GFD: Business As Usual

“GFD: Business As Usual”

Perhaps it is the indecision that heightens the sexual bliss of being pleasured by two young college boys at once. The texture of their warm, wet, tongues as they licked and sucked at both sides of my neck, their smooth legs sliding across my abdomen as we lay in that large, luxury bed. My mattress, softer than the fluff of the clouds above. My sheets, a thread count that would baffle and amaze them if they had any clue as to what the actual number was. Yes…the indecision heightened the pleasure. Not knowing where to turn, who to pay attention to, who to reward with focused sexual administrations of my own. They were both so beautiful. I switched my lustful kisses from one boy to the other and back again as they lay on either side of me. Both of them human.

Both of them mine.

I SO enjoyed making love to human boys. Their scent intoxicates me. Their warmth is different from the warmth of another vampire. Our body heat is almost ‘artificial’ in comparison to the feel of a fresh, beautifully naked, human boy. So young. So fragile and weak. So little time for them in this world. The very concept thrills me to the point of feeling faint from the very touch of them. So incredibly wicked, the craving to feel the clock ticking away as they try, desperately, to hold on to their remaining years in daylight. Perhaps it was ego that made me enjoy the act so much. A selfish need to feel superior. Like the vampire I am.

I reveled in every last moment of our sexual bliss, having them worship me from head to toe until my final waking moments at dawn…and then being there to rub and entice me back to full arousal when I awoke after the following sunset. I didn’t know which one to kiss first. But it didn’t matter, as long as one of my well-trained companions knew to stuff their head under the blankets and slowly suck me to orgasm as my tongue danced in the mouth of his counterpart, I was pleased.

This is how I have been entertaining myself for over 45 years in darkness now, and I never tire of it. Human boys will perform any lewd act to keep their precious ′safeguard′ marks in tact for them and their loved ones. To remain protected from the murderous thirst of the rest of my species. It was a blessing to hold such a position over them where my influence could maintain such loyalty. They’d do anything I asked of them to stay alive. And it was that helplessness that always inspired the most potent climaxes within me.

Take refuge, young ones. For I am the only thing that stands between you and the ice cold freezer in the back of some slaghunter’s patrol car.

Such tender flesh. Such determined suction at my root. As arms and legs intertwined and the heights of passion were reached, I could feel the journey of my heated seed reaching a boiling point…aching for release. Our bodies tangled themselves into sensual knots, and I kissed the boy on my right with a shameless burst of passion as I squeezed the hardness of his shaft and stroked him beyond the point of no return. All while feeling the vacuum of eager lips sealed around the base my manhood, obscenely working to pull my offering right out of me as quickly as possible.

My body tingled. My endorphins running wild with appreciation for such sexual devotion. I was so hot and bothered at that moment that I actually considered feasting on the blood of one of the boys in my bed…simply to enhance the glorious high that I was feeling. Safeguarded or not, I wanted to taste this boy’s life essence. There’d be nothing to stop me. Nothing at all…if I really wanted to do it. Their blood would be SO sweet during this passionate exchange. The buzz from drinking their blood at the moment of orgasm would linger for HOURS afterward! I was sure of it.

The only things changing my mind at the last minute was the idea of staining my expensive sheets with their blood…and an interrupting knock at my bedroom door.

“Enter…” I called out.

In walked my female assistant, Bianca. She opened the door rather methodically, and while she was well aware of what to expect when she stepped into the room, a sudden burst of bashfulness took over the focus of my two lovers for the evening. One worked to hide his nudity, while the one under the blankets stuck his head out from under the covers to see what was going on.

“Pardon me for the interruption, Enzo…” She said.

“What interruption?” I asked. Both of the boys began to cover themselves up with the blankets and look away from her in a temporary moment of shame.

“I understand that you are…entertaining guests this evening…”

“That I am…” I told her, but after getting annoyed with the sudden change in my partners’ demeanor, I grabbed a hold of the blanket and tossed it to the floor, leaving all three of us totally exposed on the bed. “Like I said…” I put my hand on the back of the head of the boy on my left, and guided him back down to keep sucking me right in front of her. “…what interruption?”

Using a finger to update a few details on her ipad, she said, “Your evening appointment and his assistant are here, sir. I realize that they’re early, but he insists that it’s important that he talk to you as soon as possible.

