexy round ass came into view. It was like being hit in the face with a brick when I saw it! I hope my sudden gasp didn’t echo as loudly as I think it did.

Trevor turned around, naked as the day he was born, and smiled at me from a distance as I bashfully drank in the love sight, inch by inch. I know I was blushing. I could feel the intense heat of it in my cheeks. “You sureyou don’t want to change your mind? It’s gonna be soooo refreshing. We can share a nozzle if you like.”

I turned towards the mirrors, pressing myself into the sink as I tried to keep an obvious bulge from entering Trevor’s view. “We’re ok. We’re…um…yeah, we’re ok…”

I heard Alec snicker a bit to himself. His thin lips curled up as he giggled sweetly while looking over my shoulder. Trevor asked, “What’s got youall bright and happy, sunshine?”

“Hehehehe…I can see your ‘weeny’!” He said, and I tried to hush him up.

“Well, you know, if your big brother wanted to play fair, he’d let me see his too.” Trevor grinned, and I held in another flustered gasp. I was hoping that he’d just…go. Just go take his shower in the next room and release me from the desires he was stirring up within me. But he didn’t. He just stood there. He didn’t bother to cover up at all. In fact, out of the corner of my eye, I could see him take a few slow strokes of himself…licking his lips. I glanced up at the mirror, and it was angled just right for me to see…well…everything. Oh God, I think I’m going to lose it. I am literally going to be sent running to the nearest stall to jack off repeatedly until I can’t stand on my own two shaky legs anymore. “Last chance, Taryn. You wanna cum?” Did I imagine that? Did he say those words the way I thinkhe did, or…?

Trevor eventually shrugged his shoulders, and slowly walked in to the other room to shower. It was only then that I realized I hadn’t been BREATHING for the last 90 seconds or so. The air didn’t rush back into my lungs until I heard him turn on the water and adjust the temperature, stepping under the spray to get himself clean.

I swear, just from the sound of the water alone, I could almost envision Trevor’s body, line for line, curve for curve. I simply couldn’t get him out of my head. The very idea that a boy like that might actually be…availableto someone like me…it turned me on. It turned me on so MUCH!

“I’m gonna go take a bath with Trevor…” Alec said, and I had to quickly reach out to grab a hold of his arm before he could squirm away from me.

“NO!” I said. Then, soften my voice as I had obviously made Alec to think that he had said something wrong. “We’re going to get a nice long bath when we get home, remember? Home. And you’ll have all your toys and stuff. I’ll put in extra bubbles and everything, ok?”

It wasn’t much, but it was enough. At least for now it was.

Trevor wasn’t kidding about his lack of bashfulness. Once he was done, he came walking right back into the room, still naked…and took his sweet time looking for a towel to dry off with. His body was so…..soooo amazing. He just….he looked good, he smelled good, he was damp and soft and his voice was now laced with this really soothing haze that made every word that came out of his mouth sound like an hour long seduction. He was porn for all five sense. If only I could fulfill my craving to try the ‘touch’ and ‘taste’ part of that equation.

Trevor had to put his old clothes back on, but said he had more where we were going. I had no idea where that was, but I didn’t question it. I followed. I couldn’t help but to follow. “Maybe I can get Sean and Milo to do me a solid and give you guys a place to shower with a bit more privacy tonight.” He told me. “Still…I sure think it’s a shame. I was really looking forward to having something awesome to dream about.” And with that, lightly put his hand on the back of Alec’s neck and led him out of the room first, knowing that I’d never leave him out of my sight. Trevor could go from subtle to blatant and back again so fast, I never knew if he was being sneaky or not. But I could definitely feel this strange little tug at my heart as Trevor kept his word and made an effort to take care of us. It wasn’t quite what I felt for Jason. I didn’t know Trevor nearly as well…which is hard to say, considering that he just stripped off all of his clothes in front of me and asked me to take a shower with him. But despite all that, something felt ‘naughty’ about my involvement with Trevor. I was attracted to him, certainly. GOD, was I ever attracted to him!!! But…there was something about him that seemed like it was going to end up being more trouble than it was worth. I didn’t fallfor him like I did for Jason. This felt more like…I was being sucked in. Manipulated. Drawn into a trap, like a few sweet drips of honey on the strands of a spider web. And once you’re caught, you’re caught. End of story. Only death awaits you from then on. Only death.

I was thankful that we only had to walk another few blocks before getting to our next stop on Trevor’s mysterious adventure for the evening. My feet were so sore. Swollen. I wasn’t sure of it, but it felt like the insides of my shoes and socks had been rubbing my feet raw the entire time. I wouldn’t be surprised if blisters had started to form at this point. And when I looked up at the place where he was taking us, I was a bit confused.

Dark. Quiet. In a part of town with nobody else around to hear us, even if we screamed for help. Looking at the rusty gate in front of the entrance, I was surprised to hear Trevor say, “Here we are!” with a smirk.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“We’re here. This is it. Come on in.” He said. I was left wondering if he realized that this was the entrance to a GIANT heap of scrap and rusted junk. Nothing but trash and smashed up cars. Wreckages of a long forgotten era. I stepped into the dirt and darkness of the area, making sure to grip Alec’s hand tightly to keep him close. This whole abandoned lot looked like a giant playgroundto him. I didn’t want him running off on me.

