Gone From Daylight: Killjoy

by Comicality

“HOLY SHIT!!! Hahaha! He caught you sleeping, dawg!!!” Bomber shouted from the side of the sparring ring!

The whole gym had gotten used to his taunting comments during every major battle that took place as we all practiced to keep our skills sharp. But as Dakota and Patch traded blow after expert blow with one another, it was clear that Bomber was gonna be louder than usual. He was literally losing his mind seeing them go at it. Such a fan of the art of fighting. I honestly think Soren let him fight at the ‘Stronghold’ arena just off of his passion for the sport alone.


“C’mon, Patch! You’re getting HAMMERED in there, baby! Hahaha! Stick and move, brotha! Stick and move!”

Patch got his name from a slight mishap that happened the day of his crossover. It seems he got into a pretty heated argument with his girlfriend as he tried to explain why he was leaving and, quote, ‘never ever coming back…ever.’ I’ve seen pictures of Patch’s girl…and she’s a pretty big woman to be trying to get ‘bossy’ with. Hehehe! A huge trailer trash girl with boobs bigger than my head! What can I say, he likes them ‘squishy’! Anyway, a few angry words, and Patch found himself on the receiving end of a haymaker head shot! Hahaha! The poor guy still went through with his crossover, thinking that his eye would naturally heal during the transformation process. But he didn’t get so lucky. So now he’s gotta spend the rest of eternity with a black and blue ring under his eye, looking like ‘Petey’ the dog from the Little Rascals shorts! Serves him right though. He should have just left her a note. A woman with fists that big should definitely be dealt with from a safe distance.

Dakota, on the hand, was so slim and sleek that most other fighters underestimated his talents at first glance. By the time they realized that they had him all wrong, he had already delivered enough harsh blows to effortlessly dispatch what was left of their pathetic efforts to win. Dakota was Native American, with dark straight hair down to his shoulders, and skin the color of gold. But he had these light grayish blue eyes that made him….almost hypnotic to look at. A beauty that was equally as deceptive as his skill in the martial arts. Every muscle was thin and wiry but oh, so effective! Even with less than a swimmers build, his ‘eight pack’ abs, strong arms and legs, and broad shoulders, seemed to have been put together by the angels themselves for the sensual purpose of attracting everyone who was privileged enough to lay eyes on him. Seeing him fight almost made me forget what I was doing.

I was currently spotting our gladiator friend, ‘Pumpkinhead’, on his weightlifting…his gigantic arms busting with power as he bench pressed 400 pounds like it was nothing. But I couldn’t help but look over and smile as the match continued. Seeing the frustration on Patch’s face alone was worth the building fit of giggles in my chest. If Bomber was good at ANYTHING, it was antagonizing the losing fighter into a state of rage so deep that he began to self destruct. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was how Bomber won most of his matches. Arena fighting is more than just muscles and style…it’s a head game too. Bomber knew that better than anybody.

I looked up to see Patch fighting extra hard to defend himself from the flurry of kicks and punches that Dakota was delivering to him in rapid succession. But it was hardly an even match tonight. Dakota seemed to have been training extremely hard these last few weeks, and I swear he had hit a whole new level as far as his fighting skills were concerned. Even though I had always been impressed by the way his body could move so effortlessly when he fought, he seemed to be bordering on perfection tonight. So swift. So precise. And always getting better. The sleek muscles on his body would tense for only a moment…as he put all of his weight behind every punch and kick. A perfect balance of speed and power. It was something to be envied and admired. Believe me.

Dakota was wise to crossover at the age of 17 years old for his fighting career. He’s soooo strong. So fit. It’s arousing just to watch him work, and I enjoy every minute of it. I’m not far behind him at 15, but he’s been in darkness for six years and a few months, while I’ve only been crossed over for about two and a half years. I hope to be on his level some day. Still, we’re both in tip top shape, and with all the nightly cross-training and constant battles in the arena…we’ve seriously been gaining a major advantage over all of the other fighters at the other arenas! Which means more money in our pockets, and that’s always a good thing.

