GFD: He’s My Music Now

by Comicality

It amuses me to no end to see him still trying to fool me. Hehehe! Not so much as a ‘game’ really, but more out of his adorably bashful nature. It never ceases to make me smile from ear to ear. Not just with the lips…but with my whole spirit. In a world of eternal darkness, boys like him are a necessity when it comes to remaining mentally ‘stable’.


I think Dylan remains invisible for hours on end sometimes, just so he can stare at me without feeling like he’s being too obsessive about it. Always hiding in the shadows just long enough to observe me when he thinks I’m not looking. Even stranger than that, though, is my growing need to let him watch. To be honest, I actually like having his eyes practically worship me with such timid, yet unapologetic, passion. Something about it keeps me from being completely helpless to the lure of his boyish smile. It hides me from my own vulnerability…even if it’s an enjoyable one. I just wish he was aware of the fact that I’ve been doing the same to him ever since he joined us here at the lot last Summer. Watching. Waiting. Wanting. I think he’s perfection. But no matter how many compliments I give him…he’d never allow himself to accept it. Which I guess is both a tragedy and a blessing. It shields him from all of the glory and adoration he deserves, but it also keeps him humble enough to maintain a certain level of innocence and purity with everything that he does. It’s such a surreal combination in someone so cute. I just hope that every once in a while, he allows the praise to penetrate…just a little bit, to his heart. Heh…but that’s a long shot. So…even though I’d much rather hold him in my arms every minute of every night that passes by…I choose to let him watch from a distance. Besides, it soothes him. It puts his overactive insecurities at ease to ‘exist’ just outside of our view every now and then. He needs that. Being in the spotlight has never been Dylan’s style. His sense of self won’t allow him to absorb more attention than he thinks he’s worth. And what he thinks he’s worth, unfortunately, isn’t much. His father’s doing, no doubt. Heartless son of a bitch. If it were up to me, his beauty would be on display for the whole world to see.

I have to admit, however, he’s been getting really good at hiding himself these days. His extra is getting stronger and more precise than ever as he matures into his crossover. He’s no Justin, of course. Justin’s extras showed up almost instantaneously. But on a somewhat ‘normal’ scale, Dylan’s pretty much an ‘A’ student as far as his progress is concerned. I know Bryson had been working with him a lot the past few months, so Dylan is truly coming into his extra’s full potential rather quickly on his own. I didn’t even really know he was there until he sighed dreamily from where he was standing. Gives him away every time. Hehehe, it was hard to hold back my smile. He works soooo hard to not be seen…I’d hate to ruin the game. But he’s getting harder and harder to spot. Another month, and he won’t have any trouble at ALL sneaking around the rest of us. Dangerous. Hehehe…that boy makes me SO very happy.

I watched as Napolean rose up from a laying position on the ground, his droopy eyes looking right at Dylan, even though he was still trying to play ‘the invisible man’. I gave Napolean a wink, and backed up ever so slightly…not letting on that I knew what was happening. And when Dylan least expected it…I swiftly spun around and grabbed both sides of his dainty waist, tickling him mercilessly! Every spot on his soft slender body was ticklish…and I knew this from experience. He had no choice but to make himself visible again, and he giggled hysterically from the shock of it all.

“Hahahaha! Ok! Ok!!!! Stop!!! DION!!! Hehehe, I give! I give!!! I GIVE!!!” He said, squealing in a voice that was so soft and light that it still seemed to be restrained somehow, even when it squeaked. But once I let him go, he leaned back up against our truck breathlessly and folded his arms, his pouty little lips stuck out in the most adorable way. It made me snicker uncontrollably from the joy his antics brought me. “You always find me.” He sulked.

“Hehehe! Awww, baby, not always.” I told him. “You almost got me this time. Really. Sometimes, you’re a total ‘ghost’ to me.”

“You’re just saying that to keep me from feeling like a dork.”

