GFD Ray of Hope: Chapter 13

by KillaB

When I awoke the next evening Tyler was already showered and dressed and sitting next to me on the bed.  I hated when he woke up before me.  He leaned in and gave me a kiss.

“Honey I have business to take care of tonight.  I want you to stay home and keep Mike company.  He still has some time to spend here, and I think it would be good if you could teach him how to use and control his extra. ”Tylersmiled and gave me another kiss.


“Stay home?” I pouted.  “I don’t want to stay home. I’ve been locked up for a whole year, and now that I’m home you want to force me to stay inside?  NO, I know it would be a good idea but not tonight babe.  I need to go out and have fun, I need to hunt, I need real blood, do you understand where I’m coming from?” I said with my best puppy dog look, knowing full well he can’t resist that look.


Tylertook a deep breath then sighed.  “Why do you do this to me?  You’re such a punk you know that?” he said, then punched me in the arm.


“Hey what was that for?”  I gave him a confused look.


“That’s for giving me that look.  You know I can’t say no when you do that.”  Tylersmiled, then got up and headed for the door, turning just before he reached it. “Stay out of trouble tonight Caden.  I know you, and with your new powers you don’t need to be attracting any attention to yourself. ”Tylergave me a stern look. “OK?” He added.


“OK….gosh you’re no fun!”  I crossed my arms, gave him the look, and then giggled.


“I love youTylerbear” I said then blew him a kiss.


“I love you too Caden.”  He returned the gesture, and then left the room.


I jumped out of bed and rushed over to the closet to gather my clothes; once I had my outfit picked out I walked to the bathroom and got into the shower.  I missed my shower, the temperature of the water, the pressure; it just felt good to be home.  I stood in there for at least ten minutes just letting the water run down my body.  Knowing that I wanted to make as much of the night count as I could, I then washed up and got out.  After I got dressed, I went downstairs to the room that Mike was staying in.  He was already up, dressed, and just sitting down reading a book.


“I remember those days” I said as I leaned against the doorway.  He spun his body around so fast I thought he was going to fall out of his chair. “Did I scare you?” I giggled.


“Just a little, but you were always able to sneak up on me, even as kids” Mike smiled.


“Yeah those were the days” I sighed. “Well hey how would you like to go out with me tonight?  Tylerwants you to stay home, but I think you have probably been cooped up in this house for quite some time now, and  I’m going out to hunt, then hit the club.  It would be nice to have some company”


“Yeah that sounds like fun, but wouldn’tTylerget mad at you for taking me out?” Mike said with a concerned look on his face.


“Let me worry about him, and even if he does get mad one little love session and he’ll forgive me” I snickered.


“You’re so silly” Mike laughed.


Mike put down his book, grabbed a coat and we headed out for the evening.  I took him to my favorite hunting grounds just outside of the city.  The cops must be cleaning up this area from the looks of it.  The amount of degenerates had dwindled from the last time I was here.  We walked over to my favorite spot and took a seat at a bench that was in a dark corner of the park.  I began to scan the area for a suitable donor, and at the same time asked Mike to do the same.  I was kind of testing him on his knowledge of hunting.  Not saying thatTylerwasn’t the best teacher, I just wanted to see what he had learned so far.  A large man appeared at the far end of the park and was walking in our direction.


“What about the one Caden?” he said as he pointed the man out.


“Ok, what makes him a good candidate?”


“Well his blood is clean, and from what I can read from his mind he’s here to rob people, maybe even kill someone if they resist.  From whatTylerhas told me, those are your favorite” Mike said with a smile.


“Yes they are, and you’re right, he is a perfect candidate.  All I have to do now is wait for him to get a little closer so I can make my move.”  I smiled at Mike as my eyes flashed a red glow.


A young woman was walking through the park and I could hear the thoughts of the man.  She was going to be his next victim.  I had to make my move sooner than I thought.  I had to think fast to get his attention off of her.


“Alright pay up, you owe me a hundred dollars now” I said loudly.


Mike looked at very confused. “What are you talking about?”


“Just play along” I said.