I’m NOT too keen on living in a sewer, or abandoned building, or some other sun proofed lowlife spot in the city. I have an apartment of my own, with a view of Lake Michigan and cable TV! Why the hell would I stoop to living like a bum or a hermit when I can have the riches and material wealth that I always wanted in my human life? I’m living baby! I’ve got a natural talent, and that’s breaking the necks of any asshole looking to step in the ring with me. Might as well use it to my benefit, right?

Just as the thought crossed my mind, Dakota pushed Patch back with both hands, and it put him in JUST the right position to catch him with a VICIOUS roundhouse kick to the side of his jaw! Even with the padded gear on, that HAD to hurt! Patch went spinning to the floor, and was forced to put his hand up to halt the fight for a second while his dizzied eyes fought to regain their focus.

“Damn, Patch! Why am I even WATCHING this right now??? Can you tell me?” Bomber teased. “He’s obviously got your ticket, man! Just give up! Just turtle up on the mat, and let him knock you the fuck out so we can all declare a winner and go home! Hehehehe!”

“SHUT UP!!!” Patch shouted back, wasting what little breath he had left to fight with.

Pumpkinhead lifted up the heavy bench press weights to the max, and slammed it town on the top cradle of the weight bench. “This, I’ve gotta see for myself.” He said, his deep voice practically rattling around in my chest.

We both went to join Bomber at the side of the ring, and watched as the two fighters struck out at each other. It was definitely something to see.

Patch jumped forward, lashing out with everything that he had, but with little effort, Dakota was able to dodge 85% of his strikes, tiring him out from all of the ‘misses’ he experienced, swinging at dead air. The few shots that even came close to making contact were expertly blocked, as Dakota manipulated the smooth muscles of his well formed body to match the aggression of his opponent. He was truly ready for the IceZone arenas at this point!

It got to the point where he was grabbing a hold of Patch’s kicks and letting him go just to tease him. Then catching his punches by the wrist, and giving him playful pushes to let him know that he could be suffering a ferocious knockdown at any moment if he decided to make it happen. And soon after…that moment came.

Dakota gave Patch a wink and a smile, and suddenly began kicking his legs out from under him, connecting punch after punch to his chest and headgear. And just as Patch jumped in the air to avoid the onslaught…Dakot swiftly spun around to kick him right out his jump, knocking the wind out of him and sending him right back to the mat, nearly coughing up blood from the impact. Mach over. And the winner is Dakota by a landslide.

“Ahhhhhhh!!!! Game over, buddy! You feel that sting, baby? It’s called a celebrity ASS WHOOPIN’!!!! Hahahaha!” Bomber said, jumping up and down as Patch coughed and sputtered…trying to catch his breath again.

Dakota, always the nice guy, despite the beatings he put down on his opponents, walked over to offer Patch a hand to get back on his feet. It took a couple of seconds for Patch’s soreness to heal…and a few seconds more for his pride to follow…but once he was on his feet again, Dakota gave him a hug and a smile.

“Lucky shot.” Patch told him.

“Yeah….all 37 of them, I’m sure.” Dakota grinned. It was funny, he could say the most self centered things in the world if he wanted to, but he was such a sweetheart that they all came off as harmless anyway. It was just a part of his charm, I suppose.

Dakota took off his protective gear, and came back down to our level. I gave him a towel, and he grinned at me, his row of pearly white teeth almost blinding in their presentation. “Thanks, Myer.” He told me, our eyes connecting for a bit longer than usual.

In front of the others, at least.

Bomber, still on an emotional ‘sugar rush’, asked Dakota, “Hot DAMN, boy! What are you doing to get so good?”

“Nothing much more than what you just saw. I want to get good enough to make the cut. Soren’s not playing around when it comes to his top fighters. I figure, if I keep at it, I could be pulling in the kinda money that ‘Darkwolf’ makes, easy. Maybe even more. Hell, we ALL could.” He replied.

