GFD Ray of Hope: Chapter 6

by KillaB

As we walked down a long hallway holding hands, our clothes tucked under the other arm. We started goofing around but still trying not to spill our night caps. I couldn’t help but notice all of the beautiful artifacts and artwork that lined the hall way, pausing every now and then to look at a particular piece. When we reached the end of the hall way there was a long staircase looking as if it took you up two stories at least. The walls were lined with paintings of people each one looking as proud as the next, with a smile on their faces. And their eyes all had a similar glow to them just like Tyler. It hit me, they’re all vampires, and with a closer look at the frames lay a plaque displaying each of their names and below each name was a symbol each different but similar to the next. “Hey Tyler what do the symbols mean?” as I stopped to glide my finger over one of them.


“I was wondering if you were going to notice those” he pulled me close to him


That is our blood seal, if you look closely to the outside pattern it progressively changes as you walked up the stair case slowly as I stared at each symbol. “Ok I see what you’re talking about”


“Good, that is the blood line, it connects Sire to Childe and so forth. Now…” I interrupted him. “What’s the symbol in the center mean?”


He pinched my nipple “I was getting to that”


“Let’s see where was I… oh yes” he said sarcastically “The symbol in the middle denotes the name of the sire and the child”


“I don’t understand”


“Ok, look at these three paintings. Now look at the symbol on the middle painting as if it were in half got it. Now take the left half and look at the symbol on the left painting, do you see it now?”


“Yeah I do, that’s pretty cool. So like all of these vampires here make up our bloodline?”


“All family, your looking at a blood line that has spanned over a thousand years”




“Dam right wow” he tugged my arm “Come on we still got another flight to go”


As we continued up the stairs, I couldn’t help but think I was going to spend a lot of time on these steps getting to know my family. When we got to the top of the stairs I looked at the last painting and of course it was Tyler, I nudged him with my hip. “You’re so cute in that painting”


“Stop it” he said with a snicker. “Wait until you have to sit there posing for hours”


“ME?” my eyes widened


“Yeah you silly, you are now a part of this massive blood line before you.”



Like before in the lounge Tyler used his waved his hand to open the door. The two large oak doors crept open. Tyler grabbed my hand and pulled me into the room. It was huge. Like three rooms in one, with a bed in the middle. It looked like ten people could sleep on it. Tyler led me to the edge of the bed. “Sit here I have something to show you” I sat on the bed and he walked over to desk on the other side of the room picked up a box and walked back and sat next to me.


“I wanted to wait until the time was right to give you this” he said with a soft voice and a smile.


My body was trembling with anticipation “Wha…what is it”


He opened up the bow to expose a gold ring with small gems in it, but what I noticed was the fact that there was the symbol, like on the painting. But this one was different this one was mine. A symbol, which would connect us for eternity.


“This is your blood ring Caden. Not only dose it tell the story of our family and the link between us as sire and childe. Take a look at the different gems on the ring; their type and location have a different meaning all together.” Looking me in the eyes. “Caden, our family has certain connections”


”Connections?” I slightly tilted my head and had a confused look on my face.


He leaned forward and kissed me deeply and then looked me in the eyes again and said “You know that would be a perfect pose for your portrait” He laughs as he tried to imitate my look of confusion.


“Shut up and I didn’t look like that” I playfully pushed him in the arm.


“Alright, look we have an hour before sunrise so pay attention this is important. The gem above your name, It’s type the way it is shaped and cut, all give your Crossover date, month and year, including your age. Ok, now the three that look as if they are connected to a name in the blood line, those names are family members that are elders, and the gems show their rank in the order. Now the three below our names show the protection level of you, my sire and me. These levels can be upgraded and just as easily taken away. There are Rules and laws that we must obey, but we do get a lot of perks that I will fill you in on later. Do you understand what I just told you Caden?”


“Yeah I’m pretty sure” I said, but this was a lot to take in at the moment. I mean my boyfriend just told me I was part of a very well connected family; it was going to take a while to let this sink in.


“Now put it on, it took me a long time to make that for you. Wear it with pride Caden.” he said with a big smile and then kissed me on the lips.


I put on the ring and my eyes instantly filled with tears, I hugged Tyler tightly and said “No ones ever given me a gift like this let alone make it for me. I love you Tyler” and I kissed him from his neck to his lips, to show my gratification.


