GFD Ray of Home: Chapter 2

by KillaB

Prestario Caden” A recorded voice said as the lights came on and the hydraulics began to unlock the door. Finally sunset was here, so I got up stretching my arms and legs, and then I walked over to my closet and got dressed and brushed my hands through my hair. Then I walked back over to my bed to pickup my journals and laptop and locked them in the safe, it was then the voice said “Caden you have a coded message from Jesse, shall I put it through”    Jesse was a curator at the museum downtown and sort of like a father and a teacher to me, he was there when my Sire saved me and brought me into this darkness, but I’ll leave that story for later. Hehehe


“Yes go ahead”

“Caden can you hear me?”   ”Yeah I’m here Jess, what is it”

“I just got off the line with Peter in San Francisco…He said they were hit pretty hard last night, the sanctuary in ruins and they need some help to relocate, are you guys still in Portland?” he said   “No we left this afternoon sometime I guess”… “Call him back and tell him I’m on my way” At that moment my body trembled and my mouth got real dry. “Hey tell Jake it could be a day or two before I get there”

“I thought you were on your way home?”

“We were but…but know I’ve got to feed so we got to stop”

“Oh I see… well don’t worry about it I already contacted the GFD construction office up there, I sent them your usual list of supplies and they said it may take a day or two so you have time” he said

“Alright thanks Jesse I’ll be sure to contact you when we arrive”

“Be careful out there”

“You know me”

“That’s what I’m talking about”

“GOOD BYE Jesse”


When I opened my door walking into the hallway of the RV I saw mike in the kitchen area checking on the dinner he had in the oven for Jasper and himself. He still looked as hot as he did the night I crossed over, a little older looking and a lot more muscles. Even though he was almost 50 now he never looked a day older through my eyes.


“Smells good” I said

“Thanks, you want some?” Mike replied

“Well I might chew and spit some later” “Right now I’ve got my own hunger to take care of”

“Oh that time already huh”

“Yeah” sigh “You know I just can’t help but think of that night every time I have to feed”

“Look your are not that monster that stole yours and Kyle’s life” He wouldn’t have said it like that if he didn’t know that’s how I felt about it. ” Your not like that, you feed to stay alive not for sport and fun, you help people with the gift that you have and you’ll continue to do so…well forever”

“yeah forever” sigh

“I’m sorry Caden I know how it makes you feel” leaning in and giving me a tight hug “Now go out there and get your dinner so you can come back and as you would say Chew and Spit some of this roast I’m making”

“OK” I gave him a light kiss on the check. He blushed a little and smiled.


I walked up to the front of the RV where Jasper was driving. Jasper was my weapons and gadgets specialist. He was a 35 year old human standing about 6′ 2″ nice build kind of like a football player, he had short black hair and brown eyes toped off with a nice pair of lips, he was cute but I wasn’t attracted to him at all. His arms were covered with all sorts of different tattoos, the one I liked the most was of me reaching out from the shadows to help him off the ground, it was the night I saved him from a vampire that was on a killing rampage, killing vampires and humans alike so I had to kill him. It was something that was best for both sides. Plus there was something I sensed in the kid, you wouldn’t know it by looking at him but he was a fucking genius. So I told him keep his nose in the books and one day I would hire him. He took that second chance at life and ran with it and boy did it pay off.


“Hey Jasper”


“I need you to find a KOA just outside of town for the night I have some business to take care of”

“That time of the month huh?”   “yeah”


“HEY” “Remember who your talking to” flashing the glow of my eyes at him

“Sorry boss” he said trying to hold back the laughter

“You know… you did leave the pig in the house when it blew over that time” Mike chimed in from the kitchen

“You know you guys suck sometimes” I said shaking my head


“Boss we got a KOA site in about 20 miles and it looks like it’s about 5 miles from town”

“Thanks Jasper that will be fine”


I sat down at the table and stretched my arms, when mike walked up handing me a drink and a shot. “Your usual Boss” He was imitating Jaspers voice when he said it. The fact is Mike didn’t call me boss and I never asked him to. We had been friends forever, although he did have a ton of nick names for me.


“Thanks” I said with a large grin and then I took the shot followed by a sip of the drink “Ahhh”  ”You know just how I like it”

”As I should, with all the drinking we did together in college” Mike said

“Cheers to that” lifting my glass


You know I was glad that I had partied a lot in my youth and by the time I got to college my liver had a life of its own. So now that I’ve crossed over it was paying off.


Sitting there enjoying my drink and the light conversation, I begun to get lost in my thoughts. Thinking of my right and left hand here, Michael and Jasper they were my family I would be lost without them. I was there protector and they were mine keeping an eye out while the other slept, especially me. Hehehe


It wasn’t long before we were at the camp site and parked the RV allowing us to pop out the sides, which made the thing like a whole different place inside. I got to give it to Mike he spared no expense when he bought this thing. You see when I went missing and then reported dead. I had a life insurance policy my parents got me worth a lot of money, millions. Well at the time my benefactor was Mike and after I was apparently dead my parents gave my trust fund to Mike as well, they told him it’s what I would have wanted, back then his parents didn’t have a lot of money, but I took care of him. I always told him that my money was his money and look what happened kind of ironic. Hehehe


“You guys sit down and enjoy your dinner. I’m going to set up the perimeter sensors before I head out”

“Sounds good” they both said


I grabbed my equipment bag and walked out the door, once I got out side I took a look around not to many just a few down by the lake, but we were far enough to not have to worry about them, but I took no chances I used an extra that I learned from another vampire that allowed me to become invisible in a way. It a sort of reflected the light around you making you transparent, but you could still be seen if you kicked up dirt or bumped into someone or something. Wasting no time I quickly set up all the sensors and got back to the RV to enjoy another drink before I left to go hunt.


