Chapter Three: Hunger For More


The boys, Bryce, Fletcher, and Jayzon, all made their way down to the bottom of the hill to meet up with the others in their ‘nest’. While Bryce and Fletcher were still pretty new to the group in comparison to the others, it didn’t take either one of them very long to learn the way things worked around there.

Vincent and Elijah were the oldest when they were born into darkness…18 and 19, respectively. But somehow Elijah had taken the leadership role in the group. Which sat just fine with Vincent, who really didn’t have the slightest interest in being asked to take care of anybody but himself. He preferred the background much more to holding the torch for the younger vamps. Vincent kept an indifferent approach to life. A slacker with a mean streak in him. After 6 years in darkness, one would have thought that things might have changed for him in terms of his outlook, his dark hair and dark brown eyes just barely sliding under the old ‘rebel’ cliche. But no…he remained just as frozen emotionally as he was physically.

Elijah, on the other hand, took pride in being the authority figure amongst the others. He had been in darkness for much longer than the rest of them. A full 22 years, give or take. His experience had guided them through some harsh times. He taught them how to feed, how to find a suitable resting spot during daylight hours, and how to practice and use their individual abilities as they developed. He easily, and eagerly, became the center of all things. But it was his overwhelming attraction to one of the newest members of his vampire family that kept Elijah smiling that evening. He had been enchanted beyond his ability to deny it any longer, and nothing could have made him any happier.

Bryce seemed to have been designed by the angels themselves. The silken blond hair, the soft young features, the sexy and slender curve of his boyish figure. It was the most delicious emotional response that Elijah had experienced in years. His heart led the way when he first invited the two troubled boys into his circle. And while Bryce had yet to show any particular interest in return…Elijah wasn’t about to let that stop him from trying to win the boy’s affections for himself. He can’t just let this one go. He CAN’T. Despite some of Elijah’s physical battle scars, permanently scratched into his face, neck, and chest, the product of facing off against a trio of werewolves shortly after his own crossover…Elijah was hoping, heart and soul, that his eternal disfigurements wouldn’t put the boy off. That it wouldn’t make the idea of loving him back an improbable dream.

Deep down, Elijah was a good man at heart. But it is always the burden of deep desire that eventually leads even the best of men to schemes and deceit. Sometimes…he almost wants Bryce’s heart badly enough to cheat. He found him oh so alluring.

Simi was the youngest of the group. Only half way past his 13th birthday when he was bitten, the bleach blond, blue eyed boy with the ‘frosted’ tips was still learning how to live in darkness along with the rest of them. Simi had maybe a year and a half of being a vampire under his belt, perhaps a bit less, and he maintained a very cocky swagger about him, always wanting to be the center of attention, always showboating for a chance at the spotlight. But his persona never came off as arrogant. It was almost endearing to the rest of his dark family, and they took his false displays of overconfidence with a grain of salt. His extra is still developing and he hasn’t quite gotten used to his optrix yet, often rubbing his eyes raw with the itch of them, but he’s learning. Always learning. Simi and his vampire ‘role model’ of choice, Ferris, have been known to fool around on occasion…but nothing that one would consider a serious sexual relationship. Mostly mutual masturbation and perhaps an oral experience thrown in once in a while when they’re feeling particularly frisky. Other than that, it was all kissing and cuddling. More for comfort and intimacy than sexual gratification. Possibly because Ferris crossed over at age 15, with three years in darkness added on. He felt as though that constituted some level of perversion. Even though he truly cared a great deal for Simi in more ways than he was ever comfortably willing to admit, he maintained a certain level of distance from the younger boy, and kept his most potent feelings at bay.

