GFD Ray of Hope: Chapter 5

by KillaB

After reading a few chapters of Tyler’s book, I closed it and set it down and picked up my glass taking a big gulp. I never would have thought that there was so much to learn being a vampire and I haven’t even scratched the surface, the few chapters that I read talked about some things to expect after you cross over. How you may go through some pain a few days after waking and how to try to cope with the strange emotional change you may experience. Feeding patterns and why it good to keep track with a calendar when being a new blood. Hunting tips on where and when and what to do with the body, and why it’s important to learn how to sense impurities in the donor’s blood and what the affects would be. But the part that caught my attention was the part about extras and how each vampire was different in their own way. Boy I couldn’t wait to see what my extra was going to be.


I got up and went to the bar to make another drink, I took a look at all the different types of alcohol. I then heard a voice from the door way “The brandy on the left there is my favorite, why don’t you pour us both a glass and we will get more acquainted.” I didn’t have to look I knew who it was. It was Tyler. “Ok sounds good” I said smiling just happy to have some company. I poured some brandy in two glasses and walked over to see Tyler by the fire place sitting in the chair across from where I was earlier. I handed him the glass and he swirled the liquid around as he smelt the aroma. I turned and sat in my chair.


Gredo” Tyler said to me in a language I did not understand


“It means thank you in Verzpertillio” he could see confusion on my face

“Verzpertillio is an ancient vampire language that few vampires know and even fewer speak.”


“WOW we have our own language”


“Hehehe… every new blood that learns of it almost reacts in the same way. But to answer your question, yes we do and I am going to teach it to you along with many other things. You must understand being my childe is not going to be easy you will spend a lot of you time reading scriptures and other text, offensive and defensive combat training, and once you learn what you extra is you will spend a lot of time fine tuning your ability before I teach you how to use others. Now I not only chose you because you were in that alley dying Caden, I saw poetical in a young man with a mind for great things. I know that your love for ancient history will fall right into place when you start reading and studying every I give you. Hell may be you will understand the scriptures in a way that now one else ever thought about. I also saw a soul that gave everything to make sure everyone around him was happy before thinking about himself. Someone that stayed by his friends during their time in need helping them to deal with their pain suffering and emotional stress. It takes a special type of person to do the type of thing that I do, and Caden that’s why I sired you.”


“Well that’s a lot to take in all at once but I think I understand” I said and took another drink. “There was something I wanted to ask you. You called me your chlide. What dose that mean?”


“To simply put it I was the vampire that turned you, which makes me your Sire and you my Childe. Do you understand?”


“Yeah that sounds simple enough, but it also sounds like I got a hell of learning in front of me.”


“You got that right, but don’t worry you’ll be fine I believe in you.” He said with a smile and a wink, then sipping his brandy. I blushed and turned my face looking at the fire trying hide it.


“You said it takes a special person to do what you do, Soo what is it that you do?”


“I provide sanctuary to troubled vampires, some confused and lost with no where to go no one turn to, and others being hunted. So while there they made need someone to talk with, and it’s then Caden that knowing the scriptures and other books like the one of mine you are reading now, will help you to help them. You will also need to learn some first aid just in case. Now I don’t want you to think that I’m just going to keep you locked up to learn a bunch of stuff, there is a lot of thing you need to learn on your own in the real world as well. And of course we have to have a little time for some fun.” He said with a smile.


“Tyler… there is some thing that I want to tell you. What I mean is I haven’t had the chance to say thank you. You saved my life and gave me one I  never thought was possible and for that I owe you my full dedication, I owe you my life. Again THANK YOU!” I got up and walked over to him and gave him a tight hug, he returned the gesture. I held on to him probably a little longer than I should have but it felt good to have somebody hold me and plus he smelled so good. I let go from his embrace and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He blushed with a light grin. “Gredo” I said, as I smiled at him and walked back over to the bar to fill our glasses.


Vreggo” He said


“You know when you speak those words… you just make the sound so beautiful”


I walked back over gave him his glass and then took my seat. “Could you say something, uhhm…I mean more like a sentence in Verzpertillio for me?” Why was I stumbling around with my words like some fool? It must have been the brandy, this stuff was good. I grabbed another small cigar from the table. I lit the cigar and took sip of the brandy just sat there staring at the fire waiting for his answer. I took another sip and when I looked over at Tyler, he was staring right at me and when our eyes met he said in a real sexual voice. “Solu Videre, Solo eum Nostereo”


“That was nice what dose it mean?”


