GFD Among The Hidden: Chapter 9: Forgotten, Not Forgiven


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~Tejesh (Corey), Blake (Dodger), Jon (Cole), and Lucas (Orphan)

Day One

Dodger inhaled sharply, his throat burning as air rushed down to his lungs. He was barely aware of his surroundings, but he knew it wasn’t home. The sterilized hospital smell was enough warning that when he opened his eyes, Dodger was not going to be pleased. That was another problem, Dodger couldn’t feel his face, he could barely lift up his hands to touch his cheeks, but when he managed to they felt swollen and wet.

Dodger counted to three and then opened his eyes. His right eye opened without question, but his left seemed to be swollen shut. “Just perfect,” he muttered to himself. He was dizzy, confused, and thirsty. It felt like his body had been through three turnings in one night. “C-Cole?” Dodger called out softly, his voice cracking harshly. Dodger knew looking down his clothes were torn and dirty, and his arms were chained to the wall which must have been placed on him by some stranger because he and Cole had stopped playing with chains a couple years ago.

He was lost in thought. What had happened? Why was he captured and so obviously tortured? Why not just stick the skiv right through his heart? Dodger barely noticed the soft tears falling down his face when he realized he might die and never get to make up with Cole.

It was then that the cell was opened and Corey was pushed through it screaming in pain as his body connected with the floor. Dodger could easily tell his shoulder was dislocated by the way it stuck out oddly. “Really? Because this couldn’t get any worse…” Dodger said as he shook his head sadly.

“T-t-t-they…injected my other arm with something…I don’t know what it is, but I can’t…move it, and the key to your…uh, shackles, it…it’s in my pocket, I think. Can you reach it?” Corey stuttered out as he rolled over to his shoulder before attempting to stand up. His knees buckled underneath his weight, but Corey managed to make it. He crossed the cell over to Dodger, trying to reach into his pocket with his dislocated shoulder.

Dodger tilted his head up at Corey, attempting a stone-cold glare at the young vampire. “Can I get the key? Does it fucking look like I can get the key? I can’t even feel my face. My EYE is swollen shut, and my arms are weighed down by these goddamn chains. So no, Corey, I cannot get the key.” Dodger closed his eye, fighting back the bile rising in his throat. He felt helpless and scared. “I’m fine right here. Just wait until your shoulder feels better and then you can get the key. I just don’t care anymore.”

Corey, being the ultimate suck up, ignored Dodger’s giving up lecture and opted for reaching towards his pocket anyways. Dodger winced as he saw the pain across the vampire’s face and Corey screamed bloody murder. “N-nooooooo,” Corey moaned in pain. For a second, Dodger thought he was going to give up, but Corey slammed his hand into his pocket and pulled out a shiny key that put Dodge one set closer to freedom.

But then Corey had to ruin everything by falling back against the wall instead of unlocking him, and informing Dodger that he would be out “soon.”

Cole could barely move. He hadn’t, in fact, moved at all since Dodger and Corey had stormed out past him; instead, he’d been sitting outside the warehouse door, crying silently into his knees. He was even beginning to consider staying out all night until the sunlight took away his loneliness. Cole decided against that plan, though, as he knew Dodger would kill him for having ever even considering it. So, ten minutes later, he stood up on shaky legs to trudge into the warehouse and try and get some sleep for the night. Unless Dodger changed his mind, which given he’d stormed off with the newblood in a huff seemed unlikely, this would be the first time they’d be sleeping apart in years. The first time since they’d gotten together, in fact. Cole missed him terribly already, and though he knew he was right, he still regretted snapping like he had. As he headed up the stairs to the second floor of the warehouse with their bedrooms was, he had the sudden strange sensation of everything going black, followed by a loud thunk and a throbbing pain in his face, chest, and knees. Cole shook his head severely, trying to figure out what had just happened.

When his vision finally resolved, Cole at least understood the thud and the pain; when his vision had gone dark, he’d tripped up the stairs and landed face-first. The blindness, however, must have come from somewhere else. Dodge’s extra?

“Dodge…? Did you decide to come back, Dodger?” he called softly, hoping Orphan wouldn’t leave his room to find him laying face down on the stairs calling for his angry and vengeful childe. Still, though, Cole couldn’t help but look around downstairs, even if to see Dodge storm past angrily; it would be better than missing him all night.

As luck would have it, though, he was wrong on both counts. Dodger was nowhere to be found, and Orphan came rushing out of his room with a perplexed look on his face as he saw Cole’s newfound position on the stairs.

“Cole, where…. Are Dodger and Corey back?” he asked, puzzled.

“I don’t see them…” Cole trailed off quietly, as he sat up. “Why, did you hear them outside? I thought Dodge was pranking me or something. Blinded me, made me trip,” he added, hoping Orphan would think him slightly less insane for having tripped up a staircase.