“I know that *I* could…” Bomber added. “…Not so sure about Patch, here, though! Hehehe, not after you just mopped the floor with him the way you did. I should have video taped it so I could have an instructional video on what NOT to do in a fight!” He giggled, and Patch nearly punched him right in the mouth for it.

Pumpkinhead spoke up from his towering position over the rest of us, and said, “I don’t know what you wanna go to the IceZone so bad for anyway. Lotta FREAKS in that place! You better keep your backs to the wall. Nothing but fairies and drag queens in there. Blood ain’t the only thing they’re ‘sucking’ in that place.”

“Upset, because you didn’t make the cut, Pumpkinhead?” I asked.

“Hmmph! I didn’t make the cut because Soren needs me to hold up things back at Stronghold while he’s gone. Bashing heads is what I do best. And he doesn’t want to come back to any ‘new Stronghold champions’ when he returns.”

“Sure thing. You keep telling yourself that.” I said, getting a slight frown from him.

“I don’t care what ANYBODY says, at this rate, Dakota’s gonna take that title away as soon as he gets home! And he’s gonna make some damn good pocket change doing it too!” Bomber raved. “What do you say, kid? You ready to take on Darkwolf in the ring?”

Dakota blushed slightly. Humble as ever. “I don’t know about all of that. I just keep training and hope that I can get good enough to not have to worry about the competition, that’s all.”

“I’m gonna take that as a YES!” Bomber said. “Hey…after that, maybe you’ll even take Natpea’s place as Soren’s right hand guy! What’s HE getting paid? I know he was a former champion like 14 years in a row, wasn’t he? He STILL hasn’t been beaten! Not that I know of! He just kinda retired from the ring out of boredom. What do you think a guy like that is getting paid, huh? Must be quite a bankroll! Dude, I’ll bet you’ll be able to take him soon! I know you could do it! You’re like…the ONLY one! Not even Darkwolf could make that claim!”

“Psh! Darkwolf is just in it for the boy models and the money…” Patch added, now regaining full use of his brain after his pounding in the ring. “…And Natpea is undefeated, dude. You go against him, and you’re liable to end up taking an unplanned mid-evening nap right there in front of a 2,000 seat audience.”

“I don’t know…” I said with a grin, “…Out of all of us, I think Dakota has the best chance of being the next big thing at Stronghold.” Dakota blushed slightly again, hiding his smile from me, and it cause me to turn red myself.

“I don’t know, fellas…” Came a voice from the other side of the ring. And we turned to see ‘PonyBoy’, a halflife that basically stayed at the gym six nights a week and acted as a waterboy for the fighters that came there to train. He was only 13 when he crossed over, but he’s been a vampire for over a decade now. The looks were deceptive, as was his squeaky boy voice. “…I saw somebody not long ago that might even have Dakota beat in the skills department. A real ‘draw’ too, as far as the bets were concerned.”

“Get outta here, who?” I asked.

And Bomber rolled his eyes. “Here we go with THIS again! Don’t even bother asking, Myer. Ponyboy’s crazy. That kid’s got NOTHING on Dakota.”

Confused, I asked again for more info. “Tell me. What’s going on? Who is it?”

Ponyboy smiles. “This kid walks in a few weeks ago, right? Just out of the blue. Totally halflife. He signs up, and patiently waits his turn. I saw the whole thing with my own eyes. He looked nervous to even BE there, you know? I’m thinking that he’s gonna get his as knocked out in the first 20 seconds.” He says. “So the bell rings, and he’s fighting ‘Sparrow’, right?”

“What, ASSHOLE Sparrow?” Pumpkinhead asked.

“That’s the one. The kid goes to work on him, and I’m thinking this new guy is getting the ass pounding that I expectedhim to get. No contest. But then…something changes. All of the sudden, he comes alive, and this halflife blond kid becomes a freakin’ DYNAMO in the ring. It was effortless, you know? First time, I’ve ever seen Sparrow take a beating like that. Ever.”

