Descent Into Light – Chapter 1

Kevin and Jeremy

   The thunder clashed violently as the rain pummeled the ground. The vague traces of light outlined the tombstones in the cemetery as he carefully looked for any movement in the shadows. Tightening his grip on his weapons he looked carefully for his target. Taking slow steps between the headstones, he sweeps left and right looking for the vile creature he’s after. Suddenly he hears a twig snap behind him; turning with great speed he launches one of the metal spikes towards the sound, only to have it become lodged into a tree.

“I know you’re in here Daemon,” he says as he slowly sweeps his head left and right. “I am not letting you get away from me again.”

“You’re a lot of talk hunter,” a deep male voice echo through the cemetery. “You may have been able to track me down, but many older then you have met their end at my hands!”

As the hunter listen to his target speak, he could almost feel a wave of spite and demoniac come over him. It engulfed him like a blanket of pure evil. Readying another weapon in his hand he closed his eyes and relied on his powers to lock onto his target. As he tried to pin-point Daemon’s location, Daemon leaped out of the shadows at a rapid pace and attempted to strike at the hunters neck. Without so much as a thought the hunter snapped into action as he raised his hand and started chanting.

“Antiteus fons lumen existo pessum ferelevis,” he said loudly as a ball of white energy shot from his hand knocking Daemon into large monument of an angel.

Gasping from the sudden attack Daemon stood up and prepared to go after the hunter again, only to realize that he had lost sight of him during the attack. Wearily moving against the monument to try to escape, Daemon looked carefully around the corner. There was nothing. Figuring that this would be a good chance to run he took of as fast as he could towards a mausoleum

“You won’t escape me Daemon,” the hunter said as he appeared in front of him.

Brandishing a blade he thrust it at Daemon, taking a large chunk out of his left arm before disappearing again. Gasping in pain Daemon fell to his knees and screamed.

“What the hell is going on?” he panted as he tried to heal himself. “What are you? There is no way you’re human!”

An almost sinister chuckle escaped the hunter as he replied, “Of course I’m not… I’m one of your kind!”

The lighting crashed as the hunter dashed at Daemon and took a chunk out of his right arm. Daemon screamed in agony as he got up to his feet and headed towards the mausoleum again. Determined not to die at hands of a ‘child’ he used every ounce of energy he still had in him. Only to see that the hunter was waiting for him there too. Stopping dead in his tracks Daemon backed up a bit as the lightening flashed illuminating his assailant. A long black coat tied at the waist was over the hunters body, his long hair pulled back into a ponytail, and glasses where all he could see. A feeling of terror suddenly over ran Daemons senses as he realized what was going on.

It couldn’t be him! Could it? Daemon thought as he slowly took a step back.

It is! the hunters voice echoed in Daemons head. I am the terror of the dead, the one who brings you to death personally. I am… Diablo!

Daemon’s eyes widened as he stumbled to turn around and escape. He couldn’t believe that all the rumors were true, that one of their own was a hunter. Slipping in the mud, he could almost feel his impending death draw closer. Turning around he seen that Diablo was standing over him, the blade in his hand was shining in the dim light. Gasping harshly, Daemon took one more deep breath and used all the energy he could to run away. Placing his hand on another metal pipe, Diablo went back into a chant. Focusing on where Daemon was heading ‘Diablo’ threw the pipe in that direction.

“Consider yourself defeated,” he yelled as he clapped his hands together. “Shuriken Bomb!”

As he clapped his hands together a loud sound echoed in the cemetery, and the metal pipe suddenly transformed into dozens of shuriken. They flew at Daemon and most lodged themselves into his legs. Falling to the ground Daemon realized he was beaten, and his life was about over. Walking to him slowly Diablo approached Daemon When Diablo was next to him, he keeled next to Daemon and grabbed him by the throat.

“You have one minute to answer my question,” Diablo said as he started squeezing Daemon throat.

Daemon looked at Diablo and hoarsely asked, “What do you want to know?”

“What do you know about Cameron?” Diablo asked as his glasses glimmered in the lightening crashes.

Daemon’s eyes widened and he said, “You’ll never get to Lord Cameron!”

Chuckling manically Diablo replied, “I’ll get him all right, and when I do… I’ll send him right to hell, too. So make it proper for him, because your going there now.”

Diablo’s hand started to glow as he tightened his grip, and chanted his final spell against Daemon

“Condemare ad infernum maius sluber extermino adusque tui substantia converti da pulvis!” Diablo chanted as Daemon’s flesh started to smoke.