“No, he… I… He took away my sense of hearing, I think, but I recovered it. I thought he was here, but…. You haven’t seen him?” Orphan asked hopefully. Clearly, he was missing his Corey as much as Cole was missing Dodge. “Why’s he fucking with us like this? Is he just mad?”

Cole sighed, but the gears in his head had begun to turn. If Dodge were just mad, he’d have only targeted him. Orphan hadn’t even gotten involved; as far as Cole knew, he had no idea what had just happened between Corey and his dad. There must be some other reason why he’d sent Orphan a message too. Cole scrambled to his feet and raced to the landing where Orphan stood. “No, no, no… Dodge is in trouble, he’s sending us a sign, there’s something wrong!” Cole shouted. He started pacing, running his hands roughly through his hair in frustration. “Oh, god, Dodge… I should have been there, why did I have to go off on you, I should have been there….” he muttered wildly, becoming more and more frantic at every step.

Orphan frowned, at first looking like he wasn’t sure he believed Cole, but his eyes widened as a sudden realization hit him. “Wait, he went with Corey! He better not have gotten him hurt!” he said, as he and Cole made eye contact. “Where are they?!” he shouted. Orphan rushed to the warehouse door, throwing it open and shouting for his childe.

Cole ran after him, grabbing Orphan’s arm tightly and tugging him quickly along. “Don’t you dare talk that way about Dodger,” he hissed coldly. “He might like to get into a little trouble every now and then, but he’s a good guy, and a good friend. He would never let Corey get hurt, do you hear me? Don’t you dare. They could be hurt, or worse, and you don’t get to talk about him like that, you don’t…” Cole’s grip on Orphan’s arm relaxed as tears started streaming down his face. “They’ll be okay. They have to be… if we don’t find them, if we don’t save them…. I’ll never forgive myself.” He steeled himself mentally, his expressionless face hardened, and he pulled Orphan faster along with him. They had a mission, now. His childe was in danger. And Cole was going to save him, even if it meant ripping the throats out of every person in the city.

“Stop whimpering, Corey. I’m trying to signal Cole,” Dodger said, opening his one eye with a glare aimed at the young vampire. Dodger was now happily able to limp around their cell while Corey sat against the wall, clutching his shoulder. “I’m not dying in this shithole,” Dodge mumbled, rolling back his shoulders and closing his eye.

“Dodger, you need to…pop my shoulder back in,” Corey whispered. “Please? It hurts so much…” Dodger huffed, giving up on using his extra. He was unable to feel that reassuring click in his mind to tell him he had successfully stole Cole’s sight. That either meant they were too far out of range, or Dodge just didn’t have the energy. Both scared him shitless.

He walked over to Corey, nodding his head. Despite their current living conditions, Dodger was sure going to enjoy inflicting some amount of pain. “Don’t scream though, I don’t want them sending someone to check in on us. Who know what they’ll do to us then.” Dodger grabbed Corey’s arm with one hand, and his shoulder with the other. “1…2…” Dodger quickly pushed Corey’s arm into his shoulder hard and fast. The soft pop from the bone popping in made Dodge’s mouth water. He desperately wanted to stick his teeth in a nice neck…or thigh.

Corey tried to scream, but it wasn’t possible once Dodger covered his mouth with his hand. When the newborn was settled down, he looked outside of their cell, before connecting his gaze with Dodger’s. “There’s … a lab down the hall to the left, the only exit from the … wherever the fuck we are is through the lab, the rest of the building is empty, or … the parts I could see, I didn’t see anyone, they couldn’t be that stupid, right?”

Dodger rolled his eyes. Corey was still so young. “I’m sure they have video surveillance everywhere. It doesn’t make any sense to capture us, beat us to a bloody pulp, and then just leave us here to rot,” Dodge explained as he walked over towards the bars, gripping them in his hands, and giving them a hard tug. “They have a shit load of stuff planned for us, I’m sure.

“Do you think we’re still in San Antonio?” Corey asked as they both settled down while the start of the Sleep took over.

“For all I know we could be in fucking Egypt,” Dodger growled, curling up in the corner of the cell. “Cole better find us. I miss my bed…and my eyeball hurts.”

Orphan had suggested the two try some park where Corey had apparently spent his nights before he found the group, so the two set off to find it, their noses working overtime trying to smell the blood of their childes.

“They were here,” Cole announced, as a strong wave of Dodger’s scent filled his nose. “And they were scared, I can smell it,” he added as he went to search the park for footprints, blood trails, or anything else that might give them a clue as to what had happened.

“Wait, you can smell it?” Orphan asked, looking at Cole questioningly. “Are they in the park?”

