A Different Perspective – Part 6


   After the night  when I fed and created a new vampire in the form of Sean and then ran into my human father, things got decidedly interesting. Anyway, just to recap on events. After running into my human father, he helped us to get Sean back to his house. It was a very tearful reunion all round, especially for mum and me. We ended up spending so long talking that Branson and I had no way of getting back to our own house before sunrise and the big sleep setting in, so we stayed in the attic at the house of my human parents due to the fact that this was about the only place in the house that was totally sunproof. The next day when I awoke, Branson had already left as he had some business to take care of, what kind of business, I have no idea. Anyway, by the time I had showered and made my way downstairs to the kitchen, Chris and Steve, my two best friends from my human life were sitting in the kitchen eating ice cream. I did have a tea spoon full as that was about all I would be able to stomach without being violently sick. Branson returned a few hours later to escort me to the club that I was performing at that night. He gave mum and dad and Chris and Steve the details of where they could get themselves protected from attack by other vampires. As they all ready knew about what I had become, Branson had decided that there was no point in stopping me from seeing them all. The other two people that I had to be allowed to were my grandparents, who had not spoken to my parents since the day that I disappeared. They had said that it was all mum and dads fault, especially considering what I had said to them (my grandparents) the night before I had vanished. If my grandparents and parents (or the people that I had had those relationships with when I was human), were to ever start talking to each other again, then I had to be the catalyst that got things moving in the right direction. As I said, I really had to plead with Branson to be allowed to this and I was told in no uncertain terms that I was to have contact with any other humans besides those six. That seemed more than fair to me. My grandparents would also have to get themselves protected.

Of course, if I was to have contact with my former human grandparents then they too would have to get themselves protected. This seemed fair enough to me. The one other thing that my parents had to promise to do was not to, under any circumstances, mention to the parents of Lee, the boy who had been my first donor, that they knew anything about what had happened to him. Again, this was not only for their own protection and safety but also for the protection and safety of the vampires in this city. The last thing we needed was to have some kind of mass hunt starting.

Anyway, after all this had been discussed with the humans concerned, Branson and I left for the club. We shared a few jokes and laughs over a sunburn or two. Before I was due to join the band on sage, Branson came over to me and said, “OK Jasons, I have to leave to go and take of a few things. I’m trusting you to make it home before sunrise and not to get any trouble. AND I MEAN TROUBLE OF ANY KIND,” he stressed.

“OK and I promise that I’ll behave myself,” I assured him.

With that we went our separate ways. Him to go and do whatever it was that he had to do and me to join the band on stage. I had a really great time, even if the volume was at a level that would be totally unbearable to human ears. We played for about an an hour and a half before we decided to take a break.

It was while I was standing stood near the bar enjoying another drink that another young vampire, who was around my age when he was turned or maybe a year younger, came over to me and said, “So what’s your name cutie?”

“Jason and what is it that you want?” I asked.

“I just thought that we could have a little fun. A cute guy like you shouldn’t be here all on his own.”

“Who said I was alone? Didn’t you see me performing with the band? And, on final question, what sort of fun did you have in mind?” I asked.

“I thought that maybe we could find somewhere really quiet and than you we could have some very wild sex together,” the other boy said to me.

In other words he was being very suggestive about what he wanted to do and I didn’t like it at all. I showed him the eternity band and said, “in case you had failed to notice this, I happen to be in love.”

“That means fuck all. He’ll get bored with you after a few decades of the other way around.”

“That is one chance that I am willing to take,” I said.

I didn’t like the way that situation was developing, especially not when he tried to kiss me. At that point I grabbed a hold of his arm and twisted it. I heard the sound of bones cracking as I twisted his arm and said, “Now, hopefully you have the message that I am not available,” I said.

I could feel, sense the danger and my extra kicked in. Lucky for me that it did as the other boy balled his fist and I saw the right hook coming right towards my face. I don’t think he new what had hit him when the bolt of energy that was released sent him flying across the crowded club with such a tremendous force that he hit a wall on the other side the room. He hit the wall with such a force that it caused the plaster to crack. It was a few minutes before he came limping back across the room in my direction and said, “I guess you got lucky. I give up for now but believe me, you haven’t seen the last of me.”

I was just going to have to hope and pray that Branson didn’t find out about this due to the fact that I had promised not to get myself into any more trouble but then again, this wasn’t really trouble. I was only defending myself from attack but, then again, I had instigated this as I was the one who broke the other guys arm. I pushed it all to the back of my mind and thought no more of it for the time being. I would deal with this if and when Branson raised the subject.

I went back on stage and joined the rest of the band for another couple of hours of entertaining the crowd before I had to leave and head for home and the daily hibernation.

It was few days after the incident at the club when trouble reared its ugly head again. I was walking through Piccadilly Gardens with Sharon, Stevie and Gizmo when, out of the blue we were surrounded by four vampire boys who were all about thirteen or fourteen in appearance. They formed a circle as they moved around us on their roller blades.

One of them said, “The one with the blonde hair is the one that broke my friends arm last week at that club.”