In a shriek of utter pain Daemon’s body quickly turned into flames and disintegrated to the ground. Standing over up slowly, Diablo pulled the first spike he threw out of the tree. Clapping his hands twice he went over to where the dust from Daemons body was and picked up the other pipe. Looking over the battle field he pulled a fedora from his coat, placed it on his head, and slowly exited the cemetery to head home.

Walking through the bright lights of the city’s night life, Diablo felt the usual emptiness inside him start to grow. Night’s like this used to bother him, but they don’t bother him any more. Not since ‘it’ happened to him. Now he feels almost at peace during these cold, windy, water-drenched nights. As he approached the building he stayed at, he looked up to the loft that he stayed in and smiled. The lights were on, that meant he was still awake and probably working on something new. Pulling a set of keys from his pocket, he opened the main door to the building and closed the door silently behind him. Using his amazing speed, he quickly moved up twenty flights of stairs in mere seconds. Opening the door at the top of the stairs, he quietly entered the loft and removed his rain soaked coat and hat.

“Welcome home,” a male voice came from across the room behind a partial closed door. “Did the hunt go well tonight Jeremy?”

Jeremy walked towards the room while he replied, “It went very well, but I didn’t get any new information. However, news of Diablo is spreading very quickly.”

Coming out from behind the door was a middle-aged man, holding a book in his hands. He adjusted a pair of black wired glasses as he looked at Jeremy.

“How did the pipes work tonight?” he asked as Jeremy laid the pipes and sword on a table next to the door.

Jeremy took oh his green shaded sun glasses and said, “They worked like a charm, Kevin. Just as you thought they would.”

“The transmutation worked properly this time?” Kevin asked as he flipped a page in the book

Chuckling Jeremy said, “Yes they worked, I got the Shuriken Bomb to happen. I’m glad you linked the seals up correctly.”

Jeremy glanced over at Kevin, who seemed to be absorbed into the old looking tome he had in his hands.

“What are you studying now,” Jeremy asked as he got closer to Kevin.

Looking up from the book Kevin replied, “Mm? Oh this! I’m studying up how to fuse energy and elements into non-living extensions….”

Shifting his eyes back and forth a couple times Jeremy leaned into Kevin’s face and said, “Would you like to try that again?”

Taking his glasses off Kevin answered Jeremy again.

“I am attempting to learn how to put your magic into your swords,” Kevin sighed as placed the book on the table next to the sword and pipes. “This will allow you to inflict more pain on your targets. It will also be handy for when you finally find Cameron.”

Removing his glasses and placing them on the open pages, Kevin turned and walked into the room behind them. Opening the door wider, Jeremy followed Kevin into the room he originally came out of. Looking at the books laying everywhere Jeremy moves a few from a near by chair and sits down. Removing books from another chair, Kevin picked up a large tome and opened it to a page that was ear-marked. Scanning the page again Kevin took a deep breath and read a section of the book to Jeremy.

“Approximately five centuries ago,” Kevin summarized as he read the tome, “the last of the ancient vampires disappeared from the light, and hasn’t been seen since. In the absence of those who created, there was a special icon that is said to have been created by an ancient at the start of the previous millennial. Apparently the ancient, whose name is recorded as Magus, created an amulet made from his own bones to help protect his wife, Angela, during the day. As long as she was wearing it the sun wouldn’t burn her. Even though Magus himself was a ‘day walker’ he could not pass this ‘trait’ to his own wife, so he pulled a bone from his chest and carved it into an amulet to protect her from the sun. Sometime around the start of the renaissance, “the rebirth of men” took a new meaning as somehow Magus and Angela produced an heir.

The young son seems to disappear from history at the time his father was killed and mother disappeared. The only thing that was left of the family was the amulet Magus made, but that too eventually disappeared into the sands of time.”

Nodding attentively Jeremy sat up and said, “What happened to them? I mean, who killed Magus?”

“Well according to this,” Kevin explained as he looked back over the pages “Magus took a fit of rage and attacked a small village near the abandoned castle he and his family inhabited. The villagers followed him back to the castle, where they destroyed most of it. After most of the destruction occurred, one of the villagers found a half decayed corpse with the head severed from the body. The body had the same clothes on that they say Magus was wearing at the time of the attack. Angela and their son was missing, the only thing found of them was the amulet Magus had made.”

Sitting back in the chair Jeremy nodded and adjusted himself. Kevin closed the book, sat up straight in his chair, and looked at Jeremy.

“This is all very interesting,” Jeremy said a moment later. “However, what does this have this have to do with what we are doing?”

