A Different Perspective – Part 5

Tearful Reunions

   I had just  fed and was trying to make my escape from Branson, as I was sick and tired of being treated like a stupid little kid. So, I had made some stupid mistakes but surely they could be forgiven? Couldn’t they? I was still relatively new at this whole being a vampire thing and had so much to learn. Of course, in my rush to get away from Branson, I only had to go and run into someone from my old, human life. And just who was that person? Only my human father.

“Jason? Where the hell have you been for the last six months?” He asked

“I’m not sure were to begin telling you and I doubt if you would believe me if I told you,” I said.

“Try me,” came the response.

“As far fetched as this may sound, I’m not actually your son anymore, I’m a vampire,” I said, as I paused to catch my breath.

“A what? Did I just hear that right?” Dad asked.

“I’m a vampire and if you don’t believe me, take a look in there,” I said, slamming my back pack into his chest.

“And what proof will I find in here?”

“Just a blood stained t-shirt and the reason for that is that I just fed. And if that isn’t proof enough, I can show you the body, it’s just down there,” I said, pointing down the alley way in an off handed way.

Dad began to move into the alley where I had just fed and I asked, “Where are you going?”

“I’m not sure that I believe what you have just told me and I need to see this body for myself,” He replied.

“Are you sure about this? I mean, it’s not exactly a pretty sight you know. When we feed it is not exactly a civilized way of eating,” I said, trying to dissuade him from going any further but he wouldn’t listen. As we approached the place where I had hidden the body, I saw Branson leaning over it and shaking his head. It was at this point that I discovered another new ability. Although vampires can read the minds of humans to varying degrees, there are very few of us that can read the minds of other vampires but I could sense every thought that Branson was having. He was shaking his head and thinking to himself, ‘Well, Jason, you fucked up again,’ and I knew exactly why he was thinking those thoughts.

“So what did I do now?” I asked as I approached him and I could see that he was not happy.

“You didn’t do it properly this time,” Branson said, “You didn’t drain him completely and you released the toxin into him. You know what that means don’t you?”

“Yeah, I just created another vampire, my first,” I responded.

“Why?” Was the next, simple and very direct question from Branson.

“Because I like him and it would have been such a waste to just kill him,” I said.

It was dad who spoke next when he asked, “So what happens now?”

“We have two choices, leave him for the slag hunters, in which case he’ll be dead anyway or we take him with us and wait until he completes the crossover,” Branson said. “But how the hell we get the him back home is anybodies guess, I mean if you were going to do this, Jason, you should have talked to one of us first, so that you could have done it closer to home.”

I noticed that my human father was standing there, looking almost as if he was going to throw up but he didn’t and I was very surprised when he said, “My car isn’t parked too far away, I’ll help.”

“You don’t have to,” Branson said, “but thanks anyway.”

Branson didn’t so much as speak to me whilst we waited for the car to show up. I mean why should he? I knew that I had pissed him off, yet again. Once my human father showed up with the car, we got the body into the boot and drove as fast as we could. I had sensed that there were slag hunters nearby and we certainly didn’t want to run into them. They would have been dangerous for all of us.

Once we were underway, Branson said, “Look, Mr. Lewis, I know that what Jason has told you is all very hard to believe but you have to trust me and him. Everything he has told you is true.”

OK, so that didn’t get much of a response and dad asked about the slag hunters. He wanted to know who they were, what they did, in fact, he wanted to know everything about them. I wasn’t the expert on the subject and I doubt if Branson was but I let him answer dads questions anyway.

“So if we had stuck around there, what would have happened to us?” Dad asked.

“Jason and I probably would have been turned into a pile of dust, they would have killed you, as a precaution and as for our passenger, he would have been finished off by them too. OH, and as for the all the traces of blood, they would have cleaned that up. Actually, they are probably doing that at the moment and they are probably also pissed off at the fact that there is no body for them to cut up and dissolve in acid,” Branson said.

I think that dad was having a hard time taking all this stuff in and so, on a lighter note, I added, “And don’t believe anything that you may have read about vampires or seen in the movies, our life is nothing like that.”

