GFD Ray of Hope: Chapter 8

by KillaB

I was awoken out of my trance by Tyler’s kiss and the sound of his voice.

“Wake up sleepy head, we’ll be landing soon”


My eyes fluttered open. I gave him a smile and return his kiss. “Were here already?”


“Yeah you looked so peaceful and cute sleeping, I didn’t want to disturb you”


Sleeping? Was it possible that I was so deep in thought? Playing out the events of that night in my head did feel like a dream. I could see all of the blood. Hear the screams of pain and the bones breaking. I could even feel the cuts and puncture wounds all over again, the pain was immense. After the scene when I set Malic on fire and stabbed him in the heart, my hart sank into my toes it was so heavy, being filled with sadness and regret for what I had done. I wasn’t a killer. I was a protector. I used my gift to help people and vampires, I tried to give this world a small ray of hope, but every time I seamed to try to pick it up, it would throw me down for helping. And this time I let my donors traits get the best of me, his will to kill was so strong it took control and made me murder someone that I knew. It was like killing an old friend from high school out of the blue, even though Malic and I weren’t friends he treated me like shit I never really hated him for it. That didn’t make any difference the feelings I felt were real and after Tyler woke me up they were still there.


“Please remain seated as we make our decent” the pilot said


Tyler took a hold of my hand and squeezed it tight “I’m right here with you Caden, I know you’re scared but I want you remember that I LOVE YOU, and I won’t let any thing bad happen to you OK I promise”


I wasn’t Scared I was terrified, the mixture of emotions from thinking about Malic and having to go in front of the Elders was tearing my insides to shreds. I started to feel weak and my body began to tremble. My eyes started to swell up and rivers of tears ran down my cheeks.


“Oh honey, please don’t cry” He wiped a few tears from my face.


I leaned over hugging him tightly and laid my head on his shoulder, by this time I was sobbing uncontrollably “I don’t want to die Tyler….I don’t want to DIE”


Tyler was rubbing my back trying to comfort me. He placed his hand under my chin lifted my head so he could see my eyes he looked deeply into them, gave me a kiss and said “You’re not going to die OK, trust me. There not going to kill you. I won’t let them.” He smiled at me and I smiled back, then he kissed me again. Every kiss he gave me made the fear subside a bit.



Cazirore” I said to him and he pulled me in tight and French kissed me with such passion my fear seamed to disappear instantly.


After making out for a few minutes Tyler broke the kiss and looked me in the eyes and repeated the words I wrote for him the second night of my crossover “Solu Astivore” and he pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket to dry my face.


By this time we were touching down and the fear crept back into my mind. My eyes widened and Tyler could see that I was starting to get scared again, so he took hold of my hand.


“Listen, we both know you’re in trouble, but I want you to remember that you’re going to be OK. No matter what the punishment is, I know you are strong and you’ll get through it.” I nodded in response. He then gave me five consecutive pecks as if he knew they were helping me.


“Better?” he said smiling


“Much BETTER” I said returning the gesture.


“OK, well it’s time, so let’s go” He took off his headset and stood up.


Victor was already at the door he opened it and stepped out, Tyler and I were right behind him. When I stepped out onto the helipad I noticed we were on top of a large building near L.A. that I did not recognize or probably just never paid any attention to it. We were met by two men dressed in black with dark hair and eyes.


“Mr. Burhardt, you are to follow us to the council chamber.” One of the men said


I nodded and they turned and led us to an elevator. We went down a few floors, when the doors opened there was a long hallway that led to a room with couches and chairs and a few plants and two large doors at the far end.


“Your friends can wait here. You are to go through those doors to the next room, stand in the middle of the floor and wait” One of the men said. Then they turned and walked back toward the elevator.


I did as I was told, but not before giving my boyfriend a great big hug and kiss. He pinched my butt causing me to grind myself into him. I let out a little whimper and smiled.


“Hey now is not the time to be cute” I told him


“I know, I was just trying to take your mind off the whole situation for a second”


“Ok cuteness accepted, I’d better get going. I love you.”


“I love you too. I’ll be here waiting for you, Ok”


“Ok” I turned and walked to the door.