Ferris tossed the dark locks of his emo fringe out of his eyes as the rest of the circle all came together to see what his findings were for the evening. One thing that Elijah had taught them all was how to effectively operate as pack hunters when it came time to feed the thirst. The advantages of moving in numbers and taking donors down quickly and quietly without too much of a struggle were a necessary practice for small towns like this one. With eight individual vampires in one nest, they couldn’t have eight townspeople vanishing every time their supply ran low without arousing MAJOR suspicion. Suspicion leads to whispers. Whispers lead to dark rumors about what roams these woods at night. And once those rumors stir up enough fear and paranoia in the area…vampires find themselves just ONE town meeting away from being slayed at dawn by an angry mob carrying stakes and Crucifixes. Elijah has lost friends before to such public hysteria. He didn’t plan to lose anymore.

Ferris had been traveling with Angelo over the past few nights, and they had done a good job of scouting out a meal that would be filling for the group that needed it that night. As feeding schedules can sometimes get out of sync, they often separated themselves into smaller groups. No one gets overfed, no one falls into a state of bloodlust. It was simply the way things were done.

Pack hunters have to eat a bit more frequently, maybe once every few weeks, due to a shared take and having less blood to satisfy their thirst. But still…it’s a safely scheduled method that, if done right, can keep the entire family feeding from the shadows for a long time to come.

“I hear that you have some good news for us this evening, boys.” Elijah said, calmly smiling at Ferris and Angelo.

Angelo spoke first, “We definitely do, Pops. You know the old hotel off of Route 33? The shady one?”

“MOTEL.” Jayzon reminded him. “Hotels have more than one level. Motels are one flat layout.” Jayzon…always ready with his little offbeat facts.

Angelo gave him a look. “Gee, thanks. That’s a very interesting tidbit. If I’m ever on ‘Jeopardy’, I’ll be sure to make you my lifeline, k, Jay?”

“Actually…um…’Jeopardy’ doesn’t have lifelines. You’re thinking of…”

“Shut up!” Angelo snapped, and Elijah tried to get him to relax.

“Calm down. You said something about a motel? Route 33. Continue.” Elijah said.

“Yeah, well it’s practically empty this weekend. I count only three cars in the parking lot, one of them belongs to the innkeeper, the other two are at opposite ends of the lot. So the rooms are far enough apart where we won’t be heard.” Angelo smirked. “And if anybody DOES hear any moaning and groaning…it’s a hotel, right?”


“Jay…I swear to God….!”

Ferris was the next to speak, his smooth and mellow voice wasn’t something they heard very often, as he only believed in speaking when he actually had something to say. Wasted breath was not his game at all. “We should move on this tonight, Elijah. We don’t want any other unexpected guests checking in between now and tomorrow night for the festival.” He looked back at the others, hair flopping back down over his eyes again. “We do it quick, we do it quiet. Know what I mean?”

Elijah nodded in agreement, and then allowed his infatuated eyes to wander over to Bryce, whose bright blond halo of silk seemed to glow with a light all its own in the moonlight. Such pretty features. Such flawless skin. Such…beautiful lips. Elijah’s hungry stare must have been rather intense, because Bryce instantly noticed the change in the very air around him. Bryce blushed slightly, but not in a bashful way. It was closer to shame than embarrassment. It’s not that Bryce wasn’t aware of Elijah’s ever growing obsession with him…he just wasn’t interested in feeling the same way about him. Being grateful for shelter and Elijah’s expert guidance was the easy part…but that can only go so far. The deeper Elijah’s feelings ran, the closer Bryce came to the moment when a definitive rejection was going to be necessary. A day that he wasn’t looking forward to. Bryce could never give him the attention that he was looking for. Not now that Bryce’s affections were directed…elsewhere…

Vincent stepped forward, passing the rest of the group. He had been silent so far, but was now looking to wrap things up and make a plan of action. “Fine, fine. Great. Hotel. Motel. Opportunity. What are we waiting for? I’m so thirsty, my gums ache. Let’s bleed these donors and get back home already. All this fresh air is making me sick.”

