Archaic Envy: Chapter 4

A firm breeze embraced me as the automatic doors of the terminal of Wellington airport opened and I walked out into the night. I also noticed that daylight was quickly approaching like an unwelcome visitor. I pulled out my phone, turned it on and called another taxi to take me to a motel I knew would be suitable. After another forgettable taxi ride and conversing with a taxi driver I would also soon forget, I found myself in front of a helpdesk at an otherwise empty motel waiting room.

“Hey – How can I help you this evening?” asked a young blonde woman behind a larger semi-circle counter.

“I’d like to book a room for the rest of today but it can’t have any windows – I’m a tad photophobic,” I said with a smile.

“Well… minors actually can’t rent rooms without parents present so if you want a room you’ll have to get a parent to do it.”

“What if…” I pull out the same large bundle of colored currency “…I pay you double the usual rate.” The truth is that I could have used my extra to alter her memories but the longer I spend prying through others’ minds, the more of their memories I pick up. My worry is that one day, my memories and others memories will become difficult to differentiate in my mind. That thought alone is enough to keep me out of others’ minds as often as possible.

“In that case, I’m sure we can bend the rules just this once,” she said with a smile as I handed her a few notes that added up to far more than double the usual rate.

“Here’s your key, you’re on the 4th floor in room 405, enjoy the rest of your evening.”

After the key hit my hand, the sleep began to hit me fast and I quickly headed to the elevator and made my way up to the 4th floor. It was getting harder and harder to stay awake but I made it into room 405, slammed the door and locked it before passing out on the bed.

The same darkness of a windowless room welcomed me like an old friend when I awoke. After a quick shower and a change of clothes, I decided to call the Prime Minister’s secretary who had been a useful point of contact for the former Prime Minister.

“Hello, Shannon Jones speaking,” she said finally but not without a lot of effort on my part. It took a series of automated options and a pin number to get even this far.

“Good evening Miss Jones my name is Wyatt Conner. I apologize for calling you after working hours but as you may know, I represent a sizeable conglomerate made up of several large New Zealand investments and I need to speak to Mr Stark as soon as possible. You will no doubt recall one of my associates contacting the former Prime Minister when she was voted in. Is it possible I could make an appointment for tomorrow sometime?”

“I’m sorry Mr Wyatt but the Prime Minister is booked solid with appointments for quite some time. I just don’t think it will be possible for you to meet with him.”

“Are you sure you can’t squeeze me in?”

“I’m sorry that just isn’t a possibility at the moment.” Something else to be grateful for I guess, I may look young but my voice had broken prior to my crossover so my voice was deep enough to pass for an adult.

After hanging up the phone I decided that the only way I was going to get near him was if I could find his Wellington residence. He has a house in Auckland where he lives most of the time but when he became Prime Minister, he bought a house in Wellington so that he didn’t have to live too far away. That’s what my information suggested, at least. The next problem was finding someone with the address to his house, but that would only take a short trip to the outskirts of Parliament.

After a half an hour walk, I was sitting outside the main entrance to Parliament and many men and women walked out amongst the crowd without anything stopping them. There was the usual media circus, with the odd reporter trying to ask some of the more well-known members if they would comment on the latest legislation or issue. I struggled to read the minds of every single politician that came and went but eventually I got lucky. Obviously at this point of the evening, there weren’t as many coming and going as there might be during the day so lucky is putting it lightly. The Prime Minister’s secretary walked out the main entrance on her way home and I glimpsed into her mind, discovering that the house I was looking for was also within walking distance. I guess walking distance is a pretty relative term but it wouldn’t take me long.

You would think that I could call on contacts to help avoid such remedial tasks and that usually would be the case but politicians and matters as important as these could only be trusted to a select few. So for this issue, I was on my own. After another brisk walk through the darkening Wellington streets, I was looking down towards a park at the end of a dead-end street. I noticed the house that I was looking for as I proceeded towards the park but it wasn’t like I could just jump over the ten foot fence, ignore the barbed wire and knock on the front door. There had to be another way to get in. I continued towards the park as I thought I could sit and think on a way to continue without drawing attention to myself.

As I got closer to the park, a small playground with a swing set and slide came into view and I went and sat down, slowly rocking back and forth on one of the swings. I couldn’t help but feel that I had reached a dead end in my search. Even if I could use one of my extras to scale the massive fences topped with spikes that surrounded the property, there was still no way that they would let me in. There was also the worry that I might get caught on tape and the other elders would have me executed for sure if I exposed us so openly.