Sighing as he got stood up, Kevin said, “Well, we know Cameron is able to move around during the day as every night when you awoke, you woke in a different place. If he’s able to move around during the day like that, it means he has to have the amulet of Magus. It’s the only thing I can think of that makes him so elusive.”

Getting up and walking towards the door Jeremy nods in softly and opens the door. Kevin slowly followed Jeremy out of the library and into the large room of the loft. Stripping of his shirt as headed towards his room Jeremy stopped in front of his door. Turning around quickly he walked back over and threw his arms around Kevin.

“Thank you,” he said softly as he pushed his face against Kevin’s shoulder.

Kevin slowly stroked Jeremy’s hair and said, “It’s no problem, we’ll find your family.”

Holding up Jeremy’s face by his chin Kevin looked at him and said, “Don’t cry Jeremy, everything will be all right.”

Wrapping his arms around Kevin, Jeremy hugged him tightly before turning back around and going into his room. Kevin followed him in and watched as Jeremy slowly stripped down and got into his bed. Kevin smiled at him and bid him a pleasant sleep silently as he closed the door and walked back into the big room. Heading over towards Jeremy’s swords and the book he placed down there earlier he picked up the book and opened it to an ear-marked page.

“To allow the object amplify the magic of the user,” Kevin read aloud as he moved both swords parallel to each other, “you must acquire a blessing from each of the spirits whose powers will be infused into the sword?”

Scratching his head as he pulled a small book from his back pocket, he shrugged and said, “Mm, perhaps I’ll ask them myself….”

Flipping through the pages quickly he found the spell he was looking for, then biting his finger tip he uses his blood to mark the page.

“Spirits whom cradle the world and all creation, appear before me in mortal form,” Kevin chanted repeatedly.

Nothing happened for a moment, then a bright light flash blinded him, and two males and two females were standing in front of him.

“Salutations Mystic,” one of the females said as she bowed in front of Kevin. “What can we do for you?”

Chuckling Kevin waved his hands and said, “Please Wind don’t be so formal with me. After all, I would be nothing without your gifts.”

A snide chuckle came from another female as she said, “Exactly, so don’t be so nice to him. By all rights we don’t even HAVE to answer him when he calls us… every five seconds.”

“Must you always be so arrogant Flame?” one of the males asked as he looked at her. “You know he doesn’t call on us that often like this. Besides, what do you have to do all day besides destroy what Earth and I create?”

“Why you-” Flame started to scream before Earth stopped her.

“If-” Earth said loudly as he put his arm between Water and Fire, “you two are done bickering, maybe we can ask our Mystic what he needs?”

Why did I think it was a good idea to call these guys again? Kevin thought as he chuckled and sat back in a stool.

Clearing his throat Kevin picked up the book he was reading from the first time and said, “I’m trying to help Jeremy with something I found in this book. It says to imbue an item with any of your attributes I need a blessing from you. Do you think you can give me one?”

“Of course we can,” Earth said quickly. “What is it that you are wanting us to bless for Jeremy?”

Pointing to the swords Kevin said, “I’m wanting you to bless these blades for him, if it’s not too much of a problem.”

Picking up one of the blades Fire looked at it carefully. While she studied the blade Water shook his head.

“Well at least you know one thing,” Wind said cheerfully as she looked at Kevin. “Flame loves Jeremy’s choice in weaponry. Ha ha!”

Putting the sword down Flame turned to Wind and Kevin and said, “Yeah, I’ll give him credit it for that. He’s got a wonderful choice in what he uses to destroy things with.”

“Speaking of Jeremy,” Earth said as he sat next to Kevin, “how goes his hunt for Lord Cameron?”

Kevin nodded as he said, “It’s going slowly, he’s getting a name made for himself by killing those that help him. Hopefully enough of these other vampires get killed Cameron will show himself.”

Earth paused shortly before asking, “What of your mission?”

“My mission…,” Kevin started saying as he realized what they were probably going to say.

The other three stopped what they were doing and immediately fixed their gaze on Kevin.

“My mission is going well, I am not sure if Cameron has anything to with him, but I haven’t ruled out the possibility” Kevin said with a level of authority.

Walking up to Kevin Water place his hand on Kevin’s shoulder.

“You have almost forgotten,” he softly said.

As Kevin shamefully nodded Wind looked at him.

“Is it because of Jeremy?” She inquired.

Getting up from the stool and almost knocking Earth over, Kevin quickly replied, “Of course not, I know what I’m supposed to be doing.”

“You are full of it,” Flame snapped quickly. “You are in love with Jeremy.”

Looking at Flame quickly Kevin held back the urge to dismiss her. As Water walked up and slapped Flame for speaking so bluntly, Wind walked up behind Kevin and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Is it true?” she asked sweetly. “Are you in love with him?”