Ferris agreed, and turned to start walking the moment Simi stepped forward to lovingly wrap his arms around his waist. Ferris lightly put an arm over the boy’s shoulder, but it was mostly because the boy’s awkward grip made it hard to calibrate his sense of balance as he walked. Holding on was all he could do to keep from falling over.

The others followed behind Vincent, all except for Elijah who waited for Bryce to get closer to him before reaching out a hand to touch the small of his back. “Are you…feeling a bit more comfortable with this? I know that pack hunting wasn’t your average procedure before joining up with us.”

“Umm…I guess so. Yeah.” Bryce answered, a creepy tingle running up his spine as Elijah let his fingers drop down a few inches, closer to the rising mounds of his backside.

Elijah could feel the air thicken in his lungs as he became more excited by the touch of him. “It’s easier, you know? There’s something to be said about a filling meal…one vampire, one donor…but there are risks involved. Risks we don’t want to take. The smaller the area, the smaller the food supply…the more caution we have to use in order to survive.”

“Y-y-yeah…I remember.” Bryce stuttered, as Elijah’s hand moved down even further. His touch becoming more blatantly sexual by the second. Bryce was afraid to pull away. Elijah’s camp was the only safehaven Bryce and his best friend had after Fletcher’s little incident. He was so thankful for Elijah’s help. He truly was. But it made him increasingly uncomfortable to be touched in such a lewd manner. Especially as his wand moved down to lightly palm he soft round cheek and give it the lightest of squeezes.

Elijah sensed the boy’s discomfort, and for a moment…it excited him. Dear God, Elijah was close enough to smell the sweet, buttery, fragrance of the blond boy’s softly heated skin. Ohhhh…to touch it, just once. To possess it for his very own in the throes of passion. There was a purity about young Bryce that he couldn’t resist. And while he has had both Ferris and Angelo to himself many times in the past, Elijah could hardly contain his lustful urges for the group’s newest member. A stiffening erection began to grow as Elijah appreciated every moment of intimate contact that he could from feeling the boy’s behind. Soft. Round. Pure…just like the rest of him. Elijah’s heart was throbbing in his chest, wishing that he could dare to ask for more. Perhaps it was too early. Perhaps…the most effective way of catching a delicate butterfly is to be patient…and wait for it to come to him first.

Elijah raised his hand back up to Bryce’s lower back, looking him directly in his light green eyes for a moment in silence…and that’s when Fletcher came walking back to see what the hold up was. It was the only thing that interrupted the moment long enough for Bryce to skillfully, but gently, pull himself away from Elijah’s unwanted connection.

“Fletcher! Hey…don’t worry, I’m coming. I’m starving.” Bryce told the younger boy and didn’t look back as they both walked down the path and towards Route 33 with the others. Bryce was somewhat relieved, putting distance between himself and his patriarch.

No matter to Elijah though. He could wait. He figured that his first taste of Bryce would be worth every agonizing moment that they had to spend reaching that moment of eternal bliss together. Elijah knew that he could keep his intense infatuation at bay…

…For now.

Seeing in the dark was no big feat for the vampires en route, and in no time at all they all stood atop a steep hill, looking down into the dark parking lot of the Willow Falls Motel. Angelo was right…it was practically deserted except for the few autos he mentioned.

“How many?” Vincent asked.

Ferris answered, “Three.”

Bryce and Fletcher noticed a bit of rustling and movement on the side of them, and turned to see Angelo smoothing out his clothes and teasing his short, dark hair in a pocket mirror. Angelo was 100% city boy. With the exception of Bryce, he was easily one of the most beautiful of the entire group. Angelo was one of those 15 year old, upper class, pretty boys, that was practically born on the top floor of a high rise luxury apartment and never had to worry about much of anything. His sex appeal was an asset that he was well aware of, and he took every opportunity he could to highlight it. Where Bryce seemed carry his beauty in an unassuming manner, Angelo wielded his like a weapon.

