Descent Into Light – Chapter 2

Things Get Complicated

   The following day, after allowing time for themselves to heal up from their sparring match on the roof top, Kevin spent most of the mid-day hours and all afternoon mixing up potions for their investigation. As soon as twilight hit Jeremy was up and ready to get moving.

“Okay, now what did Rita have to tell you?” Jeremy asked as he sat against the table that had a large amount of empty vials on them.

Looking at Jeremy angrily Kevin said, “I thought I asked you to be careful with my vials…”

Jumping away from the table Jeremy put his hands behind his back and stood as still as he could.

Closing his eyes and shaking his head Kevin turned his attention back to his potions he was mixing. As he poured liquids and mixed powders together he explained what Rita as told him.

“Rita left a message on the machine,” Kevin said as he sat a vial down. “She said that there is a big gathering taking place in a couple of days over on the northern end of town. Around the warehousing district-”

Jeremy busted in real quick with, “Why do the bad guys always go to the Warehouse District… and why is there always a warehouse district in these big cities?”

Shaking his head Kevin replied, “I have no idea take it up with them and the city planner. May I continue?”

Nodding away Jeremy pursed his lips together.

“Anyway there is going to be big meeting over there,” Kevin continued as he started another potion. “She said from she’s been told there are going to be a lot of vampires in attendance and there is supposed to be some big shot showing up to over see the meeting. Now she couldn’t get any information on who the big shot is, but she said there is also supposed to be something very special there. From what she can gather it is supposed to be a weapon of some sort.”

Kevin shook the vial a bit and sat it down on the table with the others. Jeremy wondered over and took a look at the vast collection that Kevin had made.

“So what are all these?” Jeremy asked as he looked them over.

Kevin smiled and replied, “Typical array of arsenal. We have some: fire bombs, ice bombs, restorative drinks for me, since I can’t heal myself like you do, some blinding potions, some paralyzing potions, and a few new ones I came up with to test out on this trip out.”

Looking at Kevin with a very puzzled expression Jeremy said, “If she didn’t say when the meeting is going to be why are we heading to the address today?”

Walking into his bedroom and carrying out his potions bag Kevin simply said, “Because she gave us an address to look into for the event. Maybe we can find this weapon that is supposed to be so special and destroy it before it can be mass produced.”

Agreeing with Kevin’s theory, Jeremy turned around and went back in his room to get his blades and his travel gear. After looking over the address and using a map to figure out their route there Jeremy asked how they were going to get to their destination.

“Why what difference does it make?” Kevin asked him slowly.

Jeremy responded with a simple, “I was just curious.”

Kevin walked over to the table next to the lofts door and grabbed a set keys.

“We’re taking the ‘Stang as usual,” Kevin replied as he jingled the keys. “You know I don’t trust you to carry me ever since that time that I fell down that canyon.”

Jeremy sighed heavily and threw his hands in the air.

“How was I supposed to know that you had picked that exact moment to let go of my shoulders?” Jeremy asked as he walked towards the door. “Besides you saved yourself with that wind burst move right?”

Opening the door Kevin said bluntly, “Not the point! Point is: I’m driving! Let’s go!”

Kevin hurried Jeremy out the loft and placed a charm on the door sealing it to anyone but them. As they walked down to the street, Kevin stopped suddenly.

“What is it Kevin?” Jeremy asked as he tried sensing for a person.

Kevin looked almost vacant for a moment then blinked.

“Mm?” he asked Jeremy.

Jeremy kind of confused said, “What did you stop for so suddenly?”

Shaking his head quickly Kevin replied, “Oh, it’s nothing just had a weird feeling for some reason.”

Chuckling Kevin ushered Jeremy down the stairs and to the street were his Mustang sat. It was a beautiful blueish-green color, fully powered with a nitrous booster in case things got nasty. Kevin unlocked the car as the two got in and sped off, towards the address that Rita had phone into them. Pulling up to the warehouse designated by the signs. They got out of the car and walked towards the building, it was poorly lit with most of the windows painted black from the outside.

