GFD Among the Hidden: Chapter 5: Life, and Death

by Tejesh

Corey sighed as he sat down on the bench, his mind reeling from just how bad he’d fucked up at the shelter. He was sure he wouldn’t ever be allowed back in. He sighed, taking a bite from his hot dog and looking around at all the people. He didn’t like it out here; there were way too many people around.  In the middle of his dinner, he felt like he was being watched. He glanced up and saw two older boys with their eyes on him, the younger looking boy with hunger in his eyes. It was the same look his Dad or Colin would get before he was beaten.


He quickly dropped his dinner and got up, grabbing his suitcase and running away, weaving in between people to try and lose the two older boys. He turned down what he thought was a side street, racing down it while looking behind him. He almost didn’t turn his head in time to see a brick wall blocking his path. He quickly turned and raced back down the alley, only to see ANOTHER boy standing in his way. This boy looked like he was really ready to hurt him, so he backed up, falling to the ground as he did.

“P-p-p… please… please don’t hurt me!” he pleaded, still backpedalling, hitting the brick wall behind him. Suddenly, he couldn’t see, smell or feel, and then….

“So, Corey, you feeling better now?” the boy asked. He stared at the boy, alarmed, wondering how the stranger knew his name. Did his Dad send him? He curled up into a tight ball, using the suitcase as a shield.

“PLEASE don’t hurt me! I’ll give you all my money! P-p…p-p-p-please…!” he begged, shivering from fright.

“Who said anything about hurting you? I promise I’m friendly,” the boy said, smiling as he continued. “Oh, and just in case you weren’t doing too well earlier, my name’s Lucas, or Orphan.”

“Corey…” he whispered, still cowering in fright behind his suitcase. The memories of his father’s abuse caused tears to roll down his cheeks. “He… he always said he’d never hurt me anymore, but… he… he always did…” He saw the boy turn his head away, probably disgusted with how weak and pathetic he sounded.

“I don’t know who he is, but I promise, and I always keep my promises… I promise I won’t hurt you and you don’t have to be scared anymore. Kay?” he said, as he offered Corey his hand. After making sure the boy wasn’t going to hurt him, Corey shakily reached out for his hand, then lunged forward, buried his head into Lucas’ shirt and sobbed for all he was worth.

“I… I had to go, I… I just… I couldn’t take it anymore, he… Dad, Dad always hurt me, he always beat me up for the stupidest things, I… I… I left, I ran so far away and I hope he never finds me!” he wailed as he held onto Lucas as if he was drowning, and the other boy was a life raft. “Sometimes I just want to die so I don’t remember anymore; it hurts sooooo bad to remember.”

“Shhh Corey, it’s okay, he’s gone, you’re safe now. Shhhh, let it go. Cry, Corey, it’s fine,” Lucas whispered, as he gently rubbed Corey’s back and rocked them back and forth. Corey couldn’t explain it, he didn’t know how, but… he knew this stranger, Lucas, understood. He knew what pain Corey had been through. And as stupid as it sounded in his own head, he knew he’d be safe, he knew Lucas would protect him.

“He… he always, he always finds me, no matter where I run, I just… I had to… run further, but if… if he… god if he finds me now, I’ll… I think I’ll kill myself! I can’t go back, I won’t, he’ll hurt me sooo bad!” Corey exclaimed, as he clung to Lucas tightly, feeling the other boy sliding his fingers through his blonde hair.

“Don’t worry, you’re safe now. And he won’t get you here, I won’t let that happen if you’ll let me be there for you. Can we rent you a motel room to stay in or do you have a place to stay? And maybe… take a shower or something?” Lucas asked, smiling.

“I… I’ve… been… um, I don’t have anywhere to go, and… I… I know I stink, I’m… I’m sorry,” he said softly as he tried to pull away from Lucas. Lucas let him go, so he scrambled back a little, still trapped by the brick wall behind him.

“No! You don’t stink… too badly… really at all! It’s just… yeah, you’re right, I suppose people wouldn’t rent to either of us, I know you can’t tell but I’m only 14. But I’m sure if we ask nicely, Dodger and Cole could get you one, and we’d meet up again tomorrow night, after sunset. Maybe at the same place, that hotdog stand?”

“You… you don’t… you’re not going to…?” he trailed off in confusion. He tilted his head slightly as he asked, “The… the hot dog stand? I… if you rent a room with me, you won’t stay?”

“Well, If we do rent you a room, I’d love to stay with you, but… uh, I don’t like sleeping in motels anymore, the um… windows, I don’t like windows…” Lucas said, trailing off and looking upset again. He still didn’t trust that Lucas wouldn’t hurt him, but he hadn’t yet… but he did say he didn’t want to stay with him, and that scared him more then anything else.

“Wait a second! You don’t like windows? Where do you sleep? Can’t I stay with you? I don’t wanna be alone in case he finds me!!” he exclaimed hysterically, petrified inside at the thought of his Dad finding him again.

“Be right back…” Lucas said, before he turned and jogged down the alley to talk to the older boys he’d seen earlier, the ones who he’d been scared of. Lucas waved to him, so he picked up his suitcase and ran to the other boy. He felt protected with Lucas, but he still couldn’t help but jump whenever he heard something a bit too close to him. Lucas murmured soothingly every time that happened, which made him feel a lot better.