Feeling the moist lips and wet tongue swirling around me, I took a quick moment to lean my head back and appreciate the sexual pleasure of it all, sighing out loud to myself. “Which one was my evening appointment for tonight again?”

“An Alexander, sir. Xander, for short. It’s about the club.”

“Ah, yes. Of course.” I said. Letting out a soft moan directly after. “Bianca, tell Alexander that I will be with him in about ten minutes, will you?” Kissing the lush lips of the other boy on my right, his sensual tongue coiling erotically around my own, I changed my mind. “Better yet…make it twenty.”

“As you wish, sir.” She said, and moved back to close the bedroom doors behind her.

The oral sex was mind-blowing, but I had deeper sexual cravings to satisfy. I grabbed the boy on the left by the hair and pulled his luscious lips off of my shaft. Then I scooted back to lean up against the headboard. “Present yourselves.” I told them. And, just as commanded, both boys got on their hands and knees and crawled down to the foot of the bed, pointing their plump round asses in my direction and giving them a slow grind to help me make a selection. Both so tasty. So tempting. But I chose the boy on the right, as the pink little pucker winked at me with a yearning that I could not deny. “You. Lube up.” I said to him. “And don’t you feel left out…” I told the other one. “…I’ll be sure to come back and have my way with you as well before dawn.”

As I watched the one college boy slick himself up and insert a finger or two into himself to get ready, I smiled. Fully prepared to finish the hot gay fantasy that we had started. In the body of a boy only 17, I had enough stamina to keep them occupied for hours to come. I was so turned on at that moment. I just knew that I was going to fuck him deep tonight. Deep…and HARD!

Afterward, I took a quick shower and dressed myself up to meet my evening appointment. I was perhaps ten minutes later than I said I would be…but they couldn’t do anything but wait. Considering the short notice and urgency of their request to see me…I assumed that young Alexander needed a favor. And after hearing the buzz of continuous rumors in the streets of Chicago as of late…I had a pretty good idea of what that favor would be.

Bianca walked with me to my office, opening the doors wide for my entrance. Inside, I saw Alexander sitting in front of my desk. Even though I had seen him many times before, it always surprises me to remember how very young he was when he crossed over. Fourteen? Perhaps fifteen? He had such a boyish face, topped with the lightest palette of bright blond hair. It was always a challenge to think of him as the century old vampire that he was.

And, standing by his side, his forever loyal vampire childe, Vincent. Older in his human years, mid to late twenties. It only took one look to see what he was. A product of the Prohibition era here in Chicago. A time when Al Capone still kept guys like him ducking around corners, afraid to whisper his name aloud. After all these years, he still wakes up in the evening and puts on the suit. The tie. The fedora hat, angled slightly to cover his eyes. A man with big shoulders and a quick temper, tamed by the business that he was affiliated with. All he was missing was an old school Tommy gun and a Ford T model car.

Yes, it had been quite a while since I had seen them…but very little had changed.

“Alexander…you’re early.” I said, coming by to say hello.

He stood up, his thin arms giving me a welcome hug as Vincent kept an eye on everything that was going on. “I know, Enzo. But, I wanted to get this out of the way for the evening. As you may have heard, I’m a bit short on time, these days.”

“Yes. The old grapevine has…spilled a few drops concerning your recent troubles. I must say that I’m sorry to hear that you’re having such a tough time.” I told him. I walked around my desk, and poured myself a half glass of ethanol, stirring it with my finger to flavor it with a nice little extra I learned from one of my servants. “Drink?”

“No, thank you.” Alexander replied. I didn’t bother to ask his assistant. I knew it would be a waste of breath.

I sat down in my plush desk chair, ceiling high windows behind me, and all of the dazzling Chicago skyline behind me. A condo apartment left behind by some crooked real estate agent or something that…didn′t quite work out in the end. Someone should have informed him about the Elders′ treacherous ways before he got in too deep. He gave up one hell of a nice pad. Sucks to be him, I suppose.

I took a sip of the strong drink in my glass, and gave Alexander the nod to begin our talks for the evening. I knew this would be short. He isn’t one to beat around the bush when it comes to a favor. But I find it entertaining to pretend that I’m unaware of the reason for his visit, regardless.

