GFD Alpha Omega Prophecy – Chapter 2

**Much Love to my editor,Dalmatia



These weeks in darkness have moved so fast. Yet, night after night here I have been stuck within the confines of this old car lot. I haven’t been doing anything though; Jun and Dion had put me through rigorous training. Now I’m training with Justin; I worry about him sometimes. I don’t know if it’s just something about his eyes that give away a sense of great loss. He’s cool though I haven’t found my extra yet, but he taught me some skills, like, super speed and sending mental messages. But, now this training is a different side of him. We’re supposed to be sparring but every match it’s like he’s trying to kill me. I can keep up for awhile but when he really turned up the heat, I’m toast. Unfortunately, tonight was no different.

“Troy, you ready?” Justin said waving me over.

“I don’t know. Are you gonna try and kill me again?” I groaned.

“Pretty boy can’t take a punch?” Trevor mocked.

Hmm…Trevor was a real instigator and right now one of the two people who wanted me out of this car lot. Why? One likely reason was that conceited people don’t get along very well when bumping heads or stepping on toes. Add to that the fact that I kinda had a crush on his bitch, and you have a storm brewing. There’s only one major difference between Trevor and me. I know I look good and I know I break necks when I enter a room. I don’t need anyone to tell me, although I do love compliments. Trevor needs someone else to boost his ego. When he didn’t get that adulation from me, instant rivalry was formed.

“Trevor,” I smiled, “where’s your bitch? Or did he loosen his leash on you?”

“You wish,” he hissed.

“No…far from a wish, dream or fantasy, it’s a mere concern,” I replied nonchalantly.

“Aaah…so I am swimming in those thoughts of yours,” he smiled confidently as Michael walked up briskly by his side.

“Don’t flatter yourself; besides I’m more interested in your bitch,” I said knowing I had struck a nerve.

“Bite me!” he hissed letting his fangs drop to intimidate me.

“You know, I am kind of thirsty,” I said darkly and stepped into a stance to pounce.

“Well, let’s see what you got, pretty boy,” he said baring his fangs.

Just as I was ready to pounce, a mental message ran through my mind, ‘Tonight’s training starts now’. Before I could get ready, I was thrown back almost a hundred yards. Quick as lightening, Justin’s hits came: jab, jab, uppercut and a roundhouse. I went flying backwards again but got up instantly, this time prepared. The hits came again. I was able to block them, but this was a warm-up. I could tell Justin was taking it easy.

“Don’t let him get to you,” Justin said letting me catch my breath.

I looked over my shoulder briefly to see the majority leaving. I instantly got depressed. I’d been in Chicago for two and a half months and hadn’t experienced much. I needed to get out or I was going to go crazy – not to mention that I was growing hungry again. Come to think of it, there was always this low craving at the pit of my stomach, waiting and ready to go into a frenzy at a moment’s notice. It was because of this hunger that I knew I was different from before. I was taking to this life very well, even the feeding part. Everyone said they had or still have trouble. I killed my food with no regrets. It’s was as if I was made to be this creature of the night. Honestly though, it is just how I am: I’m adaptable. I do my best to adapt to my surroundings. Not like a chameleon or anything – but just taking to a change.

I looked over at Justin; he was reading me. I could feel it, that push of someone invading my head. I didn’t mind it; he was just curious about my past. Out of everyone here, he and Gyro were the most fun to be around. There was still something about Justin though that made me worry. He had lost someone before I got here. From what I was told, his name was Taryn. Taryn died five years ago. In Justin’s eyes, I could still see it – the loss of that sparkle or twinkle in those deep brown eyes of his. Even in his demeanor, it was visible. Some nights he was just fine, peachy keen. Other nights. I could see he was mentally tearing himself down and silently driving himself to the brink of madness.

I flashed back to reality and saw a tear roll down his cheek. He wiped it away and said, “Come on I’ll sneak you out tonight.”

“Are you sure my dude? I don’t want to see Bryson’s wrath,” I explained.

“Trust me; even if we get caught, Bryson will know that you are in the best of hands,” he smiled taking me by the arm and leading me out of the lot.
“So where are you taking me this evening – since you’re my escort and all?” I chuckled. He hit me on the shoulder and gave me a playful shove before responding.

“Hehehe…we are gonna hang out with Gyro tonight,” he smiled. “Trust me, if there is anyone who can show you a good time, it’s him.”

