GFD Ray of Hope: Chapter 7

by KillaB

I paced back and forth in my room as I waited for someone to pick up, it must have rang about thirty times by now.


“Wolfe residents”


Finally someone answers. “Victor, its Caden. I need to speak with Tyler it’s urgent”



“Yes sir, right away”


A moment later, Tyler was on the line.


“Caden honey what’s wrong? Victor said you sounded worried. You know you can tell me any thing.”

“I know Tyler.” “Umm… last night we were attacked by three vampires, and well we killed them.”


“Ok. So you killed a few punk vampires. What are you worried about Caden, or have you forgotten your place in the blood line already?” He said trying to calm me down, but it didn’t work.


“You see that’s the thing, the blood line that is. One of the vampires was family Tyler, I don’t know what to do, if I would have known I wouldn’t have killed him.”


“Listen to me Caden, I want you to know that I will be there with you the whole way through this. I’m not going to lie to you, you’re in a lot of trouble right now. You will have to go to the elders and tell them what you did. Did you get his ring by chance?”


“Yes I have right here, that how I knew.”


“Alright look at his protection level Caden, now by this time I hope you have studied up on how to read the stones, you have haven’t you.”


“Yes. Don’t worry, let’s see his level is….. I hope this is good news babe, his level is about fifteen, no twenty below mine.”


“That’s a very good thing honey, you’re still in trouble but the trouble meter has shrunken a great deal with this information.” He had a sound of relief in his voice.


”That’s a relief, now maybe I can relax a little”


“Caden I need you to come home right away, we need to get this matter handled as soon as possible. I will send someone else to San Francisco to take care of Peter”    “So when can I expect to get my snuggle bear to get home, I miss you.”


“By this time tomorrow night I should be there to shower you with kisses” I then kissed the phone couple of times.


“I love you, I’ll see you tomorrow” he said


“I love you too” kissed the phone again said good bye and then hung up.


I left my room and went outside. As soon as I stepped out Mike and Jasper were standing by the fire. By the look in Jasper’s eyes I could tell mike filled him in on everything he knew so far. Fear. He was afraid for his life for what he had done.


“So…” Mike said and then looked at me waiting for me to start talking.


“So, first of all Jasper relax OK you didn’t do anything but your job when you killed them. So you have nothing to worry about. As for myself, I don’t know what’s going to happen just yet. All I do know is, I killed a family member and there is bound to be some sort of consequences for my actions. But right now we need to pack up, were going HOME.


Both of their eyes widened and they said almost in unison “Were going home?”


“Yes were going home. So quickly pack up camp and get the RV road ready, I want to be home by this time tomorrow night, ok”


“No problem boss” Jasper said. With the sound of his voice I could tell he was beginning to relax.


I grabbed a beer and walked over to the fire and had a cigg. Mike and Jasper began to do as I asked and pack things up.


When I was done smoking I walked to the RV, before I got to the door I told them “I’m going to spend the rest of time thinking in my room. So let me know when we get home.” I told them and they nodded in return. I went in and went straight for my room closing the door behind me. I got undressed and got into bed. I still had hours before sunrise, I just laid there thinking of Tyler, of what was going to happen when I went to see the elders. And for the first time, in a long time I thought of Kyle. What he would look like now, what our lives together would have been like. And what if that night never happened and we never met… Would he still have died? Would Tyler have still have chosen me to be his childe? Or was all of this destined for Kyle and I, and our paths were meant to cross, just to give me one last taste of humanity. Was he supposed to die, and was I to be beaten an inch from death just so Fate could get its little laugh, before giving me the gift of eternal life. And a gift it was, but right now I didn’t think I could’ve ever have gotten myself in this much trouble if I was human, or would I?


My head was beginning to hurt from trying to wrap my mind around all this destiny crap, so I tried to clear my mind, so I closed my eyes calming my thoughts. Until only one remained in my head, I couldn’t help but to think of my sire, my lover. “SIGH” I can’t wait to be with him again, but I knew that when I woke up tomorrow I would be that much closer to being in his arms.


The sunrise was just around the corner and my body began to shut down, finally it was time to sleep, and I was on step closer to my boyfriend.


When I woke up, I wasn’t lying on my bed; it was on top of me. I got my senses together and realized that I was pinned up against the wall and the ceiling. My room was tossed the light was flickering on and off, and I could hear a faint voice surrounded in static. It was the video phone, the picture was on the fritz.


Ok something is wrong, really wrong. I can’t just sit here anymore, I have to get up.

I pushed as hard as I could on the bed and other debris on top of me, the pile began to move and I was able to get myself free. I crawled over what used to be my things to the video screen on the wall, when I got closer the voice became a little clearer to me. It was Tyler, he was crying. But all I could make out through the static was “…den…….ar……….ple…………c……..he……..e………….no”


“TYLER CAN YOU HEAR ME….TYLER?” I shouted by only heard static once again.


I opened the control panel and tried to adjust the signal. I started twisting knobs and pushing different buttons until the picture became a little more visible and the static was only a back round noise.


“TYLER I’m here, can you hear me?”


“I can hear you, but I can’t see you. Is everything OK? ARE YOU OK!!?” a sound of relief in his voice.


“Yeah I’m fine, but from the looks of things the RV seams to have flipped over and is now on its side or something from the way the gravity feels.”


“Victor told me your emergency beacon started going off just before sunset. We rushed out as soon as I woke up, we’re in the chopper now on our way to your location. And Caden was there a reason why you’re in Nevada. I thought you were on your way home?”


