GFD Ray of Hope: Chapter 3

by KillaB

Wasting no time no time I used my invisibility extra and crept closer to the three intruders. They were still far enough away from my perimeter sensors, Good I didn’t want Jasper and Mike involved in this just yet not until I know what’s going on here and from the smell of the blood they were drunk beyond belief. It’s best if they stay out of this right now. With every step they took I took one my self inching closer to them unnoticed for now. My next step was frozen in mid air, I looked down at the ground and it was covered with small twigs and leaves. I thought to my self one more step and they’ll now I’m here for sure. Think! Caden think! I got it, jumping into the air and started to float above them. The element of surprise still on my side, I turned in mid air my back now to the RV and the intruder in front. I thought about attempting to read their minds but I was still learning how to use that particular extra and haven’t quite got it down yet, so it’s possible they could sense my attempts. Did they know whose camp this was or were they just scavengers looking to take advantage of some rich humans?


They were older vampires maybe in their late twenties at time of crossover. All dressed in black with long coats. What was this some kind of vamp gang? I’ve seen their kind before. That’s when the on in the middle spoke to the other two. He must have been the leader. “Arade Dierom Luzinirae.” He then pointed in my direction. What did they want with my friends? And vamp gangs don’t speak Verzpertillio an ancient vampire language most don’t take the time to learn it or appreciate its beauty this had to be serious. As they walked toward me I was ready to attack. That’s when I remembered my Sire telling me “It is easy to jump directly into a fight, but it is even easier to ask questions before confrontation to simply put it know thy enemy”


With that I lowered myself to the ground and begun to let myself become visible again and said in a stern voice “Arrete”the two vampires stopped in their tracks with their eyes widening with the shock.

“What do you want here?” “And what do you want with the humans inside?”


The leader stepping forward “AH” “Solio Venere Darem Novus

“Do I know you?” a light look of confusion on my face as I tried to remember my past.


Demestre Germany” he said


It was then my thoughts took me back to the temple my Sire had sent me to for training. It seam’s like an eternity since I’ve been there but it’s only been 25 years. I now remembered the face before me it was…

And before I could say his name in my mind he spoke “AHH Yes Caden it’s me you do remember don’t you?”


“Malic” I said with disgust “What are you doing here?”

“You see, I still haven’t forgotten about my friends you killed back then and well I’ve been waiting…tracking you down and when I found you and noticed your two companions here and your love for them. I decided to wait for years until you grew so attached to them that when I killed them you would feel the pain that I felt when you murdered my friends.”


“What happened to Adam and Ben was not murder it was self defense” I said trying to get him to understand


His eyes flashed a red glow at the mention of them. “DON”T YOU SAY THEIR NAMES TO ME” “I have come for revenge and I intend to get it”


Videvarem” I said taking a fighting stance. “Even if you happen to get past me they’re protected and you will have to deal with the elders if you touch them”


“I will worry about that when the time comes” he said with a grin on his face.  “GET HIM” he shouted to his minions.


I didn’t hesitate my eyes turning red, my feet dug into the ground and I begun to notice my donors traits showing themselves, he was a killer and maybe I could use a little of that now he had such confidence in his actions and I felt it flowing threw me. With a quick leap I was right in front of one of them slamming my fist into his chest. I could feel my hand collapse his ribcage before knocking down 2o feet away. With a snapping spin kick to the head on the next guy I sent him flying too. Turning my attention to Malic he was already on attack. I knew that he had some of the same fighting training that I had but what I wasn’t sure of was how much has he kept up on it. If he I still any kind of a slacker that he was then, I would have the advantage.


He came at me with his fist in a fury high and low. I tried to dodge them all bus the was fast getting a few shots in here and there, but his style lacked focus he had to have a weakness. Speaking of focus I took my mind off him for a second to see the other two just starting to get up. Then bam a kick to the chest sent me back a few feet and before I could catch my breath he was back at it throwing punches left and right. Then I saw it a pattern in his attack I waited for the opening and with everything I had an uppercut straight to his jaw popping out a few of his teeth including a fang. He shrieked in pain grasping his mouth. I took this opening to give him a swift kick to the chest that sent him flying back 30 feet into a tree. He hit it with a large thud and fell to the ground gasping for air and spitting up blood.

By then the other two were at their feet and had pulled large bowie knives. They rushed me from both sides slashing at me. When I dodged one the other would slice at me, I had to think fast. I was beginning to feel like I was in a blender. I then managed to jump in the air kicking one of them in face knocking him back a bit then the swiped at me I dodged his blade and grabbed his arm and brought my elbow down snapping it in two. He stumbled back grabbing his arm in horror letting out a loud scream. Malic was still down but looked as if he was trying to get up. Again my focus off of the one behind me who was rushing up to stab me in the back, just then the RV door flew open as Jasper fired multiple razor sharp discs at the attacker cutting him to pieces in mid stride. I was sprayed with blood as his body parts fell to the floor all around me. I turned around gave nod to Jasper as to say Thanks. “No problem but you got one more over there and he looks pissed” as he walked towards the vampire with the broken arm. With a quick pull of the trigger Jasper took him down just as easy as the first one, leaving only me and Malic to battle it out. As I approached him he stood up pulling a long sliver stake from his pants. “I had this made just for you” he said with an evil grin “How thoughtful of you” I said sarcastically


“It’s time for you to die” he said lunging at me stabbing with the same fury as his punches. The only thing was is the punches I could handle but these puncher wounds were starting to hurt. I fought back with everything I had to keep him at bay. My arms and legs were starting to get weak I had to end this now plus the sun would be up soon. Dodging a few more blows and throwing a few of my own, I remembered the flask that Mike gave me. I pulled it out along with a lighter from my pocket and took a large drink from the flask and said “HEY ASSHOLE HOW ABOUT A SUNBURN” I took another mouthful lit the lighter and covered him in flames. He yelled in agony “DAM YOU CADEN ARRH” Trying to put himself out he dropped his stake. I picked it up looked over at him and said “Thanks for buying this just for me Malic” with that said I thrust the stake into his heart piercing all the way through. I pulled back as his body fell to the floor.


Virtemtio…Adeum Deis Vena” wiping a stray tear as I walked away


“What was that all about… who was that?” Jasper said


”I don’t want to talk about it right now I just need to get some rest, OK”


“No problem boss”


“Hey thanks for the help back there” putting my hand on his shoulder as we walked to the RV.


“It was my pleasure” he said with a chuckle


“I think we should clean up here before any one wakes up”


“Your right I’ll wake up Mike and we’ll get right on it, the sun is coming up and you should get to your room right away”


“It’s my mess I’ll help you guys out”


“Don’t be foolish, plus we got some of those slag lasers which will make clean up a snap. Now stop worrying and go to bed the sky is already turning” He said sternly kind of like a father.


“I owe you one Jasper” I said as I messed up his hair with my hand.


“No you don’t you saved me a long time ago and for that I will always be in your debt” giving me a tight bear hug and kissed the top of my head.


“I’ll see you tomorrow” I said and then walked back to my room closed the door and got undressed, looking in the mirror at all the wounds starting to heal. I rubbed my eyes and let out a loud yawn I then crawled into bed and went to sleep.

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