Patch stepped closer. “Oh yeah, I think I remember seeing that kid. What was his name again?”

“Renegade.” Bomber said, his eyes still fluttering upward as though he’s tired of hearing this story. “And Ponyboy talks this kid up WAY too much! It was obviously a fluke, dude.”

“A fluke?” Ponyboy asked in disbelief. “That’s the most ridiculous thing I think I’ve ever heard you say, Bomber.”

“I saw that kid when he walked in. He had ‘rookie’ written all over his pretty little homo face! Not to mention he was a NEWBLOOD! I could smell it on him. The fights were fixed. I’m willing to bet Sparrow took a dive and went home with half the winnings that night.” Bomber said. “No way that little pansy can fight like that legitimately.”

“He might be on to something.” Patch agreed. “The Renegade kid DID just seem to pop up out of nowhere. Doesn’t seem too likely somebody who fights like that hasn’t made it to the arena before. No other place has ever heard of him. Nor have any arenas heard of him since. So I’m with Bomber on the ‘fixed fight’ theory.”

Ponyboy crossed his arms, and leaned back against the ring. “Ok…so if the fight was fixed…how is it that he broke ‘Thunder’s’ arm in three places that night? Huh? Seems awfully far to go for a few extra dollars in the pocket. Especially when Thunder could have easily pounded somebody’s face in to get double the amount he could taking the fall for some unknown kid. So where’s the ruse?”

Bomber didn’t have an answer for that one, so he just gave little Ponyboy a shove and said, “Why don’t you get back to work and leave the fight talk to the grown folks, peewee.”

Ponyboy was hardly offended. If anything, he took it as a very satisfying win, knowing that Bomber didn’t have a better comeback. That’s when Pumpkinhead wiped his oversized muscles off with his towel, and said, “So you say the kid was an ass pirate, huh, Bomber? Hehehe!”

“Oh dude, he HAD to be! He came in with his two pretty boy friends and whatnot. He’s GOTTA be on his knees for ONE of them. Hell, probably BOTH of them. He looked pretty cock hungry.”

“Hehehe, funny how you took so much time to notice something like that, Bomber.” Patch said with a smile. And Pumpkinhead chuckled in his monstrously deep voice.

“Don’t start with me, boy!” He snapped back with a grin. “I’m just saying…this arena shit…it’s a MAN’S game! You hear me? No fags allowed! I don’t want any man-loving sissy getting frisky while we’re in the ring! That shit is sick!”

“Now THAT…I’ll agree with you on, Bomber.” Patch grinned.

And Pumpkinhead added, “To hell with that. I say let the fairies enter the matches. Beating them into a bloody fucking mess sounds like one hell of a good night to me! As far as I’m concerned, they’re only making me look better on the scoreboard! Ya feel me?”

Just as the high fives and the REALLY homophobic comments started, Dakota sorta backed out of the conversation. And with his patented boyish grin, he said, “I’m gonna hit the showers guys.” Then he started to walk away…but not before looking over his shoulder at me, and flashing me a smile. His beautiful eyes glimmered, and it was nearly enough to take my breath away.

I watched his smooth and sleek body head towards the back of the gym, the firmly sculpted globes of his ripe ass bouncing gently beneath his shorts…and sighed as he flashed me another smile over his shoulder before opening the door.

Naturally, I had to wait a minute or two to keep from arousing suspicion…but was anxious to soon make a departure of my own. “You know what? I think I’m gonna hop in the shower myself and get out of here. The stench of this place is killing me.”

“Smells like money to me.” Pumpkinhead bellowed, flexing his titanic muscles for all to see.

“It will be if we’re a hit at the next few arena matches we’ve got this weekend! At this rate, ol’ Soren will HAVE to put us up for the IceZone fights! Major damage, major moolah! I’m ITCHING for it!” Bomber said. “What are you getting yourself into tonight, Myer? You chasing some pretty young girls at the vampire clubs, or what?”

