Descent Into Light – Chapter 3

The plot thickens

   “No,” Kevin said sternly. “I will not allow you to put yourselves at risk for something one of us mortals should have done!”

As Wind called forth her weapon she said, “There is no risk Master-I mean Kevin. Corrupted spirits are weakened as they are consumed by the darkness.”

“She is right,” Water said as he shouldered a large hammer. “Theses spirits will not really be a threat to us. However, you will need to do something.”

“What is that?” Kevin asked as the spirits readied themselves for combat.

“First you’ll have to call back lover boy,” Flame quipped to Kevin.

Glaring at Flame sternly, Earth calmly said, “Second thing is you will have to place us in a Warped Space Barrier. The last thing is you will have to cleanse the spirits.”

“How do I do that?” Kevin as he found the page that had his barrier spells.

Wind put her hand on his shoulder.

“By reciting this when we tell you,” she said softly. “You say, ‘Spirit, from this death be reborn.’ Then all is finished.”

Walking to his side Water looked at Kevin and with genuine concern asked, “Can you do this, Kevin?”

Looking into their faces Kevin nodded.

“Atta boy,” Flame said as the others cheered.

Looking up at Jeremy and the Mystic fighting, Kevin drew the circle for his spell. Once he was done Kevin yelled to Jeremy.

“Jeremy!” Kevin yelled as loud as he could. “Toss it here!”

Ducking a strike from the creature Jeremy looked at Kevin and replied, “Are you out of your little mind?”

“Sounds like Flame,” Wind whispered to Water as they stifled their snickering.

Nodding Kevin yelled back, “It’s the only way to finish this!”

Acknowledging Kevin’s statement Jeremy started to slash the monster towards Kevin. Once Jeremy had the monster within a decent range Jeremy decided to send it flying at Kevin.

Running at the creature with all his strength he crossed his blades.

“Wind Spear!” Jeremy yelled as he created the vacuum.

The air shimmered as Jeremy pulled his blades apart. The creature start to rush him again when he was with the attack. It knocked the creature of his feet and threw it back at Kevin.

“In coming!” Jeremy screamed as Kevin started the spell.

“Fabric of time, distort then repair! Take us to a place of which there is only air!” Kevin chanted as the beast finally entered the circle.

As soon as the spell activated a bright flash filled the area. As the light cleared Kevin, the spirits, and the creature found themselves floating in an area illuminated by a purple light surrounded by clouds. Letting out a powerful scream the creature made a lunge for Kevin.

“Back off!” Earth said as he swung his hammer like a bat.

Connecting with the creatures’ mid-section it flew back a few hundred feet. Smiling Earth lowered his weapon to his side. Wind turned to Kevin and nodded for him to summon the other spirits. Taking a deep breath Kevin started saying the spell.

“Powers of spirits take mortal form; those that grant this mystic strength appear before me!” Kevin said as a green light emanated from his hands.

Four balls of light started to appear and slowly took a human form. As Kevin watched them he realized there was something wrong with them. Their mortal bodies were almost zombie like. Their bodies had spots that were void of flesh, bones were exposed, and parts of the flesh that remained were covered by black scabs that had a faint green glow.

“Who dares to Summon us!” on of them yelled in a dry raspy voice.

Swallowing hard Kevin stepped forward and said, “I do, Mystic Kevin Gorbane, summon you here.”
One of the other spirits moved forward and said in an almost pained voice, “For what purpose… do you summon… the spirits of… another Mystic, Kevin Gorbane.”

“I apologize to you spirits,” Kevin stated, “but your mystic is becoming a Dorgeega. I have summoned you-”

“To cleanse us?” another spoke weakly.

“Yes….” Kevin said softly but audibly.

Putting their hands together one said, “We’ve been dreaming of this gay for years. Young Mystic, this will be a trial for you, but from the look of your spirits… you are ready.”

Flame, Earth, Wind, and Water bowed before the other spirits.

“Great Elders,” Earth said with a bow, “we are sorry to have to do this.”

“Do not be sorry child,” the one with the raspy voice spoke. “As we are servants to our Mystics so is it our fate to fall as they do.”

All turned back to look at the corrupted mystic struggle to recover from Earth’s hit. The spirits to face Kevin as he prepared to cleanse them. His spirits readied themselves to perform their part of the cleaning.

“We will not fight you,” One of the other spirits said. “Please be quick and free us from this pain!”

“Right,” Kevin nodded as he gave the signal to his spirits. “Let’s go!”

“I’m first,” yelled Flame as she charged one of the spirits with her sword. “By the power of my sword I turn you to ashes! Incineration Strike!”

Her sword burst into flames as she struck one of the spirits with her sword. It let out an anguished scream as light began to pierce through the flesh.

“Now Kevin!” Flame yelled back as she pulled her sword and started covering the spirit in flame.