Clearing his throat deeply Kevin replied, “That is not why I called you here, I called you here for a blessing on his swords. If Jeremy wants to get his revenge on Cameron, he’ll need all of your help on top of what I’ve all ready taught him.”

Walking over to the table where the weapons where Flame picked up one of the alchemical pipes.

“You want us to bless these too?” she asked as showed them to Kevin.

Kevin’s eyes seem to light up a bit as he had a new idea.

“Yes, that would be wonderful,” he exclaimed as he ran into his room and grabbed two more to go with the two where Flame was.

Putting them down he looked at them and said, “If each one of you could bless one of these and all four bless the swords, I’m sure it will be a wonderful help.”

“All right,” Wind said as she picked up one of the pipes and held it close to her body, “if that is what you wish of us.”

Sighing heavily Kevin said, “Yes it is…”

They nodded and placed the a pipe in front of themselves and held their hands out over the pipe and Jeremy’s blades. They closed their eyes and started to chant in a dead language.

“In the name of those that bring life and balance into existence, we bless these items by our powers…” they chanted in unison.

“By the essence of wind I grant you a share of my powers,” Wind said as her eyes flashed a bright yellow.

“By the movement of water I grant you a share of my powers,” Water said as his eyes turned a deep shade of blue.

“By the power and destruction of fire I grant you a share of my powers,” Flame said as her eyes burned a deep shade of red.

“By the life of earth I grant you a share of my powers,” Earth said as his eyes turned a dark earthy green.

Light began to emanate from their hands as they neared the end of the ritual.

“With these powers may you complete your journey….” they finished the ritual in unison again.

A bright flash of white light appeared and after it dissipated, Kevin noticed that the spirits had gone too.

I know it’s taken me a long time and you’ve faithfully stayed by my side all these years. Kevin thought to himself as he took the weapons to work with them so he knew how to show Jeremy to use them. I thank you all for staying with me and I promise that after Jeremy is done with his search my mission will be completed as well.

As the sun came up over the city Kevin looked out the large picture window in the front of the loft. Somewhere out there was the answers to all of Jeremy’s questions… and his too. The only thing left was to find out where the answers are.

As the sun slowly passed in the sky Jeremy slumbered in the safety of his room and Kevin worked out new attacks for him to use when he went out hunting again. Kevin walked back into the loft around3pmand checked to make sure nothing was tampered with. As he looked at the answering machine he noticed that the light was blinking. Hitting the playback button he heard the reliable voice of his informant.

“Yeah Kevin?” said the woman with a thicknew yorkaccent. “It’s me Rita, hey listen I got some information from one of my men. Apparently out in your area there’s gonna be a meetin’ of some sort. They’re saying it’s a big occasion because some sire will be there. I don’t think it’s da guy you’re looking for, but there might be something going down to help you ‘n Jerry there. Anyway it’s taking place just after1amat….”

Kevin wrote down the information that Rita left on the machine and looked at the clock. Jeremy would be up in a few hours, so he’d have to be sure to be rested for then. Placing everything in a special trunk Kevin placed a lock on it and a magical spell of protection and laid in his bed as he prepared himself for a bit of sleep. Something about the fact that there is a ‘sire’ in the area told him that there was a chance that Jeremy was going to need his help, whether he wanted it or not.

Relaxing and immediately entering a deep level of rest Kevin and Jeremy slept until the sun went down. Once the sun had pretty much set, Jeremy woke up and walked out of his room and into the bathroom where he showered and preformed his usual routine when he walked out into the living room and Kevin was there removing his weaponry from the chest he put them in before he went to bed.

“Hello there Jeremy,” Kevin said as he laid the weapons out in a nice line.

Noticing there was a different look and feel coming from the weapons Jeremy said, “Did you sleep at all today Kevin?”

Chuckling Kevin just replied with, “Who has time anymore?”

Shaking his head he sat down and looked everything over.

“What do you have for me today?” Jeremy asked as he picked up one the pipes.

Standing proudly Kevin said, “I’ve managed to infuse your weapons with elemental properties. Each of your pipes are now able to be used with a element, and you’re blades can now be used to cause a new level of damage.”

Picking up the blue pipe Jeremy looked at it closely and could feel the energy radiating from it. He looked at Kevin and then picked up another pipe. They all seemed to emanate a high level of energy and Jeremy wondered how Kevin could do this and not be tired in the slightest.

“So you ready to go and practice them?” Kevin asked eagerly.

Jeremy looked at him strangely and said quite plainly, “Rita called with some news didn’t she?”