After they got to the hotel and rented two rooms, he followed Lucas into theirs, putting his suitcase down and watching the other boy making the room as dark as possible, so no moonlight could get in. He shrugged, not questioning his savior, lest the other boy turn on him. He grabbed a new set of clothes from the suitcase, then looked up at Lucas. “I’m gonna take a shower, OK? D-d-do you wanna go first? I can wait,” he said, quickly looking down and away, not holding eye contact.

Lucas sat down on the bed, grabbed the TV control, then turned on the TV. “No, go ahead buddy. I’ll take mine after, just don’t use all the hot water!”

“I promise I won’t, Lucas,” he said, walking into the bathroom and shutting the door behind him. He turned the water on hot and let it pour onto and into his wounds. By now, after having spent the last week at the shelter showering twice a day, his cuts and gashes had healed up nicely.

Once he finished, he got out of the shower and gently patted himself dry, then looked down at himself, relieved that the cuts had healed, and the welts were almost gone, though he’d probably always have a ton of scars. ‘A nice little permanent souvenir from his bastard family’ he thought to himself, sighing as he got dressed. As always, he put on long tee shirt to hide his body from anyone who might look.

“You can go now, Lucas…” he said softly as he gingerly made his way around the other boy, still hesitant around him. He wanted sooooo badly to trust Lucas, he really did, but… he couldn’t, not totally, not yet. He noticed Lucas staring at him, so he pulled his shirt tighter around his body, hoping the other boy couldn’t see how ugly he really was. As Lucas turned away, heading into the bathroom, Corey hung his head sadly and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Well, what now?” he heard Lucas ask a little later.

“Um… I told you why I’m here… won’t your parents miss you tonight?” he asked, unsure of where to go from here. Lucas did make him feel safe, safer then he’d ever felt in his entire life, but… there was something off about the boy, something didn’t feel right.

“Well, it’s kinda a long story, but I don’t care about my parents either, anymore.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, are they dead, Lucas?” he asked softly. He stood up and hugged the other boy gently.

“Well, uh, actually I’m not too sure if they are. It’s just, well, I don’t live with them anymore, I stay with the two friends you met earlier.” Lucas said as he returned the hug gently, as if he wasn’t used to hugging. “And you could stay with us too, and be forever safe from your dad, but it would require a lot of thinking on your part. You’d have to be 100% sure without any doubt that’s what you want to do,” Lucas said, confusing Corey greatly.

“I won’t ever be safe, he’ll always find me! I wanna be safe forever but I can’t!” he exclaimed, absolutely sure of it.

“It’s not all fun and games, Corey,” Lucas said, laughing a bit. “It would mean changing every habit, even your sleeping habits, everything. It would mean changing the way you think, and even who you are. But I promise, and remember I always keep my promises, that you wouldn’t ever have to fear your dad again.”

“What’re you talking about?” he asked as he pulled away slightly from the other boy and stared into his sky blue eyes. He took the chance to ask Orphan the things he’d been wondering since they got into the room. “And why did you make it so dark in here? And why did you want a room with no windows in it?”

“Um, well… Corey, I’m… um, not… entirely human. I mean I am, but I’m also kinda bonus human, it’s just… well, uh, look, I’ll be honest. We’re vampires, but it’s not what you’ve heard, or what you’re thinking. Don’t be scared, I promise I don’t wanna hurt you or anything!” Lucas said, looking anywhere but at him.

“Y… you… you’re… vampires?” he asked, taking two steps backwards, then he sat on the bed, stunned. “Y… you and… and those two other boys… but… this isn’t right, Lucas, vampires don’t exist.”

“That’s not entirely true. We do exist, but we try and hide around the humans so they don’t notice us. But you don’t need to be scared of me, I promise I won’t hurt you, please don’t hate me!” Lucas said, before he turned away.

He looked over at the other boy… the vampire, and he could swear Lucas was crying, but he didn’t know for sure, so he didn’t bring it up. He sat on the bed and thought for about… three seconds, before getting up and hugging Lucas from behind.

“I… I don’t… you’ve been sooo nice… I don’t…” then he trailed off as a thought occurred to him. “Were you nice to me cause you wanna kill me and drink my blood?” he asked softly, not intending the question to be mean or… anything like that, he was just curious. Lucas turned around and looked down into his eyes, his hands lightly gripping Corey’s shoulders.

“No buddy, I… as soon as I saw you were scared I just wanted you to be okay, cuz I really like you… I thought… it’s just… that’s what people think vampires are all about but we only get thirsty once a month,” Lucas said as he lightly squeezed Corey’s shoulder, while a few tears gently fell down his face. Corey got onto his tippytoes and used his thumbs to slowly wipe away the taller boy’s tears.

“If you’re not gonna kill me then I’m not scared, you’ve already been nicer to me then my Dad ever was, and you promised you’d never hurt me,” he said, before he leaned in and kissed Lucas, to try and make the other boy feel better. It was a short kiss, but it felt like it lasted forever. Lucas looked down at Corey with a shocked expression. “I… I dunno what I… I… um, you just, and then…” Corey stammered, trying to back away from the other boy, convinced he’d fucked up beyond belief.

“Wow…” Lucas said softly, touching his lips, then he looked at Corey again. “You’re really cute, has anyone told you?” he asked as he ran a hand through his hair and squeezed his shoulder.

