GFD Ray of Hope: Chapter 4

by KillaB

I woke up early again but this time in a cold sweat with thoughts of what I did last night killing Malic. Thoughts of satisfaction and not of remorse like usual. It was my donor and he made me feel like I wanted more. More destruction and more blood, dam it I knew I should have known better but at least there’s one less killer out tonight. “Sighhh.”


Well I may have to lock my self in for a night or two until these feelings subside or just limit my outside contact to just Jasper and Mike for a while, we’ll see how bad it gets. At least I have my journal copying to do so that should keep my mind off things.


I got out of bed and grabbed my laptop and journal sat back down on the bed and began typing…..


….”KYLE” I shouted out with a tear coming to eye, waking up in a strange room there were candles and stacks of books all about the room. I was on a large bed with red silk sheets. Where was I? The last thing I remember was being attacked in the ally with Kyle. Wait I have a vague memory of to men talking and one saying I was going to die, and I mumbled I want to live. Then I woke up here where ever here is I have to leave I need to know if Kyle is ok. I pulled back the sheets and noticed I was naked, where are my clothes as I looked around the room they were no where to be seen. Ok this was starting to freak me out. Then a door opened and a figure walked in the shadows hiding his face, and he spoke with such a gentle voice “Oh good you’re awake now”


“Who…who are you?” “And what did you do to Kyle…Answer me!”


“Please Caden remain calm I will explain everything in due time”


“How do you know my name? And you still haven’t answered my question”

“My name is Tyler, you are in my house and you are safe now. I was going to wait to tell you this until after I had explained every thing else, but you don’t seam like you’re willing to wait. Caden I sorry I have to tell you this I really am, but your friend Kyle is dead.”


His words pierced my heart, shivers ran down my spine as my body began to quiver and my stomach twisted into a knot. I pulled my knees to my chest and started to rock my eyes were flooded with tears that were now dripping off my face with a steady pace. I tried to speak in between sobs.


“H… how… could someone….. Oh Kyle I’m sor… rryyy” I tried to wipe the tears from my eyes but they wouldn’t stop.


“Caden I know how feel right now” I cut him off “YOU DON’T KNOW ANTHING” I shouted in a deep sob of pain.


“SIGH!!” “Caden” he said in a soft voice “I want you to listen to me right now ok, I know you’re hurting from your loss and you will have time for grievance believe me, but right now there are things I need to tell you and I need your full attention, ok?”


“OK” I sniffled


“Alright lets see how do I put this um… Look that night when I found you in the alley that night your body and taken one hell of a beating Caden you were not going to last long. In fact I don’t know how you were still alive in the first place, but you had a very strong will to live. So I did the only thing that I could do to save you, I brought you to my home and you were about to die and when you said that you wanted to live, I…uh… I gave you life, eternal life.”


“You did what, I don’t understand?” I said with a confused look


“Well to simply put it I’m a Vampire and in order to save your life I made you a Vampire, do you understand that?”


Still sitting in a ball on the bed his words were soothing, it was something about his voice that just made me feel like I could trust him even though I sill couldn’t see his face he was sill standing by the door way allowing the shadows to cover him. I let go of my fetal position and move over to the side of the bed allowing my legs to hang over the side, my mind was racing trying to wrap itself around the information I was just given. My sobs and tears had almost stopped and in a quite voice I said “I understand I’ve seen the movies, I know what a vampire is”

“Hehehe, well Caden while some thing you may know about vampires, you’ve got a lot to learn more than you know, but I will be here to teach you” He said with a smile.


“So why are you hiding in the shadows are you all old and ugly or something. I mean…” Shit why did I say that. I didn’t want to piss him off, he could probably rip me to pieces.


“No Caden far from it. I just thought that you would take me more seriously if you just heard my voice and not my face”


It was then he emerged from the shadows to reveal himself. Wow he was a teenager like me. I mean he looked like he was around my age, and he was gorgeous, he had short blond hair, blue eyes, with lips that just say kiss me, and a very light tan he was about 5’9″ 150lbs nice build. I felt myself getting stiff just from looking at him, so I put my hands in my lap to keep him from noticing. He walked over and sat next to me on the bed placing hone hand on my shoulder and the other he offered as to shake my hand and formally introduce himself. “Tyler Wolfe” he said with a light accent. I stuck my hand out and shook his “Caden Burhardt”


“Well it’s nice to finally met you for real Caden Burhardt”

“Like wise” I said


The sound of his voice saying my name was so erotic to me. I never heard anyone say my name the way he did, it made my stiffness start to grow under the sheets, Tyler noticed my stiffening member and just smiled as I turned away blushing.