“Good luck master Caden”


“Thank you Victor, I think I might need it”


“You may sir. You may.”


I opened one of the large doors. The room was pitch black, and light from the room I was in seamed to be swallowed by the darkness. I stepped into the room and the door slammed behind me echoing into the nothingness. I couldn’t see where I was going but I walked forward anyway. I walked about fifteen paces when a bright spotlight illuminated a wooden chair.


“Please sit down Caden, we have been waiting for you.” The darkness spoke and I couldn’t tell if the voice was male or female, but I did what I was told and took my seat.


“We would like to start off by saying that we are all humbled by you coming here on your own accord, most run and hide until we have to send hunters for them. You alerting us to the situation right away shows you’re an honorable man”


“Thank You”


“You are here charged with the murder of one of your family members, you admit it and now you will be sentenced”


“Murder? But…”


“Please don’t speak. With your permission we would like to read your mind collectively.”




“Just try to relax and this will be over shortly”


I sat there in the chair trying to relax, when it started feeling like someone was dragging multiple needles across my brain. I tried to fight it at first but that only made it worse.


“We have seen the events through your eyes all of them that connect your life and Malic’s. We are displeased by a lot of his actions toward you, this time he acted with hatred and revenge. Which doesn’t make your actions right, but some what justified. You were acting to protect the ones you loved and so we are going to drop the charge from murder to self defense. You will be sentenced to one year in the chamber of solitude; there you will have plenty of time to reflect on your actions. Consider this a light sentence the Sire of the child you killed asked that we tare your arms off, but we had already made a promise to your Sire that you would not be harmed and a few of us owed him a favor or two. You will be allowed some time to go home and gather some clothes and thanks to your Sire you will also be allowed to bring in your journals and laptop. You are one lucky childe to be Sired by him you know?”

“You have two nights and then you must report back here…Now go your sire is waiting for you”


“Thank you” I stood up from my chair and bowed to the darkness

Vreggo Caden” a voice came from the shadow, as a light appeared above the door to show me the way out.


I walked to the door and my mind couldn’t help but think about the chamber of solitude, and the stories I’ve read of vampires going crazy in that place. Two weeks away From Tyler made me start to go nuts. If I had to be away from my boyfriend for a whole year I was going to go insane.


I opened the door and ran over to my boyfriend and jumped in his lap.


“I missed you already” I gave him a kiss


“You look happy, I take it you got good news?”


“I have to thank for that. They told me you cashed in favors to keep me safe. The bad news is I have to spend one year in the chamber of solitude…sigh…what ever that is. The good news is that I get the next to nights with my snuggle bunny, before I have to be back here. So let’s get the hell out of here and get home. I only have two days to see you and I’m going to make every minute count, you better clear your schedule because were not leaving our bedroom.”


I got up off his lap and pulled him to his feet. We walked back to the elevator taking it up to the roof, when the pilot saw us coming he started the engine. Victor got in the front giving Tyler and I, the privacy of the passenger cabin. It only took us about fifteen minutes to get home but it was long enough time for us to get warmed up. By the time we arrived our bodies already had a light layer of sweat from rolling around on the floor as we made out. When we landed I took Tyler’s hand and led him to the house. As soon as we were inside I started running towards our room with Tyler close behind me.


We laughed and giggled as we pushed and shoved each other trying to be the first one to the bedroom doors. When we reached the stair case leading to our room Tyler kicked my feet tripping me up, sending down to my hands and knees.


“You’ve got plenty of time for that position when we get up stairs” he snickered as he ran past me. I quickly got my legs moving and started chasing behind him.


“You’re going to get it when I catch you”


“That’s what I was planning on” he giggled at me


Tyler flew through the doors, and I was right heels. When he got close to the bed I tackled him onto it, landing on top of him. He coughed and gasped for air.


“Get off me I can’t breath” he coughed some more.

I rolled off to the side to give him some air, but it was a trick. He pounced on top of me before I could even think. “Fooled you” he said grinning at me.


“OK, you got me. So now that you’re on top what are you going to do?” I said with a lustful smile.