“So how many children do you have running a round with rings like this huh?” I said to him jokingly.


“Actually Caden we are only allowed to sire one childe, ever. So when we do make that choice, we have to be very sure of that choice.” He said it with the most lovable look on his face.


“To tell you the truth Caden I had to get permission to even make your ring for you, and to get the elders to send me the gems needed for it as well. Not that you wouldn’t have gotten it, it’s just they want to know who the new sire and child are for the records and to make sure no one is out there pretending to be someone they’re not.”


“I’m glad you chose me Tyler” I looked into his eyes just lost there for a second and then jumped on top of him pinning him down attacking him with kisses, I begun to grind into him as I propped myself up with my arms so I could continue my kisses. Tyler reached down and took both of our hard members in hid hand holding them together. His actions surprised us both. We let out a little whimper in unison and then looked at each other and giggled. Tyler’s grip turned to light strokes matching the rhythms of my thrust, the hot juices we were secreting was enough lubrication to help us slid over each other. I let up from kissing him and lightly lick his neck. We were both breathing heavy with little moans and whimpers in between breaths. I dragged my tongue up the side of his neck and took his earlobe into my mouth. This was enough to set him off, his hips started to thrust and he let loose his hot juices covering his stomach and chest. Trying to catch his breath he whispered “That felt so good Caden” he then returned the favor licking my neck to my earlobe sucking it in. he was right this did feel good. My thrust quickened my eyes began to roll in the back of my head, and right before I climaxed Tyler bit my ear, sending me over the edge. Tyler stroked me hard but slow until I was empty.

“That did feel good” I said then gave him a deep French kiss.


“There are some towels in the armoire over there, we can use them to clean up”


I went over grabbed a towel, and walked back over to the bed. I wiped myself clean and threw the towel on the floor. “Wait what about me” he said pointing at the little pools on his body. “Oh don’t worry I planned on cleaning you up myself” I then leaned over him and begun to lick up the mixture of our seeds. After I was done licking him clean I grabbed the towel just to dry him off and pick up anything I might have left behind.


“Hey I want a taste of that”


So I gave him a peck on the lips.


”I said taste” and he pulled me in and let his tongue slide into my mouth sharing the taste with me, our tongues danced around each other as if they were trying to tell the other one what they were sensing. We just laid there kissing each other and rolling around on the bed until sunrise………..



I closed my laptop and the journal I was working on copying at the time. I rubbed my eyes, they were burning. I guess I was staring at the screen for to long. How long was I typing for, looking over at the clock it was already seven thirty. I must have been in a trance, because I didn’t even notice the lights come on. I got out of bed and got dressed. Looking down at the ring on my hand all I could think about was Tyler, I gave the ring a kiss. God I couldn’t wait to get home so I could be with him again. I whispered to myself “I’ll be home soon baby” and I kissed the ring again. I opened the door and walked in to silence, the RV was empty and the only light that was on was above the stove. Where was Mike and Jasper? I heard a popping sound come from out side, I leaned down and looked out the window to see what the hell that was. It was Mike and Jasper they had a huge fire going, and they were standing about fifteen feet away from it drinking beer. My heart resting at ease, after last night I thought something happened to them at first. I walked out side and the fire was so bright I lit up the whole area around us. They both had there backs to me and haven’t noticed me yet, so I decided to play a little joke. I crept over and snuck a beer out of the cooler, I then went transparent I walked slowly around to the other side of the fire. I cracked open the beer and just stood there. Jasper looked over at mike “What the fuck was that?” he said with a concerned look on his face.


“I’m not sure” mike said, but he knew me all to well, he slightly looked in my direction and smiled, as Jasper was looking in all directions.


“I don’t see anything”


I took a drink of my beer making a slurping sound.


“Did you hear that?” Jasper said still trying to scan the area.


I couldn’t take it any more. I started busting up laughing and became visible again. “Dude, you should have seen the look on your face”


“FUCK, Caden, I mean sir. You almost gave me a hart attack right now”


“I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself” trying to get my laughter under control.


Jasper punched Mike in the shoulder “You knew he was over there didn’t you. Man I hate you guys” He walked over to the ice chest “Any one need a beer”


“I’ll take one” mike shouted


“I’m good, I just opened this one”


“No, you’ve got some catching up to do. Finish that one fast cause I’m bringing you two more” Jasper said very seriously


“Alright, alright” so I pounded that one and threw it in the trash.