Kevin gave Jeremy a nasty look, like the look a parent gives their child when they beat them to the punch of a lesson. Kevin then told Jeremy about the news that Rita had given him and how he planned on accompanying him on the expedition.

“I’ve told you once I don’t want you coming with me Kevin,” Jeremy said sternly. “It’s far to dangerous for you. You don’t have any way to protect yourself.”

Looking somewhat offended Kevin said, “Excuse me? I have more then enough fire power to protect myself if need be. You forget Jeremy it’s because of me that you’ve been so successful to begin with.”

Sighing deeply Jeremy tried desperately to correct his mistake.

“You know I didn’t mean it that way,” Jeremy said as he got up and placed a hand on Kevin’s chest. “But if there is an actual sire at this thing, he’s going to be very fast. I don’t know if I could keep up with him myself and I don’t want to worry about him going after you too.”

Shaking his head Kevin said, “I understand but you don’t have to worry about that at all. Trust me! Now how about we work on teaching you the new abilities of your weaponry?”

Agreeing with Kevin, Jeremy grabbed his blades and pipes. Once he was prepared Kevin used his powers and placed them on the roof their loft. Gearing up like he was on the hunt, Jeremy prepared himself while Kevin moved towards the other side and prepared to do battle with his dear friend. Pulling the same book he used before from his pockets Kevin removed his glasses.

“All right Jeremy,” Kevin said as he opened the little book, “Lets do this! Walls Up!”

In a flash of red light, walls of energy appeared around them. Kevin readied himself as Jeremy unsheathed his blades.

“All right-y now what did you do to my blades?” Jeremy asked as he could see some discoloration in the metal.

Kevin smiled, “I imbued them with elemental powers like I said I would. Ready to try it?”

“Bring it on,” Jeremy said as he twirled the one in his right hand around.

Licking his thumb Kevin turned the page and chanted.

“Creature of energy that can not be vanquished come before me,” Kevin repeated as he swung a crystal around his head.

Lightning clash and started to take form of a giant human. Bracing himself against the creature Kevin just conjured Jeremy grabbed his blades firmly.

“Okay now what am I supposed to do?!” Jeremy asked frantically “Last time you conjured this thing I almost lost my damn leg!”

Kevin chuckled as he continued spinning the crystal, “This one will only appear as long as I spin this crystal. Go ahead and rush it!”

Grunting Jeremy poured his energy in to his legs and dashed at the creature. Sticking the blade straight out he made contact and got shocked. Being pushed back by the same force he pushed into the attack he quickly jumped back to his feet.

“FUCK!” Jeremy screamed as he shook a bit still electrified. “I can’t touch this thing what the fuck are you thinking, Kevin?”

“I wanted to show you how you can defeat an enemy you can’t touch,” Kevin said as he moved to the left of the creature. “Now strike him on the right side using your new earth blade technique.”

Positioning himself towards the his left he closed his eyes.

“To activate your new skill just use your Piercing Bear attack and say Bladed Earth Strike!” Kevin told him as he watched his friend prepare to use this new attack.

Taking a deep breath through his nose he cocked his head to the side as he prepared to strike as he was instructed too. Kevin’s narrowed quickly as he prepared to make his next move to protect himself. Jeremy pointed his blades down to the ground and with great speed ran directly towards the electrically charged creature. As he got closer to the creature he lowered his blades to the ground so they were scratching against the roof top.

When he was a few yards of the creature Kevin scream, “Now Jeremy, do it now!”

Jeremy took a deep breath and did as he was told.

“Bladed Earth Strike!” He yelled as he dragged his blades against the ground pulling them upwards. As he did the concrete from rooftop coated his blades and he slashed the monster in half causing it to disappear, but the now dislodged concrete kept heading towards Kevin.

“Astral Barrier!” Kevin said as a faint blue mist flowed around his body.

The concrete hit the mist and it all disappeared. Jeremy looked at Kevin and reversed the grip on his blades. Kevin turned the page again and placed his hand on the ground this time when he chanted. The wind blew and a large monster took form in front of him, but it looked to be falling apart. When Jeremy’s eyes fixated on the monster he got a chance to clearly see what it was. It was a large troll looking creature made from sand. Jumping back quickly as the creature attacked Jeremy countered by chopping off the arm of the great creature.

“Ha, this will be easy,” Jeremy gloated as he tightened his grip on the hilts of the swords.