“I want you to look it up tomorrow after you wake up there is a book on Verzpertillio on one of the shelves in the room you are staying in. And when you find out you can met me back here. Sound good?”


“Yeah sounds like it will be fun to me” I said with a playful smile.


“Ok we will see how much fun you having tomorrow” He said, giggling a little bit.


We just sat there enjoying each others company and the brandy. We didn’t say much to each other for the next hour, we just watched the fire dance around. Then Tyler got up and walked to the bar and put his glass in the sink. I got up and did the same.


“We should be going to bed now the sun will be up soon”

“Ok” I said giving him another tight hug, I was squeezing him tight and then I felt it. His pants stated to tighten, he then back away from me with a smile “Alright, It’s time for bed I’ll see you tomorrow”

“Good night Tyler”

“Good night Caden”


We walked out into the hall way and went our separate ways to our rooms. When I got into my room I walked straight for bed getting undressed and crawling under the covers. I couldn’t wait to find out what Tyler said to me tonight. I have never wanted to research some thing so badly before in my life. There was just something about Tyler. I think I like him, How could I not like him he was HOT. Plus he was so nice to me. And he kind of reminded me of someone. That’s when it hit me he reminded me of Kyle. Whoa I haven’t even thought about him since I found out I was a vampire. I could see his beautiful face, the light shining off his blue eyes his cute lips, I could almost taste them. Tears began to form in my eyes. Not tears of sadness but of joy. I didn’t think of him in the alley being murdered. I thought of him in heaven smiling down on me. Happy to see that I was ok and telling me not to be sad that he was ok now and that he would always be watching out for me.

I rolled over wiping the tears from my eyes looking up at the ceiling and I said out loud “I love you Kyle. You were the first boy that made me feel alive. You gave me my first reel passionate kiss with a boy. And even though we spent only a short time together, the time we had will last for an eternity in my heart. Good bye Kyle. Good bye my love.” I sniffled and sobbed a bit and wiped the tears away, I then closed my eyes and let the sleep take me.


When I awoke the next evening my body ached a little but I felt like I had the best sleep of my life. I sat up and looked around the room. All the candles were lit but they looked like they haven’t burned an inch. That when it hit me, Victor he must have put them out and relit them before I woke up. No there’s now way, after all he was old he couldn’t do every thing around here. There had to be other people that came and went while we were sleeping, I wonder if I will ever meet ant of them. Oh well I guess I’ll have to wait to find out.


I got out of bed and went into the bathroom to take a shower. When I turned on the lights I saw my clothes hanging there, they had been cleaned and on a small table next to them was a new pair of shoes, socks and underwear. I could get used to this. I started the shower and while I waited for the water to get warm I brushed my teeth. I didn’t want to waist any time finding out what Tyler said to me. I took a quick shower and got dressed. I walked back into my room and begun to scan the bookcases, let’s see he said there was a book in here that would give me the answers. Ahhh, he never gave me a title, or was I looking for a dictionary. Dam it. This could take me all night, all week, even all month.

Let’s see the language was called Verzpertillio. So I need to narrow down my search for that word. I searched around the stacks of book for what seamed like an hour or so and my mind started to go crazy. “DAM IT!!!” I hit stack of books sending a few flying across the room. That’s when I saw it a book that had the name on it. Was this the one I was looking for, boy I hope so. I grabbed the book and ran over and jumped on my bed, sending the pillows flying. I laid down on my stomach propping myself up. I opened up the book and that’s when I noticed that I was so excited by just seeing the word Verzpertillio that I didn’t even look at the title fully. It was a love story written in Verzpertillio, and I didn’t even know how to read it. What was I going to do now, search the entire house for a dictionary? I scanned the first few of the pages hoping the author put some sort of translation key, but who was I kidding this book was seriously old. I probably shouldn’t be touching it right now, but this was my only link to find out what Tyler said. So I continued to scan the pages to see if any of the words looked familiar to me. Familiar, I don’t even know how to spell the words he spoke to me. “Sigh” What am I going to do now. I continued to scan as if I knew what I was looking for. What choice did I have? Then there was a knock at the door.


“Come In”


The door opened slightly.

“Master Caden, I’m sorry if I am disturbing you.”


I knew that voice it was Victor. “Please come in Victor it will be nice to finally meet you” I got up off the bed quickly tried to straiten myself up.