“N… no, no… no one’s ever told me that before… but you… you’re really hot!” he gushed, before he realized what he said. He blushed, then covered his mouth and looked away from Lucas. The taller boy gently moved Corey’s face back towards his own, then tilted his head up, and brushed his lips against the younger boy’s, before pulling back, his own blue eyes shimmered softly.

“I… I’ve never kissed anyone before, Lucas…” he said softly as he got onto his tippytoes and kissed the taller boy again gently. He was surprised when one of Lucas’ hands gently pressed on the back of his head. He was surprised, but he definitely enjoyed the longer kiss, as he tugged gently on the older boy, forcing them both to fall onto the bed still attached at the mouth. He finally pulled back with a blush, when he realized he was straddling the other boy.

“Wow…” he said, breathing hard and smiling. He shivered slightly when Lucas lowered his hands to hold onto Corey by the waist, before Lucas slowly rubbed his back, chest and thighs.

“Lucas…” he whispered, he felt his dick getting hard in his boxerbriefs. “Lucas…” he whispered again, desperately. His body felt like it was on fire as he felt the other boy lightly rub his body.

“Corey… wow… I…” Lucas whispered back, slowly lifting up the younger boy’s shirt and rubbing his bare chest.

“No… no, Lucas, don’t…” he said suddenly, ashamed of the… marks on his body, suddenly feeling ugly. He pulled back from the other boy and got off the bed, shaking his head. “I can’t…” he said softly, tears prickling his eyes as he slid down against the wall.

“Why? What’s wrong buddy? Is everything OK?” Lucas asked, sliding down next to him and putting an arm around him.

“I’M UGLY! MY FUCKING DAD MADE ME FUCKING UGLY!” Corey yelled as he softly pushed the other boy away from him, then buried his head into his knees and cried harder.

“No, Corey, no that’s not… listen, I’ve… I’ve gotten to know you somewhat and you’re beautiful, no matter what your Dad did to you,” Lucas said, using his hand to slowly turn Corey’s face until they stared into each other’s eyes. Corey’s breath hitched as he closed his eyes in shame and looked away from the other boy. He slowly reached down and stripped off his shirt, tears silently falling down his cheeks as he lifted it off his body and let Lucas see his disfigured body. Lucas gently grabbed his shoulder and pulled him into a hug, gently rubbing his back.

“You’re beautiful, Corey…” Lucas whispered, planting little kisses on his forehead anytime he looked up even a little.

“Hold me?” he pleaded as he cried himself out on Lucas… again.

“Don’t worry, I’m here…” Lucas said as he rubbed most of Corey’s body. Corey whimpered softly as the other boy touched the welts lining his back. He shuddered as he remembered the awful beating he’d taken two weeks ago that had prompted his running.

“Hey, hey don’t worry, he’s gone, shhhh, stay here with me, Corey…” Lucas whispered, before he softly kissed him again. Corey looked at the other boy, then tried to blink back his tears and smile, before he leaned in and kissed Lucas softly. He wrapped his small arms around the other boy’s neck and deepened the kiss, moaning softly. Lucas pulled away after the kiss ended, then pulled his shirt off.

“Sorry, just feels weird to be the one with the most clothes on. So how do I look?” Lucas asked softly, biting his lip. Corey looked over the other boy’s body, not finding a thing wrong with it, including the lump in the middle.

“You… you look sooooo good Lucas… I’ve never, I mean, I didn’t know I was gay or anything until you…” he trailed off, then kissed the older boy again. “You’re soooo hot! I… I’m sorry I’m so ugly.”

“You’re not ugly, you’re beautiful. And you’re even more beautiful because of what your father did. So what if you’re scarred, to me you’re always beautiful,” Lucas said, gently licking and kissing his neck.

“Listen, I’m gonna pass out in just a few minutes, as soon as dawn hits, and I’ll wake up again at dusk. See you then?” Lucas asked. Corey motioned to the bed, so Lucas picked him up and laid them down in bed, with Corey on the older boy’s chest. He yawned; having been up all day, and now all night, he was really tired, too. He laid his head down onto Lucas’ chest and fell asleep, hoping for no nightmares tonight.

Corey woke with a scream as he felt a pair of arms holding him tightly. He panicked for a second, thrashing to get free, before he realized that no, he wasn’t at home, he wasn’t about to be beaten, he was laying in Lucas’ arms. He shuddered a little and lay back down, feeling an inner peace that he’d never felt before. He leaned down and softly kissed the other boy’s lips, before pulling back and frowning at how cold Lucas was. He got out of bed and doubled over all the sheets, making sure the older boy was securely snug and covered as much as possible, then grabbed a pen and paper from the desk in the room, writing a short note for Lucas.


Hey Lucas,

You were really cold when I woke up, so I made sure to tuck you in. I think you’re getting sick, so I guess I’ll buy some chicken soup and stuff for you, OK? Come to the hotdog stand, and then we can go back to the hotel and I’ll make you the soup….



Then he put on a new outfit, grabbed about $50 from his suitcase, and headed out of the room. He sighed as he noticed it was raining with thunderstorms around. He sighed again and walked down the street, heading for a store in the middle of the town. He bought himself a baseball cap, then some packets of chicken soup for Lucas, and a tuna sub for lunch, along with a soda. After he finished eating, he wandered around, happy that there weren’t that many people around because of the rain, since he wanted to be alone.