Kevin chuckled as the sand re-attached the creatures arm. Jeremy gasped as he realized he should have just asked how he was supposed to kill that creature. Just as he was ready to ask the creature threw a ball of compacted sand at him. Thrusting his blades into the ground he made a short leap on top of them and jumped high into the air so he could avoid being crushed by the ball of sand as it hit the wall of red energy and disintegrated into nothingness. As Jeremy landed he pulled both swords from the roof and crossed them in front of his chest placing himself in defense mode.

Impressive as usual Jeremy, Kevin thought to himself as he closed his eyes. “You going to do acrobatics all day or learn how to fight with your new powers?”

Growling softly at Kevin’s pompous attitude Jeremy annoyingly asked, “How am I supposed to defeat this creature Kevin?”

Smiling Kevin took his glasses off and put them in his shirt pocket as he explained.

“First you’ll need to start a Cheetah Strike,” Kevin instructed. “Then after you dash past the creature a bit more throw one of your other Kodachi at him in a Snake Strike style, but this time instead of just throwing the Kodachi call out for the power of flame, with the other sword in hand the spirit of flame will tell you what the attack is called.”

Readying himself for the speed he’d need Jeremy closed his eyes and took another deep breath. Crouching down into a sprint position he held his right blade parallel to the ground. Opening his eyes he dashed at the creatures right side and stuck the kodachi out horizontally. As he ran past the creature the blade caught the creature and tore at it’s side. As he continued running past he ran towards Kevin as the creature repaired itself, and when he was less then ten feet from Kevin he spun around on right foot and threw his left blade at the creature.

As the blade flew towards the creatures back, Jeremy tighten the grip on his other blade. His eyes, flashed a fiery red and he hear the voice of Flame in his head.

“Flaming Spiral Bomb!” Jeremy screamed as his other blade burst into flames and stuck into the back of the Sand Troll.

After it connected, Jeremy threw his other foot down onto the roof top the creature started smoldering and a bright light shot out from the sword. The horrific sounds of the creature echoed as the light started to slowly dim. Jeremy who had turned away from the source of the bright turned back around to look at what had happened to his adversary. When the light disappeared completely the creature stood before him with his Kodachi stuck in it’s back, however the creature had under gone a change. Jeremy slowly moved towards the creature, which did not turn around. When he was close enough to see it, the creature had been turned into a large glass statue.

Grabbing his blade by the hilt he forcefully pulled it from the creatures back and the statue shattered into nothingness. Placing that blade on his shoulder turned to Kevin who looked at him and smiled.

“The force of the blow is really quite powerful,” Kevin explained. “If that creature had been made of flesh you’d be pulling your blade out of the ground. But for you to start learning your new skills I had made it that when it was defeated with that attack it would turn to glass. Thus, you didn’t have to fight a large molten creature.”

“Oh thank you so much,” Jeremy said sarcastically as he walked back towards is side of the little arena. “What’s next?”

“Just this,” Kevin said as flipped the pages and chanted again. “Silently in the ground you slumber, rise above to make it crumble. Moving life I give to you, as long as you do what your told to do. Earth Golem, rise!”

The roof shook as parts of rocks and grass flew around in the barrier and started shifting together to create another giant creature. Jeremy sighed softly as he gripped his blades tightly again as he steadied himself for another go at one of Kevin’s creatures. He was starting to get tired for some reason, he should have been though as he usually has great stamina to practice and use these spells effectively, but tonight he was starting to feel the strain. As he wondered what was causing this he watched as the earth golem start marching towards him.

“Okay Kevin,” Jeremy barked at him, “How am I supposed to defeat this one?”

Kevin smirked as he scratched his head, “Gee I don’t know, we’ve covered earth and flame attacks. So what do you think is left for basics?”

Jeremy closed his eyes and choked on his words as he answered Kevin, swallowing the urge to tell him to go to hell.

“This one is probably my water strike right?” Jeremy asked as he shot a look at Kevin.

Nodding Kevin said, “You’re exactly right, Jeremy. Time to teach you the Water Burst spell for your blades. This is a special move to harness the water that is in the air around you, of course if you use it near a standing body of water it will be come more powerful.”

“Of course,” Jeremy said as he let his blades rest at his sides. “So how do I do it?”

“Start by taking a deep breath and let your energy flow into your sword,” Kevin explained as he put his book away into his inner shirt pocket. “Then as it fills take a deep breath and use your speed to collect water in the air by moving quickly towards your opponent. Once your within range, you’ll want to leap into the air above the opposition use them as a launcher if need be and place your blade below your body. As gravity pulls you down, call out your attack, all the water you collected will turn deadly and sharp. At that point you’ll fall towards the earth and kill your opponent.”

“All right then,” Jeremy said as held his blades out in front of his body, “lets go ahead and give this a try.”