As I pondered my problem further, I heard approaching voices and I looked up to notice a small mob of young teenage boys harassing a slightly shorter, black haired boy who was getting more and more distressed as time went on.

“Aw look, daddy’s boy is all upset, poor baby!” One of the group sniggered as the rest jeered and mocked him further. He continued to keep walking over to the swing set where I was waiting but they followed him. He was of no importance to me but I can relate to being victimized and if I intervened, at least it would be entertaining. Entertainment is hard to come by when you have to stay in the shadows, I still don’t get why kids are out so late at night, it’s not like they just came home from school.

As he reached the swing beside me, he sat down but they proceeded to surround him and taunt him further.

“Do you lot really have nothing better to do with your time?” I said with a sigh.

“Who are you supposed to be? Dennis the menace meets Neo from the matrix?” One of the ringleaders asked sarcastically with a raised eyebrow. “You defiantly aren’t better than me kiddo so don’t get all high and mighty with me mister dark, leather and creepy.”

“Kiddo…? Hehe that’s a good one… and hey what’s wrong with my jacket? We don’t all live to praise the deities of Prada, Gucci, Armani and whoever else has managed to top the list this week. Anyway don’t change the subject, leave him alone.”

“As Charles Darwin put it, the world is all about the survival of the fittest. The weak don’t deserve to survive and if you ask me, he’s the latter of the two.”

“A common misconception, the phrase ‘survival of the fittest’ wasn’t Darwin’s although it is associated with his theories. I would know – I met him, a nice fellow too.”

“What? He died over a hundred years ago…”

That’s when I could feel it bubbling beneath the surface in his mind, the desire to outshine me, to show me that he was the top dog in these parts. His desire, unfortunately for him, would gladly work against him and being a spoiled rich brat would do him no favors. So much desire was building amongst the group in its entirety. Whilst my own envious nature from when I was human fuels my ability to edit other’s memories, desire fuels my sire’s ability of persuasion.

“Leave, before it gets boring,” I growled in an unnaturally monotonic voice as I could feel the power vibrating from my voice into their consciousnesses. With that they turned and walked away as if nothing had happened.

“How did you…” asked the boy who had been picked on several moments earlier. It hadn’t worked on him because he had no desire, only fear.

I stood up and held out my hand with a smile, “Hey, my friends call me Envy and you are…?” Okay so I was a little off task but even I can’t say no to a cutie in distress. Who knows, maybe the only reason I saved the other boy back home was because he’s a hot piece of ass. I’m stuck in a teenage boy’s body, it’s hardly my fault; it’s like taking a bottle of Viagra daily.

“Hey… wait your friends call you Envy? Why do they call you that?”

“Let’s just say, charity wasn’t one of my finer virtues. Oh and I didn’t catch your name.”

“Um hey… I’m Simon… Simon Stark.”

“As in… son of Jack Stark… the Prime Minister?”

“Yeah… the one and only,” he said with a weak smile. “What did you do to those guys back there?”

“Oh nothing special, they obviously couldn’t handle my wit and charm,” I said with a knowing grin. After not bothering to search his mind, I burrowed into his consciousness so that I wouldn’t be left surprised with any other information he came out with. A rather rudimentary error but we live and learn. A couple of seconds of searching revealed that he was telling the truth as well as another secret which I could use to manipulate him. I wouldn’t even need to use any extras. On top of that I would be able to have some more innocent fun, obviously my vampire instincts knew what they were doing in leading me to this park.

“Oh very funny… but how did you really do it. That wasn’t natural, I’m not stupid, it’s like they couldn’t disobey.”

“I used their desire to fuel an ability of mine. The human mind is so basic and physical compared to ours, we aren’t as easily controlled.”

“So what, you aren’t human?” He asked jokingly with a giggle.

“No – I’m a vampire.”

“Do you expect me to believe you?”

“I don’t expect anything nor do I require you to believe me. Speaking of people believing things… do you think you’re dad will believe you when you tell him you’re gay or should I tell him you’re part of the ass pirates club when I meet him?”


“Do you think your homosexuality will come as a surprise to him? Luckily mine never found out,” I replied casually.

“I’m not gay… wait you’re gay?”