“If you say so,” I sighed letting Justin lead me. We walked for awhile. I let my mind wonder when my extra would appear. It was really frustrating – I wanted to acquire it so badly. I was daydreaming about which it would be – levitation or maybe even immunity to the sun. Maybe I would be a reader too. All I knew was my extra needed to rear its head very soon. I’m too fucking impatient, I mean come on, I had been in darkness for – like – ever. And no sign, no outbreak. NOT EVEN A HINT!!!

Coming out of deep thought, I realized we had been walking for what seemed like minutes, when we came to a stop. Justin was grinning at me from ear to ear, “What’s got you cheesin’ so hard?” I pointed.

“You…your extra should be coming in soon Troy. There is no reason for you to be so hell bent about it,” he stated. “Now we’re almost there, just down this alleyway.”

I looked down the path we were to take, then looked back at Justin. He gave me a smug look before pushing me forward. This alley must’ve been the darkest I had ever seen in my life; it was pure darkness in its truest form. As we ventured farther along, I began to hear the pulse of music as we came closer and closer to a door. Justin knocked and an older guy opened the door.

“Justin, it’s been awhile,” the doorman said.

“I know…Hey Bernie,” Justin replied, “this here is Troy.”

“Aah a newborn…well, I’m Bernie. You enjoy yourself – drinks on the house, but only because you are in the company of royalty here,” Bernie smiled leading us into the club.

“Oh Bernie!” Justin grinned and looked over at me. “Dude, you gotta try a sunburn.”

I scrunched up my face and was about to reply when we were suddenly ambushed by a bouncing figure. “Jussstin, dude, what brings you here? You haven’t left the lot in ages,” Gyro smirked and then realized I was there too. “Troy dude, I cannot believe Bryson let you out tonight. We definitely must celebrate.” He shoved a drink in my hand.

I looked over at Justin; he was blushing a bit “You said you wanted to get out; well, this is the best place to go and with the ultimate party animal,” he said lifting my hand to make me drink whatever Gyro had given me.

“Woo…that’s hella spicy,” I said as the drink burned as it trickled down my throat. I looked at the glass as if it was magical or something.

Justin chuckled and took the glass. “That, my friend, is a sunburn.”

I looked over at the bartender and yelled, “Let me have another sunburn and then some hinny and apple juice.”

“Hinny and apple juice?” Justin asked.

“Yeah, I’m not trying to get fucked up – just a little tipsy. Happy juice does that for me,” I smiled.

“Umm…I don’t think so…you want to have fun, then let go and get fucked up,” he retorted.

“I second that motion,” said a voice behind us. I looked around questioningly. It was a boy about 16 years old, with medium-length blond hair. He had a sexy-assed grin while he pointed at me.

“Dizz, it has been ages. How are you?” Justin said hugging this guy. I must say, this boy was mega-sexy. I couldn’t keep my eyes off him. As I fully examined his body, Dizz caught me eyeing him down. With a smirk he said to Justin, “Dude, I know but who is the cutie right here?” he asked now eyeing me up and down.

“Oh, that’s just Troy” he replied. I was taken back for a minute. ‘Just Troy’! Hold up; that was not a good introduction! Saying my name like I was just some random dude. NO!!! I am someone to know!!!

I glared at Justin for a minute. He eventually chuckled. I held out my hand to Dizz and said, “I’m Troy.” I batted my eyes a bit as he started to speak.

“Well, Troy, why don’t you let me buy you a drink,” he said.

“Umm…I’m sorry but I don’t take drinks from strangers,” I smiled.

“Well…maybe we can change that ‘being strangers’. Save me a dance later,” he grinned and turned away before I could reply. He had me already after one look from his ravishing green eyes. I would have done almost anything for him. I must have been in a haze because Justin jumped in my face and slapped me in order to snap me back to reality.

“Dude, are you okay?” he laughed.

“Hmm…uhh…yeah, I’m straight,” I blinked.

“Not 30 seconds ago, you weren’t!” he snickered.

“Okay bitch, you know what I mean,” I replied snickering along with him.

For the next couple of hours, I was taking shot after shot of sunburns and whatever else Gyro and Justin kept forcing into my hand. I was feeling real good and soon was out on the dance floor dancing with whoever pulled me aside. I was dancing with some guy and things started to get a little out of hand when he decided to pull me out of the club and take things to another level. I wasn’t prepared …and for that matter, I didn’t even know the guy’s name. When I objected he pulled even harder and then, like my guardian angel, Dizz appeared…and told the guy to fuck off and that I wasn’t interested. I felt all warm and fuzzy inside that this boy who had attempted to buy me a drink, had now defended me like this.