Taking a deep breath Jeremy concentrated on pushing his energy into his sword. As he stared at his blades he could feel the air around him grow damp. Heavy condensation started forming on his blades as the water was pulled out of the air and onto his swords. As the water started to encase his bladed transforming them into a almost liquid form, he started to dash at the golem. Gathering all the water in the air as he ran towards the golem, he increased his speed and began running evasive circles around the creature.

Watching from his side of the arena Kevin monitored how much water was gathering on blades. Calculating how much water would be needed to bring down his creation, he intently watched Jeremy’s movements. The more Jeremy ran in circles, the more water gathered on the blades and the water actually started to feather and flair from them.

Though he was doing wonderfully in Kevins mind, Jeremy was actually starting to show signs of fatigue as he started slowing down but continued to gather the water he needed. As he was running he was not monitoring where the creature was striking. Just a foot in front of him the golem struck the ground creating a small crater in the surface below his feet. Tripping Jeremy used the speed he still had to launch himself into the air and land safely back on his feet.

“Kevin!” Jeremy yelled at him. “What is your monster trying to do? Kill me?”

Smirking a bit Kevin answered by saying, “That’s what he’s summoned to do Jeremy. Don’t worry your just about ready to make your move.”

Glancing at Kevin from the corner of his eye he though, That’s bull, I’m ready now. These things are getting too heavy.

Dashing towards Kevin Jeremy ran around him and back towards the golem.

“Jeremy not yet!” Kevin pleaded as Jeremy evaded the golems fist and jumped on top of it’s head and then high into the air.

As Jeremy flew into the air, he quickly maneuvered his body letting his blades rest below his body. He closed his eyes and concentrated on splitting the creature in two. As he reached his zenith, Jeremy’s eyes opened with a blue flash and Kevin thought he heard waters voice along with Jeremy’s.

“Power of water turn sharp and destructive! Aquatic Skewer!” Jeremy screamed as he came barreling down on top of the golem.

Kevin watched closely and as Jeremy came down he could see the water turn stiff and reflective just like metal. Kevin smiled as the blades connected with the golem and a cloud of dust raised in the arena. A large chunk of the creature came flying at Kevin, who was happy to see it that the attack was a success.

“Astral Barrier!” Kevin chanted again as the blue mist rose from nowhere again.

The smoke cleared and Jeremy stood there pulling his blades from the concrete before falling to his knees. Kevin quickly ran to Jeremy’s side and checked his body carefully.

“Jeremy what’s wrong?” Kevin asked him frantically. “Did you hurt yourself in that attack?”

Gasping for air Jeremy looked at Kevin and said, “No I’m fine, just running low on energy that’s all.”

Retrieving his book from his shirt pocket, Kevin opens it up using a golden string bookmark. Placing a hand on Jeremy’s chest Kevin read the spell in the book. His hand started to glow soft red color, which faded shortly after it started glowing. Once the light was gone Kevin stood up and put his book back. Extending his hand to Jeremy, Kevin pulled Jeremy to his feet.

“You know Kevin,” Jeremy said as he turned around and pick up his blades. “If you keep healing me like that when I’m in trouble, you might not be able to help yourself.”

Walking back to his original position Kevin replied, “It wasn’t much energy Jeremy. Just enough to get you through your last technique, then you’ll have to rest because we have that lead to follow up on.”

Jeremy turned around and dropped his blades to his side as he waited for Kevin to make his next move. Kevin sat on the ground and closed his eyes while he pondered what to do to help Jeremy finish his training. Watching Kevin trying gather his thoughts made Jeremy decide to sit and try to recover more energy. While they both sat and rested Kevin finally had an idea on how to teach Jeremy his final new skill.

“Lets go Jeremy!” Kevin said as he started levitate into the air.

Looking at Kevin strangely Jeremy grasped the handles of his blades firmly.

“What are you planning on doing Kevin?” Jeremy asked weakly.

Smiling almost devilishly Kevin responded with, “You’re going to fight me to learn your last attack.”

His eyes narrowing Jeremy turns his blades over to attack position. Realizing he might have to put a lot of work into this fight a smile came across Jeremy’s face.

“You scared?” Kevin taunted as he looked at Jeremy.

“Of course not,” Jeremy said. “Just tell me how to preform my new wind skill and we’ll get this over with.”

Cocky aren’t we Jeremy? Kevin thought to himself.

“Okay then if that’s how you want it,” Kevin said out loud, “then I shall tell you how to preform your wind attack. First you use your speed, you’ll make a similar to your fire strike, but you won’t launch yourself at your opposition this time. Instead, when you spin around you’ll pull your blades apart and create a vacuum that will forcefully push air towards your opponent. The attack is called Air Spear, make sure you remember that. If you don’t you might not get the spell to work.”