“Spirit,” Kevin yelled loudly, “from this death be reborn!”

The fire that covered the ill spirit faded and a bright shinning orb appeared. Flame stepped back to allow the next spirit to be cleansed. Stepping forward Wind brandished her weapon. It was a round metal weapon with a bar in the center she held it by.

Running at one of the ailed spirits she yelled, “Tear the flesh from the bone and then sever the bone! Cyclone Blade!”

She whipped her weapon at the spirit the weapon started circling the spirit kicking up dust. When it was completely surrounded Wind looked back to Kevin and gave him the signal. After Kevin chanted the spell rays of light showed through the wind and another gleaming orb appeared.

That was when the heard a scream out of the creature who had finally got back to it’s feet. It made a line towards Kevin when Flame stepped in.

“Hellfire Strike!” She screamed as she slashed it across the chest. “Wind!”

As Wind rushed to Flames side, Water turned to Earth.

“We both best try to finish this now,” he said calmly.

“Why?” Kevin asked as Water drew up hisSais.

“Because he can’t interrupt the ceremony,” Earth explained as he choked up on his hammer. “We only get one shot at this! If he touches one of those orbs the spirits will disappear forever!”

Feeling more pressure now then he did before, Kevin readied himself as Earth and Water both made their advances.

“Open and close, swallow it whole!” Earth said as he struck the metaphoric ground. “Creator Destruction!”

The air around another spirit created a hole and swallowed it whole.

As Earth did completed his attack Water made his.

“Surround and freeze until there is nothing left!” Water yelled as he threw both of hissaisinto the last spirit. “Polar Crush!”

Water began surrounding the last spirit and as it engulf the ill spirit it started to freeze and shrink until it let out a painful scream at the same time the one Earth was cleansing.

“Now Kevin!” Water and Earth yelled at him.

“Spirits,” Kevin said with great conviction, “from this death, arise and be reborn!”

As before two more shining orbs appeared before Kevin. Four brightly colored orbs were now floating there silently less then 50 feet from the creature who was busy with Flame and Wind. Earth and Water stood in front of the orbs and raised their weapons incase it made a break.

However, it let out a sharp screaming stopping Wind and Flame in the middle of their attacks. A bright light surrounded the creature as the scream slowly faded. The creature remained bathed in the light while the four orbs started to reform into human shapes. Once they were done and their light faded four elderly men stood before Kevin.

“Our thanks to you Kevin Gorbane,” one of them said as they bowed to him.

Kevin’s spirits returned to his side.

“And our thanks to you young ones as well!” another said as they bowed again.

The four blushed as their responses mixed and were almost unintelligible.

They all looked over to the ball of light that had engulfed the creature. Kevin turned to the other spirits.

“What about your Mystic?” he asked hesitantly.

“She will be all right now,” said a third spirit. “You have cleansed her, Kevin Gorbane. As soon as the light fades she will be all right.”

They watched as the light slowly faded from where the creature was and in it’s place was a woman with long red hair, wearing traditional Mystic garbs that they are forbidden to wear outside their village. Kevin rushed over to her and took her hand/

“Are you going to be okay?” he asked her as he put her hand in both of his.

She groans softly and lifts her head, “I will be Master Gorbane, but there is something else you deal with first…”

She weakly points behind him. Kevin turns his head and there in the air about 100 feet from him and the spirits is a glowing ball of dark colored light. The spirits turn to look at it as well only to be greeted by a flash. As the flash faded a half bodied apparition appeared before them, made of a dark energy and crimson red eyes.

“Why do you dear to interfere in the affairs of others?” it hissed at Kevin and the others. “This was none of your concern, but yet you’ve forced me out of that wench Mystics body! This is unacceptable, you must die now….”

The creature started to move towards Kevin and young lady swiftly, but it was met with opposition from the Eight Spirits.

“Not a chance!” Flame said as she threw a ball of fire at the creature.

The fireball hit the creature and then passed right through it. In awe that it passed through the creature Flame took as step back and gasped. The older spirits stepped forward and summoned forth their weapons.

“Allow us to try this,” one of them said. “Power of nature become strong and piercing! Flowering Strike!”

The spirit yelled as he lunged for the gaseous creature. With a swing of his blade a dark green light flew from it and struck it. The creature groaned slightly but continued moving forward.

“Jenko, I think we are lacking in our powers,” one of the other spirits said to his companion who just attacked.

Jenko lowered his blade as he leaped back to his companions.

“It would appear your right Shegin,” Jenko said as he sheathed his blade. “Any suggestion on what we should do Hijin?”

Hijin stroked his long white beard as he thought quickly of all available options.

“Well it seems Lady Sasha is still weak,” Hijin says in a very calm voice. “We could always pass put weapons on to the young ones to use.”

