GFD: Solitary Way – Chapter 3

Chapter Three

“Sleep, delicious and profound, the very counterfeit of death.”
—Homer, “The Odyssey”


The first few years were tough, I’m not going to lie.

I tried to comfort Silas as he adjusted to his new life; the agony of not being able to see daylight again particularly nagged him, and he seemed to get more irritable the more he pondered on the subject. I tried to distract him, buying him things, et al., but after a few years the initial novelty gave way to a suitable routine.

As I have explained vaguely in the past, my parent were very wealthy: they were in the higher echelons of society with servants and chauffeurs.

I was, to them, a nuisance. I never saw them. Father was always in traveling to England, and mother was too busy with her pseudo French social societies that I was raised by my Nanny, Beatrice. When I was 17, I had snuck out of the house, unattended. When I returned, I found out that Mother and Father were dead; but, more importantly, Beatrice was with them. A carriage accident. Spooked horses – and I was their sole heir.

In a fit of anguish, I ran out on the kind reverend who tried to break the news calmly to me, and went into the city. I’m not going to recount every detail, but I ended up in a bad part of the village, and a street-gang of drunkards ganged up on me.

“Why don’t we have our way with ‘em?” One man said in a scathing Cockney accent. He gummy smile made my blood run cold; but I was cornered. One man, smelling of stale rum and cigars, pressed his slimy prick against my thigh.

Roughly grabbing the back of my neck, he yanked it to where I was looking right in his full, pocket-marked face. “Oi,” he had said in return. “I tink this un loiks mey!”

“Stahp fuckin’ ‘round, Rodney!” One of the others, a shorter man, croaked. “Just bite ‘em. We haveta go!” The shorter, balding, middle-aged man shifted around nervously on both feet, looking from side to side. I remember thinking why, because it was near dark out and no one in sight.

“I am!” The one named Rodney said, and suddenly, with a force that was so hard I didn’t even know what had transpired, he shoved me to the ground. I heard a snap.

“Fuck! Don’ ruin the goods!” A heavy set black man said.

“Shut yer yap, slaveboy,” Rodney spat; it was then that I felt two distinct pains. One, the pain that traveled from my broken ankle to my brain. The second, I felt Rodney’s teeth slide, almost gently, into my jugular. I screamed, my throat nearly shredding itself in its release.

“Hold him down!” I heard someone shout. There were shuffling and I felt other sharp pain in my calf. The black man had sunk it teeth into my calf! I saw stars. I felt another bite on my arm.

“Damn, this one’s fresh…”





I had gathered my staff together in a group meeting: my gardener, my house maid, my chamber maid, my horse man, and my chauffeur (all paid by the vast stores of the wealth handed down to me) and informed them that Silas was now master of the house as well, and what he said or required was to be done, no questions asked.

Silas and I made a great couple, in my opinion. I couldn’t keep my hands off of him; a sensuous touch now and then would throw an already fragile teenage state of mind into a horny frenzy. He was so cute; I couldn’t hardly stop tasting those thin, ruby lips and stroking his long, brown hair was a damn near religious experience.

As I said, the first few years were rough. The first time he fed, he waited too long, and by the time I noticed, I realized that he had climbed out the window and was gone. I was seething when he returned, and had to set him down and explain to him exactly why he had gone ‘crazy’: he was in bloodlust and couldn’t control himself. Thanks God, I had said, he hadn’t attacked one of our servants. They were expensive.

I tutored him, since he was without any formal education. I made sure to get the best materials and books to study from, and strived my best to teach him the best I could. Within a few years of study, he was a full-blown Enlightenment thinker, and was quite proficient in vampire physiology and psychology. We had many thought-provoking conversations which I cherished immensely.

The years wore on, and we travelled to Europe and to Asia, collecting mementos, and bringing them back to British America.

We had now been together for 7 years now, it being 1764, and he had firmly established a routine with me and the household. By this time, we knew each other like the back of our hand, which made me even more crazy about him. We also, fortunately or unfortunately, knew each other’s personal idiosyncrasies almost to the letter.