“Enzo…I need you to go to the Elders and speak on my behalf.” He said, quietly. He made sure to look me in the eye. He remembered that I won’t tolerate someone not looking me in the eye when they needed my help.

“Is that so?” I said, giving him a smirk and taking another sip of my drink. Vincent never moved. He just stood silent at his sire’s side. The way a guardian vampire childe should, in my opinion. Perhaps I’m a bit old fashioned myself. “And exactly what am I speaking of? On your behalf, that is?”

There was a moment of hesitation. Then Alexander said, “I’ve recently been paid an unwelcome ‘visit’ by the debt collectors employed by the Circle Nocturnus. They were very clear about their demands…and the consequences involved if they don’t get what is expected of us within the next few weeks.”

Leaning back in my chair, I asked, “So…what is the problem then?”

“The problem…is that our establishment has been completely DESTROYED! There’s no way for us to pay that kind of tribute without being in business. ‘He’ knows this!” He told me.

Keeping my grace and casual nature, I swirled my drink a few times in my glass to further mix my freshly created cocktail…and took another sip. “You want an extension?” I asked.

“I want understanding, Enzo.” He said. “I need you to talk to the fat man and ask him to lay off until we can rebuild. Until we can regroup and make enough repairs to start all over again. We’ve already made great progress and in a matter of weeks…”

Weeks?” I said. “No, my friend. What you request is a bit out of my realm of asking.” Alexander’s eyes met mine, and I knew that the negotiations had only begun. “I understand that you’ve recently run into some rather severe troubles with your occupation of the ‘Crimson Euphrates’ nightclub…or…is it simply called ‘Bernie’s’ now? After 85 years or so, who cares anymore? Am I right?” I smiled. “But you must understand that, as a liaison between people like you and Vampire Elder Beraad…it is my duty to handle the smaller, local, disputes before they reach the master’s table. And this, I’m sorry to say…is a very minor dispute, indeed.” Alex didn’t show me any stress, but I could detect it anyway. “This will be your third rebuild of that old place. Perhaps the Crimson Euphrates is cursed? I can’t see how you think I could assist you.”

Quickly switching to a different approach, Alexander said, “I though that…perhaps you could talk to him. Directly. You could…’convince’ him that a little more time would be more to his advantage than his discomfort.”

“Is that so?” I said. “You want me to…’convince’ him?”

He noticed the slightly smug grin on my face, and added, “I understand that you live quite well up here, Enzo. Nice, high rise, apartment. Miraculous view. Every luxury and convenience that you could ever want. All provided by Elder Beraad, correct?”

“He does all he can to keep me happy. Yes.”

“And I’m sure that you′d do the same for him in return.” Alexander said assumingly. “Whenever you deem it necessary to…maintain a hold on your investment here.” I narrowed my eyes slightly, and he narrowed his own in response. “If it means paying you an extra tribute on the side…perhaps…a personal agreement between friends, such as you and I…consider it done. Then you might be willing to persuade Elder Beraad to turn his head on this matter. At least for the moment. I’m sure the fat man would enjoy the extra attention.”

Already aware of the many sexual acts that I had to perform in order to secure my position in the vampire order and live as well as I do, Alexander truly believed that he had me backed into a corner when he didn’t. I told him, “Actually…with your small, waifish frame, boyish good looks, and pale blond hair…you would be more to Elder Beraad’s liking than I. Perhaps I could set up a meeting for you two to talk exclusively, instead. I’m sure that he would be very eager to listen to your pleas for a much needed ‘favor’.”

I saw Vincent fidget slightly at Alexander’s side. Obviously offended by the offer. That only increased the width of my smile. But Alexander, keeping his grace as always, said, “I think it would be better to keep this between us. For now.” Adding, “It will take time to rebuild. I will give you a personal tribute, completely off the books, and Vampire Elder Beraad need not be the wiser. As long as he keeps his goons out of my club and his greedy hands out of my business…everything will work itself out just fine.”

While appearing stoic and emotionless about it all, I knew that Alexander was grasping at straws. I knew what this meeting would be about before he even made the appointment. And I knew what I had to gain from the rest of the Elders in the Circle Nocturnus if I played my cards right.