He hadn’t been beaten in over two weeks now, though… he was soooooo unused to that, it scared him. Even though he knew in his mind that he was in San Antonio, way way away from his Dad and Colin, he still feared them showing up somehow, but that feeling was starting to fade. His thoughts turned to Lucas; he still wasn’t convinced the boy was a vampire…whatever he was, he was the first one Corey could remember who… didn’t want anything from him…or didn’t hurt him, or … was just there, someone Corey felt safe around, someone who could be…counted on.

Before he knew it, his stomach was growling again, a sign that it was dinnertime. He sighed and headed down towards the Riverwalk and his hot dog stand. He bought a couple of hot dogs for himself and one for Lucas, and two sodas, then went into an enclosed pavilion, sitting all the way in the back and in a corner, so that no one could sneak up on him. He kept an eye out for Lucas, or his two friends, not that he really remembered what the other two looked like, except that they looked scary. He hurriedly finished up his dinner, and then carried the other hotdog and soda, still hoping to run into Lucas as he headed back for the hotdog stand. His smile got progressively wider, threatening to split his face as he spotted his black haired “angel” sitting at one of the outdoor picnic tables.

“H…h…hi, Lucas…” he whispered as he sat down, putting the hot dog and drink down in front of the older boy.

“OH MY GOD Corey! I thought you’d run away from me! Are we still okay? I’m sorry, what’d I do? When did you wake up?” Lucas fired questions at him as he sat up straight, offering a small smile to the other boy.

“Um, I dunno, 1 or 2pm, you…um did you get my note? And…um we’re fine, you didn’t do anything, promise!”

“Yeah, I got your note, it was really sweet. But I promise I’m not sick, kay? It’s… it’s part of what I told you last night. When we sleep… we get really cold. It’s OK…” Lucas whispered. “You really are sweet, Corey, thanks for being worried.”

“Oh, OK, as long as you’re not …” Corey said, before he was cut off.

“Well, well, well, you guys were up early.” He looked up to see one of the older boys from yesterday sitting down on the table. The other boy sat down on the bench across from him and smiled. He looked a little friendlier, but still… Corey wasn’t sure. He blinked once, then shuffled closer to Lucas, away from both of them.

“Uh… well Corey was apparently up in the afternoon, and I woke up after dark and came out here looking for him and you two,” Lucas said, putting an arm around Corey and hugging him even closer. Corey blushed but relaxed, tilting his head back and smiling.

“Are you hungry, Lucas? I saved a hotdog and soda for you!” he said, smiling and pulling the food closer to them.

“Awww thanks Corey that’s really sweet!” Lucas smiled, now hugging him with both arms, resting them on his stomach. “Although I think you should eat it, you look famished and you haven’t really had good food in ages, so you take it.”

“Ooooh how cute…are you gonna cut it up into pieces and feed it to him, too? Jeez, you two are gonna put me into a diabetic coma, you’re so sweet,” the older boy said, rolling his eyes. He started talking in a higher voice then. “Oooh, Dodge, I brought you some jolly ranchers! Do you want me to pick through them and find all your favorite flavors?!”

“If he wanted me to…” he said softly, shyly looking away from both boys. He felt Lucas tighten his arms around him, so he felt better about what he was doing.

“I think he’s going to cry, Cole,” Dodge said, looking like he was about to smile. “This one clearly doesn’t have a backbone.” He let out a soft laugh, looking between Lucas and him. “Besides, hot dogs aren’t Lucas’ thing…didn’t you know? He likes his food more…wet.”

“I dunno, Dodge, I’ve seen the way he looks at this one. I think he could easily go for a bite of Corey’s hot dog…” Cole said, grinning.

“It’s OK, Corey, I think you’re perfect the way you are, kay?” Lucas whispered, making him smile again. “And you can eat the hot dog, I’m not that hungry, I had something to eat before I came to find you.”

“Please, I highly doubt it’s that big,” Dodge said, rolling his eyes. “Care to share a little peek?” he asked, looking right at Corey. He shook his head shyly and backed further into Lucas’ body, not knowing how to handle the friendly teasing, something he definitely wasn’t used to.

“Dodgerrrrrr, Coleeeee, cmonnnnnn,” Lucas whined, trying to help him out.

“Wow, I guess it really isn’t that big,” Dodger said, nudging Cole’s side. “That’s too bad, don’t you think?” he asked, tossing his head back as he laughed softly.

“Lucas didn’t complain last night,” he whispered, half hoping Cole and Dodger didn’t hear him.

“What was that, pipsqueak? I didn’t fully hear you,” Dodger said, narrowing his eyes and leaning forward.

“You know if you don’t take a bite soon, I might just have to have myself a little snack. I’m getting rather … thirsty …” Cole said. Corey just shook his head at Dodger, then leaned forward, devouring the hot dog in about 30 seconds, only stopping to slurp down his soda. He noticed Dodger staring at him, looking disgusted.

“You wouldn’t …” Lucas said, not sounding happy. “Joking is one thing, but … you can’t be serious!” he added. Corey watched as Dodger lightly bit Cole’s ear as they whispered back and forth. He didn’t know whether to just sit there and trust Lucas or get up and run, so he just sat there, unsure of anything. He didn’t think Lucas would hang out with people, or vampires, that would kill someone for no reason, but … he just didn’t know.

“No, we’ve decided we’d much rather have someone with a backbone,” Dodger grinned, rolling his eyes. “Your boytoy here is severely lacking in that department.”

“Anyway… ” Lucas said, after a very awkward silence, “so, uh, where are we staying tonight, Cole? Can we stay in the same motel?”

