GFD: Darken Lightment – Chapter 1

The dream was so vivid, much too vivid to simply be a dream. I was breathing hard, and fear was coursing through my body. He’s alive! How was it possible? Before I could dwell on it further I heard my mother rushing up the stairs. She practically crashed into my room. I stumbled out of my bed to help her up.


“What’s going on mom?”


She looked at me and I knew the dream I had was a reality. “Quickly! Pack a few things, we’re leaving now!” As she finished speaking we heard crashing downstairs. I cast my mind out and almost immediately reined it back in. Twelve vampires in all. I just managed to put on a pair of pants before my mother grabbed me and flung me through the window. As I fell I twisted myself and landed deftly on my feet on the lawn. A second later my mother joined me. I felt a thought enter my mind. 22 Upper Hollow Way.


“Go on ahead Marcus. You’ll find sanctuary there. I’ll lead them away from you and rendezvous with you there.”


I nodded and started running. I looked back and saw my mother heading in the other direction. I saw eleven figures running after her, and a few seconds later I felt the twelfth vampire turn and head in my direction. I increased my speed and scryed a secluded place where I could fight it. There was no way I was going to lead that thing to a sanctuary. These were no doubt his minions. Barely awake and his reach had extended this far. I managed to find an abandoned lot, and turned into it. A minute later the vampire stood before me, its red eyes flashing and fangs extended. It flashed its wicked smile at me no doubt thinking I was easy prey. He had a surprise coming. No, I wasn’t a vampire. I was human. But there wasn’t even a slim chance that something like it could beat me. Before it could even take one step toward me, I raised my arm and curled my hand into a claw. I exerted force to keep it from moving. Surprise flashed across its face as it struggled to move. No way was it going to get free. I sensed it trying to use its extra, but I blocked that as well. With a little concentration, I conjured a flame above the palm of my other hand and flung it at the vampire. The flame struck it and engulfed it entirely, and before it disintegrated, I extracted some information from its mind. I relaxed and started jogging in the direction of the sanctuary while I mulled over the information I had gleaned from the vampire.


So it was true. Cain had risen. The father of all vampires was back. And apparently he knew about my mother now as well.


I made it to the sanctuary at last, just as I sensed most of the vampires in the city rising. I walked up to the front door and knocked. After a minute a man opened the door slightly. He looked at me suspiciously, wondering what a kid was doing on his front step.


“Can I help ya kid?”


“Um, yes please. I need sanctuary.” I said.


“Sanctuary? Well, there’s a church down the road, I’m sure they could help you…” The man replied.


Great, here we go. This man was obviously used to this routine of pretending to be ignorant. I decided to use some of my own persuasive powers to hurry things along.


“Look, uh, Sam…” The man’s eyebrows lifted, “you can obviously see that I am no vampire, and I know that you are sheltering… three at the moment. So why don’t we cut to the chase?”


The man waited a beat, and then nodded. “You know that I can’t just let you in here without confirming anything, right?”


I nodded.


“So, how are you going to convince me that you are indeed in need of shelter?”


I thought about it. I was going to have to give him some information without revealing my true identity. The best way was to tell the truth. But that didn’t mean I had to tell him the whole truth. Maybe a little frightening truth. As I heard, many people who provided sanctuary had to be knowledgeable about the vampire world, so maybe in revealing the reason behind my flight from home, I might also be able to get help from this man other than just a safe place to stay.


“Do you know who the father of all vampires is?”


He looked at me. “I do, but how do I know we are speaking about the same person?”


I sighed. This man was exhausting. “Look, I have reason to believe that Cain has been revived. The first murdered is walking the planet again! Do you know what this means?”


The man looked shocked. He looked around and quickly ushered me inside. “Okay, okay, keep your voice down. Follow me, and please do not tell me anything more.” He said nothing further and led me through the house to a room in the back. It was sparsely furnished but warm. I sensed the three vampires moving around on the basement level of the house.


“You can stay here for as long as you like. Is there anyone you’d like me to contact?”


I shook my head. There was no one else.


“Then, I’ll leave you to it.”


“Thank you,” I said.


He left, closing the door behind him. I lay down on the bed wondering what was going to happen next, wondering of my mother was okay, and just before I fell asleep, waiting for her to arrive, I heard her voice in my head.




‘Mom? Are you okay? Where are you?’


‘Hush now. Be brave. Listen, I won’t be able to make it to you tonight.’


‘What? Why? Tell me where you are and I’ll come get you!’


