Blood Lust – Chapter 3

Memories can be such fickle things and at times they bring much joy and comfort. The ability to relive loving moments and triumphs is the only thing stopping my fall from grace. But like a double edged sword it cuts both ways, because it’s those dark and bitter times that threaten to push me into the abyss forever. I know if I were to fall the madness would consume me whole. Not even a pale memory of love could reach into that darkness and save me.

I ran harder as I caught tantalizing glimpses of Ayden’s perfectly round ass. His beauty spurred me to my limits as I tried in vain to capture his elusive prize. Every time I got close to him he would find new energy and race ahead. The only thing trailing behind was his laughter, god his laughter was like a song. If I try hard enough I can still hear it even now.

Suddenly without warning he stopped and I nearly collided with him. Standing there he quickly gazed at the moon before turning to look at me.

“We’re here, this is it.” He said with a smile.

I looked around and didn’t understand what he meant. I couldn’t see anything even remotely resembling shelter.

“What the hell are you talking about Ayden?” I said as I shot him a bewildered stare. “We can’t possibly stay here, what if it rains?”

“Not here stupid, there!” He said pointing to what appeared to be several huge boulders lying at the bottom of a large hill.

At first I thought he was joking, but he moved behind the boulders and it was then I saw a moderate size hole. I quickly realized he was serious when he disappeared inside.

“Ayden what is this place?” I asked as I followed him into the darkened hole.

‘It’s where we’ll stay until we need to move.”

Crawling on my hands and knees I questioned once again if this was a good idea or not. Suddenly my hands encountered rough hewn rock and a coolness that brought a much needed relief from the heat I had been feeling only moments before.

“Amazing isn’t it?” Ayden asked.

“What’s so amazing? All I see is darkness.”

“Oh I’m sorry I forgot, here.” He said as he started a fire.

My eyes were blinded for a few minutes until I grew use to the light. There before me was an enormous cavern, the light reflecting off tiny crystals embedded in the near by walls, leaving me in breathless awe.

As my eyes grew ever more comfortable with the darkness I noticed a sleeping bag and a few other things sitting around the blazing fire.

“So what do you think huh? Not to bad considering right? Ayden said with obvious satisfaction.

“When did you bring your stuff here Ayden?” I asked.

“Um today before I came to get you.” He said reluctantly.

I suddenly had the feeling he was lying to me. I could see it in his eyes, without a doubt I knew he was lying.

“Wow I’m surprised you had the energy to do all that, we must have gone a good 10 miles just getting here.”

“Oh wait I almost forgot, be right back just one second.” He stated before he disappeared.

As I waited for Ayden to return I began looking around when I heard the distinct sound of rumbling and stone scraping on stone.

“Ayden!” I yelled, scared that we were being trapped in a rock slide.

“I’m here don’t worry, I just pushed some stones in front of the opening so nothing can get us while we sleep.”

“Oh that’s a good idea” I said while still battling the uneasy feelings I had been having all night.

“Hey come here” Ayden said in a sexy voice that caused me to forget everything else but him.

He held me tightly while my lips searched out his, the desire to kiss him had been growing all night. I was lost in him the second our lips touched. The sensation of losing myself was the only thing that mattered to me right then.

No matter how many kisses Ayden gave me it was never enough to satisfy my hunger. I don’t ever remember being obsessed with sex before. I mean of course I had thought about it but suddenly it was all I ever thought about. And while I desperately wanted to give all of myself to Ayden, I was also scared. That was a feeling I would come to know intimately well, desire and fear mixed together. Although I had only known him for a short time Ayden had definitely changed me.

As we lay next to the fire his kisses became more passionate, much more than ever before. And his hands never left contact with my body, trailing down my side one second only to end up some where else the next, they were possessive and controlling. As doubts raged inside I felt my self losing control. I had only one thought then, one burning desire. I wanted Ayden and I wanted him now.

Suddenly he sat up and began feeding the fire more wood. I was confused; I thought he wanted me, I thought he wanted to go all the way. And as I sat there wondering what I did to upset him he began to speak in a strange voice. It sounded detached, like it was coming from somewhere off in the distance.

“There is a memory we all carry within us, a haunting whisper that flows through our blood.” He said as I stared in amazement.

“Most people ignore that ancient knowledge, turning their backs on a wisdom that comes from our very DNA.”

I didn’t have a clue what he was talking about. It was extremely surreal going from the most passion I had ever experienced to this.

“Can you hear it Kale? Late at night when the noise dies down and your heart slows to a softly beating rhythm, does it speak to you? When your mind’s chaos dims to nothing but a soft hum can you hear that whispering blood speaking of a power long dormant?” He asked.

It was then that his words registered in my mind, something about what he was saying rang true to me. I remembered many nights as I lay on the verge of sleep feeling certain that something was alive in me, something that was missing in all the other people I had ever met. I think that’s why I was attracted to Ayden; it was finding someone else with that same inner mystery that drew me to him.

Just as I was about to answer his question he moved next to me again. Softly rubbing my shoulders he leaned in and started kissing me. And just like that I was once more thrown into confusing ecstasy. I wasn’t sure if I had imagined what he said to me or if it really happened, and soon enough I didn’t care.

As I kissed him deeper, trying to devour him whole, he unbuckled my belt. One second my hands were rubbing the back of his shirt, the next I felt his skin smooth and hot beneath my hands. The entire time things kept growing in intensity and I felt like I was ready to burst. Before I knew it we were both naked and pressed together like two people adrift in an ocean.