Fletcher asked him, “You’re getting dressed up to hunt?”

“You’ve gotta get dressed up to do anything, babe.” He replied, barely taking his eyes off of his own reflection.

“Yeah but…we’re in the middle of the woods. In the MOUNTAINS even.”

“That’s no excuse for me to not look my best.” He smiled at Fletcher with a wink. “Besides, I like feeling sexy. All night…every night. Does wonders for my sense of balance.”

Angelo crossed over into darkness a few years back because he thought it would be glamorous. Sexy. Mysterious. It was the ultimate hidden thrill for the boy who already had everything else going for him. A fashion model looking for a new fabric to wear. A lot of young vampires crossover for that very reason, only to find out later that it was a huge mistake. That a life of eternal night was not all that it was cracked up to be. Luckily for Angelo, he didn’t have that problem. That ‘mistake’ was exactly what he was looking for and that was exactly what he got. It’s rare that one ever sees a vampire more content with his own existence away from daylight. Perhaps some boys were more cut out for darkness than others.

Vincent sighed hard enough to blow a few wisps of his dark reddish colored his hair up off of his forehead when he saw one of the men in the motel room come out to grab something from the trunk of their car. Beer. A 30 pack. Along with a few bottles of hard alcohol in case that wasn’t enough. Looking in the room through the open door, he saw the other two tennants and grumbled under his breath. “I knew I should have done the scouting this time around. Or at least come with you two.”

Angelo gave him an insulted look. “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“Three guys, all in their 40’s at least, drinking and smoking and playing poker in a motel room. Come ON, Angelo. How exactly do you suggest we ‘casually’ walk over there and get them to let a bunch of teenagers inside and shut the door before anybody sees or hears us? Huh? You should have been looking for hitchhikers or something. At least they’re unattached.”

“You’re an ass, Vincent.” Angelo replied, turning to Elijah. “Trust me. We did our homework. We won’t have any problems getting inside.”

“What makes you say that?”

Ferris flipped his hair back, only to let it fall directly into his eyes again. “Let’s just say that Angelo and I caught their attention before they caught ours.”

“Meaning what?” Bryce asked him.

Angelo smiled, “They happen to like sweet little boys like us. A lot. THAT’S what it means. They practically molested us with their eyes alone a few nights ago. I don’t know if they’re here for the festival or not, but one thing’s for certain…they’re looking to find some form of ripe young entertainment while they’re here. It’s the only thing they were thinking about when I scanned ’em.” Angelo looked back at Vincent. “If we want in…all we have to do is knock…and smile.”

“And pretend to be fags.” Vincent growled.

“Some of us ain’t pretending, sweet meat.” Angelo answered, and Elijah decided to put plans in motion.

“I hope you two are right about this.”

“Oh, we are.” Angelo smirked, finally satisfied with his image and putting his mirror away. “Trust me, Elijah…it’s the perfect spot, the perfect donors, no witnesses, easy access, and all the ‘yum yum’ we can drink to get big and strong.”

Ferris added, ‟Since they were looking to have a good time with a little underaged strange this weekend, I’d be willing to bet nobody even knows they’re here. Chances are they’ve got a couple of alibis placing them miles away from here.‟

Elijah asked, “You scan them for blood defects?”

“They’re all clean. Nothing more destructive than what you would find in your average chain smoking, burger grilling, alcoholic, while on vacation.”

Elijah turned to look at his troops. “Well then, gentlemen…I believe our boys at the motel are looking for a party tonight. Let’s go down and give them one they’ll never forget.”

That was the only nod needed. The pack hunters began their descent down to the parking lot, covered in shadow, and quickly moving in small groups of two or three to reach the outside of their motel door. Swift. Silent. Hardly giving a hint to the carnage and horror being plotted in the back of their minds. Bryce and Fletcher hesitated for a moment…but not for long. Their bodies were blood deficient as well. No matter what your morals may be, in time…the thirst always wins. No matter what.