For example, I found he hated a messy house. I made sure not to get it too messy, and he would constantly pick up after me. From all the years I had the house to myself, I would just lay things wherever and have my servants pick it up. He chastised me over un-orderliness God knows how many times. He explained it seemed to come from the time when I had found him. He, understandably, hadn’t wanted to live in clutter or mess anymore, so he was a neat freak.

Even more so, he was particularly nice to my servants, going out of his way to converse with them, whereas I was more cold and commanding. Though, when Silas got angry it wasn’t pretty; luckily I had been on the receiving end of that only a handful of times.

I was in my study one sultry night in July, when Silas came in and put his arms around my waist from behind when I wasn’t looking.

“Hello, my sweet,” I said cheekily, pressing my forever youthful face next to his. “What do you need?”

“Nothing, my love,” he responded in kind, gazing over the papers and books strewn haphazardly on my desk. “What are you doing?”

I picked up the book I had laid down when he came in and held it up for him to inspect “I’m studying vampire crossover. Specifically Gifts.”

He glanced at the book, and then took it from my hand, peering closer at the text. Glancing back up, he said, “What for?”

I parted from him, turned and sat back down at my desk. Looking up at him, I captured his eyes with mine. “You know how I haven’t told you what my Gift is?”

“Uh, yeah,” he said, leaning back over somewhat distractedly, pouring quickly over my notes. He turned back slightly and have me a sideways glance, “Why?”

I sighed dramatically. “I have no idea how I got the extra I have. It literally makes no sense. None!” I arose and turned back to the table, parallel with Silas, and picked up a sheet with my scrawling hand. I then lightly threw it back down in frustration. Silas looked over at me. “It tosses the law of physics completely out the window. You can’t push a box right and have it go left. It wouldn’t make sense.”

“Sweetness, what are you talking about?”

I sighed, mentally debating whether to finally show him my Gift or not. I felt it was time. Breathing heavily, a little nervous, I held up and finger, and then summoned Allison, my third-generation maid générale.

I heard footsteps rapidly ascend towards us, and the second she stepped into the room, focused on her position as hard as I could. My head felt like it was about to explode.

Suddenly, Allison froze in mid-step, and I looked over at Silas, his face twisting into confusion, and then vague realization. He looked back to me for an explanation.

I signed, walking, and then circling Allison. Gesticulating, I explained. “It’s almost like localized anesthesia; I concentrate on one portion of space, and time I suppose, and it just stops, like that.” Silas rushed over to Allison, circling around her in awe, assessing her up and down. He poked her skin, but recoiled quickly, holding his hand in pain.

“Damn!” He exclaimed. “That bloody hurt!”

“Sorry, sweetheart. I’ve found you can’t touch them while they’re frozen – it stings you, or the like.” I waved my hand, gesturing him away. “Now watch out while I release her.” He stepped back against the side of the staircase and I concentrated again, the vibrations silently emanating from my body. I had tried every motion to expel that pent up energy: waving my hand dramatically, coughing, even blinking hard. But the snap was the only thing that seemed to work.


Footfalls from Allison, and then, “You needed me…sir?” She looked around, utterly confused. “Sir…I thought Master Silas was…over there? Wha…?”

“Never you mind that, Allison. You are excused.” She looked surprisedly confused at Silas, who gave her a forgiving smiled. Huffing, she turned on her heal and went back to…whatever she was doing.

Silas strode back over to me. “Time dilation?” He inquired, walking past me to look at my notes on the table. He spread his arms to either side for support. “You know that’s a myth, right? Even in Vampire Lore.” He shook his head, and then peered back up at me from a bowed head. “But I can’t deny it. I saw it with my own eyes.” He sighed, sitting forcefully down in my chair.

I turned around and walked back in his direction, distractedly looking at some notes I had made previously. “I’ve had it for years now. I’ve only been able to control it for just a few, though.” I looked up. “Just about around the time I turned you, actually,” I said, thoughtfully.