“Hmm well I don’t think of it that way, more of a bisexual I suppose but that’s not really relevant, is it? One label fits all when it comes to straight people. We’re veering a little off topic though yet again. You don’t need to lie to me you know; I know exactly what you are. I think the funny part of this whole thing is I just told you I’m a vampire and you’re more fascinated about the whole gay thing.”

“Well you obviously aren’t a vampire, vampires aren’t real and I’m not gay… gay people are just… confused and wrong.”

“Aw cutie… don’t hate who you are, embrace every part of your being, listen to your feelings and most of all ignore society’s bullshit.”

“I can’t… no matter how you choose to look at it… we’re just wrong. Everything we are is so wrong from a religious standpoint as well as socially and biologically.”

“Well at least you said ‘we’ that time. As I’ve already said, let go of society’s bullshit because in the end as long as you can look yourself up and down in the mirror everyday, that’s all that really matters. People will always use religion to justify their hatred and whether they choose to ignore it or not, all the religious doctrine out there is manmade. Religion is wrapped up in our flaws thus each religion in turn is arguably just as flawed and corruptible as humanity itself. As for biology, like with most science, it’s just a theory or a best guess. Perhaps homosexuality was a genetically programmed countermeasure for overpopulation? You just don’t know, none of us do so don’t fret about it. As for social problems, people are always going to find ways to divide people up into groups. It’s human nature because someone is always going to think that he is better than someone else.”

“I still don’t think it’s right…” he said quietly with an almost inaudible sniff. He was crying which meant it was working.

“You keep raging at the world, at the unfairness of it all. You can’t avoid what your body is telling you to do and that’s what scares you the most. It’s like a black hole inside of you that’s swallowing you more and more, day by day. Being gay doesn’t make you immoral, wrong, sick or damaged – you’re perfect just the way you are. The only person you’re hurting is yourself by denying it.”

“It’s just another compulsion; I’m stronger than my impulses.”

“You and I both know that it’s so much more than lust and an impulse that you need to keep in check. You don’t love girls, you only love guys and it’s killing you inside.”

“No… no… you’re wrong!” he said repeatedly as tears finally fell openly gracing his cheeks with moisture.

“You can’t run from how you feel forever.” I said quietly as I moved forward and wrapped my arms around him in a tight hug. We stood there in front of those swings on the grass in that small park for what felt like an eternity while he cried on my shoulder. It wasn’t all me ‘manipulating my mark’, it was a good opportunity for him to let go of so much pent up frustration. When we finally pulled apart I saw in his eyes what I needed to manipulate him further, love.

You can say that love can’t happen in such a short period of time but as long as he took me into his house for a while, it didn’t matter. I moved my face in close to his until my lips were mere centimetres away from his. I held it there, waiting for him to finally give in and of course it didn’t take long before he leaned forward, bridging the gap and our lips met. As I expected, after a second or two he pulled back nervously, as though he had committed some heinous act.

“Why don’t you show me your room?” I asked with the same knowing smirk.

“Sure thing mister ‘vampire’,” he said with a smirk of his own. It didn’t really matter whether he believed it just yet, he would soon. “You know the emo-vampire thing is so last year.”

“Or in my case… the last couple of hundred” I said with a sly grin.

The whole thing was so cruel; I was using his insecurities against him. I knew that he wouldn’t want to do anything out in the open in front of prying eyes. So cold, so calculating and so very like me. Even without all of my memories, it felt right, it felt so right. Young people are so alive and passionate about what they believe in and their future. That passion fades with time, just like my conscience and any semblance of humanity.

We walked together across the grass of the park back into the street as we made our way towards the large iron bar fence that surrounded his house. As we approached the front gate, I noticed a security camera and an electronic keypad at the side of the gate; the place was locked up tight.

“It’s just me and my dad here at the moment, my mom and sister are up in Auckland, so we shouldn’t have any interruptions,” he said as he punched in a four digit code and the gates automatically opened so that we could proceed. He sure had perked up and got confident quickly but I wasn’t complaining.

We headed up a long concrete drive with a large spacious green lawn on each side, littered with expensive garden ornaments, a fountain and a garden that would have taken several gardeners to maintain. After ten metres or so we were outside a large oak front door which he unlocked with a key from his pocket and we entered. We walked together through the house until I noticed the room I was looking for and stopped, pointing towards a large office with a desk in the centre.