“Hehehe, yeah, I am.” I said, and he gave me a little swat on the arm, still trying to keep his lips puckered up in a pout. But once I leaned over and kissed those sweet pink lips of his…his sulking came to an immediate halt, and his smile and sparkling specs blossomed like a rose right before my eyes. I looked directly at him, and I said, “I love you. You hear me?”

“Awwwwwwww, Dion…gosh…” He blushed. I swear, I’ve never seen a vampire blush as much as he does. I’m surprised his entire blood supply wasn’t used for the skin tone in his cheeks alone.

“What do you say?”

Don’t…” He said in a drawn out whine. But I wanted him to say it. And HE wanted to say it, even though it often embarrassed him to do so.

“Come on. For me?” Hehehe, yeah, it was cheating, I know. Dylan would do anything for me if I asked him to. But this was one of those evenings where hearing those words sheepishly escaping those thin rose colored lips of his would send me soaring to cloud nine and beyond more than anything else. And he knew it.

Dylan squirmed playfully for a moment or two, and then, with he biggest grin ever…he whispered, “I love you too, Dion.”

“What’s that? I can’t hear you.”

Dylan swatted me again, and fidgeted a bit more. But as his smile grew wider, I knew that I was definitely in for a treat. Dylan bit his bottom lip slightly, peeked over both shoulders to make sure nobody else in the lot was around to overhear him, and with a sigh, he looked me right in the eye…and he said, “I love you too, baby. I really do. K?” And I stole a kiss from him, compelled beyond control to enjoy the contact of his soft lips against mine. It only made his blush turn a deeper shade of crimson, and after a few seconds of wiggling helplessly in his stomach, Dylan giggled slightly, and practically ‘fell’ forward to press his sandy blond head into my chest, hugging me tight around the waist. Partially from the overwhelming burst of love generating in his heart, and partially for support on a set of extremely weak legs that nearly collapsed on him from the confession. He whimpered softly as he pressed his nose and lips against my shoulder, and I chuckled at his helpless reaction to the effortless affection that I gave him every chance that I got. How can something so easy, so amazingly constant in both of our lives…still surprise Dylan so much?

“You ok?” I grinned.

“Mmmm…hehehe…stop.” He hummed.

“Stop what?”

“Don’t make fun of me when I’m being goofy.” He said, and when I gave him a squeeze, he whimpered again and snuggled his face into the side of my neck. “Hehehe….mmmm…”

“Heh…you’re in an awfully good mood tonight.” I said.

“Yeah, I guess. I dunno. I just…” He paused, and looked up into my eyes again. “…I love it when you make me say that. It’s cute.” I kissed his lips again, and he closed his eyes, submerging himself in the feeling all over again. And when our lips parted…Dylan giggled boyishly, and buried his face back into my chest again, two handfuls of my shirt, holding on tight as though he’d lose me if he loosened his grip, even a little bit.

It was one of those mellow evenings at the lot. One where you could feasibly just lay back and look at the stars all night, without feeling the need to do anything else. Gyro had gone off to the clubs somewhere, Bryson was preoccupied with his newspapers and current events, Jun had gone off somewhere to practice his focus and techniques…the lot was pretty quiet. Sometimes that’s a true gift in an area full of virtual teenagers.

I helped Dylan up to the top of a stack of cars, where we sat side by side and looked at the moon. I loved being on top of the stacks. Looking down on the lot. It was a different perspective. An opportunity to see my own little world without being submerged in it. infected by it. It gave me a sense of clarity. It was only a few seconds before Dylan took a hold of my hand and leaned his head on my shoulder. To be this close to me and not physically touch in an intimate way was not a concept that he could accept. Any kind of physical connection that he could achieve…he went for it. And then searched for ways to cuddle me even closer if he could. It was one of the most adorable things about him.

“Imagine…one day, it’s gonna be like this all the time.” I told him. “Quiet. Just you and me…by moonlight.”

He kissed my shoulder, and wrapped himself around my arm. “Sighhh….yeah.” He was quiet for a second, and then said, “You really think we can do it, Dion? Find a place of our own, I mean?”