Cole rolled his eyes. Orphan was young, but by now he should have honed some of his vampire senses. “Close your eyes, Lucas,” he instructed, as he did the same. “Can’t you smell him? I can practically feel Dodge standing right next to me. Just… focus…” Cole moved forward, zigzagging through the park until he came to a little clearing in the trees where the scent was strongest. He closed his eyes again, the scene playing out in his mind. “Right here… they… sat here, maybe even laid down?” He sighed. “I don’t know, I’ve never done this before….” Cole’s frustration was growing; he felt useless, like he’d never be able to save his childe.

Cole saw Orphan’s face light up in surprise as his own nose caught up to Corey’s smell. “It’s… it’s him! I smell Corey’s… wait… but… the blood isn’t Corey’s, but it smells like him, kinda… Cole…?” he looked up at Cole, seeking an answer.

Thinking that now was as good a time as any to explain the events that had driven Dodge out in the first place, Cole sighed deeply. “His father,” he explained shortly, as he surveyed the area for any more clues as to Dodger’s and Corey’s whereabouts. “I guess he left out that little detail about his dinner….”

But suddenly, Cole’s eyes widened, as he spotted what looked like blood in the grass, just a few feet from where they were standing. “There!” he pointed, and as he pulled Orphan toward the drop spooted another streak not too much further away. “And more, here! There’s blood everywhere, c’mon, maybe we can follow it to find them!” he shouted as he ran, following the trails in the grass. On the upside, they now had a lead to follow, but Cole just prayed the streaks of blood were from Corey’s dinner, and that the boys hadn’t become a meal to someone else.

Cole and Orphan eventually found themselves staring at what looked like an ordinary doctor’s office. The trail of blood had led them to a deserted basement just on the outskirts of the park, rich with the smell of their childes’ blood, but which had obviously been vacated just before they’d arrived. Either it was a stop on the road to where they would be held, or someone had known they’d be following. Either way, all they’d been able to dig up was a faded and torn receipt for rope and chains, which had been hiding underneath a bloodstained hoodie Cole had recognized as his own. The name on the receipt led them to the doctor’s office, which smelled nothing like Dodger or Corey. It was still worth a try, though.

“I don’t know…” Cole said, peering up at the building. “I don’t smell anything, but if he really is a doctor he’s probably planning all sorts of nasty science experiments on our boys. No telling if they’d be okay. We have to at least take a look around, while we’re here.” He nervously surveyed the area, as his sight flickered briefly. Dodger was still reaching out to him, but he seemed further away, weaker. “Use your extra,” he ordered Orphan, “try to phase out again, walk around the building, see if you see any security inside, anyone moving around, cameras… but be careful. It looks like someone really did kidnap Dodge, and that’s no easy feat,” he added, looking nervously around them.

Orphan nodded and sprinted off, quickly returning with a report of heavy security at all the entrances, but an unlocked door on the roof. ‘That’s our entrance,’ Cole thought, and he and Orphan scaled the building, slipping in through the roof and cautiously making their way down the staircase. Cole looked at Orphan and nodded down the hallway. He saw a dark glow coming from the room, probably a TV or a computer, and decided to check that out first. Maybe medical records, or plans, or anything to get them closer to their lovers. He silently crept down the hall, and motioned for Orphan to check out the room before they entered. With a quick nod, Orphan indicated the room was clear, and Cole slid in to see an empty office, the only light coming from a computer monitor.

Orphan walked into the room after Cole and looked at the monitor as well, horror seeping into his face. “WHAT??? Where are they?!!” he roughly asked Cole, forgetting to be quiet.

Cole glared at him, cupping a hand over Orphan’s mouth quickly. “I don’t know…” he whispered, “but it’s either way hidden downstairs, or more likely since the good Doc won’t want to sully his practice, somewhere not here.” Cole and Orphan watched as the boys worked together to unshackle themselves. “Kinda makes you proud to see them working so well together, though, doesn’t it?” Cole asked with a small smile, before noticing the security stamp in the corner of the feed. “‘Safehouse,’ it’s called, eh?” he added, before noting the time stamp. “Shit…it’s nearly sunrise, we have to get out of here and back to the warehouse, now,” he said, hurriedly pushing Orphan toward the door. “We’ll go find this safehouse in the morning. Maybe this will help…” he added, grabbing a folder off the desk that was clearly meant to be as safeguarded as this security feed.

Cole and Orphan slipped out, and they hurried home to pass out in bed for the evening. But Cole dreamt that night, the intense vampire dreams that could either be amazing or horrific. Disturbingly vivid images of Dodger being tortured and brutalized plagued his thoughts, and by the time sunset fell again, he was more tired than he had been the night before.

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