Savior: Chapter 14

I…I…heard a scream outside, like in front of my house and I looked out, and all this blood and I saw shadows running away. Then…then I saw my backpack on the sidewalk, so I went out there and it has to be Timmy, because I left it at your place. He must have been bringing it back to me. It’s all my fault. I’m such a dumb ass. Why didn’t…”

“Ok! Enough. Slow down. It’s not your fault. Timmy knows he’s not supposed to leave my apartment under any circumstance. Ever. Did you see him? Did you see where the blood came from?”

“No. I told you, I only saw shadows. Like a chase.”

Jasmine locked up the front door and started heading for the back of the shop. “Come. We don’t have much time. I know where he is, if everything went ok.”

I hurried my pace to keep up with her. As she shut off the last lights and guided me through the back door, I asked “back at your place?”

“No. That place is compromised. We have a safe house a little ways out. He knows to go there.”

She opened the door of a well worn, Green Volkswagen and beckoned me to get in the other side. As I sat down I said, “you have a car? I didn’t know you had a car.”

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me. It’s not my car, really. I’m just watching it for a friend while he’s away.”


She glanced over at me with a slight smile. “Very impressive Tyler. I can see why Timmy is so…never mind.”

“Oh no you don’t. Say it. What were you going to say?”

“Impressed. I was going to say impressed.”

I must have looked noticeably disappointed when I replied with a simple “oh.”

She let me wallow for a moment, until she finally offered, “among other things.”


“Timmy. You know?”

“Yeah. I impress him. Oh boy.”

“I was trying to say he’s more than impressed. He’s quite crazy about you, actually. But please don’t tell him I told you.”

Hearing her say something I already suspected, made me very excited to see him again. I needed to apologize for being a baby. I also needed to tell him of my own strong feelings that I felt for him. Take a risk and put it out there. I was very inexperienced in all things relationship. He was, in fact my first real crush. Oddly, I liked the fact that it was a boy. Maybe somewhere deep inside, I wanted to throw my father a huge disappointment. Here ya’ go pops. I’M GAY!!!

“It’s funny, but he was just getting into puberty when he crossed over. With all the little girls that chased him incessantly, they would be so disappointed to find out he’s gay. Hehe. Oh well, I hope he finds that special boy.”

She glanced back at me as she finished talking. A sly, knowing smile spread across her lips. Maybe it was obvious, my feelings for him. Honestly, I didn’t care. I’d made some mistakes that I wanted to correct. God, I hope he’s there and ok. That was a lot of blood on the sidewalk.

We drove for quite a ways, to a part of Chicago I’d never been to. Nothing looked familiar. It was all very industrial, dark and ominous. It looked like a place you wouldn’t want to be. Like where the mob would take you to be murdered and forgotten. Never to be found.

A few minutes later, we came to a street full of closed down and abandoned storefronts. Graffiti covered the remnants of former signs and plywood windows. Jasmine parked the car behind one of these stores and told me to be quick, and be quiet. I watched as she slid a board over, revealing an entrance that we had to crawl through. She replaced the board while I looked around to see where we were. It appeared to be an old grocery, or convenience store. There were vandalized racks and smashed glass doors. The whole place was destroyed.

“This way,” Jasmine whispered, pulling me back to reality. I saw she had propped up some kind of hidden door in the floor, off in the corner. I followed her down a ladder that went to a lower level. She pulled on a cord that turned on a dim light. It appeared to be a storage cellar. Probably where the shop owner kept food and other items that couldn’t fit upstairs.

“Wait here,” she said, as she went back up the ladder to shut the hatch. She came back down and motioned me to follow her through a skinny passage that opened up into another room. At the far wall there was a steel door with no visible handle. Only an ancient looking deadbolt. She tapped the door and said “Timmy? Are you here?”

Then she tapped a pattern that sounded like some kind of morse code. The same pattern was returned and she smiled. “He’s here.”

She pulled a key from her pocket and turned the deadbolt. Almost in time with the swing of the door, Timmy was through the entrance , wrapping his arms snugly around his sisters waist.

“Jazzy. You came.”

“Are you ok? Thank god you’re ok.”

“How’d you,” Timmy started to say, as his eyes spotted me standing off to the side. Before he finished his thought, and before I had time to react. He lunged himself toward me, latching onto me in a python-like hug. It felt so damn good. I hugged him back with all I had. we spoke volumes to each other without speaking a word. I felt my eyes watering up. I was about to get emotional on him, again.

Jasmine let us have our moment, but eventually saved me the embarrassment by interrupting, “ok. Inside. I have to run out for a while and move the car. You guys don’t leave. Understand? I’ll be back in about an hour. We have a lot to talk about and a lot to figure out. Stay here. I mean it, and…have fun boys.”

We obediently scooted back into the room, but neither of us wanted to let go of each other. Jasmine rolled her eyes, and left without another word. Timmy shut and bolted the door and the second he turned back around, I immediately pulled him into another tight hug.

“I’m so sorry Timmy.”

“Sorry? Why?”

“For leaving the other night. I was being stupid. I hope you don’t hate me now.”

“Hate you? I thought you hated me.”

“No. No. And then this is all my fault for leaving my backpack. Did you get hurt? I saw so much blood. I was so scared. It’s so good to see you and that you’re ok.”



“Do you want to sit? There’s a couch and a bed.”

“Um yeah sure.”

Timmy guided me to the couch, holding my hand, which was awesome, and we sat and looked at each other. Both grinning from ear to ear.

“That wasn’t my blood. I got away. But when he stopped chasing me, I thought maybe he went back to your place. I was sitting here scared that I got you killed. You have no idea how happy I am to see you. You’re safe and you’re here.”