Silas itched his head, and then took off the ribbon tying his hair back, his longish brown hair cascading down near his shoulders. He half-heartedly threw the object on the table; it fluttered and then fell flat.

He sighed. “You know I know more than most about the vampire brain and physiology. Normally, extras are no more than an extension of reality, something that could have been done under the right conditions, but normally would not. But time dilation is different. As far as we know, literal time travel is not possible–” He jerked his head back in my direction, excitedly. “Can you speed up or reverse time?”

I shook my head, regretfully. “No. I can only freeze it. For now, at least.”

He stood. “Do you mind if I take a look; maybe do some experiments?”

“Um, sure. Yeah, that’s fine,” I responded, turning my body to watch Silas rush out of the room.

His voice diminished as he rushed farther down the hallway. “Don’t worry, we’ll get to the bottom of this!”

My God, how I love that boy.


It seemed we moved to New York at the worst possible time. We didn’t have to move; but Silas was getting sick of staying in one place, and I agreed. We didn’t sell the mansion, but left it nonetheless. We vowed we’d move back one day.

We moved in 1770. That was a fiasco in and of itself – we had to pare down many items (that we thought we needed) into things that we actually needed. Because we were both moving into a small flat owned by the local vampire Guild, we couldn’t take a lot of stuff.

We finally got moved in on a Saturday; we lived in the back. Our flat was long but narrow, and didn’t have any windows. The bed was pushed up in the corner to the right and our desks and amours were to the left. I was unloading a box full of books on our large work-desk, when Silas returned. I heard the door open and close, and then turned around to see his 17 year old face smirking at me.

“Hi, sweetheart,” I said, smiling, moving my hair of of my eyes. “This is the last box, I think.” I moved the rest of the books out of the box and then put the box back on the floor. Standing up, I walked towards him.

Sometimes, even all these years later, I can’t believe my luck in finding someone like him. From his shining, long brown hair to his button nose and full, pink lips, to his eternally toned body – just to think, that was someone I just happened to find on the street. It was a stroke of luck – well, really him being gay was a stroke of luck – that I managed to find my soulmate. On accident, no less.

Some days I can’t get him out of my head. I’ll lay in bed next to him after we wake up from our mandatory slumber, and if I wake up first, I’ll just watch him. Take in his beauty. Then, he’ll wake up and we’ll go about our day, and he’ll be in a different room and I’ll suddenly start missing him. It’s like that. I realize that I might not have ended up like this; that I’m the lucky one. Especially in a time where being gay was unheard of if not punishable by death. Sometimes it makes my heart hurt how much I love him.

He giggled. “Hello? Mr. Lucius, sir?” He waved a hand in front of my face. “What’s with the far-away look?”

I smiled contentedly. “I was thinking about you.”

He blushed. “Really now? I always do that myself!”

“Maybe that’s why you have such a humongous ego,” I retorted, laughing out loud.

He pouted, cutely. “You know that not what I meant.”

“I know, my love, I was just kidding.” He looked up at me, and I watched his cool blue eyes search my face. I watched his features turn from joyous to concerned. “What’s the matter?”

“I…I was just think about what I would do if I lost you,” he said, laying his head on my shoulder, playfully licking my neck. I put a hand to the back of his head, and stroked softly.

“Sweet, we’ve been over this. If anything were to happen to me, I’ve left everything to you. All you need to do is–”

“No, I know all that!” I thought I heard a slight sob come from him. He hugged me tighter around the waist. “But I don’t know what I would do if something were to happen. I suppose I wouldn’t want to keep on living.”

I swayed back and forth while his head was on my shoulder. We were quiet for a few moments.

“Nothing’s going to happen, sweetheart. I promise. Why are you so concerned?”

He kissed my neck. “I don’t know. I guess I’m in a mood today, or something.”

“I guess you are.”