“Well” he said clearing his throat and standing up from the bed.


“There is a shower through that door over there on the right, feel free to take your time and collect your thoughts when you get out I will answer ant questions you my have, but for now just go and relax in the hot water for awhile, ok”


“Ok, thanks”


“Victor will bring in some clothes for you while you shower, so don’t be alarmed”




“Victor is my butler he will take care of anything you may need, just let him know, now I have some work to take care of, but I will return shortly.” He then tossed me a book and said “Here read some of this when you get out of the shower, it may give you some answers as to what you have to look forward to living here with me.”


It was an old leather bound book with a black cover and gold lettering that read “My first years in darkness” by Tyler Wolfe written in 1948.


“You wrote this?” I said with a surprise in my voice


“Yes I wrote that along time ago hoping that other could learn from my experiences or just to know that there were others going through the same trials” “Plus I think it will help you catch up on knowing some things about me, since I already know so much about you Caden”


“Wait how do you know about me?”

“Read the book, it will explain that part clearly, OK” as he started walking to the door “Now go take a shower, I’ll be back later”


As he left the room and closed the door I sat there on the bed, all I could think about was I’m a fucking vampire how cool was that, Mikes going to flip when I tell him. I got up from the bed with a grin on my face and a look of satisfaction, my thoughts of Kyle seamed to take a step to the side for the moment. I walked over to the bathroom door and when I opened it I walked into the largest bathroom I had ever been in. I mean my parents had a huge bathroom but this one was double that size. Wow this house must be huge. I turned on the water and waited for to get hot. As I stood there I turned to look in the mirror and I noticed that my body was normal, I mean where I expected to see large cuts and bruises and there weren’t any my skin and face were clean, how was this possible. I remember being beat to pulp. There had to be some sort of damage, but none not one scratch. I guess I had one of my first questions for Tyler already. The room began to fill with steam so I walked over to the shower and adjusted the temperature. I stepped in and as the water hit my body I never felt so good. I just sat there for a while as the water trickled down my skin covering me in warmth. After I washed my hair I grabbed a washcloth and a bar of soap and started to scrub myself clean. When I started to clean my member it started to grow and stiffen up, I started to think, I haven’t taken care of myself in a while and now it would be my first time as a vampire, and I was wondering if it would be different in some way. I grabbed the conditioner and put a healthy glob on my hand, there was a bench style seat against the wall. So I laid down and started to stroke myself slowly. It felt good like I never done it before. I picked up my pace letting out a whimper like moan, as thoughts of Tyler came to my mind of him kissing me with his beautiful lips. He was holding me tight, his hands caressing my body and grabbing my tight cheeks. It was then my body tensed up and I begun to shoot streams onto my chest as I let out as loud moan “UAHHH” and my body started to quiver.


After I was done I just laid there for awhile with my thoughts. I then heard a knock on the just before it opened “Master Burhardt” A voice echoed threw the room. Shit it was Victor, I didn’t want him to see me like this so I went to stand up and slipped and landed on the shower floor with a thud.


“Are you ok sir do you need assistance?” He said with a concerned Voice.


“No thank you I’m fine” pulling myself up.


“Ok, well I ‘m setting some clothes out for you and I want to know if you want boxers or briefs?”


“Boxers please”


“Alright I also put some deodorant, a toothbrush and some toothpaste for you on the counter. There is a fresh towel for you as well”


“Thank you Victor”


“Your welcome sir, there is a lounge down the hall to the left and a bout five doors down if you fancy yourself a drink and a smoke. If there is anything else you let me know?”


“Ok Thanks” and with he left the room. I cleaned myself up and got out of the shower and dried off. Looking over at the clothes that were hanging up for me, I noticed they were nice, I mean I wore nice clothes but these, it was almost like they were tailored to fit me. I wasn’t going to complain. After I got dressed I walked back into the room and picked up the book Tyler had given to me, I opened it and scanned the pages. I then walked out of the room and down the hallway to the lounge. A drink and cig sounded good right now. I reached the lounge to walk into a large room with a fire place at the far wall the fire lit up the whole room as shadow and flame danced around. I stepped over to the bar and poured myself a glass of whiskey with a few ice cubes. Picked a large comfy chair and sat down. I lit a smoke took a sip of my drink and opened Tyler’s book and started reading……….

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