“I dunno guys, it’s a bit expensive…” Cole started to say, before Dodger shoved him off the bench.

“Of course we can stay another night! It’s on Cole!” he said, turning to look at Corey with a grin. “You should really consider just staying with us, Corey. We wouldn’t mind taking you in at all.”

“But… but… I… I… I’d have to like… JOIN you, right?” he asked, a little scared of that idea. He…he wanted to be safe from his Dad forever, like Lucas told him last night, but he…wasn’t sure about becoming a vampire…not yet, anyway.

“Shhh, no, not yet, not until you’re ready or YOU want to, it’s your decision,” Lucas whispered, gently rubbing his stomach. He relaxed at that, tilting his head back and smiling at Lucas again.

“Lucas, what exactly did you tell him? You didn’t forget the discussion we had when you joined us did you?” Cole asked from the ground.

“I won the bet!!! I won! YOU OWE ME CANDY!” Dodger exclaimed, jumping off of the table and onto Cole instead. “Jolly ranchers and a motel room. However did I get so lucky?”

“What’s so special about candy?” he asked, looking at Dodger bouncing around. All three of them ignored him.

“OOMF!” Cole grunted as Dodge landed on him. “You haven’t won anything yet, shush. Look at the fresh meat’s neck, see? And you can smell the human on him.”

“Uh… no, not at all, uh, well he asked a couple questions and I tried to not tell him, but then… it just came out and… well… HEY LOOK! There’s a distraction!!!” Lucas said, pointing to the sky.

“I won’t tell anyone, guys, I promise! Um, are all of you…you know…?” he asked, shaking his head in disbelief.

“But HE KNOWS, Cole! YOU said Lucas didn’t even have the guts to tell him anything, and I said he would,” Dodger said, sounding very pleased with himself. “So. You. Owe. Me. Candy,” he finished, poking Cole in the chest with every word.

Cole sighed and shook his head, looking between Dodger and Corey. “Fine, you’re right. It’s lootin’ time. Lucas, since this is all YOUR fault… would you be so kind as to go fetch us a bag of jolly ranchers?”

“What’s so special about candy?!?!?” Corey yelled, before blushing and looking at the ground. “Sorry for yelling, don’t… don’t… hurt me?” he asked, backing into Lucas’ body, looking for protection. His new friend wrapped both of his arms around Corey, holding the blonde tightly.

“It’s just… Jolly Ranchers are their favorite type of candy, it’s kind of a running joke between us, I guess. I don’t usually try and join in most of the time,” Lucas said before he rubbed Corey’s stomach lightly through his shirt. Then turning to the other two, he added, “get your own damn candy, I’m busy and I have a cutie on top of me.”

He sighed contently and laid his head on Lucas’ chest, enjoying just sitting out in the open, knowing Lucas, and maybe his two friends, would keep him safe. After a few minutes, he sat up and spun around, then wound his arms around Lucas’ neck, pulling the black haired boy down for a quick kiss. He felt so empowered with Lucas and his friends around, he felt free for perhaps the first time in his life. Lucas pulled back, then quickly kissed him again. He giggled and kissed Lucas again, a smile bursting on his face.

“You wanna talk a walk around the river, Corey?” Lucas asked softly. He nodded, so Lucas got up, Corey still in his arms. Cole reminded Lucas about the Dawn, whatever that was, before he and Lucas could leave.

He was surprised when Lucas reached for his hand as they walked. He immediately took it and squeezed softly, sighing in pleasure. The feeling of… safety and the knowledge that he wouldn’t get hurt… those were things he wasn’t used to in his life, he knew how precious they felt, and… for Lucas to just give him those feelings by his mere presence, combined with what they’d done last night, he was pretty sure he was in love.

They walked in a very comfortable silence all night, all the way down the Riverwalk and back the other way, returning to the hotel about a half hour before sunrise.

Corey yawned as he woke up, a brief flash of fear quickly being replaced by burgeoning feelings of love and gratitude as he looked down at the sleeping form of his angel. He leaned down and placed a sweet kiss onto Lucas’ cold lips, then just snuggled in tight against the older boy, not yet wanting to leave the inviting, if cold, arms.

“I never thought I’d ever find someone like you, Lucas, I thought I’d … be alone forever,” he said softly, knowing the older teen couldn’t hear him. He lay still until his stomach growled at him, letting him know it was time for food. He carefully got out of Lucas’ grip, then wrote him another note, letting him know where he was going.

He was surprised when he got outside. It was the first time he’d seen the sun in almost two or three days, since it had rained all yesterday, and he’d spent the day before that mostly sleeping in Lucas’ arms with the room as dark as possible. He avoided the park, and the shelter, and anything that reminded him of… that first week in San Antonio. He ended up at a school, and that’s where he spent the rest of his day, using the swings, and allowing them to take him away from all his troubles and issues. When he was back home in Salt Lake City, there were nights he’d run to the school and do the same thing, despite knowing he would be in for a beating the next day… he’d needed the break.

He was back at his hotdog stand again by sunset, and ordered three hot dogs and two sodas again, then sat outside to enjoy the warm air and beautiful sky. He could hardly wait for sunset, for when Lucas would wake up and come find him, for when they’d be together again. It kind of scared him, that he was feeling soooo… needy, especially for someone who he’d known for 3 days, for someone who wasn’t even human, for someone who was a VAMPIRE. He smiled; Lucas was a vampire, but he cared more for Corey then his own family ever did.

