Savior: Chapter 3

Savior: Chapter 3

By DJ Jone


We unloaded near Millennium Park and aimlessly walked around. Kim was having a one sided conversation, as I was busy scrutinizing every person I saw with blonde hair, or under sixteen. I was not being real active in our time together.

“Umm Tyler? What are you doing?”

“Huh? What? Nothing.”

“Are you looking for your vampire friend? You are, aren’t you? Oh my god that’s so cute.”

“Cute?” What the Hell? I’m just walking…and lookin’ around. Ok?”

“Well Tyler my dear. You won’t find him now. It’s daytime. From what I’ve heard, vampires have a little problem with sunlight. You don’t know much about vampires, do you?”

“I know enough,” I said dejectedly. “Come on. Let’s go to the pier. This place is boring, and I want a coffee.”

We occupied a love seat near the fireplace, where I drank a mocha and Kim sipped a hot cocoa.

“You know you really shouldn’t be drinking coffee at your age. You can stunt your growth.”

“Haha. Stunt my growth. Bit too late for that, don’t ya’ think? I’m a shrimp now and will always be a shrimp. The tallest guy in my family tree is five eight. I’ll be lucky to see five five.”

“Well, all I’m saying is, you might stay four eleven forever, if you drink all that caffeine like you do.”

“I’m five foot even, thank you very much.”

“My bad. Five foot EVEN and sixty five pounds. Sound about right?”

“Not even close. Five feet at ninety five pounds.”

“I wasn’t that far off. Anyway, drink up, we’re going to Michigan. I’ve got something to show you.”

A little while later we walked into the bookstore, but it was more like a book warehouse. Kim reached out for my arm and said, “wait here. I’ll be right back.”

I complained, “what?”

“Just do it. Trust me.”

She ran off into the crowd and returned a few minutes later. “Ok. Follow me,” she said, dragging me by the wrist while sporting a big smile on her face. Whatever she had done, she was very proud of herself.

We ended at a very quiet, ignored corner of the bookstore.

“What is this?”

“This, is where you will find out all you need to know about vampires. I still think you’ve gone crazy, but if you’re going to try and find a vampire, you should at least know what you’re doing.”

“Wow. Thanks Kim. That’s a good idea.”

We spent the next fifteen minutes trying to find a good book about vampires. It was frustrating because mostly it was all crap. Just as I was about to give up, an employee showed up, to lend a hand. He looked like an extra from a NIN video, so he seemed like he was lurking in the right department.

“Something I can help you find?”

Kim jumped in, before I could find a way to embarrass myself. “Yes. I’m writing a book report on vampires, so I’m looking for a good reference book. A lot of information and stuff.”

“Let me see…this one should serve your purposes perfectly.”

He handed her a book titled ‘The Vampire Book.’

“It’s an encyclopedia, really. You’ll find the information you seek in there. If there’s nothing else?”

“Oh. No. Thank you. Thank you so much. This looks perfect.”

“Very well,” he said as he slowly strode away.

“What was that?” I asked.

“I don’t know. What was the fake British accent about?”

“Hehe. Creepy guy.”

“Maybe he’s a vampire.”

“Ah…but it’s still daytime.”

“I’m so proud. You’re learning.”

I beamed. What could I say.

Kim and I sat on the floor and thumbed through the large book. It really was exactly what I would need, if I wanted to learn all about vampires. When we were done leafing through it, I saw the price tag on the back cover.

“Shit! Thirty bucks!” That could take me a month to save up that kind of cash.”

“Hmm. That is kind of a lot. Why don’t we check the library. Then it won’t cost you anything.”

“You’re just full of good ideas.”

We put the book back on the shelf and headed for the exit. “Would you like to help me, you know, find him too?”

“Umm…no. I’ll help you educate yourself, but if he’s really a vampire, and you happen to find him, I don’t want nothing to do with that craziness.”


“Nope. Just smart.”

We headed over to the beautiful Chicago Public Library downtown. I love this library, but I don’t get down here too often. There are at least six other ones closer to my house. I’m not sure why, but I’ve always enjoyed libraries. I do most of my homework and research at them. Maybe I’m old school, or maybe I just like to get out of the house as much as possible.

It only took a few minutes before I had in my hands, the same book we saw at the bookstore. I rushed to the checkout, as if it was going to get snatched from my hands before I exited the building, and skipped over to a bench to sit down and gave it a closer look.

“So, what are you really going to do if you find him? I mean, have you thought of that?”

“Well, I’m gonna ask him why he followed me home.”

“That’s it?”

“Pretty much.”

“What if he tries to bite you?”

“I’ll run like Hell.”

“I don’t get it. It seems like you’re going through an awful lot of trouble just to ask that question.”

“I don’t know how to explain it, because you’re right…but there’s…I don’t know, something strange. Like a feeling came over me when he was standing there. I felt connected to him or something. Like we need each other. I can’t explain it good. Sorry.”

“Hmm…sounds like you have a crush on him.”

I reached over and slapped her on the arm. “Shut up! Whatever.”

“Ouch. Jerk. It’s just kind of weird Tyler. Hit me again, and I WILL kick your ass.”


“So…is he cute? Don’t you dare hit me again.”

“Screw you. Let’s get out of here.”

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