“So…you’re willing to promise me money…that you don’t have…in order to save a nightclub…that no longer exists? In any ‘functional’ capacity, anyway. You’re telling me that you want me to go to the Elders and cover for you while you rebuild and restructure your business…as a favor to you?” I asked. “And you say you will pay me, how much, for this effort on my part?”

“Whatever you ask.” He said. “As long as it is within reason.”

I took a very long pause this time, leaning back in my luxury chair and interlocking my fingers as I thought about the possibilities. It was tempting. But financial gain wasn’t what I needed right now. As Beraad’s personal ‘pet’, I merely had to ask him for whatever extravagance that I wanted, and he’d provide it for me without question. He found me to be sooooo beautiful. The fact that he disgusted me had no affect on his willingness to provide me with all the lavish toys and gadgets that I could ever want. No…Alexander had access to something MUCH more valuable to me than money. Something that might get me a permanent escape from the fat man once and for all.

“Whatever I ask? I write down a number, and you give it to me? Is that it?” I said, and spun slowly in my desk chair to look out at the city for a moment before facing him again. “Are you a fan of Alfred Hitchcock, Alexander?”

“I’m sorry?”

“Alfred Hitchcock.” I repeated. “He had this story once…I’ll never forget it…” I stood up from my chair, and walked around the desk separating us so I could sit on the edge and look him right in the eye. “There had been a murder. This housewife claimed to have found her husband dead…his head, bashed in with some sort of unknown blunt object. Nobody knew what it was. But the police? They had their suspicions that the wife had offed her husband herself. So they went over to the house, not only to question her…but to hopefully find some trace of the murder weapon so they could put the pieces together and run the old lady in for her crimes.” There was a puzzled look on Alexander’s face, but I continued. “So, they knock on the door. They ask all the pertinent questions, they go over all of the clues, they search the entire house…they run the whole game on her. She passes the test with flying colors. Innocent old broad. Not a care in the world. But then…then she asks the officers if they’d like to stay for dinner. She’s so used to cooking for two people instead of just herself, she had prepared too much food, and didn’t want it to go to waste. She was having leg of lamb that night, and offered it to her visitors. They accepted. They all sat down to dinner, the policemen were ever so grateful for the delicious free meal, and they left the apartment…never to bother that sweet, innocent, old lady ever again.” I said. “The culprit…and the murder weapon…were never found.”

As I grinned at the two people standing before me, emptying my glass and pouring myself some more, I noticed the baffled look on their faces…expecting me to go on.

Finally, Alexander spoke. “I fail to see how this applies to my current situation.”

Taking another gulp of alcohol, “The leg of lamb.” I said. “The previously frozen leg of lamb was the blunt object that she used to kill her husband. The police, unknowingly, ate the murder weapon. Thus, devouring the only clue that they had as to what had actually happened there.” I leaned back again, my grin fading. “The point I’m making is…sometimes, what is being offered as an act of generosity or kindness…is often a cleverly disguised attempt to hide something far more interesting in the long run.” I believe I had gotten their attention with that one. Just as I suspected. “You see, the Elders…they hear things. Lots of things. Bureaucratic whispers and ′detached from reality′ secrets. A few rumors here, some leaked gossip there…but they’re nowhere near as close to the real dirt that goes on out here in the city as I am. They′re not in the thick of it all. I hear things right here on the bottom floor. Things that never reach the Elder’s ears. Not unless we, as their personal messengers, deem it necessary to share it with them.”

I stood up from the desk, and I saw Alexander’s expression turn cold. He tried to hide it from me, but I had already discovered the chink in his armor. “What is it that you think you know?” He asked.

“Oh…a great many things. Some confirmed. Some not…YET.” I said. “I know that Bernie’s club has recently been leveled by, what many are calling, a brawl of epic proportions. I know that this is not an isolated occurrence in the city of Chicago as of late…and that many witnesses have reported similar damage reports in darkness. And…I know that, as shrewd of a businessman as you are, Alexander…you would never promise me such an amazing gift as extra tribute to me under the table if you weren’t somewhat concerned about the questions that the Elders might ask….if they came calling for you and you didn’t have a viable excuse ready for them.” I patted Alexander on the shoulder. “You and I both have a very good idea of what happened to the club that night. Don’t we, Alex?” I said. “What you have to offer me…it goes beyond financial reward. What I need is a REAL treasure. And, lucky for you…it won’t cost you a cent.” There was a silence in the room, and I stared into Vincent’s eyes for a moment before letting my smile return to its full bloom. “Come. Follow me. I want you two to see something.”