“We were on our way home, we left last night. Shit. TYLER”


“What babe, what’s wrong?”


“Mike and Jasper, I think they’re in trouble. I can’t sense them any ware, and Tyler I smell smoke. I thinks the RV is on fire. Things just went from bad to worse in one day” a sad look came across my face as tears flooded my eyes.



THERE’S NO TIME TO WAIST” Tyler shouted at the pilot.


“We’ll be there soon you hear me, I know you’re scared but I’ll be here with…”


Just then the screen went black, there was a crackle and popping sound as the lights went out completely. I had no choice but to wait in darkness. Minutes felt like hours as the smells of smoke began to get stronger, how much time did I have left, before this thing was engulfed in flames. I started coughing from the smoke that was filling my room, great now this room really was going to be my coffin. I began to accept the fact that I might just die tonight, and my eternal life would come to a short end.


I started to hear a faint sound that got louder in time. It was a helicopter, It was TYLER. He made it he was going to save me again.

In a few minutes they were on the ground and I could hear voices outside, and loud banging and what sounded like twisting metal. The next thing I know the RV starts turning over and lands with a big crash along with me and all of my stuff in my room, they could have warned me or something. A few minutes’ later sparks started flying around the door as cutting torches blazed through my locks. The door came loose and fell to the floor almost smashing my leg. Beams of light began to probe the room one of them located me beneath the furniture on the floor. A hand reached out from behind the light and pulled me to my feet.


“Are you ok Sir… you gave us quite a scare”


“You were scared Victor. How the fuck, do you think I felt when I woke up to this?” I said, dusting myself off.


“We were just worried about you sir, that’s all” I could tell he hurt from what I said.


“I’m sorry Victor. I didn’t mean to speak to you so rudely. It was very improper of me to do so. I know you care for me just as much as Tyler dose. So please accept my apologies, and to answer your question, Yes I’m ok.” I smiled “How are Jasper and Mike doing?”


“Apology accepted master Caden” he smiled back at me and put his hand on my shoulder.

“Sir I don’t know how to explain this to you, but Jasper and Mike were not here when we arrived. The only thing we found was the RV at the bottom of a ravine on fire with you inside. No human blood can be sensed by anyone here so we have to hope they are ok at the time”


“If their not here, and from the looks of the thing someone was trying to kill me and doing a poor job I might add. Then that means they were attacked” My eyes began to glow red and anger filled my mind.


Victor let go of my shoulder, but kept his eyes on mine. “Now is not the time to go flying of the handle sir. Now is the time to be proper and in light of your recent events I think you should take things easy right now, understand?” he said with a calm voice


My eyes turned to normal as I begun to calm myself down “I’m not just going to stand by while my friends are missing. Something has to be done.”


“Something is being done as we speak, master Tyler is taking care of every thing. He is on the phone with the elders. Trust me, Master won’t take this lightly. So grab anything you want to take with you right now and let’s get out of here”


I looked around the room until I found my backpack. There’s only few things in here I can’t afford to lose. My journals and my laptop, good thing they were in my safe. I opened my safe and stuffed the bag full. I don’t know what I would do if I lost them. A part of me would have disappeared for ever.


Victor and I walked out of what used to be my RV, there were a few men putting out what was left of the fire and some others  taking pictures of the wreckage. Victor led me up a small hill where Tyler was still inside the heli. When he noticed me, he motion for me to get in. I walked over and opened the door climbed inside and took a seat next to Tyler, victor got in behind me and closed the door.


“You might want to put the head phones on I can get a little loud in here” Tyler said as the helicopters engine started up, so I picked up the headset and put them on.


Tyler leaned over and gave me a tight hug and a kiss. “I’m so happy to see you and that you’re ok. Caden I’m sorry about Mike and Jasper, I know they mean a lot to you and want you to know that every thing that can be done right now, is being handled by professionals now. The elders have sent out search teams looking for them from here to your last know location last night. So don’t worry honey they will find them.”


“Thank you” “You don’t know how happy I am to hear that” I reached over and pulled him close to me and made love to his lips with mine. Our tongues danced around each other happy to be reunited again.


We were shortly interrupted by the pilot.  “Sir, ETA to our destination is three hours, that puts us there at about twelve o’clock.”


“Ok, thank you” Tyler said


“Three hours to go where?” I said looking at Tyler confused


“To see the elders or have you forgotten that appointment already?”


“I haven’t forgotten our appointment later if that makes you feel any better” I put my hand on his leg slowly moving it back an forth getting closer to his groin.


“Hey well have plenty of time for that later” He playfully slapped my hand away.


He gave me a little peck on the lips. “Right now I need you to focus, you’re going to see the elders and you need to remember every thing that happened that night.”


“I’m scared Tyler, what’s going to happen to me?” when I looked over at him a tear ran down my face, he reached up to wipe the tear with his thumb.


“Please don’t cry honey, and there’s no need to be scared. PLUS with what happened last night they might take it easy on you” He playfully punch my arm

“I can’t help to think about them. I need to know there ok”


“There going o be ok, Caden. I NEED YOU TO TRUST ME” he grabbed a hold of my hand squeezing it tight.


“I love you Tyler, you know that”


“I love you too, snuggle bear. Now give me a kiss” I was more than happy to grant his wish.


“Hey, I need to make some phone call and cash in some favors. You can listen to the radio, and take the time to reflect on what you did” he said and kissed me again before changing to a private channel.


I tuned to a station that I could listen to leaned back in my chair and closed my eyes and did what Tyler told me to do, and started to think of that night……..

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