“Are you alright?” he said looking me over to check to make sure I didn’t have any marks or bruises.

“Yeah…I’m fine. Than…thank you,” I stuttered

“No problem; why don’t we get you over to the rest of the gang,” he said taking my hand.

Hmm… I think I’m starting to develop a little infatuation for this boy because every little thing or detail I have seen in him has left me completely lost in this boy. It may have been the alcohol but this boy definitely had me in a trance of his presence. The feel of his hands were a feeling that I had never experienced; his palms were smooth but as my fingers traveled down his fingers, they slowly grew rougher right up to his fingertips.

When we reached the table, there were more of us from the lot. Max was there along with Dion and my sire Dylan. But, it was Justin who gave me a smug grin and sent me a message ‘You like him, don’t you?’

My eyes widened as I thought he had said it out loud. I slipped him the finger. He chuckled at this and went back to his drink.

“I see you rescued pretty boy here out of danger,” Max sneered

“Maxi pad I was not in danger,” I snapped.

“But he was rescued,” Dizz jumped in and grinned. I turned my head around and was about to respond when he leaned forward. I felt his lips make contact with mine.

His lips were so soft and kissable and I couldn’t believe this was happening. Before I knew it, I was kissing him back. I could feel him smile as his lips thinned out a bit toward the corners of his jaw. I then felt his tongue knocking at my teeth to allow him entrance and he slipped his tongue in to meet mine with confidence. I don’t know how long we kissed, but it felt like hours until we both took that breath. Dizz looked at me with a little twinkle in those eyes and said, “How about a drink…now?”

I bit my bottom lip a little and replied, “Sure, since you rescued me and all.” With that he left for the bar. As soon as he left, everyone was glaring at me with smirks on their faces.
Dion was the first to speak, “I see someone decided to sneak out for some fresh air.”

“Justin, Bryson is so gonna flip when he finds out that you snuck Troy out with the possibility of him being a nosferatu ‘pire,” Max jumped in.

“What’s a nosfer…whatever?” I asked

“Nothing you need to worry about at the moment,” Justin replied. Maybe it was the alcohol but I was eerily satisfied with that answer. Justin turned his attention to Max, “We don’t know for sure yet, Max.”

“Are you serious? I know the physical traits aren’t there yet but he’s been in darkness for a mere weeks and he’s fed six times,” Max snapped.

“He does have a point and his appetite is growing more every week,” Dion said.

“Well…even if he is, I don’t see him as a threat or a danger to us,” Dylan said taking Justin’s side.

“Dylan, were you paying attention earlier…sure he didn’t attack Trevor, but if Trev had pushed any further, I’m sure he would have without hesitation,” Max replied.

“Hold up…I may not like Trevor but I wouldn’t hurt or kill him…how could you say that?” I said rather coldly. Thank goodness at that moment Dizz came back because I was growing frustrated and it was clear on my face.

“Are you ok?” he asked. How sweet: he was wondering if I was ok. Honestly I wasn’t, but I definitely wasn’t about to let him know that; instead, I grabbed his hand.

“I’m fine…about that dance.” He smiled and followed me out to the dance floor. Dizz definitely took my mind off my frustration. We danced for a couple hours, with me grinding my hind parts into his most sensitive area. We started creating some heat between us as I felt the temperature rise. Our breathing started to get a little heavy as I felt him stirring in his jeans.

He spun me around and mashed his lips with mine. Without hesitation, he slipped his tongue in to meet mine. He caught me off guard with this kiss; it took my breath away and I lost my balance. He caught and chuckled a little, “Why don’t we go sit down?”

Personally, I didn’t want to sit down. I was kind of pissed at everyone at the table talking about me like I wasn’t there – especially, Max saying that I would have done harm to Trevor and saying that I’m a nosferat or whatever. I could not help but wonder why they thought that I could be such a liability or a danger. I haven’t done anything, thus far, to make anyone think such a thing. I was pushed out of my thoughts when we reached the table. Dizz could tell something was wrong. I nodded and told him nothing. Honestly I was having a great time with him.

Max put a hand on my shoulder, realizing I was upset. “Dude I’m sorry for what I said earlier.”

I was still so upset that I couldn’t even look at him; I just nodded and responded, “It’s whatever.”

For the next hour or so, Dizz and I talked and got to know each other a little better. I was really beginning to like this dude. Out of all the madness and mayhem of living in ‘darkness’ he actually made me smile just by looking at me. He didn’t even have to say a word. I could see the corners of his jaw turn up and there I was right along with him. We were in midst of sharing one more passionate kiss when my sire patted my shoulder and said, “I’m sorry to interrupt but we gotta go. Troy, we still need to sneak you back in.”