“How about double or nothing…No, alright, I will give you three hundred right now if you can beat me again”


That was enough to catch his attention; the man began to make his way in our direction.  “Three hundred, I wonder how much those guys have on them” the man thought.  I had him right where I wanted him.  He was getting closer, but I had my eye on him.   When he stepped out from behind a nearby tree, I pretended to be startled and shove money into my pocket.


“Can we help you” I said.


The man pulled out a gun.  “Give me all of your money now and there won’t be any trouble. ” His hand was steady and his voice firm, as though he had done this plenty of times in the past, and this was just another routine robbery.


“We don’t want any trouble sir” Mike stammered as though he was scared, slowly reaching into his pocket.


I slowly took a step toward the man. He quickly aimed the gun at me. “That’s far enough, give me your money” he demanded again.


“Ok…ok, take it easy, we don’t want any trouble, like my friend said.”  I reached for my back pocket and pulled out a wallet.  “There is over five hundred in here, just take it and go.”  As I showed the man my wallet, his thoughts and facial expressions told me that this was going to be his biggest hit yet.  As he approached me I slowly turned to Mike and winked.  Mike smiled and let out a light chuckle.


“What’s so funny?”  The man demanded as he got closer, slowly reaching his hand out for the money.


“All clear boss” Mike said.


“What’s clear?”  Fear began to creep into the man’s voice.


“The area is clear” Mike smiled at him.


“Clear…clear for what?”


“For this!”  I let my fangs drop and my eyes flashed a fiery crimson color.  Before the man could even react I had already knocked the gun out of his hand.  The look of fear and panic on his face had turned to disbelief.  Within a split second he was on the ground and I was on top of him.  He began to struggle, but I used my strength to hold him down.  He went to scream, but I was quick to place my hand over his mouth only allowing a slight squeak escape. His eyes widened when my fangs came into full view.  A small drop of saliva fell from my fangs, hitting him on the neck, almost like a target.  I leaned his head back and watched the blood pump through the artery in his neck.  I licked my lips and then sunk my fangs in deep.  His body winced from the pain, and blood squirted out of the side of my lips.  The taste of his blood was delicious.  I wasn’t sure if it was the fact that he was my first real human in over a year, or if his blood was just that good, but whatever it was, I was enjoying it.  I bit down even harder and began to suck the life right out of him; his struggles had begun to diminish with every passing second, and his heartbeat was getting weaker and weaker.   When finished, I wiped the remaining blood off of my mouth with his shirt.  I stood up and turned to Mike and gave him a smile. “That was sooo good” I said as I smacked my lips together and allowed my fangs to retreat back into my gums.


“I feel like having a good drink and dancing now.  What do you say Mike, should we get going?”

“Yeah sure, sounds like fun, where do want to go?”


“Well there is this really cool vampire club downtown that we should go to.”


“Ok, I never been to one of those yet” Mike said with a smile.


I hid the body near some bushes so the slag hunters could come get it before anyone would find it.  We left the park and made our downtown to go to the club. When we reached the alley where the club was located there were a few vampires hanging out outside.  Some of them were giving us weird looks as we passed.   I was quick to flash the fiery glow of my eyes to let them know that I wasn’t just some punk kid vampire.  I don’t know what it was with the older type that always seemed to look down on a younger vampire like me.  I guess they were jealous of my looks, or maybe they could just smell the fresh blood on me.  Whatever it was I didn’t like it.  We reached the door and there was a large line outside, maybe about twenty to thirty vampires waiting to get in.  I walked up to the dooman and shook his hand and twisted it in a slight angle before I let go, not to give him money, but to show him the ring on my finger,  letting him know that I was more than just some average everyday vampire.

The doorman nodded, opened the door and welcomed us into the club; we could hear the whining of the others outside that had been waiting to get in as the door was shutting.  As we walked through the small hallway we could hear the music starting to get louder. It had been so long since I’ve heard music, that the beat instantly got my body moving.  When we finally reached the interior of the club, the light and sounds brought me back.  I missed this scene, and all I could think of was that I was going to have a good time tonight and nothing was going to stop me.  Mike and I made our way through the crowd; there were a lot of very cute guys there that were smiling at me as I passed, and of course I smiled back, even giving some of them a wink and gesturing a kiss at them.  We found an empty table near the dance floor and sat down.  A waiter was there within seconds after we sat down which was very surprising.  Normally in a club this busy you would be waiting for quite some time.  The waiter was fairly tall and had short blonde hair, a very cute smile and these light green eyes that just seemed to draw you in.  I was just staring at the boy when Mike tapped me on the arm.