During the rest of the drive, Branson and I filled dad in on the different kinds of vampires, such as the elders, Nosferatu, halflives etc. I could tell from the look on his faces and the thoughts that I was reading, that he was really having trouble dealing with this but I could also sense that he was kind of happy to have his son back. Even though I had already told him that I was no longer really his son. As we drove along, we passed a junction in the road and Branson said, “You should have taken that turning there to get to where we live.”

“Who said anything about going to where you live? I’m taking Jason to see his mum,” dad said.

I really didn’t think that that was such a good idea and I was proved right when we got there. We entered the house and dad called out, “Sandra, honey, I’m home……..and I brought someone to see you.”

We had pulled the car into the garage and entered the house through the side door that led straight into the kitchen. The last thing that we needed was the neighbors being nosy and asking awkward questions that may prove difficult to answer. As soon as we had gotten into the house, my mum, as she had been in my human live, came rushing into the room. “Jason, honey, where the hell have you been for the last six months?”

I told her what had happened and I mean, I told her absolutely everything. I don’t think that she really believed me and then she started going on about wanting to call the police, wanting to call a doctor, so that they get me checked out from a health point of view. I had to think really fast to stop her doing those things. I also felt that I was in some danger and I felt my extra beginning to kick in. Mum was approaching me, to give me a hug I think? It was that point that Branson shouted out, “NO, stay way from him.”

“But he’s my son and I’ve missed him, REALLY missed him,” mum said.

“Look, as he already told you, Colin, he is not exactly your son anymore. What he told you about becoming a vampire is all true,” Branson said. With that, Branson gave mum and dad a demonstration of what would happen if they touched me at the moment. The whole show took them somewhat by surprise and they both stood there, looking shocked at what had just happened. I then had to explain to them that it is what is known as my extra and that it acts as a kind of defense mechanism.

I noticed that dad was looking very surprised when he said, “How do you know my name? I don’t remember telling you that.”

“Believe it or not,” Branson began, “one ability that we have over humans is that we can read the minds of humans, to one extent or another. It is very rare that we can read the minds of other vampires.”

It was at the point that I said, “I think that I may have that ability.”

“How do you know?” Branson asked me.

I explained that as we had been heading back into the alley, I had been reading his (Bransons’) thoughts and I knew how disgusted he was over the fact that I had decided to turn my latest donor. The response I got to that was, “We’ll have to explore this more over the next few days.”

“So is there any other way that you can prove what you have just told us?” Mum asked.

I opened my backpack and showed her the blood stained t-shirt, “That,” I said, “is the aftermath of me feeding earlier on.”

Mum rushed over to the sink and vomited. Once that was over with, mum looked at me and said, “OK, so what about your fangs, can I see them?”

“Sorry, but they only show themselves when I have to feed,” I said but I removed my optrix, so that they could see my golden, glowing eyes. Branson did the same and I think that that just about proved what we had told her and dad.

We spent the next couple of hours talking and I told mum the real reason why I had been awake at two in the morning the night that I disappeared. I also told just what would have happened the next day, had I not been turned. I don’t think that she believed any of it but I had no way of proving it. Besides, as far as I was concerned, it was all history. Mum also told me that they had become friends with the parents of another boy from school, who had disappeared as short time after me. It was at that point that I broke down and confessed to the fact that he had been my first donor and my reasons for it. OK, so it was really difficult for these two humans, who had been my parents to take all this but the more I told them, the more I think that they started to believe it all. Mum noticed the eternity band and asked what it was. I explained it her and told her that I was happy to have finally got a boyfriend. I had told Chris and Steve that I was gay shortly after my twelfth birthday and it wasn’t much longer after that that I told my parents. They were very understanding about it but it wasn’t really something that we ever talked about much. I also told them about how I had been feeling on that day when I got home from school and they weren’t there. They already knew about all that as that is what had caused the rift with my grandparents. My dad said I should have talked but I just never got the chance as they were always so busy with one business project or another. By this time I had to remove my optrix because of the tears that had welled up in my eyes. Once they got wet because of something like that, you could see the golden glow of the eyes.

Dad finally said, “excuse our ignorance but we didn’t offer you anything to drink.”