“Hey cutie…” he heard from behind him. He felt Lucas sit down next to him on the bench, and immediately scooted over, sighing as he snuggled up to the older boy. Lucas put an arm around him, squeezing him tightly, before allowing him to continue eating.

“Hi Lucas!” he said happily around a half chewed bite of his hot dog. He quickly took a long sip of his soda, washing down his food, before turning and kissing the older boy. Lucas smiled down at him as he pushed a hot dog and soda towards the older boy. Lucas gently pushed them back, telling Corey that he wasn’t hungry. Corey grinned and quickly devoured the extra food, sighing contentedly.

“Oh, and have you seen Cole and Dodger? I don’t even know if they were in their room when I left. You wanna walk along the Riverwalk? We might spot them,” Lucas asked, gently nudging him, then getting up. Lucas reached down to Corey, offering his hand, and Corey smiled and grabbed it, allowing Lucas to pull him up onto his feet. He rose up onto his tiptoes and kissed the older boy, before they again walked hand in hand up and down the Riverwalk, looking for Lucas’ friends. He sighed in pleasure as they walked, those comforting feelings of peace and security coming to him again.

“What did you mean when you said that I could join you, the first night we met? Join you how?” he asks casually, never once dropping the older teen’s hand, he squeezed it gently, hoping to reassure Lucas.

“Well… I offered… to have you, uh, become one of us. That’s kinda what I meant by leaving your world behind. But you don’t have to; I don’t wanna force you to do anything! I promise,” Lucas said. Suddenly, out of nowhere, he clutched his stomach and fell to the ground, gasping in what sounded like intense pain.

“LUCAS!” he yelled, immediately dropping down next to the other boy and kissing away the tears that were falling from the beautiful blue eyes. “What’s wrong??!? Can I help you? What do I do?” he asked frantically as he hugged the boy around the neck, hoping close physical contact would help. A few more seconds passed, then Lucas just stood up like everything was fine, and then helped Corey onto his feet.

“It’s… I’m fine, just had a pain spasm. Uh… I’m hungry I guess…” Lucas said, before bending down and kissing Corey lightly. Corey tugged on Lucas’ hand, inherently knowing there was more to it then just Lucas being ‘hungry,’ he looked around nervously as he was led into the shadier part of town.

“We can go get you a hotdog, Lucas, I still have money, why are you walking away from the food?” he asked, confused as they walk further down the Riverwalk “Lucas, I don’t… I don’t like it here, it’s… “ he trailed off again, for the first time since meeting Lucas, he was scared to be near the older boy.

“Hey, umm… I’m not really… hungry for stuff like hot dogs. Remember that first night, when you asked if I had to drink people’s blood if I was a vampire? That’s pretty much what this is… but I don’t wanna scare you, you’re still safe, I promise. But… I need to feed. Soon,” Lucas said, turning away from Corey. Corey squeezed the older boy’s hand to reassure him again, even if he was pretty scared of the area they were in right now.

“What if… you, um, … had some of my blood? People donate blood all the time, and it would help you, right?” he asked. He was happy when Lucas squeezed his hand back in return.

“Hey, I… reallllly appreciate the offer, you’re soooo sweet…” Lucas said, quickly kissing Corey. “But, I’d rather get full tonight, and I know some people that may deserve to, uh… not be seen again. But I’m not sure you need to see this, since I don’t want you to remember me when I’m hunting.”

“So… so, um… where… do I go? Lucas, don’t leave me alone!” he begged, hugging the older boy firmly around the middle. “P-p-p…please don’t leave me alone!”

“OK, OK, lets go find Cole and Dodger, didn’t they mention something about Jolly Ranchers? We can check out a candy shop or something,” Lucas said, prying Corey’s hands from around his middle. “And I told you, Corey, you’re safe with me, always, OK? I always keep my promises.”

They jogged off together, with Lucas in the lead. A few minutes later, they ran into Cole, or… Lucas did, anyway. Both of them fell to the ground, and he couldn’t help but giggle just a bit, quickly turning it into a cough as Dodger glared at him. He still wasn’t sure about them, but if Lucas trusted them… they couldn’t be all bad, he guessed.

“Lucas, what the HELL are you doing just STANDING there like a MORON?” Cole shouted in an angry voice. Lucas got to his feet and quickly apologized.

“Yea, uh… sorry, we were just walking and I got the spasm of pain. It’s… that time of the month,” Lucas said. He didn’t catch anything else, since they started whispering. He stared at the ground, already planning his apology for being just a scaredy-cat baby. Why would any of them want anything to do with him?

“You’re not a scaredy-cat baby, and I like you, that’s why I want to be with you,” Lucas said, scaring him a bit. “I don’t really… do this… a lot. I try to avoid… humans.”

“Yeah, you should be proud, you’re the first human he’s spent more then 10 minutes with,” Dodger said with a very sick looking smile. “In fact, every other human he spends time with…”

“Dodger, please… don’t?” Lucas pleaded. Dodger sighed but didn’t say a word further.

“We’ll watch him for you,” Cole offered, stepping toward Lucas and Corey.