‘No Marcus. I want you to stay there for as long as you can, but I still want you to go to school during the day. We have to maintain appearances. You’ll be in a new school, so it’ll be like a fresh start.’


‘But why? Are you okay mom?’ I was becoming scared now. Things we definitely amiss if my mother couldn’t get back to me.


‘I’m okay hon. We have to be apart for the time being. It’s safer that way. And please take care of yourself. Be vigilant.’


‘I will mom. When will I see you again?’


‘You’ll now when I contact you again. I have to go now. I love you!’


‘No wait!’ But her presence had already left my mind.


What exactly was going on? What made Cain so special? I needed to find some answer. But where?




After having defeated the pursuing vampires, Lilith made her way to the industrial area of the city. She was exhausted, but not hurt. Fighting eleven powerful vampires and coming out unscathed was no small feat.


Instead of entering the buildings, she opened up a manhole and descended into the sewers below. She continued further on foot, mulling over the past events, hoping that Marcus would be safe. She was startled out of her reverie when there was a flash before her.


He hovered above the ground, his head barely touching the ceiling. Lilith was so surprised she cried out in fear. He chuckled and smiled down at her. Lilith’s surprise turned to anger and indignation, memories of the distant past flashing before her eyes. She drew out a concealed dagger and lunged at him, stabbing, slicing, kicking and punching as tears flowed from her eyes.


“How dare you!” She screamed, jumping and twisting around to deliver a kick, but he dodged every blow and his sorrow filled eyes reflected the pain Lilith felt. He continued to dodge Lilith’s attacks, refusing to fight back. It was the least he could do. After endless minutes Lilith stopped and collapsed to her hands and knees.


“Why do you show your face to me?”


He dropped to the ground and took her into his arms. “I am sorrier than any words could ever describe, my beloved sister,” he said, trying to comfort her.


“Why now, after all this time?” she sobbed.


“Father has sent me. Or rather, I insisted that I be the one to come to you. It is time to stop running, Lilith.”


Lilith wiped her eyes and looked up at him.


“I would like to be able to see my sister any time I want as well. I have good news too. He has been given grace by Father.”


Lilith gasped. “Please tell me it’s true!”


He nodded.


In a burst of joy Lilith embraced him, and all the others could feel the joy flowing through him.


“My sister, there is not much time left. Cain’s awakening is only the beginning.”


Lilith nodded. “I know that… Gabriel, my brother. I will make plans to destroy him. We can’t have his prophecy coming true. That would spell the end for humanity.”


“You will have help as well. Though you know divine help is forbidden.”


“I understand,” Lilith said. She stood up and dusted herself off. “When will I be able to see him?”


“Sammael will come to you the moment he has forgiven himself first.”


Lilith nodded and then ran forward, leaving Gabriel behind her. Gabriel slowly faded away as he watched his sister go.




The social worker brought Alex into the social service office just as the sun set. He was confused and still reeling from the sudden death of his parents. The social worker had picked him from one of his dad’s friend’s that he was staying with after the accident. She’d told him that there was a relative that had come forward as guardian and was going to pick him up tonight. Alex had little time to pack, as he was informed that everything had been taken care of. All that was left to do was to sign a few papers and then Alex would leave with this relative.


To the best of his knowledge, Alex couldn’t recall there ever being any other relatives. His grandmother had died when he was six, and since then it had always been him and his parents.


He sat down while the social worker went into her office to prepare the documents. Thirty minutes later a man walked in. Alex looked up and stared, taken aback by the man’s appearance. He was tall, just over six feet, slim and clothed in a tailored suit. He had the palest skin and his shoulder length hair was so blond it was almost white. His face looked like it had been chiseled out of marble, with a thin aristocratic nose and light pink, sculpted lips. The man’s expression was fierce, and when he turned his gaze upon Alex, he was pinned to his seat as those deep blue eyes penetrated his.


After what seemed like forever, but was only a couple of seconds, the man looked away and strode into the social workers office.


‘Well,’ Alex thought. ‘That must be my guardian.’


After five minutes, the man and the social worker came out of the office and headed towards Alex.


“Alexander dear,” the social worker said, “This is Ignius Rowe. You’ll be staying with him from now on.”


Alex nodded and stood. He extended his hand tentatively. “Pleased to meet you.”


The man extended his hand and shook Alex’s. His grip was firm, but not painful, and his hand felt cool.


“The pleasure is all mine, young Alex.”


The man smiled then. It took Alex’s breath away. It was a feeling he couldn’t describe, a quick beating of the heart, shortness of breath and fluttering of the stomach. Maybe he was just feeling nervous. He wondered what was in store for him now.

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