GFD: Siberia: Chapter 4


Daylight was a good hour or two away when we returned to the sit, but Jamie seemed only too happy to wrap himself in blankets and retreat into the protective cocoon of sleep. I was too restless to do the same. I looked at Jamie… this boy, this fragile boy, and wondered what dreams haunted his sleep. Was he thinking of blood and sacrifice? Or maybe the ghosts of his past. I gently ran my hand over his arm… smooth skin scarred by dozens of puncture marks. Bringing him over… had I done the right thing?

But the vampire’s biological imperative to rest during the daylight hours can overcome even the most tormented mind. Despite my unease, I felt that all too familiar numbness settling in over my body.

I didn’t remember my dreams.

I woke to two eyes peering at me in the gloom.

“You’re finally awake! Yay!”

“Gah, I hate evening people,” I grumbled. “It’s way too early to be that perky.” I wiped my eyes. “How long have you been up anyway?”

“Maybe an hour or so? My sense of time seems a bit off.”

“And this entire time… you’ve been just staring at me?”

“Yep!” he exclaimed without sense of shame. “You’re cute!”

I blushed and batted him away. “Shut up you!”

“Don’t think you’re going to escape that easily!” He threw himself on top of me, and I suddenly realised I was lying under 100 pounds of very naked boy. He leaned closed to me and whispered in my ear.

“I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I’m not watching. I know you want to rub your hands all over this tight, hot body of mine. Lucky for you…”

He pressed his lips against mine, and against whatever intentions I had, I felt my lips parting, melting before his kiss, inviting it deeper and harder. I felt a tongue run experimentally along my teeth, and then he was pulling away, my bottom lip teased between his teeth, and my body cried out for more, more.

“…I think you’re hot too.”

I lay back in a daze, bewildered by a dozen conflicting emotions I had no clue how to start processing.

“Now SOMEONE has some morning wood that needs taking care of. You’ve got a nice one too. I peeked.”

“You peeked?!?”

“Uh huh. You were Mister Comatose and stuff and I was bored, so I peeked.” He had the grin of the proverbial cat that ate the canary.

“Molested! In my own home no less!”

He pecked me on the lips again.

“You love it, and you know it.” He ground his hips into mine for added effect.

“Jamie?” He caught the edge of seriousness in my voice.

“How are you? After last night I mean?”

He paused to consider the question.

“Seriously? I feel…. grrrrrrrrrreat!”

I burst out laughing at his note perfect impersonation.

“Ha! Easy tiger!”

“Oh I’m not going to go easy at all.”

“You really want this Jamie?”

“Trevor, I know exactly what I want. And what I want is you.”

I had to do it. I had to know. I reached out with my extra… just the lightest feather touch on his mind. Not enough to manipulate his desires, or amplify them… but just enough to know that this is what he really truly wanted. Jamie’s head cocked quizzically.

“What did you do there? You did… something. It sort of… tickled.”

“Ummm… that was my ‘extra’”.

“You mean that superpower thing you were telling me about. I expected something more… dramatic.”

I hugged Jamie tight to me.

“Let’s see if I can explain it. I told you that everyone’s extra is something that comes out of their real life right?”


“Before I became a vampire there was a boy. A boy I was madly in love with. I thought he loved me back. I was wrong.” Jamie looked at me with sympathetic puppy-dog eyes. “When I was turned, I couldn’t take anything anyone said at face value. I had to know what they really wanted.”

“You can read minds?”

“No, not quite. All vampires can read human minds. But very very few vampires can read the minds of other vampires. But I can read desires. I can see exactly you want. And I can influence that.”


“Amplify them. Sometimes reduce them. Change them to a certain extent. I can’t create a desire that isn’t there, but I can… redirect things a little. Like changing the course of a river.”

“Well then… did you like what you saw?” I pulled his face to mine.

“Very much so.”

Then his lips were on mine, or mine were on his, and did it really matter anyway, because I couldn’t tell where my body ended and his began, I was melting, melting, melting into his embrace, and my hands were on his back, and his hands were on my chest, and his kisses were getting hungrier, and so were mine, and we were devouring each other with our passion, and he was writhing on top of me, pressing, pressing, pressing his hardness against mine, and we couldn’t enough of each other, we had to touch everywhere and everything, I was seeing lights, stars, fireworks, then he was thrusting, thrusting, short urgent jerks, straining, straining for that….


His eyes closed.
His lips parted.
His face was aglow.

Slowly his eyes opened. He pushhed his hips forward again with a squelch.

“I think its time we took care of that thing don’t you?”

He shuffled back along my legs and there was mischief in his eyes. Despite all we had just done I could hardly believe when he lowered his head over my cock.

If our previous lovemaking had been storm and fury, this was a waking dream. His lips, his mouth, his tongue, so soft, so moist, so patient, teasing me, tantalizing me, every new sensation making me squirm for release. One minute he was delicately licking the head, the next sucking the entire length into his hungry mouth, endlessly varying his assault on my manhood, till I was begging, begging, begging to be finally set free. I felt the familiar sensations building, and my body was seized with a new urgency. No longer to simply lie there, my hips began bucking, trying to force more into his welcoming mouth. Once, twice, three times, and I held it, back arched, teetering on the edge and I tried to hold back, tried to hold back, but there was no stopping the flood, and maybe I tried to warn him, maybe I didn’t, I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a sane thought in my head, all I knew was the pulse, pulse, pulse as I surrendered, and Jamie eagerly taking it all.

For once in my life, I couldn’t thing of a single thing to do or say.


I will always look back on the few weeks after that as some of the happiest of my life. Jamie and I couldn’t get enough of each. Some nights we ran through the streets of Chicago, playing tag and other childhood games just because we could. Other days we never left the sit. I was drunk on his laughter, drunk on his smile, drunk on his lithe body wriggling against mine. The world was our playground, and we never wanted the music to stop. I took him to Navy Pier and showed him the Chicago skyline at night from the Ferris Wheel. We danced till we dropped at Nosferatu. Amongst the crowds or alone, it didn’t matter. When the two of us were together it was enough.

I took him to Barnes and Noble and showed him my favourite leather armchair – the one in the out of the way corner where the staff never bothered you that fitted me just right.

“The place doesn’t close until like 11 in the evening. I once spent every night for a year here, reading the books. Got through the entire fantasy section and was halfway through ‘young adults’. Sure the staff gave me funny looks from time to time, but I didn’t bother them, and they didn’t bother me.”

I liked reading novels, Jamie loved manga. I think those were some of my happiest memories… just the two of us sitting there, me with “Game of Thrones”, him with a stack of “Naruto” books surrounding him. Sometimes we didn’t say anything for hours and neither of us needed to.

“You need a book of your own you know. One that’s just yours.” I was running my eyes over the shelves, searching for inspiration.

“Heh, neither of us have a whole lot of money for something here you know.” He had the truth of it there. We spent so much time inside the bookstore because we couldn’t afford to buy the books to take them out. And there seemed to be something… wrong… about stealing something I treasured as much as a book. I had no qualms about stealing just about anything else we needed for our day-to-day existence. A contradiction I know, but one I could live with. The books in the sit were mostly second hand, scrounged from dumpsters, or traded from other vampires.

But I did have a little money set aside. Enough money to buy a brand new book for Jamie. One book. The right book.

Those days were some of the happiest of my life.

They didn’t last.

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