Savior: Chapter 5

Savior: Chapter 5

By DJ Jones


I jogged most of the way home, taking occasional glances across the landscape, to see if I was being followed. In reality, if I was being followed by a vampire, I’d have no way of knowing.

I approached the front of the house panting from exhaustion. I sat on the stoop to catch my breath before going inside. Even if the asshole is awake, my mom would be home, so I wasn’t on my usual high alert. The neighborhood was very quiet, except for the distant hum of traffic on the not too far interstate. Suddenly, there was a familiar sound that broke the silence. The unmistakable snap of a twig. I perked up my ears and scanned up and down the street. Looking for any kind of movement, or disturbance. I couldn’t make out the direction it came from, but it sounded pretty close. I quietly got to my feet and unlocked the door, sneaking in quickly. I locked the door and ran right upstairs, completely ignoring who was inside and where. I left my light off and ran right to my window, looking out to the scene below. Just out of my view to the left, I saw a shadowed figure disappear into the darkness of the night. I threw open my window and leaned out as far as I dared go, but it was no use. They were gone. I wanted to scream out to get the attention of whoever it was, but I held back. Even though I thought I knew who it was, I couldn’t be sure.

I flipped on the desk lamp and sat there with my thoughts. I dug my sketchbook out of my backpack and studied the gory picture I drew earlier. Why me? Why did he come here? Why didn’t he talk? Why did he spare me my life? I had all these questions, but no easy answers.

I thought back to earlier tonight and the coffee shop girl, Jasmine. She was kind of strange. Why’d she ask so many questions? Why was she so nice to me? Did she see what I saw the other night too? Does she know why I was there tonight? And then there was the cold stare she gave me when I walked by. Maybe I should stay away from that coffee shop. Something tells me it might not be safe. Maybe it’s connected to the murder somehow.

I spent some time looking at the book I picked up from the library. It was pretty cool, but it didn’t really offer much of what I was looking for. After a while, I opened up my laptop to see if I could find some answers there. I was happy to find the internet was loaded with information and websites. I’m sure a lot of it was bullshit, but there was one site in particular that seemed well informed and full of information. I read page after page of stuff, until my eyelids became too heavy to keep open. I glanced down at the bottom of the screen, and saw it was three in the morning. No wonder I was so tired. I closed up my computer, stumbled to my bed, and collapsed into an immediate sleep.

When I didn’t make it down in time for breakfast, my mom came up to check on me in the late morning.

“Wake up sleepyhead.”

“Huh? Ohh…good morning.”

“Morning? It’s nearly noon honey. You feeling ok?”

“Mm…I think so. Just really tired.”

“Your father and I are gonna run into town in about an hour. Do you want to come with?”

Thinking on my toes, I decided I would take advantage her previous question, and weasel my way out. “Oh I don’t know. I don’t feel too good actually.”

“Ok. Well don’t sleep all day or you’ll never get to sleep tonight. I made up a plate of breakfast for you. It’s in the fridge now, but you can reheat it.”

“Thanks mom.”

“You’re welcome handsome.”

She bent down to kiss me on top of the head, and left my room. I laid around a little bit longer and timed my shower with their leaving. When I got out, the house was all mine. A rare event, but one that I always enjoyed. I went downstairs in only my boxers, because I could. I docked my iPod on my dads stereo, which I never got to do. And I blasted my 90’s grunge playlist louder than necessary.

I reheated my breakfast, which was one of my moms skillet scrambles. One of my favorites. Thanks mom. I look it to the living room, another forbidden deed, and gobbled it down.

It’s not as if I was a bad kid, but breaking these little rules is part of my responsibility as a moody adolescent. It’s not as if I’m sneaking alcohol or smoking weed, but I somehow felt rebellious.

After eating, I flipped on the tv and scanned through all the bs, settling on some super cheesy old zombie movie. Bad acting. Bad special effects. Bad story. It was perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon, alone in my underwear. Tomorrow would be here soon enough, and all the shit that a school day brings with it. For now, at this moment, I can let it go and be free.

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