Was this…maybe a shortcut to some place else? What was this place. There were just…old, smashed up cars…stacked one on top of the other. It was almost like walking through a maze, the junk creating walls almost 15 to 20 feet high on either side of me. It just…it looked like these heaps were going to fall over at any minute. Collapsing in on us like some kind of Indiana Jones trap or something. But Trevor seemed to feel at home in that dingy old place. Excited, even. I didn’t get it at all.

Not until he took us around some twists and turns and got us into the center of the old abandoned lot. And peeking over his shoulder, I saw Sean and Milo meandering around the place, but also a bunch of other teenagers too. Teens just like me. Lost, perhaps. Alone. Away from home.

Where the heck did Trevor bring us? What WASthis place? And how was this supposed to help me and Alec out at all? Honestly…

I couldn’t help but to feel a bit…uncomfortable being around so many strangers at once. They were all my age, give or take a year or two. but the way they looked at me when Trevor led me into the center of the lot, you would have thought that I was some kind of monster. So much so, that it caused me to wrap my protective arms around Alec and hold him close to me to make sure that they didn’t hurt us.

I hadn’t really thought this through. Not at all. I just sort of ‘showed up’, and the big question was….NOWwhat am I supposed to do?

Trevor must have seen my discomfort, because he suddenly threw his arm over my shoulder and hugged me close, proudly pulling me further into the mix by practically pushingme forward with every step. what was he doing??? I didn’t know these people!

I felt sooooo exposed. I just kept my eyes focused down at the ground, and tried not to make any trouble by ‘challenging’ anyone with any level of eye contact.

This one girl was quick to approach Trevor as soon as she noticed that he was in the area, and she didn’t seem angry, but she didn’t seem too happy either. She walked up with another boy who was smiling and a bit glassy eyed, as he was a bit intoxicated at the time. From the intimate way that he smiled and wrapped his arms around the girl’s waist, it was easy to see that they were ‘involved’ in some way. That was only confirmed by the tender kiss that he gave her on the cheek as she stared at Trevor with stern eyes.

“Where have you been?” She asked.

Trevor just smirked and said, “Can’t you see that I was taking care of someone tonight? I deemed it important. He needed my help.”

“That’s all well and fine. But…didn’t you forget something tonight?” She said. “You’re on laundry duty, Trevor. And this isn’t the first time that you’ve ‘found’ something more important than doing your duties around here.” Trevor rolled his eyes, but she kept up a firm stance in the face of his supposed neglect. “We AL pull our own weight around here. You KNOW that! Come on, Trevor…why do you always have to make me the bad guy in these situations?”

“I’ll do it tomorrow. Let somebody else get it tonight.” Trevor said.

“We CAN’T just start letting people slack off on this stuff. If you do that, then who’s next? Doc? Dion? We need some sense of order around here if things are going to work out around here!” She seemed a bit flustered at the moment. “Trevor…ugh!!! You CAN’T just fuckin’….”

I saw the boy behind her rub her shoulders lightly, and he kissed her on the cheek with a smile. He said, “Come on, Amanda. Relax. Give the kid a break. He said he’s going to make up for it tomorrow. Let him have the night off. It’s cool…”

She let out a frustrated sigh, and said, “It’s NOT cool, Bryson! If we let one person slip, then they’ll allwant to slip. We’re trying to build a community here. Something that works.”

“I know. I do. Let’s just…go out for a while. We’ll have a few drinks, spend the night together, and we’ll worry about lot duties tomorrow. Ok?” The ‘Bryson’ boy, told her. And he was holding her so tenderly. So softly. You could almost feelthe love from his embrace of her slender hips. And even though she was trying to keep up her harsh demands on Trevor for the evening, Bryson’s smile knew just how to make her frustration melt away.

I watched her kiss his lips, and they smiled at one another as Bryson playfully rubbed his nose against hers. It was kind of cute in a way. The affection they shared….it just made me smile for some reason.

Bryson hugged her from behind and smiled at us. “So, who is this?” He asked Trevor.

“This is Taryn. He’s…a friend.” Trevor smiled. Both of them smiled back at me and this ‘Amanda’ girl came forward to hug me around the neck. A warm hug. A motherly hug. I can’t tell you how much it soothed me to feel something so inviting. “And this is Taryn’s little brother, Alec. but be careful. He’s a little sick.” When he said it, Trevor and Bryson shared a brief giggle over it. As though getting sick wasn’t even an issue for them. The people Trevor associated himself with…they were just as strange as he was sometimes. But I needed the company. So I decided to roll with it for now.

It was at that point that Bryson looked at Trevor and asked, “You’re not thinking about…? Not…both. right?”

And Trevor was quick to answer, “NO! Not…ummm…maybe just…one. For me?”

I don’t think they intended me to hear that. Nor do I think they intended for me to overhear their conversation at all. But it gave me a reason to regret coming here. Something in the air just didn’t feel right. And even though Alec was coughing again, I had the odd feeling that I should take him as far away from these people as humanly possible.

Because I knew that something was wrong here. And as nice as they were to me…I couldn’t get rid of the idea that they were all hiding sharp blades behind their backs. Each and every last one of them. And…I needed to get away from this. Just take Alec…and run.

I’ll give them a few more minutes to calm this nervous storm of uncertainty in the pit of my stomach…

But if they can’t…if Trevor turns out to not be what he claims to be…

Then we’re out of here. In a heartbeat. Alec and I can find our own way. It’s only a few more days, right?

Yeah…just a few days.

Just…just a few….

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