Savior: Chapter 18

“I shit you not! It was right fuckin’ there. Across the street in that open field,” he said extending his arm exaggeratedly. “That’s where the sick fucker lived. It was some dumpy, ghetto apartment building. I remember it.”

“Why isn’t it there now,?” Timmy asked, only half interested in the story.

“After the cops searched through his apartment, they dragged out all sorts of shit. Skulls. Bones, and like organs. Dude! He had a fuckin’ head in the refrigerator. He had some big ass barrel with like acid in it. He cut the mutherfuckers up and dissolve the flesh and shit in this blue barrel. Man, he killed like fifteen dudes and shit. One crazy fucker. Nobody wanted to live in that building no more. It was diseased. They just plowed the bitch over. End of story. They’d get all these sick fucks from all over, like driving by and taking pictures of the building. You know, like tourists or something. Man. Jeffrey Dahmer. That was one sick fucker.”

When he was finished with his little story, Daryl took another swig of the bottle of whiskey he was drinking and shoved it toward a now visibly disturbed Timmy. Jasmine reached over and knocked his arm back, away from Timmy.

“Get that shit away from him,” she scolded. “I’ve told you before, Daryl.”

“Awe come on. Let the kid have some fun,” he complained back.

“He’s only thirteen and now he’ll probably have nightmares thanks to your story.”

“That was no story. That was the news. All that shit was real. Shit, at thirteen I was already drinking all the time and screwing like a jack rabbit. Bam. Bam. Bam. Haha. Lighten up Jazzy. Let the kid have some fun. You want a pull, little man?”

“Ah, no thanks,” Timmy replied, unenthusiastically.

For the last month, at least, Timmy has had to deal with being in this strange, boring town. He and Jasmine have been staying with this vampire everybody calls Crazy Daryl. Apparently he’s legendary around here. Crossing over at eighteen years old, some twenty years ago. He’s loud and obnoxious, but a master fighter, who’s been known to take down large groups of men. He’s a well known safe house in the underground world. As long as you have Daryl keeping you safe, you’ll be safe. He sleeps in a shithole, single room, rat infested dump. It’s in some abandoned apartment with blacked out windows. It’s the last place you’d expect to find someone living, which is probably what makes it’s so safe.

Every night during this month, Timmy has watched Daryl get fall down drunk. Sometimes his sister, too. Then, when they think he’s asleep, Daryl wedges his big, fat cock in her and they fuck loudly for hours. It’s repulsive to watch and hear, but Timmy’s too embarrassed to say anything about it. More and more he’s been bugging his sister about going back to Chicago. He misses Tyler something fierce. They were just on the edge of something wonderful. He desperately wanted to get back home. One more week he told her. One more week and he’ll go back alone.

He ended up waiting ten more days, but Jasmine still would not budge. ‘It’s still not safe,’ she would say, but Timmy had heard that enough. She had no idea if it was safe or not. She just didn’t want to leave. One night he woke before the perverted love birds and snuck out. He left his sister a note that simply said ‘I went back to Chicago’.

Timmy walked to the bus station and tried to buy a ticket, but was denied because he didn’t have an adult accompanying him. He tried to bribe the mean woman at the window, by offering to overpay, but she wouldn’t budge. In desperation, he snuck to the loading area, spotted a bus that had Chicago written in the light-board above the windshield, and snuck in among the luggage underneath.

A few uncomfortable hours later, he snuck out at a depot in the heart of the ghetto. It was still several hours until daylight, so he found the train line, and headed toward familiar territory.

The trains were fairy empty, but he caught the attention of some rough looking dudes. From the other side of the car he could hear them talking about him and their sadistic plans.

“Little white boy musta got himself lost. You got big problems now bitch.”

They’d all laugh and look directly at Timmy, sitting with his hood drawn over his head, hiding his face, trying his hardest to not pay attention.

“I think I’m gonna rob the little bitch. Then I’m gonna cut him. Cut him good and deep.”


“Nah nah. Hold on. Hold on. Rob him, then fill that skinny little ass with my big ol’ dick. Rip him right in half.”