“I guess we’re just lucky.”

“Nah. We’re just good.”

As much as I enjoyed seeing him laugh and smile, I felt a need to be true to my word and my feelings. It was time to take my risk and free myself.

“Timmy. There’s something I need to tell you. It’s very important to me.”

“What is it Tyler? Are you ok?”

I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. “I guess I’m about to find out. Umm…I’ve never really had many friends and I’ve never been in, like a relationship with anybody. To be honest, I’ve never even wanted to be. Well, until I saw you. I don’t know how to explain it, but since I saw you, you’re all I’ve been able to think about. And then when I met you, I fainted. Such a dork. Umm…anyway, what I’m trying to say is I like you, like way a lot. So…I just…just needed you to know that.”

Timmy didn’t say anything. His expression didn’t change. It didn’t give me any clue as to how he was taking what I said. Maybe Jasmine was wrong. I started to panic, and smile nervously. “I…I’m sorry.”

Then it was like Timmy snapped out of a trance. “Shut up Tyler. Can I…can I kiss you?”

I was so relieved, and excited, and nervous. “Yes, but I’ve nev…” Before I had a chance to finish, Timmy moved his face to in front of mine, placing a warm, soft kiss on my lips. He pulled back and smiled. I melted.

“It’s ok. I never have either.”

We both leaned into each other and kissed again, and again. Instincts took over, as lust and passion urged us to enlightened levels of exploration. We learned all about one another and where a kiss can go. The taste. The texture. Every whimper and every moan. It was my first glimpse at love and I never wanted it to end.

Timmy slipped his soft hand under my shirt, placing his palm over my thumping heart, while I glided my own hands along his narrow torso. He broke our kiss and took his shirt up over his head. His hands fell to the bottom edge of my shirt, so I lifted my hands, allowing him to free me as well. His kiss returned to my neck, where he placed soft kisses in a slow path to my ear, while his fingers glided gently across my erected nipple. He blew soft, desperate air into my ear as he nibbled and tugged at my earlobe. As soft and gentle as he was, I was ready to explode with so much pent up sexual desire.

He kissed his way back to my neck, and down the front of my chest until he encompassed my so far neglected other nipple. He circled it with his tongue, occasionally swiping across the center with a swift lick. He sucked me hard into his mouth, pulling with his lips. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. I was helpless to his touch, to his control. My entire body felt like a continuous, euphoric shiver. Occasionally, a random muscle, or limb would twitch unexpectedly. As much as I wanted to reciprocate, he was in the lead and my time would have to wait.

He pulled back and placed both his hands on my chest, gently pushing me onto my back. His smile replaced with lust-fueled determination. He straddled his weight on top of my lonely body and brought us back to the place where we began. His perfect, delicious mouth, covering mine in a duet of unpracticed love song. We both gave and took what sustained us, in perfect harmony.

Timmy rolled his center over mine, as his hardness glided from side to side, over the top of my own. I lifted my butt off the couch and held firmly onto his slender waist, while he continued his erotic grind. He rolled and pushed. I chased. Our kiss was replaced with the focused concentration of our carnal dance. Every gyration bringing us closer to the promise of a blissful climax. Audible moans and whimpers, an occasional breathy yes, marked our progress. I found a place at the curve of his lower back to press and keep him close, but I needed more. Deeper. Harder. I slid ten fingers under his waistband and cradled his soft, small buttocks, drawing him tighter. I could feel that familiar tingle, right at my core. The approach of sweet release. Before long, I would find nirvana. I only hoped that he was there with me.

Then, I heard the click of the deadbolt. Timmy heard it too, as he quickly jumped off of me. We managed to align ourselves, sitting, with a conservative buffer between us. I was all elbows, trying to cover my hardness from Jasmine as she entered the room. She was all business, but she managed to giggle and offer an apology for getting back so soon.

“Ok. So I went to the scene and cleaned it up. Here’s your backpack Tyler.”

“Thanks,” I said, watching it land near my feet. I couldn’t help but notice the wet spot on the front of my jeans. I thought I was embarrassed before.

“The last thing we wanted was for someone to find a huge pool of blood and your backpack sitting in it. That was a lot of blood, too. Skyler will definitely need a few sleep cycles to get up to strength, but he will be hunting. You know what we need to do, Timmy. Tyler, you need to be very careful. No going outside after dark at all. Ever. You are one of his main targets and he knows where you live.”

“Can’t i…can’t I stay with you guys? I want to help.”

“Sorry. That can’t happen. Once we get this taken care of, you two can figure things out. But for right now, I need you to disappear. Stay home. Keep safe.”

I glanced over at Timmy, and saw he was disappointed like me. He understood the situation better than me and didn’t question his sister at all.

“I’m gonna run out again. I got a bunch of shit to do. I’ll stop by Osco and get you some food and water, Tyler. I’ll have somebody get you to school in the morning.”

She rummaged through a bag she brought in, grabbed a few things, and got set to leave again. “I’ll stay out until just before dusk. Give you guys some privacy. This’ll be the last time you’ll see each other for a while, so…um yeah. Have fun.”

With that, she was gone. Timmy stood up and bolted the door and moped back toward the couch. I could tell he was disappointed, but I didn’t know why. Was it us? Was it what his sister said, without saying anything? Selfishly, I knew I had only one night to spend with the sexiest boy I knew, for I don’t know how long, and I wanted to make it count. I scooted in close to him and draped my arm over his shoulder.

“So Timmy. Where were we? Would you like to join me on the bed?”

There’s that sly smile that I was growing to love.

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