I sighed and wanted to get angry at Dylan for interrupting this kiss, but one look at his sweet, innocent, angelic face and I couldn’t. Besides he was the only reason that I was still ‘alive’ anyway. I owed him my life and he never wanted to accept that, but it is true. I’d give my life for him because he saved me.

We broke our kiss and I looked at him and sighed, “When will I see you again?”

“Tomorrow, possibly, I just have to make sure I don’t have any other responsibilities…but I am definitely looking forward to seeing you again Troy,” he said with that stunning smile of his.

We exited the club and right away my disposition changed along with everyone else’s. They seemed to be on edge around me, like I was going to go completely crazy at a moment’s notice. They all kept glancing back and forth between each other as though I didn’t notice. Our usually talkative group was ironically silent. Even Gyro, the energizer bunny, had nothing to say at all! And for what? Justin and I definitely needed to talk tonight or tomorrow. I needed to know what it was about me that was so unsettling to everybody.

In the middle of this silence my stomach growled. Everyone noticed and the look on all their faces was sheer terror. They were turning sheer white at the sound of my stomach letting me know that it was feeding time. I looked around and tried to make eye contact with each person. I looked at: Dylan…as usual he didn’t keep eye contact; Max…his eyes were downcast the second I looked at him; Dion…no eye contact; Gyro…weak smile; and finally Justin…had this terrible look – like he had a knot in his stomach – but he did still manage to keep a smile going.

I needed to feed immediately or things would definitely be bad tomorrow, so I gasped, “I’ll be right back.”

I used my nose to sniff out the closest prey in the area. Luckily, we were coming up on someone in the next alleyway. I silently slipped my fangs down, feeling all eyes on me, as they knew what I was preparing to do. We moved closer to the alleyway and the scent of blood was growing stronger. I felt a change begin to blanket me; the only thing on my mind was the prey. I slowly drifted off to the side of our pack trying to be as nonchalant about this as possible. When we reached the alley, I took one look and lunged at my prey, slamming it up against the brick wall with enough power to render it unconscious. I sunk my teeth in and began to feast on the nourishment that I was receiving from this soon-to-be-lifeless corpse. When I had finished, I took off my shirt and kept walking as though nothing had ever happened.

Afterward, the first to break the silence was Gyro who whispered to me, “You know that would have to be the cleanest, quickest takedown I have ever witnessed…you, my friend are a natural predator,” and he patted my back.

Upon reaching the lot, we were all greeted by Bryson who looked very irate. He pulled Justin and me aside, “You know if you were going to take him out, you could have at least taken him to go to see Tim.”

All concern I had about Justin getting the blame on this washed away. Justin winked at me and replied, “You are right; I’ll do it tomorrow.”

“Good; now how about you Troy? How was your first night out? I see you fed…again,” he smiled. I don’t know what it is about Bryson but whenever I was around him he made me feel like I could do no wrong, ever since the first night we met. I don’t know if it is because he knew my father died on my way here, but he always had this fatherly aura around him as he took care of all of us. I felt as though I was a newborn baby who needed special attention.

I smiled back at him, “It was amazing; I met somebody; yes, I did feed. Gyro says I’m a natural. I kept babbling on like a kid that couldn’t wait to spill his latest tales. Who is Tim…and what is nosfera-whatever?” and I yawned.

He and Justin laughed at me and Bryson said, “All that will be explained in due time. I’m glad to hear you had a good time but I think someone is ready for the big sleep.”

I nodded and walked off. Justin followed behind me and said, “So, you like him, huh?”

My cheeks paled a little and my dimples grew wider. He just chuckled to himself. I waved goodnight and went off to bed. I stopped for a minute and I got this abrupt feeling of loneliness. A tear rolled down my cheek and hit the dirt below. I stood there looking at my car, wishing I didn’t have to live like this: without sunlight. It was depressing. If I had known all this would happen, I would have stayed my ass in Baltimore; then maybe Dad would still be alive. I would have still been alive even though I still had my demons back home. I would at least be breathing and able to eat ‘real’ food. What I wouldn’t do to be able to taste a good home-cooked meal or a cheese-steak and fries. I glanced over my shoulder and saw Justin’s trailer. I crept inside to find him already asleep. I snuck in right beside him, snuggled up and fell asleep instantly.

The next night I woke up to a startled Justin who looked at me like I was a peculiar. He stammered, “What happened to you?’

