GFD: Blood, Sex, and Videotape

Ugh! Too deep.

He always goes too deep.

Whenever Joseph and I are making a film, with him often using me as a bottom…he always penetrates me too deep and too fast and it hurts like hell. I try to be a professional and act like I’m loving it, but it can be so difficult when he’s involved. My ass is seriously on fire right now, and while he’s ignoring my subtle ‘off-camera’ cues and getting his rocks off, I’m laying there trying to convince the director that I’m not being physically ‘ruined’ by the ass splitting agonyof him repeatedly violating me on camera. All for the sake of a profit.

“Cory? I need you to move your arm. We can’t see your cock…” The director said. I repositioned myself a bit. It was more uncomfortable, but it would look great on film if I could hold it.

Yeah, I know….vampire porn is a hot commodity these days. Mostly in our own underground market, but some humans have unknowingly bought our products as well and enjoyed them just the same. Thinking that it was barely legal or underage boys, engaging in the most erotic sexual acts known to man. But in reality, those boy porn stars were older than their voyeurs by a few decades. Sexy…experienced…talented beyond their perceived years. Hell, even a boy that was physically 16 years old, and stuck in that body for all eternity, might have another 15 years of vampire pornography experience behind him. And that was a veryalluring concept for most of our black market human customers.

Now me? I was bitten and crossed over into darkness just two weeks before my 17th birthday. But I was still a virgin when it happened. And virgin vampires get paid MUCH more money in the vampire porn industry. Especially if we allow ourselves to be a bottom boy for the camera. We ‘heal’ every morning during our natural sleep cycles. My skin is rejuvenated, my hole tightens, my orgasmic muscles relax to a state where they have never been shared with another person. My youthful glow and boyish good looks are replenished and purified. Innocence in a jar. Every morning, when I look in the mirror, I see the same image. My reflection has become a fixed and changeless photograph. One of beauty, yes….but the novelty of it has worn out its welcome as far as I’m concerned. Had it been a real photograph, it would be quite faded by now. Probably taken with an old Polaroid instant camera that was so popular in the early 80’s when I first received my bite.

I don’t know. Maybe I should consider myself lucky. Most vampire halflifes are forced to live in sewers, abandoned buildings, and car wreckage lots. Or they live in big ‘hives’ somewhere, where protection from the sunlight is a constant issue. Sanctuaries are prone to random attacks depending on who they allow to live there and how well their security systems work. And some vampires can only find shelter in old clubs and never-ending parties. Noise and garbage and drugs of every flavor. No…I’ve been lucky enough to use my body to maintain a more-than-decent place of my own here in this sky rise apartment by the lake. It’s warm. I have electricity and running water. TV with cable. I never have to worry about being stuck without shelter before dawn or being infiltrated by random Hunters and Elder interference. I’m just trying to make a life for myself….even if I’m ‘outside’ of life as I once knew it.

It’s a lonely place….but it’s mine. I earned it. And I’m proud of it.

If only I could change the repetitive features of that teenaged stare, always looking back at me from behind that blasted mirror…I might be happier.

But…you know…

If only.

My mind is pulled back into the moment as I feel another harsh sting of anal pain as it shot through me without mercy. Joseph was aggressively jabbing away at my insides without much concern for my pleasure at all. How he got to be so popular on the V-Porn circuit, I’ll never know. People have made a superstar out of him, but everyone he’s worked with has had the same complaints that I do now. I don’t know. I guess some viewers like his sexual urgency. Maybe that’s their ‘thing’. You know?

Me? I’ve always been a fan of the slower, more erotic, films that I’ve done in the past few years. I enjoyed them so much more than the raunchy fare I’ve been doing recently. It was easier to ‘act’ when I was fully into the V-Porn project. Easier to bring a feeling of true intimacy to the film.

Then again…maybe I wasn’t always acting…

I IS sex, after all. Being unattached at the moment…it’s easy to develop feelings with the cute boys that I’m working with. Despite it being a business…it isreal sexual contact. And when you’re emotionally called on to give the impression of true intimacy…it’s difficult to separate real life from ‘work’ sometimes. I won’t deny that there have been other V-Porn stars that I’ve had instant infatuations with. But….once the director yells cut…even though I’ve just spent the entire afternoon screwing and being screwed by this other hot boy that I was totally swooning over….