Sharongave me a really evil look and so I said, “I was only giving the asshole the message that I was not interested in his idea of fun. I tried talking, reasoning with him but it was no use, he didn’t seem to understand the word no.”

Again I had to say that so that I wouldn’t land up in more trouble with Branson. That was the last thing that I needed or wanted, especially now that he seemed to be trusting me again. The boy had brought me to the attention of everyone else was around five foot two inches tall with shoulder length brown hair. The other boys were all of about the same height and build but one had black hair, one had hair that was a reddish brown colour and the last one was dirty blonde in colour. I did notice that none of them seemed to be wearing optrix, a sure fire way to draw attention to themselves but that really was of little concern to me or my friends right now. This situation didn’t look good at all and I only hoped we came out of in a better position than these guys. I could tell from reading their thoughts that they had all been in darkness for a long time.

The boy with the black hair suddenly said, “The one with the blonde hair is also the one that snatched my supper away from me. Doesn’t he know that that is just so out of order and just isn’t done.”

There was a definite anger in his voice and I knew that things were not going to get any better in a hurry. I suddenly noticed that one of the boys had produced a saber from somewhere and was making a move towards me. I felt my extra kick and as anyone with a basic knowledge of science knows, electricity and metal are not a good combination. I watched as lifted the saber above as head and them swing it down towards me. As it hit the protective yet invisible bubble that seemed to surround me, a huge charge of electricity was sent out, which was conducted along the metal and sent him flying. We were onMarket Streetin the city centre, right by the tram lines. The boy who had attacked me went flying into the overhead power lines that powered the trams and there was an awful smell of burning flesh along with agonizing screams. As the boy fell to the ground, writhing in agony.

I heard the boy with the dirty blonde hair say, “What the fuck happened there? I’ve never seen anything like that before.”

“It’s just my extra, which I think is pretty cool,” I said. “Now, Do you want to continue with this or do you just want to take your friend and get out of here before anyone else gets hurt?”

Of course, as I looked around, I saw one of the other boys start flying through the air and he brought one of his rollerblades crashing down into the back of Stevies’ head. I swear that I heard the crack as his skull was fractured.Sharonmoved in and struck the boy hard in the mouth with her right fist. His head was sent backwards with such a force and ferocity that I was very surprised that it didn’t just come right off and fall to the ground. By now, Stevie had regained his composure and leapt to his feet and made a move towards the boy with the black hair, who was moving in my direction. He swung his head to the right and then back in the other direction and I felt some metal object slash my face. Stevie had got behind him and kicked him in the back with an extreme force that caused a few bones to crack. At that point the fourth boy, who, so far had not really participated in this fight was making a hasty retreat. I looked around and sawSharonpunch the boy that had kicked Stevie in the head and then in the stomach. I swear that I heard a loud howling noise as the wind was knocked out of him.

Meanwhile, Stevie had brought the black haired boy down to the ground and was in the process of smashing his head into the pavement with such force hat it caused the concrete to crack. I walked over to him and kicked him in the ribs a couple of times, just to guarantee that I had done some real damage. By the time it was all over,Sharon, Stevie and me all had a few broken bones, cuts and bruises but nothing that wouldn’t heal within a few sleep cycles. We left the other guys licking their wounds and headed for home. When we got there, the first person that we saw was Branson and he asked, “So what the fuck happened to you?”

We told him about the fight and gave him as much detail as we could remember. Once we had all finished telling our versions of events, Branson just said, “Well, shit happens and at least the other guys came off far worse. Maybe next time they’ll think twice about fucking around with you guys.”

As for me, I was just thankful that I hadn’t landed myself in yet more trouble.

I had made some plans to Catch up with Steve and Chris again but I would have to wait until my injuries had healed as there was no way that I was going to let them see me like this. I had also thought about calling to see my parents and to check on my ‘baby’ but, again, that was going to have wait until I was healed somewhat.

The day after the fight I awoke from sleep feeling a little better but I was still sore in a few places. Sammy and Stefan wanted to have a little boy fun but I was too sore and asked them if they wouldn’t mind waiting until I was healed up a little more.

“So, what’s his about you breaking some vampire boys arm?” Stefan asked me.

“He wanted me to go off and have sex with him, I didn’t want to due to the fact that I only want to do that kind of stuff with you and Sammy but he just wouldn’t take no for answer. I didn’t know what else to do. He tried to hit me back but I had sensed that the situation was looking decidedly dangerous and so I used my extra to defend myself. When he tried to take a punch at me he was sent flying across the club by the energy bolt,” I said.

“It’s lucky that Branson wasn’t around, he would have suffered far worse than that,” Sammy said.

“So Branson has a bit of temper then?” I asked.

“You could say that. He just doesn’t like anyone fucking around with the people in his pack,” Stefan said.

“Especially not the young ones like you,” Sammy added.

“Hey, less of the young you. Just remember that you two are the same age as me,” I said.