They exchanged a whispered word or two, but I had no doubt that their curiosity would compel them to follow my lead out of that office. They were already hooked. All I needed to do now was drag them into the boat.

I led them out into the hallway and walked with them down to the elevator, pressing the button so that it would take us to the sublevel basement. It was a two minute ride, and I turned to Alexander to keep his mind busy. “The Elders have been having quite a difficult time in this region as of late.” I said. “As the one in charge of all finances and the economic balance that we have here in darkness…Elder Beraad has taken quite a few blows over the last few months.”

“Perhaps he has been lining his pockets with more than his usual cut of the profits.” He said.

“If only it were that simple.” I told him. “The city has been experiencing a growing frequency of miraculous events these days, gentlemen. Events that haven’t been sitting right with those in charge.”

“How do you mean?”

“Well, certain outfits have gone rogue. Some vampires have not been doing what they were supposed to be doing. Psychics and prophets have been claiming to have foreseen events that should not be possible.” I said. “The illuminirae abroad are beginning to think that the Elders in this sector are incapable of maintaining order. The Stronghold fighting arena has been destroyed. The Nifty archive in the IceZone, torn asunder. Reports of extreme violence and ruin have been spreading like wildfire. From local Spice Shacks to hospitals on the outskirts of town. This cannot go on. Not even the hunters deployed to take care of these situations have been able to put these rumors to rest. These are dangerous times, Alexander. Perhaps for us all.” At that moment, the elevator doors opened, and I led Alex and Vincent into the darkened basement sublevel.

Taking the walk around some dimly lit corners, they came to join me beside a giant tank, filled with water, and a badly misshapen and disfigured vampire inside of it. He was floating in the middle, barely alive…but healing. If only a little bit at the time.

Vincent spoke. “What is that?”

Giving them both a grin, I walked closer to the brightly lit tank and tapped my fingers on the glass. “An amazing specimen. Is he not?” I said. “I’ve never witnessed such a fight for recovery in a vampire as I have with this one. His body had been battered to a degree of almost being unrecognizable…but the heart, somehow, remained in tact. So…after nearly a month’s worth of sleep cycles and injury reparations…this warrior will soon find his way back to being the efficient killer that he once was. Maybe even better, as a matter of fact. Elder Masato has instructed me to keep a close eye on this one, as he has talents that may be needed in the near future. Talents that may help us bring an end to the current conflicts causing the Circle Nocturnus so much discomfort.”

Alexander walked closer to the tank. “Who is he?”

“A very ‘efficient’ assassin, I assure you. He used to work for a vampire named Soren…before the Stronghold arena fell. A long time student of Norio Myoki, saved along with his brother and adopted sister many years ago. From what I hear, his skill was truly something to behold. I hope to see it for myself when he awakens again.”

Looking closer at the brutally damaged vampire in the tank, Alexander put his hand against the glass and his face wrinkled up into a frown. “What the hell could do this to another vampire?” He asked.

I smiled in his direction, and I told him, “Perhaps…the same sort of creature that leveled your Crimson Euphrates nightclub.” He turned to me to see if I was joking. But I was not. “The very few witnesses that survived this vicious assault swore that they saw the form of a shadowed demon committing these acts. But others? they seem to remember a different story. Taking place at a different club on the same evening. One of a young boy. A halflife, born into darkness…displaying a long and varied list of abilities that many would consider…’god-like’.” I watched his eyes, but Alexander was very good at hiding his thoughts from me when he felt the need. “I know what you told others about the events of that night, Alex. I know. But my eyes on the street tell a much more interesting tale.”

“I reported everything as I was told…” He started, but I put a hand on his shoulder.

“Shhhhh…come on now. We both know that’s not true.” I said. “There is, walking among us, an exceptional vampire, Alexander. One of legend. One capable of unspeakable displays of limitless power. And he’s here. Somewhere. Right under our very noses. Isn’t he?” I asked. Now ready to reveal my true demands. “I think you were there that night, Alex. I think you know exactly what happened to your club. And I think you can help me find out more about this vampire anomaly and where to find him…as long as you’re willing to tell me the truth.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about…” He said.