“Why not? We made a home here, didn’t we? No reason that we couldn’t create a humble little piece of the rock some place else.” I said. “Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE it here. I mean…this is my family. And they always will be.” Then I looked into Dylan’s sweet innocent eyes and added, “But now I’ve got something even closer to my heart. Something that matters far more than I ever could have hoped it would. And…I don’t know…it makes everything else so ‘distant’ to me when it comes to being truly happy. Nothing else matters…but you and me.”

Dylan melted, and hid his face for a moment by mashing it up against my shoulder, his sandy blond locks covering his eyes as he quivered gently beside me. But when the rush of emotion passed, he lifted his head and dug into his pocket. “Here. I found a quarter by the fence today. It can be a part of our ‘brand new home’ fund.” He smiled.

I giggled at the gesture, and gladly took it from him. “I’ll be sure to keep it safe. You never know when the raiders might come back and try to take it. Hehehe!”

“Hehehe, I know it’s dumb…but…”

“It’s not DUMB. Are you kidding me? It’s beautiful. Besides, if we go to put a big deposit down on some super sweet habitat across town and we end up being ONE quarter short, we’re gonna be PISSED that we didn’t take advantage of your lucky bounty when we had the chance.” I said, and he kissed me on the cheek for making him feel so important in everything that he does. That’s my job now, after all. Letting him know, every chance that I get, how much he is truly loved.

From our position, we could see some movement around in the lot, and caught sight of Justin walking off to be alone somewhere. I wasn’t quite sure where Taryn was at that moment, but I could swear that Justin had been avoiding him more and more these days. And it’s not that he doesn’t want to be around him or anything. I’ve seen relationship problems where both sides didn’t want anything to do with one another. This isn’t the case here. It’s almost like…Justin was afraid of him or something. He’s been going from wanting to stay as far away from Taryn as possible, to clinging to him so tightly that he refused to let him out of his sight. There’s something going on with him. We can all see it. We just don’t know how to help him. So I guess we’re afraid to bring it up. Afraid for HIM to bring it up. I just hope it isn’t as serious as his actions would imply.

“He looks so down.” Dylan said softly. “Justin isn’t really adjusting well to darkness. You know?”

“Heh…neither did you. Not at first. It takes time. Especially when you have to carry a burden like the one HE has to carry.”

“I don’t think he has anything to worry about.” Dylan said. “For some reason…it’s like, it was ‘meant to be’. Like…he’s here in darkness for real reason. Maybe he’s even here with US for a real reason. Whatever it is that he was destined to do…I just know that he’ll be able to pull it off. I can just feel it.”

“My Dylan, ever the optimist.” I said.

“And you’re not?”

“I don’t know. It’s a hard concept to grasp…him being…the chosen one. He doesn’t really fit the whole ‘midnight messiah’ image. I DO know that I’ve seen Justin pull off some pretty amazing tricks in the last few months. But he’s not indestructible. Not even close. And I think it’s wearing him down more and more every time he gets caught up in another battle of some sort. He’s had to fight his whole life. I think he just wants it to be over.” I told him. “That boy has got emotional scars that I can’t even imagine. Scars that run deep. It’s a wonder that he can smile at all.”

“My dad used to tell me…that our scars don’t define us. No more than they defined Jesus when they took him down from the cross.” Dylan said, still displaying a hint of affection for his father, who…as far as I was concerned, should be beaten and locked in a basement the way Dylan was before he crossed over. But my frustration mellowed out as Dylan said, “Scars aren’t there to hurt us. They’re just reminders of what it took to make us change. Transform into something better. It’s a lesson learned, you know?” He spoke so softly, and yet I was so enchanted by his voice that I could always catch every word. “Maybe Justin is fighting to get the scars he needs to change into something better too.”

“Maybe. All I know is that I’ll fight for Justin any time he needs me. Not because of any prophecy or because he has some grand message to give the rest of us…but because he is a damn good friend that I know would do the same for me.”