“Heh…who knows? Anything’s possible, right?” I lied, still backing away to hurry to the showers before the tingling below my waist caused a very visible reaction for everyone to see. I couldn’t help but be excited. My ‘baby’ was waiting for me.

Just before leaving, Patch turned and said, “Why the hell do they call you Pumpkinhead, anyway? What kinda name is that?”

“It’s because the last guy to ask me my human name got so many punches to his noggin…that I swelled it the fuck up. Just like a pumpkin.” He replied. “Now then…you got any more questions you wanna ask me, Patch?” The last thing I heard was Patch backing waaaay up before he found a matching black eye to match the one he was already stuck with.

But my mind was hooked on something else. Something MUCH hotter.

I saw Dakota’s clothes laying on the bench with his towel, and heard the steamy spray of the showers coming from the other room. I started to smile right away, getting hard as a rock as I quickly worked to strip down to my birthday suit. I couldn’t get that annoying fabric off of my tingly body fast enough. I could almost feel the ‘heat’ of him through the walls. And I rushed into the showers to see Dakota standing there…just as hard as I was if not harder. So ‘blessed’ for a guy of his size. A full eight inches at least, and standing at full attention as he heard the door open, and gave me a sensual blush to accompany his addictive smile. That was one of the most soothing moments of my life. So amazing.

His whole body was a dark golden color, and as smooth as the day he was born. No tan lines anywhere. He made sure to tan fully naked before his crossover, spending a full 9 months of exercise and strict diet, to tone, mold, and sculpt his already gorgeous body into the perfect shape before his crossover. Such a thin and slim body…practically dripping with the not-so-subtle expression of heated sexuality. Long, flexible, swimmer’s muscles lined his arms and legs, his delicious 8-pack abdomen so thin, and yet soooo well defined. And a sexy and pronounced ‘V-line’ that ran from the side of his slim hips down to that mouthwatering treasure that I had been craving ever since I walked into the gym and saw him here working on his technique. His ass was an object of raw beauty, like two teardrops squeezed together, with slightly muscular indentations on either side, and a sweet little ‘cup’ at the bottom of each cheek. It was enough to make you helplessly whimper out loud when you saw it. ESPECIALLY when it was wet and covered in sweet smelling soapsuds.

“I’m sorry I didn’t call this week, Myer.” He said. “Soren’s been trying to keep me focused on the arena lately, and he’s been pushing so hard that it was hard to get enough privacy to come see you.”

“I know.” I sighed breathlessly, stepping ever closer to the passion and glory of his touch. “I heard that he had you practically cross training every day. Sounds pretty insane. Hehehe….” I couldn’t believe that I was still so nervous around him. Even after almost a year of us sneaking around this way.

I tried to avoid his eyes, the high Indian cheekbones and smooth as silk skin seeming to give them such a special glow, when in contrast to the darkness of his long wet hair. He giggled sweetly as he saw my bashfulness in the presence of his beauty, and batted his long lashes at me with a playful grin, his alluring grayish blue eyes pulling my attention right back to where they belonged. I gazed at him, and he teased me a bit by making me wait for his initial kiss. Something that I wanted soooooo bad. Damn the world for making us do this in secret. Some nights, not being able to kiss Dakota’s lips made it hard to breathe. He gently pulled me forward, the warm water cascading over both of us, and he lovingly allowed his tender lips to press themselves against mine. Even with my eyes closed, I swore that I could see fireworks. Especially once our hard erections touched each other under the shower spray, and I moved closer to rub my body up against his. His waist was soooo tiny. I could almost touch my fingertips on both sides of him when I put my hands around it. I could feel the flex of his sensual muscles as his slippery wet body made slow serpentine motions, rolling his hips into me as his tongue entered my mouth. My God…I had missed him so very much this past week.