I turned his attention to an old copy of a vampire scripture that I had pasted onto the far wall of the basement. It was a reproduction, but I had been keeping it close since the rumors of the last few months became more frequent. “Do you see this? It’s a very, very, old vampire legend. It predates the both of us. It even predates the Elders of the Circle. Quite a fascinating tale, actually. It speaks of a brand new ‘dawn’ for all of vampire-kind. A chosen one. Sent either to save…or destroy us all. Much like Noah and the great flood.” I told him. “While, many rumors and theories have come and gone over the years…I must say that I have never seen the Elders so hot and bothered by the possibility of such a thing. Naturally…a being with this level of power and influence that is not under their direct control poses a threat to the stability and comfort of everything that we hold dear in this world of darkness. It has the potential to break down walls that many would like to leave standing.” The body in the tank began to twitch slightly as another part of its body healed another wound, and I stepped away from it. “You need a favor, Alex? So do I. I don’t need your money. What I need is information. Evidence. Details. Spreading low level street gossip to the Circle Nocturnus gets me nothing. But bringing them the gift of a halflife vampire with the power to shut down your club, Soren’s fighting arena, and many other workings of Beraad’s money making establishments around the city in one fell swoop? Now THAT…can be worth more than its weight in gold.”

Alexander and Vincent exchanged a look, and Alex said, “I don’t know how I can help you. Outside of the destruction caused and the loss of business…I can’t see my details being of much use to you.”

“That’s where you’re wrong, young Xander.” I grinned. I pointed back at the scripture, and said, “Centuries ago…the fabled prophets all had one thing in common. It took some heavy research, but I found that all of the chosen ones foretold by the ancients were blessed with a special ‘mark’. A tribal mark, unlike any other.” I traced my finger across some of the foreign text…most of which could not be fully translated. Only in small fragments could I decipher some level of meaning. “It talks of a vampire the likes that none have ever laid eyes upon before. Here…the markings. A vampire, born out of love. Roughly translated, it means ‘painted skin without end’. A permanent scarring.” Then I gazed into Alex’s eyes. “Much like the ‘eternity bands’ that you are so well known for in this sector. Am I right?” He didn’t answer. Instead, he diverted his eyes to avoid my own. “How has your eternity band business been going in the last 7 or 8 months, Alexander? Have you had any satisfied customers lately? Done any favors…perhaps for old friends? Selling eternity bands is easy. But getting them to actually work for a pairing of vampires is extremely rare. Wouldn’t you agree?” Still no answer. “In this day and age, people just find somebody cute and fuckable and pledge their never-ending love to them right there on the spot without knowing so much as their last name, much less anything worthy of a true commitment. I, myself, enjoy the game as much as any of them. But LOVE? Now that is something special. Quite unique. Not many vampires pass that test. Not many.” That’s when I asked, “So…what young vampire halflifes have you been servicing lately, Alexander? Hmmm? Who did you allow to acquire…the ‘painted skin without end’?”

After a long, speechless, moment…Alex lied and prompted me to make him a deal by stalling…telling me, “Maybe…I could go back and look over some of my records. If you think it would help.”

“Yes. Why don’t you do that…?” I said. “And come back to me if you find anything…’revealing’. Will you?”

He asked, “And if I do this…you’ll talk to Elder Beraad?”

Leaning closer to place a light kiss on Alex’s cheek, “Bring me the information that I seek on this young newblood…and I’ll personally see to it that Vampire Beraad forgets all about this current debt of yours, and any others that you may have lingering. Until you rebuild, that is. Then it goes right back to business as usual. Agreed?”

I was sure that Alex already had the information that I was looking for, but I was willing to be patient. Because finding this fairy tale Vampire Mimic will put me in to SUCH a high ranking place among the Elders…that this luxury high rise and hedonistic existence that I live now will seem like a full blown tragedy when compared to the life awaiting me at the end of that golden tunnel!

Both Alexander and Vincent said their goodbyes, and Bianca walked them back down to the ground level to continue their evening however they saw fit to spend it.

Me? I already knew how I was going to spend it.

Going back to my bedroom, I was pleased to see my two chosen boys still naked, still aroused, and ready for more sexual pleasures.

“Now then…which one of you two still needs his sweet little ass pounded first? I feel like celebrating a victory in the making….”