Dylan pouted slightly, and I asked him what was wrong. “I don’t like it when you fight so much.” He mumbled. “It’s dangerous and I worry about you. You can get hurt. I don’t EVER want you hurt.”

“Sometimes you’re not given a choice, hon. If I could avoid it, I would. But you have to know how to choose your battles. And how to give it your all when you know its for the right reasons.”

He was quiet for a second, and then said, “When Justin came back…you know, when we got jumped and they took Taryn away? He told me that he didn’t have to think about the consequences of rushing out to save him. He said that I’d just ‘know’ when the time came where I was called to fight for someone I love. I wish I could believe him. I wish I could be like that. I can’t fight anybody.”

“That’s because you’re a big ol sissyish wimp.” I said casually, and Dylan didn’t even catch it at first.


“Hahaha! Don’t worry…you’re MY sissyish wimp, and I adore you.” I gave him a kiss, and he gave me a pinch in the side. “You won’t ever have to fight for anything. You leave that to me from now on.”

“Hey Dylan!” Came a voice from the ground, and we both looked over to see Trevor and Michael all wrapped up in one another again. Both of them clearly sporting a couple of growing erections that they shamelessly pawed as they exchanged a lustful kiss or two. “Listen…me and Michael are going to…’relax’ for a while tonight. Hehehe…all night.” Trevor said, rubbing noses with his boyfriend. “Bryson wants me to take Doc out to help him feed tonight, but I’m gonna be too busy sliding in and out of a VERY tight hole. So I need you to do it. K?”

Before Dylan even had the chance to crumble, I said, “No way, Trevor. It’s your job tonight. Why don’t YOU do it.”

“I just TOLD you why, Dion.” Trevor said, and then tried to block me out of the equation and concentrate on Dylan instead. Hoping his will would be much more likely to fold. “C’mon Dylan, please? My baby is looking so damn tasty right now.”

Dylan looked at me, helplessly wrinkling up his brow as he started to tell Trevor he’d do it, but I made sure to step in again. “No deal.”

“I didn’t hear Dylan answer me. And I wasn’t really talking to you anyway.”

“No.” Dylan said, much to ALL of our surprise. We all turned to look at him and he lifted his nose a bit and said, “Bryson told you to do it…so…go do it. I’m spending time with MY boyfriend tonight.” I couldn’t help but smile, and Trevor and Michael both shot daggers in our direction. Not that we cared.

“Gee…thanks a LOT, Dylan.” Trevor grumbled.

“Yeah, way to go, jerk.” Michael added.

They stomped off in a huff, and Dylan hollered down in a timid voice, “Sorry…”

“Don’t be sorry. Screw them.” I said. “Let them do their job just like everybody else. Don’t let them make you feel guilty just because they couldn’t use and manipulate you into giving them what THEY wanted.”

“Yeah, I know. But…I can’t help it. Now they’re gonna hate me even more.”

“Then so be it. Who needs them? You can’t just be a ‘pawn’ in their chess game. Your wants and needs have just as much value as theirs do. They’re being selfish. Just because they can’t ‘control’ you, they’re gonna make you the bad guy? Fuck them. They’ve got the next hundred years to have sex, but tonight they’ve gotta help Doc feed. That’s just how it goes.” It didn’t stop Dylan from wiggling or feeling bad, but he tried to hold it back anyway.

“It’s just…I don’t think Trevor likes me much. Michael either. They think I’m too quiet.” He said, a bit of sadness in his voice.

“Then I’ll just have to love you enough to make up for the both of them.” I said. “Besides, except for his unnatural obsession with Gyro, his abandoned feelings for Taryn, and his freaky mixed up relationship with ‘Mr. Jealousy’ over there…I don’t think Trevor likes much of anybody. He’s too busy loving himself.” He tried to smile, but I could tell it bothered him. Dylan wanted to be liked by everybody. It made him extremely insecure to think that somebody else thought something was ‘wrong’ with him. Especially when he thought there was so much wrong with himself. I turned slightly, and I said, “Listen…when we get out of here, get our own place…we’re gonna leave all this weirdness behind us. We’ll be able to spread out…and laugh…and we won’t have to walk all the way to the old church to take showers. We’ll have the privacy to do whatever we want, whenever we want. And when we make love…it’s gonna be magic.”