Branson and I had to explain that neither of us could consume the sort of foods or liquids that humans consumed but he did ask dad if he had some Bacardi, Vodka and lemon juice. When dad said that he had all that stuff, Branson proceed to make us all a Sunburn. I think, no, I’ll rephrase that, I know mum was shocked to see me consuming alcohol but I just said that it was something that I had gotten used to doing since I became a vampire.

We had spent so long talking that it wouldn’t be long before sunrise and there was no way that we could make it home. The only place in the house that would offer us any protection form the sun during the days hibernation was the attic. Dad had had a proper floor put in up there and the walls had been soundproofed so that i could use the room as my studio/music room. There were no windows in there. I took Branson up to show him the room and he said that it would be OK for us to sleep in there. We moved some of the mattresses up there and then retrieved Sean from the car. Again, I had fed on him on earlier but that this time I had done things somewhat differently and that he was now going through what we called the crossover and that when he woke up, he would be a vampire, just like Branson and me. That led on to all sorts of questions about whether he was dead or not. For someone who had been sick at the sight of a blood satined t-shirt, mum certainly asked an awful lot of questions.

Branson and I finally got to be alone in the attic and he asked me if I told Sean that I was going to turn him into a vampire, I responded with, “You mean just like Stefan DIDN’T tell me that that was what he was going to do to me?”

That really pissed him off and he said he was going to have a talk with him, Stefan about that. The sleep finally overtook us and when I awoke, Branson had already left. I went downstairs an asked if I could use the shower. I was told that I could still consider this as my home and that I didn’t have to ask to use the shower. After I had showered, I went to my old room and dressed in some of my own clothes for the first time in six months. I also noticed that the room was just as it had been when I went to bed that that I vanished. There was not a trace of blood or anything. They had done one hell of a job of clearing up after themselves before they moved my body. I decided that I would not say anything about that. I went back downstairs and was told that Branson had left to go and take care of few things. He had given mum and dad the number of someone that they could contact to get themselves protected against becoming donors for some hungry vampire. They had also called Chris and Steve and I found them both sitting in the tucking into huge bowls of ice cream.

“Get a bowl and join us,” Steve said.

I went to the drawer and got a tea spoon and helped myself to a VERY small amount of ice cream from Steve’s bowl.

“Hey, I said get a bowl full,” Steve said.

“Trust me, this will be about as much as I can stomach. My digestive no longer functions and if I eat too much of this stuff, I’ll be sick and you really don’t want to see that,” I informed them.

“About that,” Chris said, “when you mum called us and said that you had turned up, she was really pissed when we told her that we already knew about you.”

“I can imagine,” was my reply.

Branson had met Chris and Steve before he left and had said that they should also get themselves protected with the safeguard. The safeguard was a marking that could be purchased from the ELDERS and offered protection to those who had them. The marking had to be renewed each year and the price varied depending on age. The funds generated from the sake of the safeguard are used to fund the underground activities of the vampire species. All the clubs, arenas, casinos etc are funded by humans who want to live without fear of becoming a ‘snack’ for those born into darkness. If a human, who has clearly been marked, is harmed by a vampire then retaliation is usually swift and merciless. The loss of income is dealt with by a swift execution that is usually carried out by one of the elders.

It had been great to see my two friends again, this time with blessing of Branson. I would also be able to see my parents again from time to time. Branson understood that running into my human father like I had had been a sheer fluke, a one in a million chance. Anyway, it was at around8pmwhen Branson showed up, so that we could get to the BLAST CHILLER, where I was going to be performing with a band. Needless to say that Chris and Steve wanted to go with me but Branson said that it wasn’t advisable but once that had their SAFEGUARDS, then maybe he would consider taking them with us. Before we left, Chris did something that really surprised me, he came over and kissed me on the lips. Not just a quick peck but a full on kiss and his tongue was begging for entry to mouth. It was surprising but, at the same time it was a real turn on.

“You’re not going all gay on me, are you?” Steve asked.

“Fuck you,” Chris said.

“I bet you would just love to do that?” Steve shot back.