Pressing him back against the shower wall, I grabbed two handfuls of his ass, and nearly came from the feel of it. The slippery texture popping right out of my grasp as he flexed the cheeks. He broke our kiss, and his hand reached down to wrap his delicate fingers around my hardness. It was baffling how a fighter, with such a rough and dangerous profession in this world of darkness, could be so surprisingly gentle. He gave me a few slow strokes, my knees nearly buckling from the sensation, and began to kiss me on the side of my neck. I tossed my head back, and let his lips, tongue, and occasionally a light nibble of his teeth, take me to a level of bliss that I had never been to before. It seems ‘fighting’ was the only thing he was getting better at. Only my initial crossover bit was more erotic.

I heard Dakota moan softly, and it created a rush of sexual passion in me. I reached for his ample meat as well, the long, thick, tube sliding in and out of my tightened grip. He went from one side of my neck to the other, and the tingling sensations began to rip through me as he pleasured me as well as any secret lover could. And just as we were close to the moment of truth…

…The door to the showers opened…

“You guys want some more towels? The other were…WHOAH!” Ponyboy gasped, quickly turning his back to us and covering his eyes. Dakota and I jumped apart at first, but were thankful that it was Ponyboy that had found us and not one of the others. Ponyboy had known about the two of us for quite some time now, but he never really had a problem with it. In fact, I’m pretty sure he suspected from the very beginning. Like I said, the boyish face could be deceptive. He was a lot more perceptive than people gave him credit for. “This door has a LOCK on it, ya know!” He said, his back still turned to us.

“Sorry, Ponyboy.” Dakota giggled sweetly. “Things went a little bit further than we expected them to, that’s all.”

“Yeah, well…try to keep that shit ‘covert’, will ya? There are a lot of hardcore homophobes coming in and out of this place. You DON’T want them finding out about your little reindeer games, believe me.”

“Hehehe, ok. We’ll be good.” I said, still staring my lover in the eye, as he leaned forward to give me another quick kiss on the lips.

“You don’t have to be GOOD…just be, you know…discreet. Alright?” We agreed, and Ponyboy put down the clean towels and hurried out before he was forced to bear witness to another heart stopping kiss between boys. Hehehe! Thank the stars for a good sport.

“Mmmm…now then…where were we?” Dakota asked, and his hand went right back to my erection, lightly pulling me back under the showers to finish what we started.

I couldn’t wait to return my mouth to his, his tongue snaking its way back in while I sucked at it hungrily. This time, Dakota’s strokes were much tighter…much more sensual. And once I leaned my head back again to take in the extra oxygen needed to remain standing, he went back to sucking on my neck even more feverishly. Already, I could feel myself ready to let go, and I wish I could hold off for so much longer. I wish I had crossed over a little bit older, but unfortunately I’m stuck with a bit of a ‘hair trigger’ explosion for the rest of my existence. And while those climaxes are powerful ones, any teenage virgin that becomes a vampire is going to experience their very first orgasm over and over and over again for the rest of eternity. And that’s not always as fun as it sounds.

I tilted my head forward, and both of my arms wrapped themselves around Dakota’s shoulders, my elbows resting on his collarbone, my hands entangled in the sopping wet strands of his long dark hair. I couldn’t hold it anymore. I TRIED…but I couldn’t. Not with him pressing a full fledged assault on my neck, and stroking me even faster than before. I bit my bottom lip, and yelped out in a high pitched whimper as I rose up to my tip toes and prepared for take off. Even with my eyes closed as tightly as possibly, I swore that I still see fireworks. A virgin orgasm is like nothing else in this world. It consumes you. Overwhelms you. Possesses you, body and soul. Until the passionate force of ejaculation and the release of sexual pressure are the only things in existence that matter. I gasped one last time, holding my breath as my body began to tremble violently in Dakota’s arms…and then…the first pulses began. Splashing hot sticky jets of semen against the slippery surface of Dakota’s wet, flat, stomach. I came so much that my legs literally went numb from the explosion. I held on to him with all that I had…and nearly fell from the exhaustion that followed. I was panting for breath, my heart pounding hard enough to break a rib or two…and that’s when Dakota ran the palm of his hand over my super sensitive tip and slammed his lips against mine. I quaked helplessly in his arms as the stimulation threatened to tear me apart inside. My GOD was he good! Oh wow….my lover! My Dakota! Mmmmmm! An eternity could NOT be better spent than in this boy’s affectionate embrace.

