Mirror Glass: Chapter 4

Mirror Glass

Chapter 4

By Sterling


            I paused for a moment to let all this information sink into Helix. I wanted him to really think about this. After I thought it hand been long enough for it to be considered dramatic I continued.

            “You know that when someone is turned there is no guarantee that they will live through the change. It all depends on how much of the toxin they are given when bitten. The toxin does something to our bodies and it shuts down everything but the heart. It keeps the heart beating strong forever. When the Elders heard stories of a vampire being cured of the change they went ballistic. The Elders decreed that she be hunted down and brought to them. They say the hunters found her in cave but she wasn’t alone. The vampire who had bitten her hadn’t left her side but he was different… changed. He was no longer a vampire but a human. The hunters killed the man and took the girl. When she was brought forth to the Elders initially she was to be killed but they couldn’t bring themselves to do it. She was the Hope Diamond of all vampires. No one like her has been born into darkness since.  All vampires’ extras are tools that they can use for their own needs. No one really has a power that benefits others instead of themselves. The Elders knew this girl was a treasure and like all great jewels you just don’t dispose of them. You collect them. I’m sure she’s not the only vampire with a very unique gift they have locked away somewhere; I thinks she’s just the only one we know about.”

            I glanced at Helix praying for a good reaction but I got the same look everyone always gives me when I tell that story. Utter Disbelief. “So let me get this straight you’re chasing a vampire fairytale that is told to new bloods as a cruel joke to give them hope of having their lives back?”

            “It’s not a fairytale! You have to believe me. At first Jarrod thought so too until he used his underground connections. It turns out the best way to cover something up is to put it right out in the open for everyone to see. After he discovered some truth to the story he used every resource at his disposal. He dug a little too deep and because of me he caught the eye of the Elders.  When the first hunter attacked he barely got away and I was hurt in the crossfire. I saved him from being stabbed in the heart by a hunter. One of the powers I acquired allowed me to change my body’s density. I jumped in front of the blade but I didn’t make my body quite strong enough to completely stop the blow. Luckily it missed my heart. The blade the hunter had was attached to a gauntlet on his wrist. Fortunately his blade coming out of my lung was a great conductor. I gave him a shock so powerful he was unrecognizable afterward. Healing that wound took many sleep cycles, Jarrod never left my side… not once. After that Jarrod promised he wouldn’t let anything happen to me again. He said that we need to be apart for a while. He wanted me as far away from this as possible while he chased some leads. I tried to object but he wouldn’t hear it. He was afraid he had lost me and said if anything happened to me he could never forgive himself. Jarrod used a secret frequency when he wanted to communicate sensitive materials, he told me to always be listening and he would contact me if anything came up.”

            It was then that Helix put his hand on my arm. “You dont have to talk about this if you dont want to. I understand.”

            “No, I want to. I need to say this.” This was it… I already had unburied the memory so I might as well open the coffin. It was about time talked about it anyway…

            “I only saw Jarrod two more times before he died. The first time he contacted me he told me to meet him at a vampire sanctuary not far from where I was staying. When I got there he was being very secretive, more than usual. He told me that he might have uncovered something that could give us insight to where the princess might be. The information is kept in a collective library called the Nifty Archives. The only way to get to the archive was through the Icezone night club. We had planned to go there together but after the sanctuary was attacked that made it impossible. Jarrod handed me a ticket and told me to meet him there, he would contact me to let me know what night we would meet. Our visit was much too short. It was hard for me to leave him again. I know he wasn’t my sire but in a way he kind of became that for me. He was my best friend and before all this investigating we were inseparable.”

            I don’t know what it is about letting out your most personal thoughts that makes someone feel so vulnerable. I was too afraid to look into Helix’s eyes. I didn’t want him to think I was weak. After Jarrod’s death I told myself I wasn’t going to be weak ever again. Maybe back then if I had been stronger and more aware I could have protected him and avoided all this unnecessary pain.

            “The last time I saw Jarrod alive was at the Icezone. He was always working on multiple projects at once. He said there was another ground breaking story he had to check up on. He told me that there in the Icezone was the Nifty Archive, there collection of vampire literature, scriptures and lore was unparalleled.  I made my way through the crowds to the top floor where I found the archives. I remember the archivist Stew being very kind even after I told him I was looking for stories about a fairytale. He didn’t laugh or refuse to help me matter of fact he showed me exactly where the privileged piece of information was. He handed me a dusty old book. In it there was only a single passage solely about the lore of the vampire princess. As I read I didn’t see one thing that I already didn’t know.  It wasn’t until I practically turned the book upside down did I notice the insignia in gold on the back page. I had seen it before but I couldn’t remember where. I was going to look through some other books to see if I couldn’t identify it but I didn’t have time. Not far from where I was I could hear fighting. From the sounds of it it sounded like they were trying to tear the place down. I figured it was the hunters, they were probably looking for me and Jarrod. I quickly ripped out a page from the book and scribbled the insignia on it using my blood. Another handy extra I had picked up, blood manipulation.

            I ran through that club for seemed like forever looking for Jarrod. It was just so huge! There must have been like a million rooms. Just when I was going to stop to back track, he found me. That’s when I heard them… the sirens. He kept saying we had to get out because the place was going under lockdown. He was scaring me, I had never seen him like that before. Normally his demeanor is always calm, confident, and focused but not then. That’s when I noticed them. Hunters were watching us. Jarrod told me to run, pointing a head of us to an alley. He pulled me close and told me that no matter what that I had to keep running and not look back.  I only agreed because he said he would be right behind me. When they attacked we got separated. I searched for him frantically but with so many vampires running scared it was pandemonium. That’s when I heard the scream. Someone screamed No and by the time I managed to find where Jarrod was I saw him being stabbed through the heart.”

            Quite tears streamed down my face as I relived the nightmare. “I SWEAR I tried to go for him, I SWEAR I DID!! You have to Believe ME! The crowd was like a wave it just kept pushing me back… and I tried to break through and reach him… but I couldn’t… I… I… was just so scared.”

            I was in hysterics now. My vision was blurred and all I could hear was someone screaming. I took me a second to realize that person was me. Helix pulled me into a deep embrace. Holding me close as he comforted me while I cried into his shoulder. “He died because I asked for his help! All because I was being selfish and wanted my human life back. Then I got him killed and left him to suffer when he needed me most. I left him to die alone after everything he did for me all because I’m a COWARD.” Helix said nothing. He just held me close as I finally faced my darkest secret that I kept hidden from the world. I kept trying to run from it but I could never seem to get far enough. Now that it was staring me in the face I remembered why I buried it in the first place. It hurt too damn much to confront. Helix holding me made it easier to bare, I couldn’t even begin to describe how comforting it felt being held in his arms. It had been a long time since I had felt the warm touch of another person. His scent, his heart beating with mine, the way he whispered sweet solace in my ear and the strength his hold seemed to lend me. I may have cried for a good hour straight before I felt okay enough to be released from Helix’s arms.

            “You said you found an insignia? Was that it? No writings or other clues?” Helix asked.

            I wiped my face with the back of my hand. I just finished saying I would cry then what do I do? I fall to pieces. “No, but the insignia is one I’ve seen before. I’ve been looking for it but I haven’t had any luck tracking it down.” I reached into my pocket and pulled out a folded piece of paper.

            “Here, let me see it.”  As Helix looked it over his eyes grew wide. “I know this symbol; it is the symbol we have to wear on ourselves at all times.”

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