“Huh….what?” I shook my head.


“HI my name is Tristan, I will be serving you tonight. Can I get you guys something to drink?” he said, blushing.


“Maybe later Tristan” I smiled. “For now I’ll just have a Captain Morgan’s on the rocks.”  My comment caused him to blush even harder.


“I will have one of those too” Mike chimed in, causing our little eye fucking connection to break.


“Ok, I will be right back with those” he said,  giving me a smile, then turning and heading for the bar.  The way he wiggled his cute little ass as he walked away caused me to get a little stiff in the pants.


“Do you hit on all the guys when you go out?” Mike asked shaking his head.


“What that…hehee…that was nothing, you should see when me and Tyler are together, we’re bad.  Tyler, he has some of them almost cuming in their pants with the way he talks to them” I said as I was scanning the crowd.


A few moments later Tristan showed up with our drinks, placing them down on the table then taking a seat next to me.  “Here you go gentlemen, is there anything else I can get for you?”  He said it like a general question but was looking directly at me.


I giggled then responded “I’m anything but gentle.”  I smiled at him. “No, we’re fine at the moment, thank you Tristan.”


“My friend here wants to sleep with you Tristan” Mike snickered.


“MIKE!” I was shocked at his comment. “Way to be subtle!”  I giggled then took a drink.


“Oh really?” Tristan said while blushing.  He then leaned in close, placed his hand on my thigh and whispered in my ear. “I go on break in a few hours, how about we go upstairs and fuck the shit out of each other”


I turned and looked at him, and smiled as I placed my hand on top of his pulling it closer to my now stiffening cock; I then leaned in and gave him a kiss.  I guess Tristan wasn’t one to be subtle either,  He began to stroke me through my jeans, and placed his free hand on the back of my head pulling me in closer.  He started to kiss me with passion, passion the likes of which I usually only get fromTyler.  We broke our kiss and smiled at each other.  Tristan then got up slowly, pulling his hand away from my cock like he didn’t want to leave, and who was I trying to fool I didn’t want him to leave either.


He smiled at me just before saying. “I have to get back to work before I get in trouble,” looking around as he tried to discreetly hide his erection.


“Mmmmm….I can’t wait to get a hold of that monster cock later” I said staring at the large bulge in his pants.


“Ditto sexy, I will be back in a while to get you another round.”  Tristan smiled then walked away heading back to bar.


“You are bad Caden” Mike said.  “I will have to admit you are one sexy guy.  If I were gay I don’t know how I would be able to keep my hands off you either”


“Why thank you Mike, I owe you for that one, though I probably would have just flirted with him all night.” I raised my glass. “A toast…to hot sex” I said laughing.


“To hot sex” Mike responded.  We touched glasses then took a large drink.  As Mike was about to place his drink on the table, he looked down at the dance floor. “Speaking of which, I’m going to go talk to that girl right over there.  I’ll be back”


“Good luck with that.H hey do you want some help hooking up?” I giggled.


“Nah its ok, she’d probably fall in love with your hot gay ass.”


All I could do was laugh.  Mike proceeded down to the dance floor and approached the girl.  Within minutes they were talking and laughing.  She must have liked him because within no time she had her hands wrapped around his neck and they were making out while dancing.  I sat there enjoying my drink, watching everyone dance,  and to my surprise two of the boys I saw on the way in were walking up to my table.


“Hi” one of the boys said.


“Hi” I responded.


“ummm…we were wondering if we could sit at your table with you” the boy said as he looked around the room.


“Sure, be my guest” I said with a smile, and motioned for them to take a seat.


“Thanks, all of the other tables are full, and well we saw you come in and you’re…ummm hot”  The two boys looked at each other, then back at me.  “My name is Jay and this is my friend Chris.”  The two of them looked like twins.  Both had black hair and gorgeous blue eyes, and slim bodies, although Jay was a little taller.  Still, they were two of the hottest white surfer boys that I have ever seen.