Walking back into the RV I didn’t say a word to Jesse or Mike. I just headed strait for the bar made my drink and then walked back out side to light a fire. I stood there watching the flames dance around. It kind of put me in a relaxed trance. I finished my drink setting it on a small table outside and began to walk off. That’s when I heard Mike whistle, when I turned around he threw me my coat and said “I put a flask in the pocket for you, it’s Sunburn!” Mike was always trying to learn how to replicate different drinks we came across. “Let me know how I did” He said


“Thanks, I’ll see you guys later” I said as I walked into the night. It was nice he was always thinking of me in some weird way.


I walked for a few miles before I got to a town, it wasn’t long before I found the local club. As I entered the music hit me with a rush, pulsating over my body. The dance floor was jumping and everyone seamed to be having fun. I took seat at a small table near the far end of the bar. A waitress came up and asked what I wanted to drink, after I told her what I wanted she looked at me a bit weird putting her hand on her hip and said “I’m going to need to your ID” I had no problem getting fake IDs “No problem here you go” handing it to here.

“Ohh… well looks like your old enough, but you don’t look a day over 19″ she said `IF she only knew the whole story. Hehehe


She went to the bar and shortly after with my drink. “$4.50″ she said. I handed her a 10 and told her to keep the change. “Thanks” she said with a big flirtatious smile and then quickly left to her next customer.

I sat there watching the crowd and listening to the music, looking around the room and kind of catching bits of people conversations, then a light rumble hit me and my thoughts switched in to hunt mode. Instead of watching the crowed live their lives, I begun to scan them like live stock for my next possible donor. Sensing all the people in and scanning their blood for impurities. It was then I noticed him walk in, he had a look to him a familiar look. He was here hunting as well but he wasn’t a vampire he was human and he was looking for his next victim.

He didn’t care man or woman he just wanted to kill that night. He sat down at the bar ordered a beer, turning around looking over the crowd trying to single someone out, but what he didn’t know is that I already had my target and I was going to make sure that I was his as well. A sinister grin upon my face and when he looked in my direction I just stared right at him until he got a good look at me and then I turned away. I began to read his thoughts he was interested but I had to make sure to hook him. So I called the waitress over and ordered another drink and a shot this time making sure to flash my cash in the open when I paid. I got him he couldn’t help to see all the cash I had on me. He was mine. I took the shot and quickly finished my cocktail, and got up to leave the club, the man’s eyes watched me as walked to the exit, I couldn’t see him anymore but I could read him. He chugged his beer and begun to follow me. “Yes that’s right follow me” I thought to my self.



When I left the bar I started to head back to the RV and as we got closer to the outskirts of town I could hear his heart race with excitement from the fact that I was walking further away from civilization. Just about a mile outside of town there was a large section of bushes and trees, my mind telling me that was a perfect spot to attack. It’s funny because heard the man thinking “when he reaches those bushes that’s when I’ll attack” I guess killer instinct is killer instinct. When I reached the bush I paused and walked up to a tree to pretend I was taking a piss and waited for him. He took the bait with no delay, his heart racing fast now he crept up behind trying to be silent, I mean he was good a normal human might no of heard him coming before it was to late. As he got closer my primal instinct took hold my mouth got dry, my fangs slid down slight trickles of blood on them from breaking through my gums and my eyes turned a dark crimson.

He was right behind me know he had a blade in his hand and he spoke

“Give me all your money kid or I’ll have to kill you and take it” I just stood there “HEY” “Did you hear me?”

“OH” “I heard you just fine” Hehehe I snickered “The funny thing is I’m not the one who’s going to die tonight, you followed the wrong guy tonight”

“What???” he said. And before he could fully comprehend what I said I turn around kicking the blade from his hand. He stood there in there in shock. I then flashed a red glow from my eyes. “WHAT THE FUCK?” At that moment of fear and confusion I attacked, lunging forward knocking him to the ground. He was no match for me. I held him down with ease holding his head to the side exposing his neck fully to me. My fangs now dripping I bit down hard causing blood to gush out of the corners of my lips my fangs sucking up as much as they could, he tried to kick himself free but I had a good grip on him. He wasn’t going anywhere. His fear turned to terror as he realized that I was draining him dry. He made a last ditch effort to get loose but it was to late a few more gulps and he was dead. I got up and used his shirt to wipe my face clean, then dragged his body behind the tree to hide it hoping the slag hunters would find it before the cops did. Walking back to the RV I began to feel some of the traits of my donor but one more than any the urge to kill. I knew that I was going to have to keep myself locked up for a few so I don’t hurt anyone, just to make sure.


As I got close to the RV all got quiet too quiet it was then I noticed three figures in the dark near the RV, they were vampires. What the fuck did they want at this hour? I intended to find out. With only a few hours until dawn I had to make this fast.

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