“Hahaha. Fuck that little white boy. Check it out. Give up the loot or take tha pipe, right up yo asshole!”

They slowly converged in on Timmy, until they were right on top of him. Three in total. Mean looking thugs. Each of them towering over him.

“You get yourself lost, little dude?”

Timmy glanced up, seemingly uninterested, and replied “no.”

“No? Well then, you know you don’t belong around here. This is my train. My hood. I’ll make this easy. Give up yo shit or fuckin’ die. So let’s have it.”

“I don’t have anything.”

“Well, that’s a problem. We ain’t leavin’, until we get something. What’s it gonna be?”

“Just leave me alone, please.”

“Ahhaha. Leave you alone? Nah. I think I’ll fuck you up you little smart ass. Cut ya’ good. Bleed ya’ out mutherfucker.”

“Please. You don’t want to do this. I’m warning you. Just go away.”

“Oohh…you warning me? Hold on…hold on. What the fuck are you gonna do? Skinny little bitch. Now I’m pissed off! Yer’ dead, motherfucker.”

The first guy, who was doing most of the talking, reached in to grab Timmy by his throat, but he wasn’t expecting Timmy to reach over the top of his arm and slash his sharp nails across his face, creating four, deep, parallel gashes. Immediately the flesh gave way to a torrent of blood. The assailant cried out in pain and brought both of his hands to his damaged cheek and torn nostril.

“Motherfucker,!” he screamed in shocked disbelief.

Before either of the other two thugs had a chance to react, Timmy sprung up from the seat and landed firmly on the front of one of them. His feet perched on his thighs, with his hands gripping his shoulders. He whipped his head forward and bit into his throat, causing the man to wail like a pathetic baby as his shirt turned from white to red. The third man made to turn and run, but Timmy leaped from the second guy, landing right on the third ones back. He pushed him roughly to the ground, pinning him to the grimy floor.

“I told you to leave me alone, didn’t I?”

Timmy grabbed two handfuls of hair and slammed his face hard into the floor. The sound of bones cracking, was followed by a seeping pool of blood.

Timmy stood up and watched as all three of the men tended to their wounds. “I should kill you all! I’m just trying to get home. Fuck you!”

As Timmy turned to move into the next car, he heard a clicking sound, then a voice called out, “hold on homey.”

Timmy froze. He was certain that was the sound of a gun. From his peripheral vision, he could see someone advancing on him in the side glass. His arm fully extended in front of him. Timmy grew angry. He gave them a chance, and they wouldn’t take it. He felt the change taking place. His eyes burned as they turned red with rage. His gums ached as his fangs dropped, ripping through his sensitive flesh. His body tingled as resting muscles came to life. His enhanced senses waited until the gunman came into range.

Then he spun with his arm fully extended, and ripped the thugs head clear off his shoulders, knocking it rudely into the side glass on the train. A guttural scream escaped Timmy’s lips. He was enraged. Animal. Killer. The body didn’t immediately collapse, standing motionless, without a head. The other two scrambled to their feet, in total shock from the spectacle of this horror. They ran for the exit, hoping like Hell that this monster didn’t follow. Knowing full well that they didn’t stand a chance if he did. Timmy let them go. He didn’t want to kill nobody, he just wanted to get back to the only one that mattered. The only one that made it worthwhile to continue on. He just wanted to get back to Tyler. His savior. He slid his dagger into his coat pocket, and calmly exited the train.

Timmy went back to the most recent safe house he was at when they were last in Chicago. He snuck in through the back, retrieved the key, and went down the hidden staircase into the basement. He couldn’t help but recall the last time he’d been here. His night with Tyler. The night he really got to show Tyler how much he loved him. Possibly the best night of his short existence.

Jasmine had warned him about getting involved with humans. Explained to him how complicated it could be. Warned him about the various intricacies. She strongly cautioned him against getting too attached to Tyler, but it was already too late. Timmy had already given himself over fully. He loved Tyler with every fiber of his being. It was so much stronger than a crush or infatuation. He would willingly risk it all for Tyler. No doubt about it.