“My name is Caden, it’s nice to meet you both.”  I finished my drink and placed the empty glass on the table.  In no time at all, Tristan was at the table with another glass.  He had a little bit of a sad look on his face, as if I was already going to replace him with these two cuties.  I pulled him close to me and gave him a kiss to reassure him that he was the one I still wanted, even though I wouldn’t mind having them as well.


“Thanks sweetie” Tristan responded, then looked over to the two boys. “Can I get you guys anything to drink?”


“Yeah we’ll have two shots of grey goose, ummm doubles please” Chris said.


“No problem, will that be all?”


“Yeah you forgot the drink for my friend” I said pointing at the one glass on the table.


“Already taken care of, I brought drinks to him and his lady friend over there at the other side of the dance floor.  He said to put them on your tab…is that ok?”


“You’re awesome Tristan, and yes that’s fine, get them anything they want, and while you’re at it put the two shots on my tab as well.”  I pulled him in for another kiss, then slapped him on the ass very playfully. “Now get back to work” I said, giggling.


“Yes sir!” Tristan said, then walked away with a little bounce to his step.


“Hey thanks Caden” both Chris and Jay said in unison.


“No problem guys” I said.


A few minutes went by before Tristan returned with their drinks; he had a concerned look on his face this time. “My boss said there is a man here that would like to talk to you.  He didn’t tell me his name, just said that he is waiting for you on the second floor”


“Ok thank you Tristan, and don’t worry I will be fine.”

I gave him a reassuring smile. “I will be right back, will you two boys hold my table for me…feel free to order anything you want, Tristan here will take care of you”


“Sure, no problem, and thanks” Jay said, and the two boys smiled at me.


I made my way to the second floor of the club not sure who was asking for me.  I kept my defensive traits on high alert just in case.  When I reached the second floor I was stopped by two large men  that asked me to stop and put my arms up.  They then proceeded to pat me down for weapons.


“That’s not necessary you two, let him pass” A voice from behind them said.


As I passed the two men, the man who spoke became visible.  “Tavin!?!  How are you, you son of a bitch?” I said with a light chuckle.


“I’m good Cade.,  So I see you’re back to the night life already, and so soon!  I would have thoughtTylermight keep you at home in bed for the next few days”


“He tried, but I gave him the old puppy dog look and he couldn’t say no.”


“When is he ever going to learn?” Tavin giggled.


“He’s not.”


“So where is your Sire this evening?” Tavin said as he looks over the crowd.


“He said he had business to take care of this evening” I said with a little sadness in my voice.


“The new blood you’re with, I take it that’s Mike”


“Uh huh, that’s him” I said nodding.


“Well I would like to meet him one day, not tonight though; it looks as if he is getting lucky with that girl”


“I sure hope so, his first time having sex as a vampire is going to be fun for him” I said giggling.


“Ok so back to the reason why I brought you up here.”  Tavin turned to me with a serious look on his face. “Caden,  the word on the street is that someone has put a heavy bounty on your head, and I wouldn’t doubt it if it was Marcus or someone he’s connected with. The punishment you received for what you did is unprecedented, no one ever gets away that easy.  Someone in a very high place has helped you out, and I think it would be in your best interest to find out who that is”


“I see.  Well I will keep that in mind, thank you Tavin”


“I will call you if I hear anything new regarding this situation.  Go now and enjoy the rest of your evening out”


I nodded, shook his hand, and turned to leave his table.  I walked past his bodyguards and proceeded down the stairs.  I was happy to see Chris and Jay still at the table when I returned; they were making out and got a little startled when I sat down.


“Sorry to interrupt you guys…please continue” I said smiling at them.


Both of them giggled and gave each other one more peck on the lips.  “It’s ok, we were just passing time until you returned” Jay said and Chris giggled.

“Hey do you want to come and dance with us Caden?” Chris asked.


“Dance with you two hot guys?  Sure, why not?”


As we were leaving our table, Tristan approached from behind andtapped me on the shoulder.  “Hey sexy, did you want me to bring you guys some more drinks”


“Ummmm yeah, why don’t you bring us three shots of Patron.”


“Ok be back in a jiff, oh yeah I take my break in about half an hour, are we still on?” Tristan smiled.