“Hehehe, you ok, babe?” He asked, seeing me huffing and puffing, still spasming from the release. I could only respond by practically leaping forward and hugging him tight around the neck again, feeling his arms support me from behind.

“Mmmm…I love you, Dakota.”

“I love you too, Myer.” He whispered. I could still feel his hardness against my side, and didn’t hesitate to slide down to my knees. I used my hand to wipe some of my juices off of his stomach with a smile. His belly button was so adorable. It was hardly a belly button at all on his trim frame. It had al the depth of a condom still in the package, and I gave it a flirtatious kiss as my hand began to stroke his length. My mouth watered for his taste, my lips quivering in anticipation for his offering. I didn’t give a shit about locked doors and angry homophobes at that moment. Not even time itself could exist when it came to the pleasuring of my light in the darkness. Dakota braced himself by lightly placing his hands on my shoulders, and then hissed loudly as I opened wide to accept his larger than life member in between my excited lips for the first time in what seemed like an eternity. I loved the way he filled the insides of my mouth, from cheek to cheek, tongue to roof, and as far back as I could take it. Even through the scented cleanliness of the soap he was washing himself with earlier, I could still taste that amazing flavor that was uniquely Dakota, and it made me so hot that I started to stiffen and get hard again.

“Ooooohh…mmmm…yeah…” He whispered, as I moved my head back and forth, my tongue wrapping itself around his sensitive helmet. Every swallow of my saliva took some of his sensual leakings with it, and the recipe was unreal. I took his balls into my hand, and rolled them around in my palm as he leaned back more against the wall, his hands leaving my shoulders to now hold on to the tiles instead. His breathing increased, and that is when I felt a sudden increase of pleasure inside of me. I opened my eyes and looked up at him as he smiled sexily down upon me. Maybe it was a match made in heaven, but my extra allowed me to somehow ‘detach’ another person from reality. It was almost like…forced ‘daydreaming’, creating a living fantasy for anyone I was in direct contact with. Maybe it comes from all those hours I spent staring off into space myself as a kid. But with Dakota’s extra, he could simply ‘will’ me to use it whenever he wanted. He could cause any vampire’s extra to self activate…even from a distance. Even if the other vampire didn’t want it to. It was something that he could have been malicious with…but he hardly used it for anything more than the occasional prank and a few playful moments during sex. Neither extra would do us much good in the ring…but when we were together, wrapped up in each other’s arms…it was just the kind of magic we needed.

I let him carry us both into a living wet dream, and continued to suck him for all I was worth. Mmmm…so big. So sweet. I used my free hand to stroke everything that I couldn’t fit into my mouth, and slurped loudly as his legs began to shake. He’s close, I can always tell.

And then, as his hips began to just outward towards my face…his moans got louder, and his face began to tighten as I felt his body go rigid. A turbulent storm of fluid rushed into my mouth, shooting hard to the back of my throat. Swallowing as fast as I could, it was still running out of the sides of my mouth, and Dakota tried to hold back his cries of passion as I continued to milk him dry. And once he had no more to offer, he collapsed against the wall, and tilted his head back to the ceiling with his eyes closed, as I took his delicious fruit into my mouth, and sucked each ball separately, letting my tongue roll it around slowly as he came down from his high.

Rising to my feet, we shared another sweet kiss with one another. But we were suddenly startled by a LOUD pounding at the door!

Jolted out of our moment of bliss, we moved away from each other. The pounding was desperate. Frighteningly so. My first thought was that Bomber was playing one of his lame jokes again, but just to be on the safe side, Dakota and I grabbed some clothes and got dressed. The knocking stopped abruptly…but there seemed to be a hell of lot of commotion going on inside of the gym. Confused…Dakota and I approached the door, hearing the sounds of…of…

…Was that screaming?

