GFD Ray of Hope: Chapter 10

by KillaB

When we awoke Tyler and I took no time getting to the hospital to see how Mike was doing. Tyler was almost more worried than, the moment we entered the doors he rushed the nurses desk asking where Mike’s room was, and before she was finished telling him, he was already pulling me to the elevators. He was so cute sometimes. Who am I kidding he was CUTE all the time. When we got to mike’s floor I took off running down the hall. I heard Tyler shout at me. “Hey… you’re going the wrong way” I stopped and looked at him. He pointed his finger at the sign across from him. “His rooms this way” and he took off the other way, I turned and chased him down the hall. We were both laughing at each other as we ran, until a nurse came around the corner and spotted us “No running in the halls boys, and please keep it down. There are patients in these rooms”


“Sorry” Tyler and I said, as we slowed to a steady walk. He poked me in the ribs. “It’s all, your fault”


”Hey…what did I do?” rubbing my side.


“You started running first. Hehe”


We got to Mike’s room and I took a deep breath and opened the door. Tyler put his hand on my shoulder to let me know that he was right there with me. I walked in and saw Mike hooked up to all of the machines, my heart just dropped. I ran over to his bed taking hold of his hand and gently stroked his hair. “I’m right here Mike, I hope you can hear me cause I’m not going to leave until you wake up. So please wake up”

Just then Dr. Casspine walked in.


“Gentlemen how are we doing this evening”


“We are doing just fine. What about Mike, how is he doing?” I said.


“Well…He took a hard blow to the head which has put him into a coma. He had some internal bleeding that we were able to stop”


“Yes, doctor you told me that last night. What can you tell me about his condition?”


“Mr. Burhardt…I don’t know how to tell you this…your friend, well due to his age and the injuries… we don’t think he will ever wake up, he’s lucky to be alive”


“NO” “You’re wrong, he’s a fighter. I can see it in his face…he wants to wake up, he just doesn’t know how. It may take him a few days, weeks, months or maybe even years Doctor, but he’s going to wake up”


“He could also die as well Sir”


“SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH… HE’S NOT GOING TO DIE…” my eyes glowing as I shouted at him.


“I’m sorry Sir” he retreated a few steps. I could tell he was scared.


“Its fine… look I want you to get every thing you have here keeping him alive and I want you to get it over to my house immediately. I don’t care what the cost is, I’m not going to let him just sit here and rot in this hospital he’s going home”


“You can’t…” I stopped him


“Don’t tell me what I can and can’t do. Do you know who you are talking to doctor?”


“Your right, I will get to it right away” he bowed and walked to the door.


“A gentleman named Victor will be contacting you in two hours. You will keep him updated”


“Ok, thank you sir” and he exited the room.


I looked over at Tyler and he was just staring at me “What?” I said to him.


“Nothing…..You’re just so hot sometimes”


“Sometimes…” I said in a fake pouty voice.


“Yeah sometimes……you’re sexy all the time and sometimes I find you just so hot….”


“Well get over here and kiss me before I cool off”


We shared a loving touch as our lips and tongues danced around with each other for a few minutes. Then we just sat there for awhile talking at mike’s side hoping the sound of our voices would comfort him in some way. When it came time to go I leaned in to give mike a kiss on the forehead to say good bye. The moment my lips touched his skin there was a sharp pain as images flowed into my mind. I broke the contact after a few seconds and seeing an image that I didn’t want to believe.


“It can’t be…No…why would…”


“What is it babe, what happened?”


“When I kissed him I saw what happened…….There was a man that I didn’t recognize and there was………..Jasper………He attacked Mike. But why, I don’t understand he was our friend how could he betray us like that?”


“Are you sure about what you saw?”


“Dam sure clear as day Tyler, he tried to kill me and look at what he fucking did to Mike” my confusion turned into anger “HE’S GOING TO FUCKING PAY!”




“Wow…I haven’t seen you this pissed in a long time honey. I don’t think I would want to be in his shoes right now. One thing we need to find out is who the mystery man is?”


“I think I have a good idea of who it may be. If it is who I’m thinking of I won’t be able to get close to him…….but you can. I need more time to find to find out for sure, time I don’t have”


“Hey don’t worry I’ll be here to take care of your dirty work while you are gone” he gave me an evil but loving grin.


“I think you’ll like that won’t you” I said then gave him a kiss


“I just might, it has been awhile since I had some fun”


I gave Mike another kiss, no visions this time. “I love you Mike. You will be home soon and I’ll see you when you get there”


Tyler and I left the hospital and went out to have a few drinks before heading home. We got to the club and found ourselves a table and sat down. We were enjoying the music and each others company for a few minutes before this gorgeous boy came up to take our order. Tyler and I looked at each other and smiled, then turned our attention back to the hunk in front of us.


“How are you guys doing tonight? My name is Brian. Can I get you guys some thing to drink?”


“Were doing good Brian…I’ll have a scotch on the rocks, top shelf please” Tyler said


“Umm…I’ll have a captain and coke…and three shots of tequila”


“Ok, I’ll be right back with your drinks”


“Tequila” Tyler said with a disgusted look on his face. “Who is that for?”


“Well I read Brian’s mind and he likes tequila so were going to take a shot with him”


“Caden…we don’t have time to take him home tonight and I’m not drinking that stuff”


“I know…And you’re the only one I want to be with tonight” I leaned across the table and kissed Tyler. He reached up and put his hand on the back of my head twirling his fingers in my hair, we kept this going for a few minutes until Brian returned with our drinks.