I looked at him awkwardly. As soon as I opened my mouth to speak, a pain shot through my teeth and I hissed in agony. The pain was momentary; it dulled and subsided very quickly. My fangs dropped down and I winced a little from the tenderness. Justin gasped extremely loudly and it made me nervous.

“Justin, what is wrong with me?” He didn’t reply; instead, he stood me up over to a mirror so I could look for myself. I was a completely different person. My hair was in long black dreadlocks and now it looked as if someone had dyed the bottom half white. My eyes were still all-white but the veins in my eyes were stained by a dark crimson red lining. My fangs were twisted and carved with tribal-like symbols on each fang.

I gasped in shock. I was looking at an overnight transformation. If this is what everyone was talking about yesterday then I understood why…I looked like a monster.

Justin cut me through my thoughts and said, “It’s not that bad, just out of the ordinary.”

I thought about it for a minute and then looked closer in the mirror analyzing everything. I didn’t like what I saw: I looked like a demon. I knew that this look would definitely take time to grow on me and everybody else around me.

I gasped. He’s going to think I’m ugly now. I suddenly lost control of all reason and found myself lost somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind. I was abruptly pulled out of them when Justin shook me violently; our eyes connected. He just started screaming and holding his head in pain, but he still kept his eyes locked on mine. I started to feel very light headed. Then, all went black.

I awoke what seemed like seconds later to someone faintly yelling. It grew progressively louder. I started to gain consciousness and saw Justin writhing on his bed in pain. I grabbed him to try to calm him down. His blood-curdling screams were starting to scare me. There was a slow trail of blood coming from his nose. His screams started to subside just as Bryson swung open the door. “Justin, are you…” he started and I cut him off.

“I…I’m sorry. I…don’t know what has happened” I gasped. “I blacked out and he started screaming and…” That’s when Bryson shushed me and looked at Justin.

“What happened Justin?”

“I don’t know. Troy was freaking out over his ‘new look’ and our eyes connected and then there was so much pain, so so much pain,” he sobbed.

Bryson turned and gasped as he actually took in my new look. “Troy, I think it is best you go see Tim about your extra tonight.”

I got a little excited finally being able to find out about my extra. I wondered if it was something cool. Justin put his hand on my back and said, “Come on, I’ll take you to Tim.” I tried not to make eye-contact with Justin for fear of what happened repeating itself.

That made me wonder: the eye connection – was that my extra, something so dangerous? I hoped not. I did not want anything that could potentially hurt someone who had done nothing but help throughout this whole ordeal.

I felt Justin’s eyes on me and he asked, “What made you want to sleep in here last night?”

I kept my eyes straight forward in fear of looking at him and sighed, “I got this deep feeling of loneliness. I didn’t want to be alone last night; so I came in here -I’m sorry.”

He put his hand on my shoulder, “It is okay, dude. I was just surprised this morning, that’s all. About what happened, I’m sure it was just an accident.” Justin smiled and put his hand on my chin and spun me around to look at him. “Now why don’t you run back over to your car, change, and I’ll meet you in 5.”

With that, I went back to my motorhome and went through my suitcase. I thought back to that night Jenna had taken me hunting and a raider was lugging around my suitcase. I snapped and I lunged for his throat and took back my suitcase. But there was one thing missing: a picture of my mother, and I that I wish I could have back. I loved that woman and did just about anything for her – us to survive. So when she found a better job, I jumped at the chance to leave my demons in Baltimore behind me.

I swiftly put on some jeans and decided to go shirtless but for a zipped down hoodie. I put on some Timberlands. I thought as I exited my vehicle/home, this is the first time anyone here has seen me shirtless. Not to mention this new demonic look that I’m sporting. ‘Maybe I should throw on some shades,’ I thought.

As soon as I stepped out of my living quarters my sire, Dylan, greeted me. He was eyeing me down and blushed when I caught him looking. “Oh I’m so telling D, you were checking me out,” I snickered.

“Hehehe…what’s wrong with looking?” he blushed. “What is with the sunglasses?”

I bit my lip and muttered, “Oh…nothing serious.”

“Well, come on; you have got a big night tonight,” he said leading me over to the front gate. The first thing I noticed was Dizz there talking to Justin. I halted instantly and turned in the opposite direction.

“He can’t see me like this; he will never give me the time of day,” I whispered to what I thought was just to myself.

“What are you talking about Troy?” Dylan said racing behind me.

“I’m not leaving tonight. I want to stay here,” I said opening my car door.