He unlocked the heavy door and went inside. He went right to the bed where they had laid. He ground his nose deep into the pillow Tyler had slept on. He inhaled, hoping for any lingering scent of Tyler. Anything that could bring Tyler back to life, if for only a moment, until that next time when he’d get to see him again for real. Maybe tomorrow night, if he could be so lucky. Timmy laid down on the cold bed, alone. He grabbed the pillow that Tyler slept on and hugged it tightly to his chest. The first light of day was approaching and Timmy felt the tug of sleep pulling at his tired body. He thought a bit about how he had gotten back here. The uncomfortable ride under the bus with the luggage and diesel fumes. The encounter with the stupid humans on the subway. He’d hoped he kept his face concealed well enough from the security cameras. The clean-up team were supposed to retrieve any surveillance, but what if something went wrong? Would enough of Timmy’s face be visible to match up to the missing child posters from half a year ago? Would there be a new citywide search? A task force? Just as all these thoughts started to really worry him, Timmy drifted off for his daytime slumber.

He woke up the next evening with only one mission in mind. Go see Tyler. He was aware that Skyler might be out there somewhere, searching and plotting revenge, so he would have to stay in shadow, be extra careful. He got out of bed and went to his pile of clothes, that he’d left rudely strewn on the floor. He picked them up and took a good look at them. Filthy. Blood stained and torn from his encounter last night. They also reeked of diesel fuel from his ride into town. He didn’t want to look and smell like this when he went to see Tyler. Timmy had a new mission to take care of before venturing to Tyler’s neighborhood. He needed to get cleaned up and change his clothes. He dug into the pocket of his jeans and found only twelve dollars. Not enough to do much of anything, much less buy clothes.

He had a plan B. Something Skyler had taught him. One of the only good things Skyler ever did. He’d done this a few times already, with no consequence. Timmy worked his way to the local hockey complex. There were four rinks in there, so usually he could find at least one team on the ice of a similar age group. As luck would have it, right on the first rink, there was a game of kids that looked promising. Timmy looked at the game clock and saw it was only the beginning of the second period. That would give him plenty of time to get cleaned up and a new set of clothes.

Timmy snuck behind the bleachers and worked his way to the hallway that housed the locker rooms and showers. First, he went into locker room A, and scanned the piles of clothes scattered around the benches and in the cubbyholes. He spotted a pair of black jeans, and started there. Score! Levi 511’s in size 12. He ended up finding everything he needed from the same poor kid. T-shirt, hoodie, socks. He grabbed the kids boxers last, gave them a visual inspection, and a quick sniff test. Good enough.

He bundled up his new wardrobe and cautiously went back into the hallway. He scooted to the showers and quickly stripped out of his dirty, tattered rags, and threw them in the trash barrel. He dispensed a handful of soap from next to the sink and proceeded to the shower stalls. Inside of three minutes, he had all the dirt and grime off, so he grabbed a fistful of paper towels and dried off. His new clothes were in great shape. The jeans fit perfect. Everything was dark in color. This was an easy heist. He didn’t like to steal, but sometimes he had no choice. This kid would no doubt get everything replaced, if not more. He walked back out to the main hall, under the bleachers, and casually out the door and back outside.

Timmy took a less direct route to Tyler’s house, covering the last two blocks in a circular pattern. Stopping often, to listen and look closely at his surroundings. If Skyler or any of his minions were running a stakeout on Tyler’s house, he wanted to know about it before they knew he was there. Once he was confident no one was around, he went to his familiar spot. It was out of plain view, but gave him plenty to look at. It was near nine o’clock and Tyler’s bedroom light was not on. The only light in the house came from the living room by the front door. Timmy remembered Tyler telling him that his father rarely left that room. How he’d drink himself asleep every night in that room. How he and his father didn’t get along, so it was doubtful Tyler was home. He wouldn’t be sleeping already, so he must be out. This worried Timmy. Jasmine warned Tyler about being out at night. Why didn’t he listen?