He puts his robe back on, says ‘thanks’, and then he goes home to his boyfriend again. And you know what? If it’s one thing about the porn industry…it teaches you the difference between sex and intimacy. Because I found myself wishing that I could be one of them instead of me. I mean…I would rather sit on some ratty old couch and watch the Discovery channel with someone that I really care about…than sleep with 100 of the hottest boy vampires in the business.

How crazy is THAT, right?

It’s no biggie though. I think my career has been much more successful when I’m not doing the softer, more emotional stuff. Some people like it when I’m playing the bashful and sweet hearted boy next door. But some folks just want me to get fucked as hard as possible. There’s MORE of them, and they pay more money.

I guess there’s just something about my gentle and fragile appearance that makes most of our clientele cravethe hardcore stuff more often. My light blond hair and almost androgynous beauty turns them on in a major way. But only when my thick and juicy bubbled cheeks are getting pounded mercilessly by another guy. My hole stretching to accommodate them with a tight grip. Sweating and moaning and girlish whimpers as they piston into my lovely opening with the fury of a madman. Fulfilling their fantasy of a submissive boy to take all they can give. Creating the ultimate wet dream for them while they’re still awake.

I can’t help it that my butt is shaped the way it is. Round and tight. Obscenely plump, almost to the point of being disproportionate to my body. I guess it just ended up being a sexy little feature on my otherwise waifish frame. It sticks way out and is always on display in a way that always ends up driving horny young men crazy. It’s always been something that I’ve had to deal with. Even when I was ten years old, it caused older men to stare at it to the point of distraction. I’ve been self conscious about it for quite a while, but I suppose it’s a blessing. I just wish that I could bless somebody else with it and not have to deal with it anymore.

Joseph? I mean…I’ll take the money for the job and all…as well as the royalties from the V-Porn market. As I need those to keep up my current lifestyle. But if I never had to work with him again, it wouldn’t bother me in the least to say ‘hell no’ and just leave the business once and for all. Because I could really do without the dispassionate bullshit that I’m going through right now.

The cameras continued to roll, and I was laying on my back, trying to block out as much of the pain as I could. I kept my hand on Joseph’s leg, squeezing it to signal him that it was to much. As usual, he paid no attention to my hidden clues. And the director of the film was more concerned with getting the best performance and most erotic angles than he was with my actual performance. So I took my hand off of his thigh and just tried to get this over with. Why bother trying to enjoy this? There’s nothing about Joseph that I really want to be involved with. On or off film. I just wanted the reel to look good so that my paycheck would be worth the agony I went through to get it.

Moaning out loud and attempting to make it sound like ecstasy instead of misery, I squeezed my ass muscles tightly around his shaft, hoping that the added constriction would bring him to a crashing orgasm and we could put this hot V-Porn movie in the can and be done with it.

My legs were over Joseph’s broad shoulders, and he had my knees bent back so far that I could hardly breathe. I didn’t look him in the eye. I kept my eyes closed.

Joseph could be SUCH an egotistical asshole in real life. Another serious turn off for me. I didn’t want to ruin the scene by remembering who I was having sex with. He may be pretty to look at, but between his cocky attitude and his limited intelligence…I found it difficult to even stay hard once the cameras were rolling. It was just a challenge to perform for such a blatant narcissist, you know? I don’t think he can hold a single conversation without talking about himself. I would be willing to bet MONEY that he couldn’t say, write, or even THINK, of a single sentence that didn’t have *I* in it as the main subject. It’s all about him. It’s ALWAYS about him. No wonder he’s single. Me me me me me…how can he not bore himself to tears?

Joseph picked up the pace, a predictable grimace on his face as he did his usual ‘V-Porn Thing’. I’d think that even HIS loyal audience would be tired of it by now. But who knows? The slapping sounds of his hips hammering into my jiggling ass cheeks filled the studio from wall to wall, and I just tried to focus all of my attention on the boom mic hanging up over our heads. I felt my lightly greased hole burning with the friction of contact, my breathing short as he pushed himself into my heated depths with a frenzy. He pushed my leg even further back, stretching my already sore tendons to the max, and I had to stroke myself and think of something else to try to keep my performance genuine.

I don’t know…he was making al the right moves. ‘Physically’, Joseph would be the perfect lover for any gay boy on the planet. But his whole vibe lacked passion. It lacked human emotion. And that’s what I craved most, you know? The sex wasn’t enough. The sex was a job. A feel good flutter of temporary satisfaction that was only as good as the thrusts of the sweaty boy on top of me. When all the affection and sweetness has been drained out of the equation…sex can be pretty damn disgusting. Sloppy and painful and weird. I’d much rather have the unexpected smile from that cutie across a crowded lunchroom cafeteria than 300 logged hours of hardcore sexual ass pounding any day.