Nodding at Kevin’s instructions Jeremy commented, “Is there anything else you need to tell me?”

Shaking his head, Kevin replied plainly by saying, “Nope that’s everything, are you ready?”

Pulling his blades into position, Jeremy steadied himself. Pulling his book from his pocket Kevin started flipping through it.

I think it’s time I changed things up for him, Kevin thought as he closed his book and put it back in the pocket.

Expecting to hear the chant for monster conjuring, Jeremy was caught by surprise when instead he heard a spell.

“Ground Spire!” Kevin yelled as he slammed his fist down into the roof top.

The ground split in a line driving straight to Jeremy and just as he moved the line reached him and a very sharp spike drove upwards. Realizing that this time he was fighting against Kevin and not a summoned creature Jeremy realized this wasn’t just a practice this was a chance to fight against his friend and prove he knew what he was doing.

“All right Kevin if you’re sure this is what you want!” Jeremy yelled as he prepared himself for an attack. “Earth Bladed Strike!”

As the roof tore apart and pieces started flying at Kevin, he countered the attack.

“Aquatic Submission!” Kevin yelled as he called forth a raging wave of water and stopped the debris and started back at Jeremy.

Not missing a chance Jeremy ran back to the spike, and launched himself in the air to preform his water strike he all ready adapted to the occasion.

“Power of water, turn sharp and fly through the air! Aquatic Skewering Spike!” Jeremy shouted as he started to fall.

Gathering some of the water as the attack missed him, he made a quick slash at Kevin and as the water flew thru the air it sharpened into deadly spikes. As the neared Kevin, he clapped his hands together and casted another spell.

“Wall of Flames!” Kevin yelled as the clap echoed.

The water spikes disappeared into hissing balls of mist. When the flames disappeared Kevin looked for Jeremy, but could not see him. Then he heard this loud booming voice from behind him.

“Power of air, pierce the enemy without mercy! Piecing Air attack!” Jeremy screamed as he unleashed a massive amount of energy and created a huge disturbance.

Kevin’s eyes widened as he saw the air turn visible and sharp as it came towards him. Shaking mildly Kevin closed his eyes and tried to quickly think of a way to undo Jeremy’s spell.

It’s not very strong but it’s my best bet! Kevin thought to himself as he placed his palm on the roof top.

“Wall of Earth!” Kevin screamed and quickly erected a wall of concrete.

The air attack connected and as he expected the wall was not able to protect him very well. The attack shattered the piece of concrete and caused Kevin to fly across the arena. Jeremy fell to his knees as he watch Kevin fly towards the spike he created earlier.

“Kevin!” Jeremy screamed loudly.

Kevin turned to see himself heading towards the spike. Gasping as he tried to move his arms to protect himself from being injured, but nothing happened. Panting furiously he yelled for Jeremy to save him.

“Jeremy, help me!” Kevin screamed loudly. “I can’t move my arms!”

Dropping both his blades Jeremy used what energy he could muster and dashed towards the Kevin and the instrument of his death. Closing his eyes and praying that something would save him, Kevin readied himself for his own death.

“Kee-ya!” Jeremy screamed as he punched the spike and caused it to crumble on contact.

Turning around quickly he caught Kevin just as he started to come back down. The force at which Kevin fell was so great that both him and Jeremy fell to the ground.

Panting heavily they laid where they were for what felt like forever. Finally Kevin stood up undid the barrier. The light came back to the rooftop and all the damage they had done to the concrete was gone. With everything brand new again Kevin slowly hobbled over to Jeremy’s blades and picked them up. Turning around he saw that Jeremy had managed to sit up.

Hobbling back over with Jeremy’s blades in his hands Kevin said, “I’m surprised… you managed to get so much power in that attack.”

Jeremy smiled widely and nodded as he took his swords back from Kevin and placed them in the sheath on his back. Kevin smiled back at Jeremy and extended his hand to his comrade, pulling him up off the ground.

“Well,” Kevin said weakly as he put Jeremy’s arm over his shoulders and helped him back towards their loft, “I suppose I’d best fix up some potions for us so we can go on the mission.”

Chuckling weakly Jeremy smiled at Kevin as they entered their apartment.

Author’s note: Hey, I hope you liked it so far… thanks for reading =) I plan to continue, but I take a while to write often. It really helps me, however, to receive feedback, positive as well as negative. So please, if you have anything to say and a moment to spare, send me a mail at Thanks!

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