Timmy decided to leave and check back later. Maybe he’d check Jasmine’s coffee shop. He know Tyler would sometimes hang out there. He went there and a couple other places, but saw no sign of Tyler anywhere. After a couple hours, he decided to check back at Tyler’s house. As he got close, he noticed the desk lamp was on in his bedroom. This meant he was home, and he was safe. Timmy could hardly contain his excitement, knowing his one bright spot in his life was so near. That he’d get to see him again after so painfully long. His hand went into his pocket and stroked the string of beads he kept in there. Unconsciously, his hand would go there whenever Tyler crossed his mind, which was often. He took his hand back out, he didn’t need the trinket, he was going to see the real thing. His Tyler. He picked up his pace a little bit, until he was standing in his front yard. He easily scaled the side of the house like he’d done a few times before. Once on the roof, he quietly edged toward Tyler’s window. He didn’t want to frighten him, so he proceeded cautiously. He could see some movement in the shadow cast on the wall in Tyler’s bedroom. He placed his fingers on the edge of the window frame, and slowly peaked into his room.

May had arrived and it brought with it warmer weather, and promises of warmer ones yet to come. It also meant the end of the school year was in sight. No more early wake-ups. No more late nights cramming for tests. It meant sleeping in and late nights with my boyfriend. My boyfriend Jessie, whom I have plans to celebrate our one month anniversary with tonight. What a month it’s been. I fall for him a little harder everyday.

We’ve been moving along very slowly. He tells me he agrees with it, but I’m starting to think he’s just being very patient with me. On the advise of my go to girl Kim, I have something special planned for tonight. Something to show him that I am fully committed to him. We’ve been rather slow moving in the sex department, but I’m going to change that tonight. Kim told me if I don’t act soon, he might start having doubts or looking elsewhere.

We agreed to dinner and a movie to celebrate our landmark. It was an unusually warm night for May, which was a pleasant surprise. We ate at a loud, crowded organic cafe down by Navy Pier, before we went to catch a movie. After the movie we walked along the pier for a while, enjoying the warm weather. We stood at a railing for a while and he took my hand in mine. When I could no longer wait, I suggested we go back to my place. It was a Friday night, and he’d already arranged to stay over at my house.

When we got to my there, we were finally able to show the affection we have for one another, that we were afraid to exhibit in public. We tiptoed around my passed out dad and made our way to my room. Once the door was shut and locked, we found ourselves in a lip locked embrace. We helped each other remove our shirts and resumed our passionate make-out session. I edged us over to my desk so I could pull open the window a little bit to clear out the stuffy, warm air. I also flipped on the desk lamp. Once Jessie caught on to what I was doing, a giggle attack consumed him.

“What is it,?” I asked, suddenly feeling nervous.

“You. You’re too cute. We can stop kissing until you get the room how you want it,” he explained.

“Oh…I…I don’t want to miss a second with you. I’ve wanted to kiss you all night.”

“Me too, but I’m not going anywhere. I’m right here.”

“Oh, yeah hehe. Umm…wait right here. I’ll be right back. Don’t go anywhere.”

“Hehe. I won’t…I promise.”

I ran to the other side of my room, checked the door lock and flipped off the light switch. I ran back and opened the window just a little bit more and looked around the rest of the room to see if I had missed anything.

Jessie, now barely holding back a full on eruption of laughter, looked at me smiling and asked, “is that all?Anything else you need to do?”

“Ahh…that’s it, I think. It felt hot and stuffy in here, and I don’t like bright lights,” I complained.

“You and your bright lights. Come here my little vampire,” he said as he reached for my hands to pull me in for another kiss. His vampire comment brought an obvious reaction from me. “Hey, hey. What is it? Is something wrong? You seem kind of nervous or something tonight. We don’t have to do this, if you don’t want to.”