I just wanted this scene to be over with. Another five minutes of this agony, and hopefully I’ll be able to take a break and let the next selection of actors come in to shoot their own sex scenes while I get a chance to relax.

OUCH!!! Ow ow OW!!! Dammit!!!

I gently tapped my hand on Joseph’s thigh to let him know that he was doing it too hard again. It was absolutely killing my ass as well as my acting. He attempted to adjust for a stroke or two, finallytaking a hint from my objections. But once he kissed my lips and stuck his tongue in my mouth, the director got hot and gave him the nod to keep going hard on me. Getting the shot…that was all he cared about. Joseph was right back to his over exaggerated thrusting into my hot and abused hole. Impaling me to the point where I could only hold on and try to ride out the assault until it was over.

“Mmmmm, yeah! Yeah…you like that? Huh? Take it!” He said out loud for the camera, droplets of sweat falling onto my face from above.

“Yeeeeaaahhh! Oh yeah, give it to me, baby! I want it! I like it like that…” I whined. Holding him tighter up against me. Ugh! God…PLEASE hurry up and cum already. This is just getting ridiculous now!

I squeezed my inner muscles and did all that I could to bring him to a crashing climax right away. Thank goodness, it worked!

The moment of truth was squeezing Joseph from all sides, and that’s when it came time for the bite. That’s the one thing that separates ‘V-Porn’ from regular porn. The bite. In our culture, the transformative bite, taking one another and sharing the flow of liquid life essence between us…it’s more powerful than an orgasm alone ever could be. It takes us back to that very first time, when we gave up the sunlight for a world of darkness. When the seduction of our sire had reached its peak…where his bite had become more important than life itself. A big juicy bite at the moment of orgasm in a V-Porn flick, with gushing blood and a nice, wet, finish…could make or break a really hot scene.

Joseph’s eyes turned red, and he thrust his fangs forward to bite me on the side of the neck as the cameraman moved in closer to get the shot.

As always….Joseph goes too deep.

I clutched onto his back with my fingernails, wrapping my legs around his waist, and I held back a shriek as he sank his fangs into my muscle structure. The blood overflowed from the wound, staining my blond hair and soaking into the pillow behind my neck. I couldn’t see it myself, but I could tell from the warmth and the amount of blood spillage that it must have been one hell of a shot. At least somethinggood came out of this.

“And CUT! Excellent! Absolutely amazing! You boys are two of the best!” The director said, practically dancing from behind the lights. “Let’s take five, you guys! Whew…I think I need a cigarette and a drink after that!”

Joseph pulled himself out of me, and I was able to breathe easy again. “I gave you a good one that time, didn’t I?”

I didn’t answer him. Ugh! Ego can be such a turn off for me. I swear to God.

There was a set assistant or two who were right there with warm, wet, cloths and antiseptics to wipe my bite clean and stop the bleeding. They also gave me a slightly warmed supply of dead blood to refill what I had lost. In a large mug, with a straw. A fluffy white bathrobe was draped over my shoulders, and they brought me a chair to sit in, but I hadn’t planned to stay on set. I’d rather just get out of that place for a while. Spend some time alone. Trying to remember what I was getting out of all this besides money.

That’s when the director came over, “Cory, I need to talk to you about something for a minute.”

“Yeah, what’s up?” I said.

“Well…here’s the thing, your next scene with DeMario? We had to make a few changes to the order of things.”

I looked up at him and said, “Hector…I swear, if you tell me that you switched DeMario out for another scene with Joseph, I’m getting up and I’m walking out of here.”

“No no no…don’t worry. Nothing like that. Although, I have to admit that you and Joseph are about as hot a couple as we can get on video! Every time we put you two in a scene, our sales go up 40%. They LOVE you guys!”

“I’m sure they do.” I said without any emotion, one way or another.

“Well, DeMario is twisted out of his mind. We told him to leave the spice alone, but he’s a fucking tweak-head and he looks like shit, right now. We’ve got to get him cleaned up before he can come back to work. And who knows how many sleep cycles that’s gonna take. I’ve gotta get this picture done by the weekend. The studio depends on it.”

“What are you thinking about doing?” I asked.

Hector said, “Listen…I’ve seen this new kid on the circuit, verycute. Kind of a boy-next-door image like you’ve got, well toned, but natural. He’s got one heck of a ‘bite-game’ too. The blood splashes he’s made have been….wow. He’s a masterpiece.”