“No, definitely not but ever since Jason told us that he’s gay, I’ve kind of been questioning my own sexuality. I like girls but I’m also curious about what it would be like doing it with another boy,” Chris said. The next words out of his mouth, came as something of a shock, “Jason, would you fuck me sometime?” He asked.

I said that I would think about and told him, and Steve, that I often did it with Stefan and Sammy but there was difference. I told him that every time that we did have sex or make love, it was like the first time due to the fact that within an hour or so our bodies had healed themselves and we were virgins again. Both of my friends thought that that sounded really cool. Branson and I left soon after that but I was told that I would be allowed to see Chris and Steve as much as I wanted once they had got themselves protected. The same went for my parents or, should I say, my former human parents. Before we left, I said goodbye to them and said that we would have to get together with my grandparents and sort things out.

The weeks passed and it was into the middle of January. I was in the attic at my parents house, which is where we had left Sean. Branson had said that it wasn’t too good to keep moving someone who was in the process of crossingover. Mum and dad had been OK with this. Anyway, as I said, I was in the attic when I saw Sean move and he said, “That must have been some fucking party you took me too. I have one motherfucker of a hangover.”

I had been spending an awful lot of time watching him over the last few days, as I knew that he could wake up at anytime. I was the one who bit him and turned him and, as a result, he was my responsibility. “Just relax and rest,” I said, “It’ll wear off.”

“And don’t talk so loudly, it sounds like your voice is amplified about a thousand times,” Sean said.

“You’ll get used to that and the fact that your other senses are greatly improved. In fact everything about you is so much better than it was,” I said.

“I remember now, there was no party was there? I don’t know what you are but I remember you biting my neck and then I felt weak and passed out. In my book that makes you an evil, monstrous murderer. You killed me, you destroyed my life. I had a future ahead of me and now it’s all gone,” He said.

‘Fuck’, I thought, this isn’t going well. I reacted quickly and said, “Don’t be like that about it. Once you get used to what you are, you’ll have a lot of fun. We are not really evil, like the humans think we are, we are just misunderstood. VERY MISUNDERSTOOD.”

“So what are you? What am I?” He asked.

“ A vampire,” I said.

“A what? A FUCKING WHAT?” He screamed at me. “They don’t really exist.”

“But we do,” I said calmly.

I was sensing that this situation could put me in some danger and I felt my extra kick in. Sean was up and moving towards me, when I said, “I wouldn’t try anything if I was you.”

“And why not?” He asked.

“Because you haven’t learned how to use your superior strength yet and also, you won’t have discovered you extra,” I informed him.

I didn’t move as I saw him lunge forward towards me. As soon as he touched me, the bolt of energy sent him flying across the room. “What the fuck did you just do?” He asked.

I told him about my extra and that he would discover his soon after he fed for the first time.

“You mean I have to kill a human, drink his blood to survive?” Sean asked.

“Of course you do. If you don’t, your blood supply will eventually begin to fail. You will suffer with a shortness of breath, the body will become weak and you will most likely have your life ended with a massive heart attack or just plain, simple heart failure,” I said.

“But having to kill someone just so that I can live? That is just pure evil. I could never do it,” Sean said.

“I felt the same way at first but as I was told, if a chicken or a pig could communicate on the same intelligent level as a human, then those animals would consider the humans to be evil. After all, to the humans they are just food and that is what humans are to us,” I said.

“I still won’t ever do it, I just couldn’t,” He said.

“That’s your choice,” I said, “but if you let yourself die, then it will have been a waste of my time giving you this chance to live amongst a superior species. You also have the opportunity to live for all eternity, if you wish to do so. Just give yourself time to adjust properly, you will eventually begin to enjoy what you have become,” I said.

“So how soon will I have to feed? And, have my eyes turned that golden, glowing, yellow colour, like yours?”

“You won’t have to feed for sometime yet but you will know when you are ready and we only have to feed once every thirty days or so. It’s not like you may have seen in those vampire movies. As for the eyes, that will happen to you just before you have to feed for the first time,” I said to him, trying to reassure him that things would be OK for him, once he adjusted properly.

We talked for a while longer and I answered his questions as best as I could. Then I took him back to the house, our lair, our hide out, so that he could meet everyone else.

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