“You’ll see”


“I don’t want to see. I want to feel” I said grabbing at his crotch, slowly messaging it with one hand and undoing his belt buckle with the other. I unbuttoned his pants and yanked them down freeing his half hard man hood. Tyler positioned himself over me so that I had full access to him. I took him into my mouth and was instantly taken in by his sweet taste. He began to grow harder in my mouth with every stroke. I looked up at him to see him leaning back slightly with his eyes closed. I took the head and sucked on it hard while flicking his hole with my tongue. “Mmmmm oh yah baby that feels so good” He put his hand on the back of my head and slowly started to hump my mouth, sending his hot member down my throat. I grabbed onto his soft cheeks to help stabilize myself and help pull him into me. It wasn’t to long when I felt him tighten up as he sent his seed down my throat, I swallowed every last drop of his sweet cream until he was dry. He slipped his softening member out of my mouth and looked me in the eyes as he rubbed his fingers through my hair. “You’re the best honey” He leaned down and gave me a kiss. “Ok, now it your turn lets get these clothes off of you.”


He rolled off me and I couldn’t have gotten my clothes off any faster, Tyler striped off what clothes he still had on. I laid there in my nakedness next to my boyfriend just staring at his body.


“You know your beautiful right?” I told him


“No I’m CUTE you’re the beautiful one remember.” He said smiling at me.


“Well than kiss me cutie”


He didn’t hesitate. His lips were locked with mine as soon as the words crossed my lips. We kissed for a moment, then he broke the kiss but not before biting at my bottom lip. He positioned himself between my legs and started to lick up and down the length of my meat before taking me into his mouth. I spread my legs giving him full access. He got the hint and coated his finger with saliva. He continued sucking at me and slowly started to work his finger into my pink star. I wiggled my hips to help ease his finger in. When his finger was in to his knuckle he started to pull out, I let out a loud gasp “Uuuhhh…Oh yeah honey that feels so good”


“You like that” he said with me still in his mouth


“Mmmmhhmm” I muttered out.


He quickened his pace causing my hole to start stretch and heat up. I couldn’t take it any more I wanted him inside of me. So without any warning I rolled over propping my cheeks in the air awaiting my lover’s arrival.


“Someone’s Horney tonight” he slapped my cheeks and kneading them with his hands


I looked back at him and lustfully told him “Tyler, I want you to make love to me”


He leaned down to me kissing me on the lips and then nibbled at my ear and whispered “I love you sooo much, snuggle bear”


“I love you too, snuggle bunny” I whispered back to him.


We both giggled a bit at our little nick names, Tyler than positioned himself behind me again. With a hand on each cheek he spread them apart exposing my little star. He dove in licking furiously, pocking and prodding with his tongue. I was letting out light whimpers and moans, rocking my hips up and down. Tyler slowly slid a finger in and started to stretch my hole. When one finger was nice and loose a second slid in to keep the pressure. My body was filled with ecstasy, his every touch made my body tingle. Sliding out his fingers and using some spit to lube his tip. When he started to add pressure I think we both thought there would be some resistance, but I guess my hole was to hot and eager from him that it pulled him right in. As he started thrusting   I could feel my hole grip his member tight. I let out a loud moan “OOHHH YEAH, TYLER FUCK ME. FUCK ME HARDER”


With out hesitation he quickened his pace and thrusts. The sounds of love in the room were erotic, the moans and heavy breathing, the slaps of our skin making connection. All of this was almost enough to send me over the edge, but I wasn’t ready just yet. I guess Tyler had different plans he reached down and begun to stroke me. The touch of his hand that was enough, my body tensed up “OHH YEAH” I shouted as I shot my cream out into his hand. Tyler wasn’t far behind me, the pulsating of my hole caused him top let loose inside me. He pumped until I was filled with his seed. He slid out and crawled up next to me.


We laid there cuddling and making out with each other for awhile, then getting up to take a shower. Just before going to sleep we held each other giving one another little kisses


“I love you Cuddle Bear”

“I love you Snuggle Bunny”


We kissed each other until we both fell a sleep.

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