He walked into the room and I could finally put a face with the voice. He was an older gentleman, in a black suit with white gloves, kind of what you would expect when you think of a butler. He had long white hair that went below his shoulder blue eyes and a light white beard. And his face looked as if it didn’t match. I don’t know. Some how he was different I could sense it. And I’m sure there is a story that I’ll find out later.


I walked toward him extending out my hand. “It’s nice to finally meet you Victor” We shook hands.


“The pleasure is all mine, Master Caden” He said slightly bowing his head.


“You can just call me Caden if you like”


“No I must refer to you as master or sir. To do other wise would be improper of me”


“I understand” I said with a smile


He returned the smile and said “Master Tyler left this in the lounge for you and asked that I deliver it to you if you were still in your room around this time.” As he handed me a folded piece of paper with a note attached. “Thank you victor”


“It’s my duty sir, I will leave you to your business” He bowed and left the room.


I was giddy with excitement. I ran back over to the bed jumping in the air and spun around so I landed on my back. Tyler wrote me a message, I wonder what it said. I read the note “I thought you might need this”


I opened up the folded paper to reveal the words “Solu Videre, Solo eum Nostereo”


THAT WAS IT. The words, now I know what I’m looking for. So let the search begin, I was laying on back reading the book hoping these words could be found and I could some how decipher their meaning. GOD this was going to be impossible without some sort of translation key. I turned to the next page. That’s when some thing fell out of the book and hit me in the face. I shook my head. “What the hell was that” I looked over to see what hit me, it was a couple of folded pieces of paper. I opened them up and to my surprise. “AH HA… YES, THANK YOU GOD!!” They were notes, translating the words, and their usage in grammar. Someone was up their trying to help me out. I moved the papers from in front of my face, looking up I said “Thanks Kyle” with a wink and a smile. I franticly started to try and match up the words and their meaning, scribbling notes on a piece of paper. It took me some time. Come on I was learning a whole new language here, or a least a crash course. “I think I got it” I said out loud as if some one was there.


The words Tyler said to me were “You See, I Love You” my heart began to race, did I have this right. I double checked. Yep that’s right. Wow…oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. What am I going to do what am I going to say. Ok just calm down Caden get a hold of yourself. I walked to the bathroom to splash some water on my face hoping some how that would help. I turned on the water and stopped for second to look at myself in the mirror trying to see if I had fangs growing or some thing I don’t know. That’s when the light in the bathroom flickered and the image in the mirror wasn’t me it was Kyle, and just as fast as he appeared he was gone. What the hell was that? Now I really needed to splash my face with water. I must have sat there for a few minutes. I turned off the water and dried my face off. I looked back at the mirror and it happened again, but this time instead of Kyle it was Tyler. Ok what the fuck is going on here. Was this one of those vampire traits, I mean my body is changing right now. I guess I can ask Tyler about it later he might know what it means.


I walked back into my room looking at the papers on my bed, and seeing the words I love you, made my heart beat faster as thoughts of how I was going to tell him that I felt the same way. I couldn’t just blurt out I love you to. That would be cheesy. I needed to show him how much I care for him. He did save my life after all. There was one thought that just stuck out, that’s it. That’s exactly what I’ll do……………………….



I walked into the lounge it had the same inviting atmosphere as before a nice warm fire was burning. I got to the bar and filled a glass with ice. I was sitting there trying to decide what to drink.


“Why don’t you pour out that ice and get us some of that delicious brandy we enjoyed last night?” My heart began to speed up, ok calm down you don’t want to blow it.


“HEY TYLER, I’m glad your home” Smiling as I looked at him through the mirror behind the bar. Wasting no time I poured our drinks and walked over to Tyler handing him his drink and then taking my seat. I held my glass up and said to Tyler “To life” He said in return “To eternal life”


A big smile came across my face “To eternal life” I corrected myself. And be both took a sip, and looked at each other with a smile.


“Have you figured out what I said to you last night?” with a little smirk on his face.


“Not yet” I was lying of course


“Oh” He said with a little sadness in his voice “Well you’re a smart guy I’m sure you will figure it out”


“Yeah sooner or later” I said stand up and walking over to the fire place, putting my little plan into motion. I stood there with my back towards him just watching the fire


“Master Tyler a message has arrived for you” Victor said as he handed Tyler the parchment and then left the room.