“Hehehe…” He turned a deep red. “It’s already magic, Dion.” He bit his bottom lip, and with a grin, I leaned in to kiss him.

“Then it’ll just have to get better then, won’t it?” He nodded, and our lips touched again. Then again. And soon I slid my tongue between his lips and felt his embrace it with a passion. Oh how he trembled every time we kissed. It was almost as if his excited little body couldn’t handle the sensuality of it. Every kiss felt like his first. And that made it feel like MY first too. But then…after a few minutes of kissing, I heard a sound approaching, and the felt a few wet licks splashing across the sides of both our faces.

We broke our kiss, and I saw Napolean practically attacking Dylan with affection, his tail wagging wildly in the air. “YUCK!!!Napolean!” Dylan cringed, his wiry arms trying to push Napolean off of him. “Go away! Bad dog!” Napolean paid him no mind and kept licking while I giggled at the scene of my boyfriend being pinned down by a dog.

Finally, I gave him some assistance. “Napolean, hey! C’mon now.” I snapped my fingers and gave a few whistles to get the pooch off of the poor boy, and he came over to me next. I hugged him around the neck and gave him a couple of rubs before sending him back down. “Go on, boy. We’ll be down in a minute. Go on.” He listened to me and trotted off, leaving Dylan to sit up and wipe the doggie licks off of his face with his shirt. I saw his flat tummy exposed, and reached out a hand to rub the smooth surface of it.

“How does he even get UP here?” He asked.

“I don’t know, but he always seems to find a way.”

“Eww. Dog spit.” He said, but I kissed him anyway. And we spent the rest of the night up on top of those cars,sometimes enjoying our softly spoken conversation….sometimes just enjoying the silence. Just so long as we were together. And when the dawn began to approach…I helped Dylan climb down, and we wet back to the truck to get ready for our next sleep cycle. Dylan didn’t sleep in anything other than snug fitting briefs. Tightie whities that displayed his ass in such an amazing way that you almost didn’t want to take them off. As the rising sun took our energy from us…we traded as many soft kisses as possible, my hands, palms down, gliding slowly over the wondrous terrain of his baby soft skin. He attempted to hold out for longer, but the big sleep was catching up to him fast. He rolled over on his side, facing away from me. It comforted him to fall asleep in my arms like that. His little night light helped him with being in the darkness of our habitat…the windows sunproofed and tinted to keep any and all sunlight out. But I think he found more peace and sanity in reaching for my arm and draping it over him like a warm blanket than anything else. He would push back as far as he could in the long front seat, and snuggle his tight little ass against me, until my hardness lay thick between the firm round mounds…hardening as he sighed from the contact. I swear he gets a kick out of teasing me before bed. Or maybe it’s just the soft kisses I place on the back of his neck, as our legs intertwine, and I rub my hand in soft circles on his hairless chest, my fingertips tickling the tightened nips on either side…my hips grinding and pushing into his cute little ‘cushion’. He loved to be totally wrapped up in me. And I knew that I was lucky to have him for my very own.

“I love you, Dion.” He said, just out of the blue. “Don’t ever leave me. K?”

“Don’t worry, baby…” I whispered. “…I’m not going anywhere. You and I…we’re going to enjoy eternity together. Just you and me.”

I felt him going cold in my arms, and I was quick to follow him into a deep sleep. Our hearts were totally in sync with one another, and in darkness…that’s a nearly impossible treasure to find. But hey…I’ve got mine. And I’m never letting go.

I’m going to be here for Dylan for as long as I possibly can. Whatever life has in store for me…he’s my reason for holding on. For hanging in there. And from here…the future looks brighter than any sunrise I’ve ever seen.

I’ll be there for him. Forever. That’s my promise. What could be more ‘eternal’ than the promise of true love?

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