Mike looked over at me with a deep look of concern “Caden do you think I could talk to you for a minute alone?”


“Sure, anything for you brother” I said as I walked up and put my arm over his shoulder, and we walked off away from the fire.


“Hey, where are you guys going?” Jasper said


We stopped walking and I turned around. “I have some private questions to ask Mike, we’ll be back in a second.”


“Well don’t forget your beers” and he threw them in my direction, and of course I caught them both with ease.


“Thanks” I gave him a nod, turned around and we continued walking.


I opened a beer took a drink and looked up at the stars in the sky, the moon was off in the distance just above the horizon. The night time was so beautiful. Mike’s footsteps brought my attention back to him. “So Mike, what is it that you needed to talk to me about?”


“Caden…I’ve got something I think you should see” he stopped and looked me in the eyes.


“Dude if you need to see a doctor or something we can…” he then cut me off.


“SERIOUS SHIT, CADEN” they way he was looking at me I could tell he wasn’t kidding.


“Ok, you got my full attention. Go ahead”


“I found something on one of the bodies when we were cleaning up this morning, I didn’t say anything to Jasper until I showed you first” He said reaching into one of his pockets, and then he started talking to him self. “Let’s see where did I put it, no that not it. No, nope, I need that, Chap Stick again. Ok it must be in the other pocket.” He then pulled out a tiny flashlight, and then reached in to his other pocket.


“Jesus dude how much shit do you have in those things”


“A lot I guess.” He was still searching his pocket. “Ok found it”


He pulled his hand out of his pocket holding something in his fist  he turned on the light. “Hold out your hand” I put my hand out palm up.

He dropped a ring in my hand, a gold ring. I took the light from Mike’s hand. When I looked couldn’t help but notice, this was a blood ring. I held it in my finger tips examining it more closely. It was from my blood line. “Mike which body did you get this from?” I said with a deep sound of concern in my voice.


“Um… it was the one that you set on fire”


Malic…He was apart of my blood line? I never even knew, he never said anything bout it, come to think of it, he did call me his blood brother last night. But I never saw him wearing his ring or he must have been hiding it when he was around me. That’s when I remember Tyler telling me that when I crossed over his protection level was very high and since I was his child my level was kind of close to his, just slightly lower. And because of that there might be some vampires that I met over time that were a part of the family, that would be jealous of me, and some might treat me sort of rudely. I looked at Malic’s ring. Ok his level was lower than mine. Then it hit me, that’s why he was always an asshole back then in Germany. I had a higher level and he hated me for it.


“Your right Mike, this is serious shit. I’ve got to call Tyler right away. I am not sure but I think I’m in some kind of trouble here.”


“What is it, what’s going on Caden?”


“One of the vampires that I killed last night was a relative of mine Mike, this ring tells me so. Now killing family members is not taken lightly. I will have to go in front of the elders and plead my case to them I guess, I don’t know that’s why I need to talk to Tyler”


“Ohh… I’m sorry Caden” Mike said putting his hand on my shoulder.


“It’s ok, he came here to attack me and to hurt you and Jasper, I did what I had to do to protect you guys and now I will deal with the consequences.” I looked at him and smiled to try to ease his mind.


“Come on let’s get back, I’m sure Jasper is getting lonely and drinking all the beer by now”


“That’s for sure, that guy can put them back with no end it seams at times.” Mike said giggling and then his voice got serious “Are you going to tell Jasper?”


“I think he should know, he may be involved in this. He may be in trouble and until I find out who the other two vampires were, I won’t know for sure. I want you to explain what you know to him while I talk to Tyler. Ok.”  He nodded in response.


We walked back to the RV to see Jasper sitting by the fire a small pile of cans next to him. “About time you guys got back, you’ve got a lot of catching up to do know boss” he said as he finished another beer dropping the can at his side.


“Not now Jasper, maybe later right now I have questions that need answers” I said to him as I walked toward the RV.


“What’s wrong? Mike”


“Jasper I need you to listen to me right now” I heard Mike say as I entered the RV. I went back to my room and closed the door. I picked up the phone and dialed the house number hoping Tyler was there.

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