“Is there anything else I can get you guys” Brian said with a smile.


“Yes there is you can join me and take a shot” I returned a smile and gave him a wink.


Brian was quick to answer. “Sure, I love Tequila” We both pick up a glass and Brian made a toast. “To love”    “To love” I said and we took our shots, I picked up the third and drank it as well. I placed the two glasses on Brian’s tray along with a hundred dollar bill. Brain begun to search through his bill fold to get change, I placed my hand on his. “Keep the change” Brian’s eyes got wide and a huge smile came across his face. “Thank You. You guys are the coolest….I’ll never forget this night…thanks again”


“I hope not, it might be a while before I make it back here. You have a good night now Brian”


“I will now” He said then walked away with a nice bounce to his step.


“You like doing that don’t you” Tyler said shaking his head.


“Doing what?”


“You know what….that boy is probably all flustered right now, did you see his eyes when you touched his hand”


“Yeah I noticed, and I hope he dose remember this night, because were coming back in a year” I bit my bottom lip and gave Tyler smile.


“You little devil you”


I put my finger to my lip. “SHHhhh…..someone might hear you” I giggled.


“Your bad” He said then picked up his glass and took a drink. “That’s good stuff want a taste”


“Sure” I said then leaned in and kissed him. “Mmmm…that is good”


Tyler and I sat there for a few minutes before we were approached by a vampire nicely dressed in a suit. He was tall and had black hair and brown eyes. “Tavin will see you now” “It’s about time” I told him. “Follow me then” Tyler and I got up and followed him through the bar and down a hallway to door. There was a buzzing sound and the vampire opened the door and lets us in, closing the door behind us.


“CADEN…TYLER… long time no see. How have you guys been” Tavin walked around his desk. I walked up to him giving him a big hug squeezing him tight, I then gave him a kiss on the cheek. “I’m doing good for the most part” I released him from my death grip of a hug, he was then attacked by Tyler and let me tell you he squeezes harder then I do. “Tavin” Tyler said then kissed both of Tavin’s cheeks.


“So what brings you guys here” Tavin said.


“I need you to locate and track someone for me”


“Ok who”


“I need you to locate Jasper for me”


“What you lost another human Caden” Tavin said as he started to laugh.


“This is serious Tavin, he almost killed Mike and he attempted to kill me as well…look I would look for him myself but I got in a little trouble and the elders are sending me to like some chamber or some shit…so can you do this for me or what”


“Fucking traitors” Tavin slammed his fist on the desk. “So what do you want me to do to him once I find him?”


“Nothing… I want you to see what he is up to and who he is with. I then want you to report your findings to Tyler, you guys can take it from there”


“So how long did they give you” Tavin asked with a concerned look on his face.


“A fucking year….a year with out the touch of my Tyler” I said pouting a little.


“Dude… I’ve heard of vampires going crazy after just a few months in there but a year. What did you do?”


“Do you remember Malic?”


“Yeah, he was a fucking ass hole”


“Right…well he came looking for me the other night, and well I ended up killing him”


“Seriously, well good riddance to a bad seed I wish you luck with your punishment Caden”


Tavin got a phone call said a few word then hung up. “Well guys I have a guest that has arrived for an appointment. I would love to sit here and catch up but I have to run a business. Caden I hope you still sane when you get out brother, Tyler I will be in touch with you. Enjoy the rest of the night here free of charge guys”


“Thanks….but we have plans for the rest of the evening” I slapped Tyler’s ass and gave Tavin a wink. “And they involve making love to this cute ass”


Tyler wrapped his arm around my neck and kissed me. “That’s right baby” He said then kissed me again.


“Have a fun you guys”


“WE WILL” Tyler and I said at the same time.


We left the club and went home. When we arrived I checked with Victor to see if Mike had arrived and he wasn’t there yet so Tyler and I retreated to our love chamber. Laughing and playing as we ran down the halls and up the stairs, when we reached the room Tyler pushed me onto the bed pulled off his shirt and pants and then jumped on top of me and started kissing my neck nibbling here and there as he kissed. I reached down and took hold of his hardness and started to stroke him. He grabbed my hand and pulled it away. “Mmm…not yet honey I want to take care of you for a while first” I didn’t argue and let him continue to pleasure me kissing my neck and biting my earlobe the sensations were driving me wild, Tyler pulled off my shirt and pants. “NO underwear…SEXY” I giggled then pulled him to me for a kiss. We rolled around on the bed making out for a while, Tyler then lowered himself down and took me into his hot wet mouth, the sensation alone was enough to send me over the edge and I shot my hot cream in his mouth. “UHHHmmmm….oh yes….Tyler” my body was tingling all over. Tyler then flipped me over and started to lick the crack of my ass, it was pure pleasure that caused me to grind my hips deep into the bed. Tyler continued for a minute or to until my hole was nice and wet, he started to finger me slowly adding another finger after the first was sliding with ease.

It wasn’t long before my hole was begging form him. “Oh…..mmmmm…please fuck me Tyler” I arched my back putting my ass in the air. Tyler positioned himself behind me, I let out another loud moan as I felt his tip against my hole. My breathing quickened as he entered my body. I could feel the wall of my ass grabbing and pulling him in, I slowly started took rock back and forth allowing his cock to slid in with ease. Tyler started pumping me faster and faster, we changed positions many times as we made love for hours, Tyler knew how to make love to me in all the right ways. The room was hot and filled with the smell of lust. We were still making love when the sun came up and we fell a sleep in each others arm still connected…….

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