We disengaged and I looked at my pocket watch. “It’s nearly two,” I said. I looked back up at him. “Wanna go for a walk?”

“Yeah! That sounds good.”

We exited the building and made out way to the darkened open area near us. Walking is the enclosing darkness, we held hands, carefully making sure no one saw us. We knew it was risky, but we didn’t give it any mind. Especially since we could outfight and outrun any human opponent.

I sniffed. “You know, this is nice, you know? I like spending time with you.”

Silas smiled. Well, I could sense he did. “Me too. How you found me that night – it was the lowest I had ever been, you know that, right?” I gave him an inquisitive look. He sighed and looked down.

“Mother and Father died of tuberculosis three years prior. I lived with my elder aunt until I ran away. She was hard on me.”

I nodded my head. “I know. You’ve told me this before–”

He cut me off. “No. I haven’t told you everything. The night that I escaped, I fled to the woods with my friend Tommy – he was running away too.” A tear escaped his eye. “We met in the woods – but there was a ravine and-and he fell.” He suddenly seemed to lose control. “I ATE HIM!” He wailed, falling to his knees.

I recoiled in surprise. “You what?”

He was hunched over on the ground, as if he was in literal pain. I rushed over to him and helped him back onto his feet, where he latched on to me for dear life. Through his sobs, I heard, “I m-made a fire. I had stayed in the woods too long and had managed to drag his body back to my campsite. It was a-awful. After a week I crumbled. I never knew anything about hunting! I was a fucking orphan!” He sobbed again. “I hated myself. I felt disgusting. That’s why I waited until bloodlust my first time – I didn’t WANT to be aware of what I was doing!”

“Shhhh…” I cooed. “You’re not disgusting.”

“But I AM! Look what I did!” He made a retching sound. “At least vampires just suck blood – I ate him. A-T-E!”

“Just stop,” I said gently. “That was a long time ago. Years ago. You have nothing to worry about now.”

He wiped his eyes and sniffed. “When you found me it had been weeks since the incident in the woods. I…I had been earning money…i-in a b-brothel. Secretly.” Tears streamed anew. “I had kept this from you long enough,” he said looking up at my face, “and I wanted you to know what I had been.” He seemed to shudder. “When I tell you you saved me – you really DID save me. That night I was going to go back to the ravine and kill myself. I was gonna jump off. End it all. But you stopped. You cared enough to speak to me. You saved me, Lucius. You saved me.”

I was silent for a few minutes while I held him against me, ruminating over what he had said. This was a part of him – in our 13 years together – that I didn’t know. I was floored, but my heart literally broke for him.

“Let’s get home,” I said, quietly. He nodded silently, and I led him by the hand back to our apartment.

He seemed emotionally drained, so when we got back to our flat, we both undressed and I slid into bed with him. We faced each other and I snuggled down next to him, rubbing my legs over his, feeling the smoothness.

I mumbled, “You’re kind, you’re beautiful, you look out for others–”

“Are you saying something?” Silas asked me, evidently hearing my whispering.

“Yeah, love. I’m just listing all the qualities I love about you.” I felt him blush. Or as much as a vampire could, anyway. I went quiet. Then: “I love you so much. Seriously.”

He smiled, and kissed the top of my head. “And I love you, seriously.” He kissed his way down from my head, to my forehead, to the bridge of my nose, to my nose, and then finally my lips. His were perfect – full and soft. I just wanted to eat them up. I playfully licked his lips.

“Mmmmm!” I giggled. I rolled on top of him, leaning my head down and giving him a proper, lusting kiss. When we parted, he was breathless.

“You drive me crazy, you know that?” He asked, playfully.

I looked down at him. “Yep!” We kissed again.




It was a few weeks later when it happened. I was sitting at the desk, looking over some balance sheet for our finances while Silas was on the bed reading something by Locke. Suddenly, he put the book down an hopped up from the bed.

I looked up. “Where are you going?” I said, putting my pen down momentarily. Some ink dripped onto the money-book.