Demons…wearing the robes of the righteous. Masks of young angels. Hiding their protruding fangs with closed lips, making sure they remained concealed until it was too late for the men in that room to escape their wrath.

Is there anything more deadly than malice in the guise of a innocent child?

While Vincent was still conflicted about being pervved on by a bunch of older men, he kept his mouth shut about it and grumbled to himself, hoping to just get it over with. Angelo and Ferris were the ones to lightly rap on the door. Room number 2B. They were definitely gorgeous enough to act as the perfect ‘bait’ to get us inside. Bryce even more so, but Elijah didn’t want him being put out there like that just yet. At least not until the boy got over his jitters about feeding with the rest of them.

Or perhaps, it was a pinch of jealousy that he felt…knowing the men would be more than likely to worship his beauty above all others. A task that Elijah would rather handle alone.

There were a few voices heard coming from behind the door. It opened up, the smell of marijuana smoke wafted out into the night air, accompanied by the sounds of ‘The Thrill Is Gone’ by BB King being played on a rather large boombox sitting on the dresser inside. The poker game had the table covered with cards, ashtrays, beer cans, and plastic chips. It was like a scene right out of a comic book bar brawl in the making. The man at the door let his eyes roam shamelessly over the tasty morsel standing before him. If only the men in that lonely room knew that it was they who were on the menu.

“Hiiiiii…” Angelo said with a flawless smile. “…Listen, our parents are gone for the night, and we accidentally got locked out of our room. I don’t know where the innkeeper guy went to and we’re bored already. You mind if we use one of your cell phones? To call for some help or something?” The man’s eyes widened slightly, silently thanking the stars for his good luck. Ferris noticed the other two men leaning back in their chairs to catch a sight of the sensual young bounty for themselves. “Heyyy…wait a minute…” Angelo said to the nearly speechless man at the door. “Don’t I remember you from somewhere? You were in the town square last night, weren’t you?”

“Heh…yeah.” The man answered, watching Ferris push his hair back again to display a set of dark brown bedroom eyes and a flash of smooth teen flesh that he wasn’t quite prepared for. The thoughts that ran through his mind at that moment were beyond love at first sight. Or perhaps second sight.

“Say, is that beer?” Ferris asked softly, making sure to stare the man right in the eye, breaking down his ability to even think of saying no. “Can we come in and have some? We’ll be good. Promise.”

One of the men hollered from the background, “You can come in and have all you want.” A slightly sinister smile on his face, apparently thinking that he was hiding his thoughts from his vampiric guests.

“And our friends too…of course.” Angelo asked, as Simi, Bryce, Fletcher, and the rest made themselves visible. This time, there was no hiding the man’s shock. He was sure that he had hit the jackpot as far as cute teen boys were concerned. Certain that the gods had finally blessed him with a once in a lifetime opportunity that he didn’t dare turn away from. “Can you invite us in? We’re um…thirsty. Hehehe!” Angelo’s teasing could be such a savage sword when he wanted it to be.

“Yes…come on in. All of you. Come in.” The man sighed as the boys filed into the room, one by one. He took a particular interest in young Simi as he saw him grab Ferris by the hand and keep him close.

All three men stood up to greet the boys and welcome them with warm and tender invitations to take a seat. The man at the door paused slightly as Elijah entered the room last with Vincent at his side. The scars were a bit alarming to him at first. Not that they were overly ‘grotesque’, but they did much to damage a once unblemished boyish face. Elijah gave him a very serious look, intimidating in nature…and before closing the door, he nodded towards Vincent to go check the perimeter outside. Just to be on the ‘safe’ side.

Might as well get it done now. Because once that motel room door closes…the game begins.

The boys could hardly keep their fangs concealed in anticipation, their eyes turning red behind the shield of realistic looking optrix. They were ready. At long last.

The heart always beats fastest…

…Right before the kill.


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