“Wait; what’s going on; I’m lost here” he said walking away.

There was no way I was going out tonight, especially with Dizz. He would think I was some monster given the way I looked now. As if the all-white was not bad enough, now throw in some lines of red and you have yourself a demon. There was a sudden knock on my door. My nerves shot up in a flash.

“I’m not going. I think I have the vampire flu,” I said and added a fake cough for display.

The door opened and it was Justin standing there smirking. “Only thing you need to worry about catching is Kuru,” he smiled, “Now why aren’t we going to see Tim?”

I looked at him in shock and answered, “Did you not get a better look of my new persona?”

“Yeah, but what has that got to do with Tim?” he countered, “If it is about Dizz, then just keep the shades on.”

“Do you really think they are that bad?” I asked opening up my door slightly.

“Honestly…I think the whole look fits you,” he said. “Besides, you are going to be like this for eternity. Are you going to stay in there forever, where no one can see that cute body of yours?”

I pondered that for a minute. He was absolutely correct. I dreaded being stuck in the lot and not being able to get some fresh air. Wait…did he just say ‘cute’ body? I stepped out of the car and sighed, “My body isn’t cute…it’s sexy.”

“Whatever, dude. It got you out of the car though,” he snickered. Justin put his arm over my shoulder and tried to snatch my shades, but I slapped his hand away.
“Not yet, let me get used to them first, okay?” I smiled weakly. He rolled his eyes and we met up with everybody at the front of the lot. We headed off all walking together in a massive group. I think we probably looked like a bunch of kids lost on a school field trip. The first stop, of course, was mine. When we reached my destination, Dizz walked with me to the door.

It felt like he was staring right through my sunglasses. I was scared of him seeing the new Troy. I shied away from his gaze a little and he giggled softly and put his arms on my shoulders and tried to take off my sunglasses. “No…please don’t.”

He gave me a concerned look and said, “What’s wrong?”

“My eyes don’t look like they did last night,” I whispered.

“Let me see…I want to take a look-see,” he smiled. He slid the shades up on to my forehead. He gazed upon my new eyes. I closed my eyes and waited…and waited…waited some more until I felt a slight pressure on both eyes. They fluttered open. I realized that he had kissed my eyes gingerly. He gazed upon them…and nothing. He didn’t gasp in shock, do a double-take or anything. Instead he moved in closer and put our foreheads together. Dizz never left eye contact as he started speaking, “I would love to see more of you.”

I started to get rather jittery, just hearing him say those words. I was speechless, not knowing how to respond. I know I must have looked stupid because he started laughing. Soon I started laughing right along with him. Throughout that whole time, he never took his eyes off of mine.

I finally responded, “I would love to go out. How about tomorrow night; we could possibly go hunting together?”

He smiled at my response, “Sure; let’s do that.”

I knocked on this large wooden door. Just before the door opened, Dizz stole a kiss from me and said he and Justin had to take care of some business.
When the door opened, I was standing in front of a possibly 16-year-old boy who was looking very cute standing there like he owned the place. That can’t be Tim – one of the oldest vampires around; he’s so young for someone who should be down to his last breath suffering with ED or some such shit. But, you never know: looks definitely weren’t everything in this new world where I currently existed.

“Tim?” I said questioningly.

“Yes…Troy, I’ve been expecting you. Please come in,” he smiled tugging me inside. “Would you like some tea?”

“TEA!” I exclaimed.

“Calm down new blood. It is not actually tea; it is sheep’s blood. A young Nosferatu such as yourself definitely has a insatiable thirst,” he said patting my back and sliding me a mug. I took a sip; it was different, not as rich and full of flavor as human blood but it wasn’t bad.

“Thank you,” I smiled.

“I thought you might like it. Now let’s get serious,” he said, “Age?”

“Two and a half months,” I said taking another sip.

“Have you been fed…” he started. I cut him off by holding up the mug, “Yes. That does answer it, doesn’t it?” Tim sighed. He then had me stand and he did a thorough examination of my body and then inspected my fangs. He was in awe at the condition of my fangs.

“Hmm…you seem to be in perfect condition for a newborn such as yourself,” he grinned.

“So that’s it. Now you can tell me about my extra?” I asked excited to know what power I would possess.

“Hehehe…no! Follow me to part two of your vampire physical,” he chuckled. We walked into the next room and found two girls, both in their late teens, sitting around a table.

“Troy, this is Char and Becca,” he said introducing us.

Tim looked over at me and said, “Are you ready?”