I sighed. “Come on, Hector. You know that I feel weird about working with newbies. I always feel like I’m corrupting them or something and telling them to stay in the business….”

“I know. I remember what you told me. But he’s not really a newbie. He’s got four films under his belt already. He’s a rising star, he likes to do it. I figured I could give you some of his flicks, let you check them out…maybe you two could meet up and talk a little bit? Get to know one another? Then you come back here and you give us a show so we can put this film in the can and get it over with. What do you say?”

I thought about it for a second. I still wasn’t sure. I told him, “I don’t know. I think about it. Ok?”

“I don’t have time for you to think about it, kid.” Hector said. Then added, “Look, I’ll give you the goods on this kid, and you can take the rest of the night off. Call it an bonus opportunity for you to do your homework.” I was still hesitating as he gave me a small bag of DVDs. “Look…it’s either you taking the night off and working with the kid…or you wait here for another hour or two, and work up another load for Joseph. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind getting another load in you before dawn. It’s your decision.”

Yikes. Talk about an easy manipulation.

I took the bag from him and I told him I’d do it. Working a Tijuana donkey show would be better than working with Joseph again. I know that he said he thought me and this new guy, ‘Rush’, would make for some great on screen chemistry, but I couldn’t help but to be skeptical. After all, I’ve heard that a million times before. Hector has a good eye for what looks good on screen, but he’s terriblewhen it comes to actual off camera intimacy. I don’t know…maybe that’s the point.

I got dressed as quickly as my worn out body would allow. And just as I was fixing my hair, I made the mistake of looking my reflection in the eye. Sometimes, depending on my mood, looking at myself in the mirror is a truly depressing experience. Heh….if only my mom could see me now, right?

It wasn’t shame, so much. Just…time to reflect. I guess that’s why they call it a reflection, huh?

“You still look pretty damn hot to me, Cory.” Joseph said as he peeked into my dressing room. “If you’re checking for flaws, you’re not going to find any, cutie.”

The last thing I wanted to do at that moment was feed his overconfident swagger. I didn’t make much of a conflict out of it. I just gathered my stuff and tried to walk past him.

He stepped in the way, and he smiled. “What? No goodbye kiss before you go?”

Still frustrated, I said, “You know..from now on, if you want us to keep working together, you should really think about following a bit of my direction instead of just thinking about yourself.”

“That’s funny. I think I followed Hector’sdirection just fine.”

“I’m not talking about Hector’s direction, I’m talking about the cues *I* was giving you to let you know that you were HURTING me, Joseph. That’s mydirection.”

He smirked. “Well…your direction isn’t paying my bills, now is it?” He patted my aching bottom and said, “Sleep it off, sweetie. You’ll be alright. A few moments of ‘hurt’ and a lifetime worth of fame. We’re the new ‘it’ couple in the V-Porn industry. Let’s just work to make it look good, shall we? I knowI look good.”

Instead of giving him the satisfaction of getting to me, I simply told him, “I’m sure you know a LOT about yourself. It’s all you ever talk about, after all.” And I gave him a push as I left my dressing room and walked away. I doubt that my comments phased him at all, but it felt good to give him the cold shoulder anyway. If for no other reason to let him know that I’m not falling for the same game that the rest of his loyal fans are.

Ugh! And my NECK still hurts! Asshole!

I got home that night, and opened up the little care package that Hector threw together for me. And yes…the boy on the covers of the DVDs was definitely cute. Boyishly cute. The kind of 16 year old sweetheart that had an undeniable sexuality about him, but with a quality that needed protecting, you know. There was just something engaging about his smile. He had dark eyes, and dark hair that hung loosely over his smallish ears. A slender build, but with a visible six-pack and v-line disappearing into the waistline of his low riding jeans. Nice nipples on him too. Already, I could imagine a few positions that he would probably be really good for us. Well hung for his height and build, and a nice ass. I started off just studying him as just a potential partner for my next scene. Another actor to sleep with as a part of my job. But as I watched the video interviews with him…I began to find his cheery grin and sense of humor more interesting than the V-Porn work he had done on his demo reel. I think just hearing him answer questions about his life and all was the sexiest part about him. You know….I think I might just be looking forward to meeting this boy. It could all be an act, of course. For all I know, he might be a douche bag of the highest order.

But….I don’t know. Just looking at those eyes, and that adorable smirk…I might really be able to get into something like this.

Rush is his name, huh? Rush….

I like it.

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