“But Hijin,” Shegin started as he raised a hand. “I don’t think they are able to handle our blades! Don’t you agree Hygar?”

Hygar sheaths his blade and removes it all and holds the weapon in his hand.

“We have no choice,” Hygar said sternly as he prepared his next move. “We were their age too at one time! If we wish to save them, Master Gorbane, and Lady Sasha we have no choice!”

Hygars words moved the others to remove their sheathed blades from their sides. They turned to Kevin, Flame, Wind, Water, and Fire and bowed.

“We don’t have the energy needed right now to fight this thing,” Hijin said calmly.

Jenko smiled big, “However we think you do!”

Shegin chokes up on the sheathed blade at the same time as the other three.

“But you need a little something to get you there,” he says as he prepares himself.

Hygar nods to them and says, “I hope you young ones can handle this.”

With fluent movements the four elderly spirits move as one. Throwing their blades to Flame, Wind, Water, and Earth they chant a quick spell to make the ritual complete.

“I trust in you with this blade so use it carefully! Power Exchange!” the four say as they throw their blades to the others.

Putting their weapons away, the other spirits grabbed the blades as they came near them. Kevin watched carefully as the four older spirits shimmered and disappeared, and his spirit companions started to glow.

As they pulled the blades form their sheaths one by one they started to age. Kevin watched in amazement as he had never read nor seen anything like this. The creature continued to charge at them when suddenly he hear Winds voice.

“By the very essence of creation,” she said in an unusually firm voice. “I shall stop you with the power of wind!”

She swung the blade in a circular motion facing the creature and as she did this the air started to ripple as if being worked around the blade. As the energy continue to wrap itself around her blade she drew it back and rushed against the monster. After taking several steps Wind disappeared from sight.

“Living Wind Piercing Strike!” Wind’s voice echoed from the area as she appeared behind the creature and rammed the blade deep into the creature causing it to roar loudly.

Staying where she was she continued to pump her energy into the blade and the creature. Raising his blade level with the floor Earth started to walk towards the creature.

“Unending power that is teeming with life, come for and banish this evil from existence!” Earth said as a green light started to attach itself to his blade. “Living Earth Strike!”

Earth moved quickly up to the side of the creature and facing into the openness of the space rams the blade of his sword into the creature causing it to scream again. The creature was trying to escape the two blades pressed into its being; however Earth and Wind were unrelenting in keeping the blades pressed into the creature.

Fire stepped forward and flashed her blade at the monster. Placing it above her head she started to run at it with all her might. Brandishing the point of the blade at the monster dark and bright red energy started to circle the blade of the sword.

“With this blade I shall pierce the darkness and transform all that stand against me into ashes!” She yells as the energy begins to pulsate. “By the power of fire, Spark of Life Strike!”

Looking as if she was flying rather then running Flame let out a mighty war cry as she rammed her blade into the front of the creature as it let out a piercing shriek that the hair on Kevins body stand on end.

The creature was obviously in pain, and it was not going to be much longer till it was no longer an issue. As Water sheathed his blade and the scabbard began to glow in a dark blue color. Water, who was forever calm, seemed to be a bit different as he started to move by raising his hand to his chest. Kevin watched as his spirits, his friends, continued to fight on behalf of everyone who was there in that barrier.

Water began pull his hand away from his chest and as he did this faint white light appeared. It followed his hand until he placed it on the hilt of the blade. It then moved its way down to the sheath and slowly mixed with the dark blue energy making it shine brighter. It was as if Water was putting his very essence into this attack.

Water suddenly vanished into nothing, but his voice echoed through the space.

“The building block of life, a cornerstone to all that is,” the voice of Water boomed loudly. “Join together and flood this creature back to the abyss where it belongs! Piercing Blade of Living Water!”

The dark blue energy started to swirl to the open side of the creature as Water suddenly appeared there with his Blade buried into the creature. Once more it screamed in primal agony as it was now skewered from all four sides. Kevin stood and guarded the woman as he approached the creature not that it was secured in place by the spirits.

“Answer me this and I’ll make your punishment end,” Kevin said as he flipped through his book without looking. “Who created you and for what purpose?”

The creature did not answer so Kevin immediately waved his hand and casted a spell.

“Light Arrow!” Kevin said as an arrow made of white energy appeared and stuck itself into what would be the creatures forehead.

It screamed in agony again as Kevin prepared to recast the spell.

“No more…” it hissed at Kevin. “No matter what happens to me now I will be destroyed, so I shall tell you what I know.”

Kevin lowered his hands as he looked at the creature which seemed to be running out of strength with the four spirits pumping their energy into containing it.

“I was brought to be by a mysterious man covered in dark energy,” the creature explains as it slowly starts to shrink a little bit at a time. “He summoned many of my kind and placed seals and bonds on us forcing us to obey him or be destroyed. We were forced to bind our energy to certain seals which is would then draw on the bodies on ones he called Mystics.”