I smiled back at him and replied, “I was born ready.”

We all chuckled at this. Char spoke up first and said, “Let us begin.” I wasn’t sure what she was going to do, but she told me to relax and that it would all be over shortly. Next thing I knew, I felt her hands touching my head all over. “Subject is rapidly reaching the end of initial crossover. Blood flow…normal…although there is less oxygen produced from the right lung, most likely due to an altercation. Also subject has had swelling around the neck, possibly from being bitten more than once in the same spot. There are fractures here on the jaw from some manmade object.” Damn…she was good. Her hands started to glide down towards my torso. “Subject has had several puncture wounds on chest and abdomen, possibly from a knife or bullets. There have been fractured ribs from being kicked on numerous occasions. Knuckles are worn down, possibly due to self-defense wounds. There is a large scar on right side of abdomen possibly from an animal.” Yo…how is home girl doing all this; it’s crazy for real! I mean it is like she could read everything that has happened to me. It was uncomfortable to know that what I had been keeping hidden deep down inside could be so easily seen at the surface; it made me feel so vulnerable. Char did a further examination on my back and then came back to face me and tell me to remove my jeans. I smirked at her devilishly and she smiled, “Subject isn’t a virgin…though it has been awhile since the last time. Sexual encounters have been with males and females. Bisexual tendencies, though subject is leaning more male with anal penetration.” I froze and tensed up for a second. It was not every day that somebody put my personal business out there for the world to hear. “Troy, relax. I’m almost done.” I nodded, took a deep breath and let her continue. “Subject has been active with several partners of both sexes during his lifetime. Genitalia slightly above average size.”

“Slightly above…though,” I snapped.

Tim grinned at my statement and replied, “Stay focused.”

“Conclusive evidence shows that subject endured years of gang and street violence continuing until recent move. Subject has also adapted the ability to repress senses and emotions. Bisexual tendencies occurred without the usual signs of depression, indicating subject came to terms rather quickly. Adrenaline levels show subject was first bitten in battle and subject was fleeing. Vampire thirst is that of a regular Nosferatu vampire. Subject will probably feed in the next day or two. All of subject’s capabilities have already begun to manifest and should be obvious pretty soon.” She gave me a pat on the back and said, “I’m all done, you can pull up your pants now.”

I nodded and chuckled a bit as I dressed. Becca stepped up to me, “Now, I want you to close your eyes and focus on a mirror. There is nothing else there, just you, the mirror and your reflection. Now I want you to hold that image; if it tries to change, I want you to focus and change it back. Ok?”

I nodded and started to do as directed. After all, that’s the easiest thing for a person like me to do: look myself in the mirror. I started analyzing myself in the mirror, checking for pimples or dirt. I then started to critique my outfit, when something strange happened. My reflection started to swirl and change before me. Next thing I knew, I was looking at this hulking demonic-looking creature grinning at me. I gasped and winced as it shattered the mirror from its side of the glass. “That was awkward.”

“Alright Troy, I need you to go back in and focus on the mirror.”

I did and when I got back to this ‘place’ in the mirror, I saw a young boy there with me, sitting in the dark quivering, with a pool of blood surrounding him. He was crying uncontrollably. I knew this kid; this was me at age 11; it was the day my heart grew cold and the last day I cried. Suddenly I saw a little twinkle in the little boy’s eyes and his tears stopped. He wasn’t smiling though. He got up and disappeared into the darkness. I walked towards my reflection to the mirror. I studied closer this time to see if I could see exactly what Char saw. I almost lost my focus when Becca started speaking, “Subject displays very high-self esteem, possibly due to comments from peers, which he openly accepts and takes it to heart. Lots of emotional turmoil over the losses of a relative and an ex-lover are evident. Subject’s biggest fear is being unable to protect significant others. There are many vivid but suppressed memories of altercations where subject fought and had been shot or stabbed. Subject views self as…interesting…a Ken doll…made to perfection. Subject shows much repressed anger and self blame. Subject views mother as his bedrock and the only person to have kept him sane.”

“Alright,” Tim said.

“My theory is subject has repressed feelings but blames himself for the deaths of his sister and ex-boyfriend. He clung to his only living relative, his mother, for whom he has done whatever he could; subject perceived he was her foundation…and she was for him. Subject does feel the need to cause others pain if they inflict pain. Repressed emotions are due to the amount of death and corruption seen throughout his childhood.”

“Oh – you are good. So what does this have to do with my extra?” I asked.