“Are you ready?” Ayden asked as he stopped nibbling on my ear.



“I’m scared.” I said as my voice betrayed my nervousness.

It was then that he looked at me and smiled. I can’t explain it but that small gesture melted my heart. I knew immediately I would be ok, that he would be gentle with me. He said so much with that one smile more that I ever thought possible, my fears left me and I was truly ready to leave my old life behind at that moment.

Some people say there can be no change without pain. That the act of change itself always leaves scars even though you can’t necessarily see them.

I use to daydream about the things I would do for my boyfriend, how I would gladly drop to my knees for him, or about how much I wanted him to penetrate me deep and hard, over and over again. But I never imagined in a million years anything like what Ayden did to me that first time.

“Lay down here baby.” Ayden said in a husky voice.

And as I lay down I mentally readied myself for an unpleasant experience. I had always heard that your first time was painful, and that’s what I expected. But before I knew it Ayden was kissing my neck, slowly going from one ear, down my throat all the way to my other ear.

His whole attention was directed towards me and somewhere deep inside I was thrilled to be the object of his desire. He began to inch even lower and started bathing my arm pits with his tongue. I fought not to laugh and at the same time I felt an odd stirring from within. Like every part of my body was connected to my dick. As the seconds passed little surges of excitement raced to my groin.

His attack on my nipples was unexpected and he alternated between sucking, lightly biting and pinching them with his lips. Each time his mouth made contact another surge of electric fire sped down my body to explode deep inside my cock. My breathing was getting out of control, and I desperately felt the need to cum, hard. It was like I was standing on a cliff, wanting to jump so badly but unable to work up the nerve.

As he kissed his way down my stomach time stood still for me. I couldn’t believe he was about to kiss my most personal spot. No one had ever done to me the things he did. He methodically kissed my little love trail all the way down to the base of my cock, then deliberately moved past it to begin kissing my inner thigh. Lightly moving down my thigh only to race back up again to the crease where leg joined body.

“Turn over for me baby.” He said softly.

As I turned over my pulse must have doubled. Just moments before I was completely relaxed and now I knew what was coming. He pushed my knees up a little bit and I told myself not to scream when he rammed it in. I didn’t want to be lousy for him after he had been so good to me. Suddenly like an unexpected breeze his breath tickled my ass, and before I knew what he was doing he began softly kissing each cheek. I was shocked; I never knew you could even do that. I mean I just hadn’t thought about all the possibilities, I was so naïve.

When he spread my cheeks and blew on my hole I nearly passed out. And when his lips touched me there the first time I knew then what was truly my most personal spot. I dug my head deeper into the pillow I was laying on as I had my first out of body experience.

But when he grabbed my cock and pulled it back between my legs and traced his tongue from the tip of my dick all the way to my hole I started speaking in a different language.

Everything up to this point had been slow and delicate; he had taken his time not to rush me. But the strain of holding back must have been too great because abruptly he changed from tender and loving to a man possessed. He attacked my hole like it was trying to escape from him, pushing the tip of his tongue inside as far as he could, over and over again. And then as if his impatience was contagious I began pushing my ass back at him to try and help him reach just a little bit further.

Then without warning his mouth left my ass, only to be replaced with his fingers. First one then two and before I knew it he had three inside of me, sliding in and out in and out. Once he knew I was ready he moved close behind me and slid his dick up and down my crack. Slowly adding pressure with every pass, after twenty minutes I couldn’t remember my own name. My skin was on fire, my mind was a mess and an entire area of my body that I had never seemed to notice before had taken complete control.

Ayden was truly a master, I’ll give him that. I had worried so much about what would happen and if I would be good enough for him. I didn’t feel any pain what so ever when he slid it in the first time. He didn’t go in all the way and certainly not hard but by then I wouldn’t have cared, I was too far gone to think. Each time he seemed to go just a little deeper, each time he seemed to give me just a little bit more just a little bit harder.

Before I knew it he was sliding all the way inside and back out again. All this time I had feared what it would be like, knowing deep down it would hurt like hell and now I couldn’t seem to get enough. As if my ass had a mind of it’s own I began obscenely pushing myself back at him, feeling the need to get as much of him inside of me as I could.

Suddenly he changed positions, how he did it I will never know but the next thing I remember is sitting on his lap bouncing up and down, holding on for dear life. As if I was riding a bull that was trying to throw me off with everything he had. The intensity of it all was beginning to become too much for me to handle. Then like magic he slowed down to a soft gentle rhythm.

“Ayden …I …I love you so much.” I cried out as my body moved ever closer to reaching that final peak.

It was then that tears began to run down my cheeks, not from sadness but from feeling a total sense of completeness. I have never felt that whole in my entire life.

Suddenly without warning I felt Ayden explode deep inside me. Somewhere in my mind I was overjoyed at having a piece of him forever. That was all it took to send me over the edge, the most intense orgasm of my life burst forth and my whole body went entirely limp.

I couldn’t tell you how long we made love that night, not even if my life depended on it. And while there are times I think back fondly to everything that happened, one thing more than anything else stood out for me that night. I remember curling up next to Ayden listening to his chest rise and fall with soft breaths and thinking wow I’ve found the most perfect love I could have ever hoped for.

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