“…but… that’s my dad’s office. We can’t go in there…”

“Live a little… come on…” but before he could really think on it, I grabbed his hand and pulled him in further. At this point he didn’t really offer any resistance, he was mine and mine alone.

I pushed him slowly up against the large desk in the middle of the room, kissing him gently on the lips. It was so exciting to tease him and I took it a step further by slowly pushing my groin into his. It wasn’t a lustful grind on my part but rather another way to egg him on. I knew exactly what it was like to stand in his shoes where even sitting next to a cute boy and having your bare legs brush was an almost orgasmic experience.

He let out an almost silent whimper as I turned him around and wrapped my arms around his middle. I could feel his heart beating at a million miles an hour, the adrenalin that shot through his veins and the subtle yet noticeable shaking of someone about to have their first sexual experience. It always seems to be the same, regardless of age, the first time is terrifying and yet he was loving it.

I turned my head slightly so that he would be able to feel the soft tickle of my hot breath on his ear, followed by my lips as they slowly glided down his neck. I moved my hand down and squeezed the bulge in the front of his pants. This was the one part of the body where I didn’t need to be subtle or gentle and I was repaid by a soft moaning noise that involuntarily escaped his lips. It was so satisfying to know that this would be something he would never forget because I doubt any of his future lovers could ever come close. What human has had 200 years to improve his or her technique?

As I continued to massage the front of his pants I noticed one of those reclined-style chairs in the corner, the sort of thing you would expect to see in a psychologist’s office. I stopped for a moment and guided him over to the chair where I let him jump on top of me as I welcomed a change in his persona. He kissed me hard while pushing his tongue in my mouth in a way that continued to show his inexperience. I guided his tongue with mine, he slowed down and gently started moving himself up slightly so he could continue his now lustful grind into me.

As he pushed back and forth awkwardly against me, it’s almost as if he at once remembered that we were still wearing all our clothes. So he pulled my jacket off and flicked it onto the floor with as much haste as he could. My shirt was the next to go, he took care to undo all the buttons as I smiled and stared back into those childlike eyes of his. The whole thing was kind of clumsy on his part but the fact he was so new, so filled with anxiety and innocence just made it that much more exciting. It’s not every day you get to deflower the Prime Minister’s son.

He seemed to lose a bit of that courage and aggression so I took over, sliding him off me onto his side so that I could jump up, turn him onto his back and jump on top. I pulled his t-shirt off and watched the little white hairs on his lean arms stand on end as I kissed him tenderly on the lips. If he wanted to be gentle now, that’s exactly what I’d give him. I casually fed my fingers into the front of his pants where a small yet coarse patch of pubic hair brushed against my hand before I grasped his hardness and it glided back in forth in my hand. The most arousing part was the low moaning, groaning and whimpering that escaped his lips as he desperately tried to stifle them in an attempt to retain his own sense of coolness or pride. He didn’t have a hope or dream of containing it, I could feel every single momentous ounce of desire within him and he was drowning in it. It was bubbling beneath the surface just waiting to take over.

I continued to stroke him in his pants, my mouth covering his as my tongue relentlessly probed into his mouth and he lay back in ecstasy with his eyes closed. He understood now how good it felt to have someone else touching you. The element of unpredictably made it so much more enjoyable because you can never quite know how the other person will apply pressure. My free hand roamed over his slender warm stomach, elevating itself to the top of his torso and his nipples hardened instantly as I moved my hands over them. I was pushing all of his buttons, more than anyone else ever could and it was so much more than just pushing them. I was playing him like a seasoned instrumentalist, he was my instrument and my hands roamed over his sensitive areas in a precise melody of the senses that he simply couldn’t deny.

I lowered my hand again and finally opened the buckle on his belt, whipping it out from around his waist, removing his jeans and those tight striped boxers all in one swift undeniable motion. He was so far past being able to say no that there was no need for romance or pretty words of seduction because he was all mine. This was our defining moment of togetherness, a moment of passion and physical closeness that would leave us both gasping and yearning for release. There was no room for emotions or thoughts of love; there was only time to get lost in the moment. It was time to lose ourselves in our attraction and a type of animal antics that would make a jealous monster of any human, vampire or creature who witnessed it.

I spread his legs with both hands and slid my hands up and down his thighs teasing him further, sending a shiver down his young body. This must be all so new to him, a warm tingly mix of emotions, feelings, senses and sensations that are so overwhelming the first time. His head must be spinning with the elation and bliss that he’s left with. The hormones pulsing through his body kept him begging for more, telling him that he loves me, wants me and needs me again and again. It is an insatiable urge that you desperately try to satisfy, an incomplete experience that just gets better and better as the pressure inside builds.