“Not quite,” Stefan said, “don’t forget that I have been in darkness for three years and Sammy has been in darkness for two and a half years. So, that means that if we were still human I would be sixteen.”

“And so would Sammy, after all, you are twins,” I said.

“So what was the fight all about last night?” Stefan asked.

“One of them was a friend of the guy who I was defending myself against in the club last week. And one of them was the guy who was going to feed on Lee that first night that I woke up.”

“well at least you came out it in a better shape than those guys did,” Sammy said.

“Well, one of them ran off when he saw his friend get sent flying into those overhead power lines,” I said. “And he, meaning the one that was sent into the power lines; is going to take quite a few sleep cycles to be anywhere near back to normal.”

It took about three sleep cycles for the cuts on my face to heal properly and when they did I went visit Chris and Steve at the house that belonged to my old human parents. I couldn’t very well go to one of their houses as that would have meant revealing the truth about what had happened to me to their parents and Branson was concerned that too many people from my old life knew about me already. Of course I did have to take one other person with me and that was doc as he wanted to check on Sean. Doc wanted to make sure that I hadn’t flooded his body with the toxins which would have resulted in a Nosferatu. If that had happened then he would have to be destroyed before he awoke. And, if that had happened I would have to be the one to do the deed of destroying him if he was a Nosferatu. In my human life I had never been a great believer in religion and I hadn’t really yet got to grips with the vampire concept of religion. Having said that, I was saying a few silent prayers that I had not made mess of things and created a monstrosity.

We got to my parents place and once again Steve and Chris were seated in the kitchen stuffing their faces with ice cream. I grabbed a teaspoon and had small taste.

“You look really weird doing that,” Chris said.

“Yeah, well it’s about all I can have. If I had a bowl full like you two are having then I would be really sick and believe me, you wouldn’t want to see that,” I told my two human friends. “Anyway, did you two get yourselves protected?”

They both said that they had and showed me the makings. “Your dad paid for them,” Steve said, “these things don’t come cheap and there was no way that either of us could have explained needing that amount of money to our parents.”

We spent some time talking about what we had each been up to. I told them about the fight that I had gotten involved in and that was the reason that I had not seen them, (Chris and Steve), sooner. They were both really surprised when I told them about the fight and said that if I had been like that in my human life then I wouldn’t have been bullied anywhere near as much as I had been. I explained about the fact all vampires have what we call an extra and that it begins to manifest itself and develop after the first time that we have fed.

“So what is your extra?” Steve asked.

I told Steve and Chris about my extra and what I could do with it and finished by saying, “But I don’t think that I have really even begun to discover the true and full extent of this ability.”

“So how do you discover what your extra is?” Chris asked.

I explained that when I was human I had always had this feeling that I wanted to be able to defend myself against the bullies but I was always told that fighting was wrong and that if I hit back, even in self defense, then I was just lowering myself to the level of those people. As for my extra, it was probably a trait that was hidden within me but I just didn’t know it existed and if I had known, then I would really have understood how to use it properly. I went on to tell them that I had been told, by Branson and Sharon, that part of being a vampire was finding out about your true self. The simplest way to describe it was to compare it to being on a journey of self discovery. Albeit, a very long journey, after all, we did have the possibility of living for eternity. The two humans thought that it sounded like a somewhat lonely existence but I told them that that was far from the truth.

“So is there anything you miss about your old life?” Steve asked.

“Oh, definitely. I miss the fact that I will never again see a sunrise or a sunset. I don’t know if you have really watched a sunset or sunrise but, from what I remember of the ones that I have seen then they are a truly remarkable sight. Maybe you two should get up extra early sometime, just to watch the sunrise,” I said. “And if you do that, then think of me while you are watching the sunrise.”

I paused for a moment before I continued by saying, “And another thing that I miss is eating real food. It really gets to me when I pass restaurants and other food outlets. The smells of the various foods is just so tantalizing, especially with my heightened sense of smell. I suppose I will overcome that eventually but right now I’m still considered to be something of a new blood or ‘newbie’ as older vampires like to call us youngsters.”

It was on Xmas day that I went to my parents house again. The festivities didn’t really mean anything to me now but I had to go for a very specific reason. My grandparents where going to be there and this would be the first time that they had been anywhere near my parents since I ‘vanished’ of the face of the Earth so to speak. I had to act as a sort of mediator in the hope that they would all at least start talking to each other again. It was very tense at first but eventually a conversation of sorts did get underway. By the time I had to leave and head home for the daily hibernation, we had made some headway and I had made my grandparents realize that my disappearance was not really anyone’s fault. I agreed that I would see them again but I explained that they would have to get themselves protected against attack from other vampires. They did have a few concerns that I may be a danger to them but I did a great job in convincing them that I would never target them as they had been so close to me in my old life. As I said, I left about an hour and a half before sunrise and we had made a great deal of headway. They had all had six, long, agonizing months wondering what had happened to me. Now they knew and I also said that if anything, my ‘disappearance’ should have brought them all closer together but instead it almost ripped my old, human family apart and that thought alone, I just couldn’t bare.

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