“I think you mean extras. You have 3 that should be evident very soon,” she smiled. “After seeing and enduring so much pain in childhood, subject has developed the extra of projection of pain. Subject must make eye contact with victim. Not knowing why his sister and ex-boyfriend were killed, subject has an extra of shutting down a victim’s senses – all 5 if necessary. Finally, due to his fear of inability to protect his mother, subject has developed the ability of Elementalist.”

“You mean Elemental,” Tim said.

“No, Elementalist. Subject use fire as a shield – to wrap around himself like a ball or as a weapon against enemies He can throw fire balls or set himself alight, without doing himself harm,” said Becca.

Wow! That is a bit gracious – all that power I have got coming. I wonder why I need it. Am I here to do something? Save somebody? Make a name for myself here? Somebody, please give me a sign, because honestly right now, I have no idea how I’m going to be able to control all this.

I broke from my random thoughts to find Tim, Char and Becca muttering amongst themselves. I couldn’t pick up what they were saying. It was like they were speaking a foreign language; it sounded ancient and rustic. Finally Tim spoke, “Troy, I need you to keep this information to yourself. If the elders found out a childe Nosferatu with as much power as you have, it could make you one hell of a liability. Soon they would send the hunters and assassins out for you. You must return here in two weeks. I need to do some research; there is a possibility that there is a vampire scripture about this situation.”

“Umm…what exactly is a Nosferatu and how am I a liability?” I asked. Nobody had ever yet told me what exactly I was and why it made me so dangerous. It was driving me crazy.

“A Nosferatu vampire is a condition that may develop during a vampire’s crossover. It occurs when too much toxin is released during the initial bite. In your case, after being bitten twice, the two different toxins created an imbalance. In most cases, vampires develop: deformed skin that becomes pale; loss of all body hair; twisted fangs; and glowing crimson eyes. However, all nosferatu have an insatiable bloodlust. They feed several times a week and not necessarily on humans, but on vampires too. So you can see why you would be seen as dangerous or a liability,” he stated.

I nodded as he led me towards the door. I couldn’t help but think of how uneasy I made everyone feel so far. I mean, I was still the same person on the inside. I had not fed on any vampires thus far. I had not threatened anybody. Man, I just needed to think of how to come off non-threatening. I wanted everyone to stop looking at me like I was a time bomb on silent countdown.

“Remember I want you back in two weeks.” He smiled and gave me a hug, “Don’t worry so much; in time everyone will ease in to the situation as will you.”

“I guess you are right, but the looks that I’ve been getting lately… they knew before I did and then this morning I woke up looking like this,” I said taking off my shades.

Tim gasped sarcastically and said, “Dude, it is really not that bad, but you definitely can’t be seen like that around humans…hold on a sec.” He walked back into the room and returned with eye drops, “These should help. Take them when you wake, but only one drop in each eye, just ONE drop.”

I looked at him curiously and examined the bottle. Part of me was overjoyed that I could lessen the color of my eyes, but I wondered why I couldn’t use it right away.

I realized something as I had parted ways with Tim…I was alone for the first time in a long time. Plus, the night was young. Oddly, partying and being adventurous wasn’t what I had in mind. I just wanted to be alone to think and process all that had gone down: Tim and my extras; and Dizz…sigh.. I needed to figure where I was with him; Max – we definitely needed to talk; Justin – I was not sure if I could apologize enough; and finally…Bryson. I needed to let him know about my extras, so he could be prepared when they showed up.

I began walking to nowhere in particular. I was lost in thought, wondering about anything and everything. I became aware of how late it was and hoped I had not traveled too far.


“Target is in sights” he said through the headset to the boss.

“Well…it seems that some orders have changed.” The boss groaned silently. “The elders think that this half-life could be put to use, in a field such as yours.”

He thought about that for a minute. Listening in to the conversation that ‘Troy’ was having with himself, he was aware that Troy did have some power. So far there was only one Nosferatu hunter. “So what are you saying exactly?” he asked.

“I’m saying to put your recruiting skills to work, to make him feel comfortable, wanted. Besides he’s a young Nosferatu; you know what that was like…and it is not like you don’t think he looks cute,” the boss explained

He blushed a little at that last remark; yes, the kid was cute, but this was a mission all the same, even if he wasn’t a dead target, he was to be used and his skills honed. If anything with his extras being so threatening, the elders could be setting themselves up. However, they made the calls.

So he followed him slowly at first, just to see whereTroy was going. He figured he would just pop out of nowhere at the right time, and try and talk toTroy. He thought that probably it would be good considering he did not have many friends outside his job.

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