“Any way you slice this,” Jeremy said in a soto voice, “it doesn’t look to inviting.”

As they got closer to the door they noticed writing on it. As soon as they were close enough Kevin conjured a small fireball to read the words clearly.


Kevin and Jeremy looked at each other for a moment, then proceeded to open the door and enter the building. It was dark and damn, a strange smell filled the air as they closed the door behind them. They moved into the building a bit further with the faint light that came from the very few working light bulbs in the ceiling. As they progressed back further into the building Kevin struggled to see what was right in front of him. Jeremy on the other hand had no problem keeping an eye out for an incoming company.

“Is there anything nearby?” Kevin asked as he reached out for Jeremy.

“No nothing,” Jeremy replied softly as he took Kevin’s hand. “At least, nothing I can sense.”

“Well if you can’t sense anything and there is something here,” Kevin retorted, “we are in trouble.”

As they made their way to the back of the building, Jeremy suddenly stopped causing Kevin to fall backwards landing on his tail bone.

“What the hell is your problem, Jeremy?” Kevin snapped at Jeremy.

Kneeling down Jeremy said, “Shush, I sense something.”

Getting up on his knees Kevin asked, “What is it Jeremy?”

“I don’t know but it’s not normal,” Jeremy said as he slowly drew his kodachi.

Suddenly Kevin heard something move behind them. Turning to the direction it came from Jeremy stood up as Kevin placed his hands on the ground.

“I’m going to raise a barrier,” Kevin said as he conjured an astral barrier.

As the barrier rose around them, an outline of the thing Jeremy sensed came into veiw.

“Jeremy, what is it?” Kevin asked quietly.

Jeremy remained quite for a moment then said, “I don’t know. I still can’t see it properly.”

Panic started to rise in Kevin’s voice, “What? What do you mean ‘you can’t see it’!”

“I mean,’ Jeremy said annoyed, “exactly what I said. I can’t see it!”

Jeremy grasped both of his swords firmly as Kevin asked, “What do we do?”

Thinking quickly Jeremy came up with a fairly obvious solution.

“Light up the field!” Jeremy said finally. “I don’t really care how you do it, just get it done.”

“Okay Jeremy,” Kevin said as he slowly stood-up.

Reaching into his pocket Kevin pulled a small stone. He threw it into the darkness.

“Shade your eyes Jeremy,” Kevin said as he prepped the spell.

Jeremy put his sunglasses on and readied himself for combat.

“Flame Bomb!” Kevin yelled as he reinforced the barrier.

In a split second a blinding flash filled the room illuminating the area. From the rafters came a pained, demonic scream. Looking up they saw their stalker hanging from the ceiling.

“What the hell is that?” Jeremy yelled as it writhed in pain.

“I don’t know it’s too fair away,” Kevin answered quickly, “but I think it’s pissed off now.”

The creature continued to scream as it fell to the floor. It hit with a loud echoing thud and quickly scrambled back to it’s feet to face Kevin and Jeremy. As they stared at the creature they realized it looked almost human. At the same time it looked like nothing they had never really seen before.

It had fangs that were dripping with saliva, and skin that was blacker charcoal. It has massive wings that resembled that of a crow. It’s hands and feet were talons that seemed to be stained with blood.

Jeremy was unaffected by this creature, however something about it made Kevin start trembling.

“Oh my..” Kevin said as his voice trembled and he took as step back,

Jeremy looked over at him and tried to calm his shaky partner.

“Kevin,” Jeremy tried to calmly say, “Kevin, what is it?”

The color slowly drained from Kevin’s face as he stuttered, “The eyes….”

Turning back around Jeremy focused on the creature and stared at it’s eyes. They almost looked like a snakes eyes. It had narrowed pupils with crimson red iris’. Jeremy couldn’t see what it was that terrified Kevin to a point of making him a pile of jello.