I leaned in and gave him a kiss. “We sure are, or you know what would be even hotter, if you want to come back to my house and have a threesome with my boyfriend and me.  I’m also going to see if these two hot boys want to join in”


“Is your boyfriend as hot as you?” Tristan asked.


“Even hotter than I am”


“And what about these boys, are they down as well?” Tristan said looking over my shoulder at the boys and smiling.


“I’m sure I can get them to join in” I giggled.


“Ok I’m cool with that, just give me your  address before you leave.”


“I sure will, hey while on your break why don’t you come and join us down here?”


“Yeah that sounds like fun, I will be right back with your drinks” Tristan then turned and left making his way to the bar, Chris, Jay and I turn and then walked to the dance floor.


After Tristan brought us our drinks, he joined us there on the dance floor during his break  The four of us were the center of attention.  It might have been the fact that Chris and Jay had taken their shirts off and were now getting really freaky with each other.  Jay had his hands down Chris’s pants, and it looked as if he was jerking him off.  Tristan and I just looked at each other and started giggling hysterically.  The longer we were together on the dance floor, the more I was sweating; it felt like the alcohol was literally dripping out of every pore of my skin.  The four of us continued to grind and rub up on each other until Tristan’s break was over.  By that time my legs were starting to feel a little sluggish.  It had been a little while since I had been out dancing and drinking, and the two of them were now taking their toll.  I decided to take a seat back at our table to rest for a bit.  Tristan brought me another drink and told me that his boss was going to let him go home early.  I looked around the room for Mike, who was still with the same woman from earlier, and the two of them looked pretty drunk by this time.  I finally got his attention and the two of them came and joined me at my table.  Chris and Jay showed up a few seconds after them. We sat there and enjoyed a couple of drinks while we waited for Tristan to join us so we could leave.


After leaving the club, the six of us were stumbling around, and Tristan, being the most sober one, was in the middle of all of us trying to keep the group up and stable.  We had made it only a few blocks before I noticed that we were being followed.  At first I thought it was only one vampire, but I concentrated a little harder to find that there were at least five of them.  All of the drinks I had now started to take effect, and this was not the time to be drunk. We rounded the corner to start making our way out of the city.  Just as we made our way out of sight of the small hunting group, I looked over at Mike and stopped in my tracks, leaving the small group.


“What’s wrong Caden?” Mike said.  By the look on my face he knew something was wrong.


“Mike I need you to take them back to the house and fast.  I want the rest of you to follow him, and no arguing with me please, just go.”  I turned away from the group to face the oncoming attackers.  “Mike…tellTylerwhere I am when you see him….now go!”


Mike did as he was told and the rest of the group followed suit with no resistance, which surprised me; I would have thought that at least one or two of them would have put up a fuss  about wanting to help out. Just as the group was out of sight, mymidnightstalkers made their appearance.  There were six of them in all.  Five stood behind what must have been the leader.


“I see your friends left you all alone Caden, what a shame” said the leader.


“How do you know my name?” I said in an inquisitive tone as I took a defensive stance.


“You just don’t get it do you. You killed one of own, and you think you’re just going to get some little slap on the wrist for it?  Our master wants blood, and I plan on giving him that” he said with a snicker.


“If it’s a fight you want, it’s a fight you’ll get, but not here in this busy area.  You know the rules of the elders, we can’t be seen by the public using our extras.”  I pointed my finger towards the mountains behind me.  “If you want to fight we do it there, out of sight”


“If that’s where you choose to die then so be it”


It took about a half hour to get to a secluded spot in the mountains; we found a nice clearing that was perfect for a fight.  I took off my jacket and tossed it to the ground, then turned to face my opponents. When I put my hand up and motioned them to me, the leader laughed.  “What you want to face all of us at the same time?  Boy you either have a big set of balls or you have a death wish”


“Why don’t you come and find out?”  I stood there as the six of them took out weapons.  The five lackeys had long silver spikes that reflected the light from the moon above, and the leader took out a small katana.


I shook my head and started to laugh. “Weapons?  You guys must have some sorry extras”


“GET HIM!” the leader shouted in anger.