“I…I’m okay. Really. I just want tonight to be perfect. I don’t want to mess it up.” But I wasn’t okay. Did Jessie know more than he let on? Did he know the truth about Timmy? It has to be a coincidence. There’s no way Jessie could know, could he? I pushed those thoughts to the back of my mind. I had other things to think about. Other things to enjoy.

“As long as I’m with you, it is perfect. Don’t overthink this, ok? Just let it happen. Let us happen, aaaaand…kiss me, you sexy beast. I’m dying over here.”

How could I refuse such an invitation? The second my lips touched his again, all of my fears and worries went away. He gave me strength and reassurance, that everything was fine. Those lips and his touch taught me that the past was past and that my future was right in front of me.

A swell of passion swept right over me, surrounding me like a warm, fuzzy blanket. Somewhere in my mind a connection was made. This was love. This boy standing before me cared about me. He cared about us. I fought the urge to break our embrace and tell him what I just figured out. I fought the urge to cry tears of joy. Instead I did what I had set out to do all along.

I broke our kiss and started to explore his secret skin. Tasting new territories on the map of his shadowed neck. Behind his ear. His collarbone. He whimpered and held firmly to my hips to save himself from a wobbly kneed collapse. I mapped out all the areas on his soft, taught landscape. The subtle peaks of his maturing breastplate, to the sunken valley of flat tummy. I felt the bottom of my chin meet the top edge of his loose denim, as my tongue swam tiny circles around his belly button. I drew my fingers into the center of his jeans, while I positioned myself on my knees before him.

“Tyler. You don’t have to do this,” he protested quietly, wrapping his fingers around my wrist.

I looked up at him through my hooded eyes. “But I really want to,” I whispered back, my voice thick with lust.

Still not completely convinced, Jessie questioned “are you sure?”

Rather than answer him with words, I proceeded to unzip his jeans and pull them down his legs. I gave him a devilish smile as I hooked the top edge of his boxers and slid them down to join his jeans at his ankles. His newly freed excitement sprang forth in anticipation.

I performed the act while storing every detail to memory. The aroma. Texture. Taste. The general erotic nature of the whole experience. I was in ecstasy. Lost in the passion of this special, shared moment.

I was briefly interrupted by a noise outside my window. A scratching sound grabbed my attention enough to open my eyes and look that direction. For a moment the air felt different and I thought I saw a trick of light in the darkness outside. Perhaps it was the shadow you get when the headlights of a passing car goes by. I couldn’t be bothered now, my sexy lover was edging toward climax.

Sweet release came and Jessie nearly fell to the floor as it washed over him. As soon as he was able to compose himself, his hands cradled my armpits and he hoisted me back to a standing position. Before I had a chance to do much of anything, Jessie was on me, kissing me furiously. I took stumbled backwards steps, until I butted up against a welcome wall. Jessie kept at it, kissing me with a fury I had never felt before. Raw, red hot passion.

He dropped to the floor before me and took me in while he clawed my garments off. This was going to be over within seconds the way he was going at it. He must have realized it too, because he suddenly slowed down. Without the support of the wall behind me, I would have collapsed from the intense feelings he was giving me. I rested my head against the wall and peeled open my eyes enough to watch my lover in action. I had to look away in fear of losing it too soon. I rolled my head along the wall and something caught my eye from the street below. A glint reflection of almost blinding light. I opened my eyes wider. It felt like time stood still as the image below came into focus. What I saw couldn’t be real. It had to be a figment of my imagination. Staring right through my eyes and into my soul was a set of the most ocean blue eyes I’ve ever seen. Glowing and moistened with profound hurt and sadness. These were the eyes of Timmy.

I clenched my eyes shut tight. This can’t be real. It just can’t be. I slowly opened my eyes again and he was gone. I think I’m going insane. I laughed to myself as I cursed my wild imagination. I glanced back down at Jessie and focused on the intense euphoria he was taking me through. I was right there at the edge of release as he kept pulling and pulling. I rolled my head on the wall once again, and that’s when I saw it. This was no trick of light or a figment of my imagination. Sitting right there on my windowsill. It was about four inches long. Black, orange, and white beads, repeated three times in a row.


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