“What about it’s eyes?” Jeremy asked Kevin.

Kevin slowly looked at Jeremy and stood back up. His breathing labored and heavy.

“It’s…,” Kevin gasped, “it’s a Mystic….”

“A Mystic!” Jeremy repeated to Kevin. “You mean it’s one of your kind?”

Kevin fell to his knees and suddenly the barrier faded from the area. Panting hard, sweat forming on Kevin’s brow as he was frozen in fear. The creature screeched again and made a rush to Kevin only to be stopped by one of Jeremy’s blades piercing its hand. Despite that it continued to push forward with hit’s hand against the hilt of the sword.

“Damn it!” Jeremy grunted as he tried to hold his ground against it. “Kevin! Snap our of it dumb ass before we’re killed!”

His breathing returned to normal as he heard Jeremy yell to him.

“Jeremy!” Kevin said as he saw the position Jeremy was against the creature he grabbed his spellbook from his shirt pocket.

Straining against the force of the creature Jeremy said, “Thank you for joining me here… now do something!”

Flipping through his book found a spell he thought would be perfect for this. He quickly began the incantation to aid Jeremy.

“Energy free to flow through out this place, please give Jeremy the energy to fight this thing he faces!” Kevin chanted repeated as a glyph appeared on Jeremy’s forehead.

Feeling a new energy flowing thru his body, Jeremy kicked the creature in the midsection freeing his sword from it’s hand. Placing another kick to it’s stomach, Jeremy used the energy to send himself flying back to Kevin’s side. The glyph was shinning brightly as Jeremy looked closely at Kevin.

“Well?” Jeremy asked quickly.

“Well, what?” Kevin responded.

“How do we defeat it!” Jeremy snapped loudly.

Sighing and slumping his shoulder, “I don’t know….”

The creature screeched and lunged at them again. Kevin repelled this one with a quick casting spell.

“Devastation of Flame!”Kevin Chanted as a ball of fire energy appeared.

The ball of fire flew right at the creature and upon contact exploded with such force it threw the creature against the wall. With smoke coming from it’s chest, it struggled to get back to it’s feet.

“I think that worked,” Jeremy said optimistically.

“No, the spell only stunned it,” Kevin said as he got out his book again.

Getting mad Jeremy said, “Then how do we kill it? What is it even?”

“First,” Kevin started to quickly explain, “I don’t know how you kill one. Only the elders really know how to kill one in that form. Secondly, it’s a mystic that used their power too much for black arts and their body and mind has been consumed.”

Sighing heavily Jeremy watch the creature finally staggered to it’s feet. Turning to Kevin he nodded as it walked towards it.

“Do whatever it is you have to do and figure out something fast!” Jeremy said as he placed his blades on his shoulders. “I’ll hold it off as long as this spell works.”

Nodding Kevin wasted no time in calling the only ones he knew could help.

“Spirits,” he said as he placed a hand on the floor, “I summon you to my side!”

With in the seconds Flame, Wind, Earth, and Water were in front of him in their essence forms.

“What is the meaning of summoning us like this?” Flame asked as she sat back on the air.

Hitting her in the back of the head Earth stepped forth and said, “I know he has a good reason to summon us so fast. Lord Kevin is nothing but respectful to us.”

“Friends,” Kevin said with a deep breath. “I need you to help me deal with that.”

Kevin pointed to the possessed mystic.

Water and Wind both gasped, as Fire just looked at Jeremy fighting it.

“A Dorgeega?” Earth said in disbelief.

Kevin nodded as he continued to speak.

“I looked into it’s eyes,” he explained. “It still has its soul. We can save it right? However I don’t know the Elders spell to do so.”

They all turned and faced Kevin.

“Its rather easy,” Wind said as she started focusing her energy.

“All we have to do,” Earth started to explain.

“Is call forth their spirit,” Water continued.

“And defeat them,” Flame said happily as she conjured a sword.

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