He was getting his shoes on, and said, “I’m hungry. I need to go feed.”

“Well, lemme come with you.” I closed the book. “I need some fresh air anyway.”

We made our way out of the building and down a few streets. It’s never hard to find a donor, especially at this time of night.

We wandered far enough into town, when suddenly, Silas gasped and grabbed onto me. “What?!” I said, concerned.

Silas was pale as a ghost. “T-that man over there. I don’t know how he got here! I don’t know! Oh, God…” He whimpered.

I stopped. “What are you talking about, sweet? What man?”

Silas pointed yonder at a balding, heavy-set man in plain, toiler’s clothing. Just a simple pair of pants, a white shirt and a brown vest. “He…he was one of my customers in the brothel. He was a repeat customer. He…he didn’t treat me very good, Lucius.” He whimpered again. Whatever this guy did, he hurt my Silas and I was NOT going to stand for that.

I gave him a grin. “Then that’s who’s going to be our snack for tonight.”

I presume I have somewhat of an…unfair advantage over most vampires. The man was alone – obvious drunk as all hell – and was oblivious to two teenaged boys walking around downtown. Suddenly, as we approached, he looked at us and smiled wickedly.

“Eyyy…,” he sloshed, drunkenly. “I know yeww!” He pointed an finger at my Silas. “Ya gonna come an’ suck my fat cockk again?” He squinted his eyes. “Why’ya still so young…you ‘avent aged a dayyyy…!”

Suddenly, I got irrationally angry, very, very fast.


The man froze in place, his large, meaty hard still outstretched in the direction of Silas. I then got a nasty wicked idea.

I walked calmly up to the man – resumed his heart, brain and breathing functions, along with his face.

“H-hey! Why can’t I move?!” He struggled but it was no use. I had complete control.

“You see,” I said, backing away from him and beckoning Silas over to my side. I took his hand. “My boyfriend here tells me that there were some…inappropriate relations amongst you two. Is that correct?”

“Uh, uh! No! He…he forced me. That nasty little shit force me to do those things with him!” The man struggled more. I thought he was going to give himself a heart attack his heart was beating so hard.

I let out a bitter, cruel laugh. “That’s not how HE tells the story. He says that you were quite abusive toward him, correct?”

“No! He a goddamn liar–”

“ENOUGH!” I barked, making the man’s face wince in surprise. I held Silas closer to me. “I’ve had enough games, and I’m hungry. This is what I’m gonna do: I’m gonna shut down everything but your heart, and brain. That way you can feel every goddamn fucking thing we do to you. Understand?”

“No! No!” He chuckled nervously. “N-no need for that, sir. Just let me go and–” A strangled noise came from his throat as I suddenly shut of his breathing and facial motor functions.

I did what I promised, and then turned to Silas, who just kinda looked at me. “You’re not gonna actually…?” He pointed towards the man. He was shaking.

I nodded. “Let’s just call this…penance for what he did to you, alright, my love?” I kissed the top of his head. “Now, let’s dig in.”

I unfroze the portion of the neck where we were going to bite off of, because if we bit where it froze, it would’ve hurt like hell to have “time-oriented” skin touch “time-frozen” skin. I bit at the neck while I unfroze a portion of ankle for Silas to bite on. After about 30 seconds, the man was completely drained.

I hope he suffered.

Covered in blood, we stepped back, and I snapped my fingers. The man slumped to the pavement.


I exhaled. Suddenly, my anger went down and my feeling of remorse went way, way up. Silas knew that always happened and accounted for it. He knew that when I get that irate, that I eventually feel awful and regret my decision about whatever I did.

“Oh, God…,” I said, now leaning against Silas. “What did I do?”

Silas hugged me close. “You saved me, lover. That’s what you did.”

Even covered in blood he was cute. I looked at him, smiling. “I guess you’re right.” I took his hand, squeezing it, vowing never to let go. “Now let’s get home.”

His brilliant smile shone bright against the star-lit sky.




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