Kevin’s eyes widen as he realizes this might be the man he has been looking for.

“I was put into that young girl as part of a show for someone,” the spirit says as it becomes the same size as the spirits pinning it together. “A dark lord of some sort. I don’t speak the controller’s language well but I heard Cameron mentioned. After I was placed in that girl I was trained to fight against her kind by killing children of other mystics who had all ready been turned.”

Kevin stood up straight as he realized this was the break that both he and Jeremy needed.

“Where is this all going on?” Kevin asked as he pulled out a piece of old paper and charcoal and started drawing.

“All I know is that I was on a metal bird for some time before I landed and was thrown in this place to wait for you and the other who fought me,” the creature said as the smoke disappeared and a black creature appeared.

It had long ears and went back like a rabbit, and long thin fingers that curved and sharpened at the end. It’s eyes were still the same red color it had in smoke form, but the body was frail as it seemed to be melting away.

“The young lady over their might be able to help you more when she is awake,” it says as it’s eyes look to become heavy.

“This is the truth?” Kevin asks as he finishes the drawing on that paper.

The creature nods as it’s breath becomes raspy and a death rattle becomes apparent. Seeing as the creature has been loosing so much energy Flame, Wind, Earth, and Water remove their blades and sheath them again standing around the creature.

“I’m sorry this had to happen like this,” the creature says as it falls to it’s knees. “My race is very peaceful in spite of our looks. I never meant to do the harm I did, but I had no choice.”

Knowing full well the power of the man who bound this creature to him, Kevin knew it was not lying to him. He slowly walked up to it and handed it the piece of paper he had been drawing on, and placed a hand on its shoulder.

“I can try to send you home,” Kevin says softly. “Keep this piece of paper with you and you should not be pulled back here by that man ever again. I promise I’ll rescue as many of your kind as I can.”

The spirits looked at each other as Kevin stood up, as if they were all thinking ‘How is he going to do that?’ Kevin turned around opened his book again and quickly recited a spell that he himself wrote hoping it would work.

“Those that live beyond the plane,” he chanted rather quickly as the creature seemed to be fading fast, “that dwell where humans can’t. I send this creature to its home with the completion of this chant. Open the door to its realm and allow it to safely pass!”

As Kevin chanted the spell a bright white light appeared below the creature, and in a blinding flash it was gone. The words ‘thank you’ echoed softly through the space. Kevin turned to the spirits who were around this Lady Sasha making sure she was all right.

Kevin walked over and knelt down next to her as she was now sitting upright.

“Oh Master Gorbane,” Sasha said with a smile. “You are as every bit as talented as I ever heard!”

“That’s great to hear,” Kevin chuckled as he put his hand on her shoulder, “but why are you here and how do you know me?”

Before she could answer Flame, Water, Earth, and Wind’s blades started to glow again. Looking at each other and nodding the grabbed the sheaths and threw them into the air.

“Now that the task is done,” the said in unison, “we give the powers back to those they belong to!”

Before the blades hit the ground, they flashed and Hijin, Shegin, Hygar, and Jenko reappeared. As the flash faded Flame, Earth, Water, and Wind changed back into their younger selves.

“Very well done young ones!” Hygar laughed as he placed a hand on Waters shoulder.

Hijin bowed to Wind as he said, “I am very glad we could put our faith in you.”

Shegin shook Flames hand as he said, “Someday you will make fine elders yourselves!”

“Yes we look forward to the day we retire and you can take our place,” Jenko said as he wrapped his arm around Earth shoulders and gave him a hug.

Earth, Flame, Water, and Wind blushed as they mixed their comments together. The elderly men then turned and went over to Sasha who was smiling at them from the ground. They went over and kneeled around her.

“Are you okay?” Jenko asked her as he took her hand.

“Yes of course I am,” Sasha said with a smile. “After all you four managed to help Master Gorbane defeat that thing by giving up your powers to his spirits.”

“Yes we can never thank him enough for this,” Hygar said as he nodded at Kevin.

“Can you four return to as her Guardians?” Kevin asked them as Shegin and Hijin helped Sasha to her feet.

“Yes as soon as I rest they will be able to reform the bond we had together,” Sasha says as she dusts herself off. “But in the mean time I have something very important to discuss with you.”

Kevin nods as he reverses the barrier spell and sends them all back to where Jeremy is standing watching this purple cloud of energy flash and shimmer.

In a blast of light Kevin and Sasha appear before him. Sasha hanging on to Kevin so she can walk.

“Finally!” Jeremy says happily. “I was starting to worry…”

He notices Sasha.

“Who is this young lady and where did she come from?” Jeremy asked as he sheathed his blades.

“Lets take her home and get out of here,” Kevin replies. “I’ll explain everything to you when we get home.”

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