“Thanks, Cole,” Lucas said, before turning to Corey. “Hey, mind staying with Cole for a little bit? I’ll be back really soon, but I need to take care of this before it gets worse and I can’t have you see me like that. I’m sorry, but they won’t hurt you, I promise,” he trailed off, before continuing. “Or, if you want you can walk with me back to the hotel room, and you can stay there and watch TV for 20 minutes while I do this? Please?”

“I’ll stay in the hotel room, Lucas… if you lock the door and give me the key, OK?” Corey said softly.

“That sounds like a good idea Corey. Just make sure you ask who it is when I knock on the door, k?” Lucas said, grabbing Corey’s hand and walking towards their hotel. Corey sighed in relief and whispered a quick “thanks,” squeezing his protector’s hand. However, he didn’t detach himself from the older boy’s side until they get to the hotel. He saw Lucas change into an old shirt, then the older boy hugged and kissed Corey.

“Alright, here’s the key. I’ll be right back, I promise,” Lucas said. Corey got onto his tiptoes and planted a much longer, deeper kiss onto the older boy, wrapping his waifish arms around Lucas, pleased when he felt Lucas’ arms wrap him in a hug. “I gotta go, but I’ll be back,” Lucas whispered, heading out.

The TV droned on in the background as Corey’s thoughts whirled around in his head at a million miles an hour. It had only been 3 or 4 days since he’d met Lucas, and he was sooooo dependent on the older boy, it scared him. Scared because thelast two people he’d trusted so much had both hurt him badly. Scared that he was setting himself up to be hurt again… but despite all of that, he found himself helplessly falling in love with his black-haired, blue-eyed angel, and he eagerly anticipated his arrival back at the room.

A knock on the door roused him from his thoughts, and he hesitantly called out, “L-Lucas, is that you?” as he got off the bed and approached the door.

“Yeah buddy, it’s me. Was I gone long?” Lucas said. Upon hearing the older boys voice, Corey flung the door open and jumped into his arms.

“It felt like forever, Lucas! I missed you soooo much!” he exclaimed, kissing Lucas passionately. He faintly tasted some blood, but didn’t mind it one bit. He grinned as Lucas carried him into the room and shut the door behind them.

“Hold on buddy, I really gotta shower again, I feel filthy. Won’t be too long more I promise,” Lucas said, dropping Corey onto the bed and winking. He stripped down to his boxer-briefs in front of Corey, before he stepped into the restroom and closed the door. Corey waited a few seconds, unsure if he should follow Lucas into the shower, but he eventually decided to do so. He slowly walked towards the bathroom, doubt plaguing every step, until he got to the door.

“Lucas? I needa take a shower, too…” he said softly, stripping down to his boxerbriefs as he awaited Lucas’ answer.

“Yea buddy hop in! The water’s kinda hot but it’s what I needed. You want it cooler?” Lucas said, pushing the shower curtain aside. Corey smiled and stripped off his boxer-briefs, then got into the tub, looking down at his feet.

“I like my showers hot, too, Lucas,” he said softly, still not looking up. Lucas grabbed Corey’s hands, pulling him closer. He gently lifted Corey’s head, stared down into the blonde’s green eyes, and kissed him, before pulling him into his body, hugging Corey to him, just holding him. Corey shuddered at the display of affection, wrapping his arms around Lucas and letting the water run over them.

“Well, I really think we should clean up some while were in here,” Lucas smiled.

“Yeah, I’m a little dirty.” Corey smiled, as he grabbed some soap and slowly rubbed it on Lucas’ neck. “You got some… um… blood on your neck, Lucas…” he said softly, still rubbing the skin until all of it is gone.

“What? How’d that get there?” Lucas asked, sounding surprised. He grabbed another bar of soap and started to wash and massage Corey’s back, sides, and chest. Corey put a hand on Lucas’, then locked his green eyes onto Lucas’ vibrant blue orbs.

“I’m not a baby, Lucas, I know you had to… had to… kill someone tonight,” he said quietly, rubbing his bar of soap over his protector’s body, letting it wash away all traces of blood. They worked in silence for the next few minutes, cleaning each other off. He sighed as he felt his own body being washed. “That feels sooo good, Lucas…” he whispered, closing his eyes and leaning into the older teen.

“I’d never think of you as a baby. Hehe, well, okay, you’re MY baby. But other than that, no. That’s why I told you straight out earlier. If you decide to join us, I want you prepared, you need to understand the consequences of the choice along with its advantages,” Lucas said. Corey felt his whole body warm when Lucas called him ‘his baby’, and he kissed the older teen to let him know he appreciated that.

“How, um, how would you…make me a vampire?” he asked nervously, grabbing one of Lucas’ hands and holding it in his, then resting their clasped hands against Lucas’ chest. He saw Lucas bite his lip, never a good sign.

“Well, I’ve never actually done it, but, basically… basically, it’s when you bite somebody and you don’t take all their blood and you have to want them to become a vampire I think.”

“So… you’d, um, you’d have to hurt me, right?” Corey asked softly.

Lucas nodded slowly. “Well, it would hurt, yes. Not too much, but the pain is there. Thankfully, it also fades away really quickly as the venom… or whatever that goes into you while I’m biting you does it’s job. Sorry,” he explained. To Corey, it sounded like Lucas really was sorry that it would hurt, something his father never was. Inwardly, the battle that was raging was almost over, and the victor was going to be Lucas, he knew it.

“Maybe, we should dry up and get out of the shower?” Lucas asked. Corey swallowed hard and nodded, the conversation had gotten… not fun anymore.

