GFD: Ransom

The moon glows in the shadows of the cloudy night sky. The air is crisp as it blows evenly through the leaves of the lifeless trees. Winter its coming to an end, yet its not quite here. As I walk through the once busy streets, I wear a proud smile on my face. One, that I have everyday such as this one or anyday for that matter. And its because of him, he gives me reason to smile. Everything about him makes my world better shines with joy. He calls me his Sir Lancelot.

But if only he knew, you see I was once a killing machine. I was the best! A juggernaut in true form. Nothing could stop and believe many have tried. I was a hunter, mostly feared. If there was a Museum for Hall Of Fame Hunters, I had a spot there for me. I killed people on sight, no questions asked. I did what was asked and collected my bounty. Then one day, it all changed. When I saw his face and the rest is history.

I left it behind me, all of it! For him! And I couldn’t be happier, just to kiss him as we wake together or as we slip into slumber pressed together. I’m devoted to him and he is to me. I look down at the eternity band on my arm and whisper, “I’m almost home baby” After, along nights work of training young fighters for the ring, all I need is him. I start to walk a little faster as I’m only a couple blocks away from the apartment.

Somethings not right, I feel it as walk down the steps to our apartment. The door is sitting wide open, theres bodies laying on the floor. My heart starts racing as I run to the bedroom to see if hes safe. Hes not there, I drop to my knees and sob. Just before my complete animalistic rage takes over. I walk around the apartment looking for any sign of where I might find him and or who took him.

My phone starts ringing. I answer to hear my loves voice out of breath and distressed as he calls through the receiver. “Don’t worry about me, Geoff. It’s a trap! DONT FALL FOR IT!”

Another voice takes the receiver, “Hmmm, haha Geoff is it? Well I wanna talk to The Gladiator! If hes in there tell him he only gets his boy toy back alive if he brings me what I want. I want a boy by the name of Willow. You’ve heard of him. Give me him and i’ll give you your boy back!” I hear the distressed screams of my love in the background saying, “Dont worry about me!”

I speak up, “You so much as harm any hair on him and I’ll rip your spine out and use it as a towel rack.”

To be continued…

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