“I wonder who this could be from. There’s no seal on it that’s weird”


I heard him set down his glass and open the envelope and I could almost here him read the words. He got up from his chair and walked up behind me and gave me the biggest hug, and kissed me on the back of the neck. “You’re so romantic, did you plan this all by your self” kissing my neck again, he then whispered in my ear “Solu Videre, Solo eum Nostereo”


I turned around and said the words I wrote for him “Solu Astivore”


Our eyes connected at that moment. We both leaned in and started to kiss each other. Slowly at first, our hands roaming and caressing each others body. As our body heat intensified so did our kissing our tongues now exploring and playfully flicking each other. He grabbed me by my tight globes and pulled me into him, grinding his hardness into mine. I let out a soft whimper. “Ummmmph” Letting him know that I was willing to go as far he was, and with that he waved his hand towards the doors and they closed and locked them selves. Still kissing him I said “That’s a neat trick”

“You like that do ya” he said giving me little pecks on the lips

“Yeah” As I pulled him closer to me, if that was possible at this point.

“Well I guess I will have to teach you someday”

“Uh huh” I couldn’t speak any more I just wanted to feel his lips touching mine. With one hand I reached behind his head and pulled him in for a deep kiss, and with the other hand pulled off his jacket, unbutton his shirt and tossed it to the floor, he got the hint and did the same to me. He was grinding his hardness into me with a passionate rhythm. I pulled him down to the floor onto the rug in front of the fireplace, I laid on top of him kissing his well defined chest and abs. God he had the hottest body could this get any better, I hoped so.


I continued to kiss his chest and flicking his nipples with my tongue, I worked my kisses south and started to undo his pants, Tyler lifted his hips to help me free him of his clothing. Once his member was free it popped up and slapped his chest and began to throb along with his heart beat. Wow it did get better he was big, at least seven and a half inches and a thickness you can still get your mouth around. He could see my eyes widen as I looked down at him, slowly biting my bottom lip.


“You like what you see”

“Oh yeah” I said leaning up giving him a long kiss. He then tugged at my pants telling me to take them off. I got the hint and ripped them off and tossed them on the floor, Tyler reached down and took me in his hand stroking me slowly. “You’re not to bad yourself” I was supporting about 7″ my self. I ran my tongue down the center of his chest to his belly and then over the tip and down the shaft. Tyler let out a loud moan “Oh Yeah Caden”


I then took him into my mouth. He tasted so good my mouth started salivating the moment he entered. I could feel every inch pulsating as I moved up and down. Tyler grabbed my hair and started to slowly rub his hands through it, I quickened my pace and Tyler started to thrust his hips matching my rhythm. I moved faster and faster, Tyler’s thrust stopped and his legs started to stiffen up. And under a moan he said “Cade I’m going….” I stopped him by placing my finger on his lips, he sucked it into his mouth swirling his tongue around it. It made me suck even harder. “Oh yeah here it comes baby” and he let loose sending his hit cream down my throat and filling my mouth with small amounts passing my lips. I sucked him until his body stopped quivering. I let him slide out of my mouth and licked the remainder of him off my lips.


He looked at me panting “That was sooo good” he then leaned over and kissed me.


“It’s your turn now honey” he laid me down and grabbed a hold stroking me a few times getting me hard. He then lowered himself down taking me in, the warmth of his mouth was enough to set me off, but this felt too good I had to hold out for a little longer. Oh he was good moving his tongue around as he moved up and down. It was hard to contain my self. Tyler moved his hand beneath my soft cheeks squeezing them and pulling me deeper into his mouth. I couldn’t hold it anymore. “Oh fuck ya Tyler here it coooomes” I moaned as I let out five or six shots into his mouth. He sucked out every last drop, and licked up any that might have slipped by. He crawled up and kissed me. I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him down on top of me. ” I love you Caden” “And I love you too Tyler”


We just laid there rolling around kissing for awhile. Tyler stopped and looked me in the eyes, smiled and said “Come on let’s go to bed”

”Sounds good to me” I said and we got up grabbed our clothes and our brandies and headed for bed.


“If you thought your room was big wait till you see my room and the bed is huge plenty of room for the both of us.”


“I get to sleep with you?”

“Yeah you’re my boyfriend and I want to sleep with my boyfriend”

“Wow I never thought I would be saying those words, Boyfriend…I have a boyfriend and he’s hot!”


“What, you are you know”

He gave me a playful slap on the ass.

“Hey” I said giggling

“Come on we have just enough time to go again before the sun comes up if you want to”

“You know I want to” and I pinched his butt and he let out a yelp “ouch” he said slapping me my hand.

“Come on lets go to bed”

“You lead the way”

He grabbed my leading the way to what I referred to from that day on as our love chamber…..

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