“Yeah, I’m all clean now,” he said softly, climbing out of the tub and wiping himself off really quickly. He put on a fresh pair of boxer-briefs, then sat down on a bed. Lucas followed a few seconds later and did the same. Lucas turned to look at the covered window, facing away from Corey.

“Corey, the past few nights have been, … well, amazing. Already, I feel natural with you, more than anyone else. Is it weird if I tell you I think I love you?”

“Everyone who was supposed to love me died or hurt me, Lucas,” he said, before he got up and joined Lucas on his bed. “I… I don’t know what love is, but when I’m with you, I feel like no one will ever hurt me, you’ll stop them somehow. I feel soooo safe, so … peaceful when I’m with you. And when I’m not with you, I feel alone and afraid,” he said ineloquently, falling into Lucas’ arms and burying his head into the other boy’s naked chest.

“Well, I promise, the only time I could ever hurt you is for the bite for you to join us, if you really want. That’s all. And, well, I want to be there for you, to protect you always. I don’t really know love either but I’ve not felt like this for anyone. So I think it is,” Lucas said, hugging Corey closely. Corey pulled back until he was staring Lucas in the eyes, then he slowly leaned in and kissed the older boy gently.

“I won’t bite you unless you tell me you’re sure you want to join us,” Lucas whispered softly.

“How did you know what I was thinking?” he asked softly.

“Uhm… vampires can pretty easily read human’s thoughts,” Lucas said, before quickly adding, “but I promise I haven’t been spying on your head, I promise, Corey!” and again, Corey didn’t know how, but he just knew Lucas was telling him the truth, that he could trust this… vampire. “I just… saw that one and didn’t think about it, sorry.”

He blinked as he tried to put that piece of information in with everything else. “Soooo that means…” he trailed off, wondering if … “when we met… did you… you were gonna drink my blood, right?” he asked, staring down into Lucas’ blue eyes. The fact he was asking that while lying on said ‘blood drinker’s’ chest didn’t escape him.

“N… no, not after we met. I just wanted to comfort you then,” Lucas answered him, but he could tell that Lucas was dodging the question. He wasn’t upset at the older boy; Lucas probably thought answering ‘yes’ would send Corey running out of the room. He smiled, letting his savior know he wasn’t upset, or mad, or anything of the sort.

“But you did wanna before you talked to me and read my thoughts, right? Lucas… I’m not, mad or anything, promise,” he trailed off, then said in a more forceful tone. “But don’t lie to me, please?”

“No, I wouldn’t lie, and especially not to you. Yes, my first intention when my friends and I saw you eating that hot dog was to… uh… drink your blood. But then I saw you, and read your thoughts, and I couldn’t anymore.”

“Yeah, then you saw what a pathetic loser I was and you pitied me,” Corey said sadly, knowing there could be no other explanation for it.

“Not at all. I saw a young, cute boy, a good person, who’s been mistreated all his life, beaten horribly, even for nothing. I saw someone that without thinking about it, I just trusted. And that’s saying something,” Lucas said, smiling gently and quickly kissing Corey. For his part, Corey closed his eyes and shuddered, basking in the affection and love Lucas was showing him.

“R-r-really? You saw all that? Thanks, Lucas!” he exclaimed, before he kissed his… boyfriend. He sighed, looking up at his boyfriend, his lover, his savior and his protector, he knew without a doubt that this was where he belonged, that this was where he wanted to be, tonight, and every night for the rest of his life.

“Lucas…” he whispered, voice quivering with emotion. “Bite me. I want to be with you forever.”

Lucas smiled as some tears leaked from his eyes, causing a beautiful golden glow in his eyes. “Are you sure? It’s not all fun and games but we’d be together.”

Corey gulped once but nodded, he’d never been more sure of anything else in his life. He belonged with Lucas. “Yes, Lucas, I want… I want to be with you, you’ve been nicer to me then anyone ever has, if that’s love, then I love you, Lucas, and I want to be yours.”

Lucas just nodded, then gently flipped them over so Corey was laying flat on his back. The two shared a passionate lusty kiss, before Lucas moved to the side of Corey’s neck, slowly licking and sucking on the skin there, almost like he was giving the blonde a hickey.

“What will happen, Lucas?” Corey asked softly, moaning at the sensations.

“Well, you’ll be out of it for a month or so, but when you wake up, your life will be changed, and you will be stronger and faster, and everything. But most of all, you’ll be with me…” Lucas whispered. He blinked a couple of times, then gulped again.

“Do it Lucas… don’t let me change my mind, do it now!” he pleaded, his hand coming up to rest on the back of his boyfriend’s head, holding it in place against his neck. Lucas nodded, then pulled back a little, still staring into Corey’s eyes with his own. He watched in morbid fascination as Lucas lowered his fangs, his eyes changing from their usual beautiful blue to a… violent bloodthirsty red.

Lucas reared his head back and then shot it forward at an alarmingly rapid pace, and Corey SCREAMED as loud as he could as his boyfriend’s fangs penetrated his skin. He could literally feel the sickening sucking of his blood, could just barely see Lucas swallowing his blood as easily as he’d swallowed his cum a few short seconds ago. He shivered as he felt himself growing colder, an overwhelming urge to sleep coursing through his small body. Panic raced throughout his body, as he fought it, trying to stay awake, trying to escape the torment. In the end, he lost, and the last thing he saw was Lucas’ blood red eyes before he passed out.

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