After another few moments of teasing him into a blissful daze I leaned forward and engulfed his uncircumcised six inches into my mouth using my hand at the base to slowly ease the sensitive head out of hiding, my saliva helping it along. I was thrilled to see his parents hadn’t decided to enforce a certain operation when he had been born. Genital scar tissue isn’t the type of inheritance any son needs. It meant that the slightest rubbing and massaging of my tongue on the head of his member left him with pang after pang of sexual pleasure that few cut guys could ever understand. I just couldn’t get enough of the look of pleasure on his face with his eyes on me and the resonance of an innocent smirk that would not soon disappear.

I let his manhood fall from my lips and instead moved down, this time sucking hard on his sack of soft balls which drove him crazy as he shivered with delight and struggled to keep his moans to the lower decibels in the spectrum. In some ways he was so vulnerable, not because his tight hole was exposed just below me but because I had his lineage in my mouth. He trusted me with his power of reproduction and while a human would take it for granted, a vampire who has lost such a privilege, cannot so easily forget. I controlled the very future of his family, I could stop a possible hundred people or more from ever existing and that in itself is a power no one should have. In retrospect, as a gay male he isn’t likely to be having many children although there are other possibilities in this future we live in.

I eventually stopped sucking and grabbed both his legs, pulling him towards me so that he was lying flat on his back with his behind exposed. At this point I pulled down my own pants so that the only things the two of us were wearing were our shoes and socks. I pulled a small bottle of lubricant out of my jacket on the floor and oiled us both up so with any luck it wouldn’t hurt him. I didn’t need to use protection because STD’s wouldn’t remain in my system for long but it was certainly a bad example to set for him. I pulled his legs up so that each of his feet were resting on my shoulders and applied pressure to the gap between his soft mounds.

The same warmth, heat and indescribable firmness encircled my manhood; it was just like I remembered it. If that alone wasn’t enough, soft whimpers and moans escaped his lips as I began to push in and out slowly. With my free hand I grasped his aching member which was now leaking precum on his chest.

My smile grew as my own pleasure increased and the pressure inside of me got worse and worse. It’s always such a dilemma whether to keep going and reach a climax which would feel even better or try to sustain the current level of pleasure for as long as possible.

“I’m g-gonna cum…” he whimpered as he felt his orgasm approaching, I could feel mine coming and I welcomed it as I pushed in an our faster and faster. Now so past the point where I cared whether it hurt him or not and then it happened. A splash of his seed erupted covering his stomach and his loud moans of ecstasy filled the room. This set me off with stream after stream hitting the inside of him repeatedly. In his preoccupied state of pleasure he hadn’t noticed the front door close softly as his father arrived home, which of course hadn’t escaped my heightened vampire senses.

I lightly pressed my fingers against several pressure points on Simon’s neck, rendering him temporarily unconscious before he was even over his post-orgasm high. I proceeded to pull my clothes back on, walked behind the desk in the middle of the room and sat myself on the leather office chair behind the desk nestling my feet on top of his dad’s desk. At this moment the lights flickered on illuminating a naked Simon on the chair in the corner covered in his own spunk and me sitting at the desk with a superior smirk on my face.

“The last Prime Minister decided to tip you off eh? That’s why you’ve been avoiding me. Remember I can read your mind Mr Stark, you can’t lie to me and avoiding me isn’t going to help your cause any.”

“I won’t help you legitimize and cover up the slaughter your kind commits” he said simply.

“Oh but you will because right now you aren’t protected by us, meaning any vamp with a thirst can come knocking without threat of consequences.”

“Death is just the beginning and I’m not scared of you or your little friends.” Meanwhile I searched every part of his mind, like a trawler scraping the bottom of the ocean for everything it can grab until I found what I needed.

“Yes death is just the beginning, we are living proof of that fact and now I think I finally understand what will convince you to work with us. Your weakness is your religious beliefs, you think we’re evil but what if… what if your son was one of us.”

“…but he isn’t one of you”

“Not yet, Prime Minister, not yet.” I said with the most ominous tone that the devil himself would have been proud of. I let my fangs drop, my eyes turned the same bloody red and I prepared myself for yet another feed.

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