Three of them rushed me, the first one swinging his spike towards my head.  I leaned to the side. dodging his attack. then hit him in the bottom of the jaw with hard uppercut, sending him flying onto his back.  The second attacker came from my side, trying to stab me directly in the chest.  I moved slightly to the left,  grabbing his arm and breaking it at the elbow, causing him to drop his weapon and fall to his knees screaming in pain.  I needed to take them all out as quickly as possible, and with my new powers it felt as if these guys were moving in slow motion.  The third attacker quickly picked up the dropped spike and came at me swinging with everything he had.  I dodged as fast as I could, but it seemed as if this one was a little faster than the others.  I was moving my head from the left to the right so fast I thought I was going to start to get dizzy, and that’s when he got me, sliding the sharp end of the spike across my cheek, causing drops of blood to drip off of my chin and on to my shirt.   I looked down at the blood starting to soak into the fabric, then up at him.  I grabbed both of his wrists and looked him directly in the eyes.  “This is my favorite shirt!”  My eyes began to get their fiery glow and smoke started to rise from under my palms as I started to burn the flesh off of his arms.  He screamed so loud it echoed into the darkness and could probably be heard for miles.  It was at that moment when I was hit from the side and taken to the ground by the one with the broken arm.  We rolled around for a few seconds until I was able to throw him off of me and get back to my feet in just enough time to catch one of them that was in the air coming towards me.  I threw him down on top of the other one that was still on the ground.  It was at that moment when the rest of them decided to attack.  The leader and the two others started to surround me.  I took a defensive stance once again.  I knew that there was no holding back now; I had to give this fight my all.


“I bet you are wishing your friends were here to help you now” the leader said.


I chuckled. “I don’t need their help to take care of you.”  I extended my arms out to my sides, my palms facing two of them.  My eyes got their fiery glow as I charged up and fired large fireballs at the two of them.  Both of them were engulfed in flames as they were sent flying back towards the woods, their skin burnt almost completely off before they hit the ground.  It only took one thought to get the fire to grow even larger causing their bodies to be turned into ash.  This of course caused the surrounding brush to catch fire as well.


“I told you I didn’t need any help with you scum” I said to the leader, then looked at his fallen comrades and laughed.


The one with the broken arm stood with his eyes wide open staring at me in amazement.  His body was trembling.


I was then attacked by the one that had tremendous speed.  I almost didn’t see him coming.  I jumped to the side as he attacked but was too late, he was still able to stab me in the stomach, causing me to hunch over from the pain.


“I got him!”  he laughed.  I grabbed his arm and pulled it back causing the spike to slide out, then looked up at him.  “Not quite” I said, looking him in the eyes just before I grabbed his head with both hands and burnt his head completely off.  His headless corpse hit the ground at my feet.


They were dropping like flies and I was only using one of my new powers.   I used my speed to quickly get behind one of them.  I sent bolts of lightning through his body until he too was dead; I then sent his body ablaze just to make sure.


“Only two of you left, and one of you is scared shitless, so it looks like it’s just you and me” I said to the leader.


“Nope just you and me” He looked over at his companion. “COWARD!” He then severed his head with one swift move.


“You would kill one of you own, because he was afraid of dying?  You’re a monster!” I said with anger in my voice.


“I’M a monster?  Take a look around Caden.  You have brutally murdered four people in a matter of minutes!  If any one here was a monster it’s you!  I’m sure the elders would be glad to know about you.”  With that he took off running into the woods.


“Coward…get back here and fight me!” I took off and gave chase, throwing fireball after fireball at him with no luck.  The only things I could hit were the trees he was running past,  and within just a few hundred feet I had caused the start of quite a large forest fire.  At that momentTyler’s words echoed through my mind.  ‘If the Elders find out you have those powers they will probably hunt you down as well’.  I had to catch him and kill him before we reached the edge of the woods and made it into civilization again.  I ran as fast as I could to try to catch him, setting more of the hills on fire in the process.  Just as we reached the edge of the woods, I hit him and sent him flying to the ground.  He was on fire and screaming for his life.  I walked up to him and stood there looking down at his body.


“That’s what you get for trying to kill me.  I wish I could let you live but I can’t. ” With those words spoken, I hit him with bolts of electricity until he was dead, then burnt his body to ashes.  I looked behind me to see miles of the hills ofLos Angeleson fire.  With sunrise fast approaching, I had to make my way home before I was caught out in the sun to die myself.

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