At that moment, we were both knocked back on our asses as Pumpkinhead’s massive body came flying right THROUGH the door!!! The door itself was shattered to splinters, and he was bleeding from the nose and mouth. What the FUCK was going on?

Dakota and I rushed out as Pumpkinhead tried to get back to his feet. And what we saw didn’t seem to make much sense at all. It was as if all of World War II had just taken place inside the walls of our gym. The place had been practically torn to pieces, and we saw Bomber laying on the floor…with his neck broken so badly that it was practically on BACKWARDS!!!

I heard noises, and we turned just in time to see Patch hit the floor…both of his arms bent the wrong way at the elbow, and scratches across his face and chest. Standing over him…was this little boy. Some…demonic little halflife kid…with dark reddish brown hair and glowing red eyes. The scowl on his face alone was enough to intimidate…but there was somethingelse about him that really got to me. Something excessively ‘evil’. A darkness that you could feel around you in the room itself, like an ice cold grip of death around your heart. It was unimaginable…a hatred that nearly reached out and choked you from a distance. And before we had a chance to truly assess what was happening here…

The boy charged forward and headed right for Dakota! They began trading blows immediately, and I was quick to rush over and help. The kid was fast. DAMN fast! Like a whirlwind of terror. Even Dakota’s once untouchable level of skill was no match! He was easily dispatching both of us at once! I felt a kick hit the side of my jaw, and I was sent spinning to the floor. Dakota took harsh blows to the chest and face, then being kicked back against the wall so hard that he dented thebricks.

I heard a loud yell as Pumpkinhead rushed forward with his fists raised, but the kid hardly budged an inch. In fact, once Pumpkinhead was close enough, the boy flipped over his shoulder and delivered a kick from behind that severed his spine, paralyzing him instantly. I had never seen anything so psychotic in all my life. He pulled no punches. None at all. I leapt forward and fought him with everything that I had. My body was practically wearing itself out just hoping to get in a single SHOT! But nothing. He could block and dodge so fast that it was worthless. And what was even worse…it felt as though….something was being ‘absorbed’ from me the entire time. As though he was stealing a part of me just through my aggression alone. I felt scratches stripe their way across my face, and then hollered out in agony as he thrust a side kick to my knee…and shattered it with a single blow. The pain was UNBEARABLE, and I held my useless leg with both hands for a moment before I was kicked back against the sparring ring and left there to deal with my misery.

Dakota fought the boy angrily! The two of them squaring off in an epic battle the likes that ANY of us had ever seen. But in time…he seemed to be sapping his essence too, and Dakota began to tire. Something about the fight opened him up to the psychological drain…and when his guard was down, I watched this unknown boy beat my boyfriend into a pulp! Right in FRONT of me! I was shouting out…using my hands to crawl across the gym floor in a feeble attempt to stop him. But by the time I had reached him, the fight was over, and Dakota was lying in a pool of blood at his feet. Still very much alive, but in more pain than his consciousness would allow. He passed out, and I continued to drag my way over to him.

It was like the whole world had suddenly crashed and burned around us. And just as the boy finished pulling those reddish brown locks of his out of his eyes, his fangs pointing down from his gums as his eyes glowed a deeper shade of crimson than anything that I had ever seen from another vampire…he looked over at me, and scoffed at my pathetic attempts to stop him. He looked directly at me, the rage burning in his heart…and then gave me a slight smirk.

“Thanks. I ‘needed’ that.” He said, and then WINKED at me as he turned to walk out of the horribly damaged doorway that he had just come through.

With tears in my eyes, my leg feeling as though it was about to come off any minute…I dragged myself further until I could be at Dakota’s side. I sat with my back against the wall, and held him in my arms, looking at the nearly dead vampire around us…and I sobbed hysterically as I rocked my lover gently in my embrace.

I had no idea what had just happened, or that little boy was…but through watery eyes..I looked over at the far wall, and saw something written on it in Bomber’s blood.

And it said….quite simply…


“Taryn….I Am Coming!!!”

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