A Different Perspective – Part 4

Making Mistakes and Breaking Rules

   After my first  time of feeding, we headed for some club that was frequented by halflives called THE BLAST CHILLER. As we entered, I was still astounded by how loud the music sounded, even tho’ I could hold a conversation with my friends at a normal level.

As I have already said, I had absolutely no remorse, no regrets about what I had done to Lee. From using my ability to read his mind, I had learned that he was gay and that the two of us could have had a fantastic future together, despite the fact that he had been a complete bastard to me when I was a human but that was all history. Of course, that attitude was changing somewhat when Gizmo returned from the bar.

Ever since the night that I had seen the appeal on TV, being made by my parents and my two former best friends, Chris and Steve, I had felt bad about the fact that my parents would never have any closure. I had effectively died that night that Stefan bit me but as far as my parents were concerned, I had just disappeared. It must have hurt like hell for those people to wonder what had happened to me. I mean, although I was dead, my parents didn’t have a body. This leads on to the fact as to why I felt no regrets as to what I had done to Lee. At least his parents would have a body when the slag hunters handed it over to his parents.

“Are you ok?”Sharonasked me.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just didn’t think that it would be so easy and at least his parents are going to have a body to bury when the slag hunters find him,” I said.

“That’s something else that you have to learn. By the time they have finished with the body, there will be nothing left to hand over to his parents,”Sharoninformed me.

“And just what do you mean by that?” I asked

“Once they find his body, it will be cut into manageable pieces and then dissolved in acid. He will just be reported as missing,” she told me, obviously noticing the look of shock and horror n my face.

“But why do they do that?” I asked.

“Well think about it. If they just handed the body over, there would have to be an inquest, an autopsy and how do you explain that the body has been drained of blood? You just can’t explain that to the humans without bringing to their attention the existence of the vampire species. Just imagine the problems that that would cause,”Sharonsaid.

This had really given me something to think about. Ever since seeing the TV appeal, the wanted posters, I had been feeling really bad about what my former parents and friends must be going through. Now, I had done something that would put some other people through the same thing. How could I not feel bad about that? So, yes, I may be a vampire but I still had my memories of my HUMAN life and, having said that,vampires do have feelings and emotions. Why shouldn’t we? We are a lifeform at the end of the day.

Anyway, Gizmo had arrived with the drinks and placed them on the table. I looked at the three shot glasses filled with a pink tinged liquid and asked, “So what’s this?”

“It’s better if you just drink it and don’t ask questions,” Gizmo said.

I took a sip of my drink and it tasted far worse than the first time that I had drank vodka. After I had downed the drink, Gizmo revealed that it contained cinnamon schnapps,Tabascoand, well, I don’t exactly remember what else he said but it really burned my throat. Having said that, after the first one, it began to taste kind of sweet and I really enjoyed it. I don’t really even remember what the hell the drink was called, I just know that I developed a real taste for it.

“Hey, what’s so funny?” Gizmo asked.

“I was just thinking aboutSharoncleaning my face after I had fed,” I replied.

“And why is that so funny?”Sharondemanded.

“Well, it’s just that no one has done that since I was little kid and my mum had to clean my face when I was covered in ice cream or chocolate,” I said.

“Yeah, well in terms of being a vampire, you’re only a few months old,”Sharonsaid, “so you’re still a baby, a little kid.”

OK, so I did feel offended by that, especially as I was sat in some club pouring some lethal combination of alcohol down my throat. I was also getting more than my fair share of attention from other people in the club, both male and female. In fact, I did have to say some not very nice things to one or two people in the place. I mean, they were being very suggestive about what fun they would like to have with me but showing them the eternity band usually got rid of them. All in all, it was a really great night and we just about made it home before sunrise. None the less, Branson wasn’t too happy with us because of the fact that we had been cutting it so fine in getting home.

It was the next evening that I discovered my extra. I was sitting in the room that I shared with Stefan and Sammy, just listening to some music. Stefan and I had spent some time making love to each other before he had to go and run some errands for Branson. I was just casually minding my own business, whenSharoncame into the room unannounced. I don’t really know what happened or how to explain it but I felt like I was encased in some kind of protective bubble and when someone tried to surprise me, as Sharon had, I or the protective bubble, (I have no idea which), shot out some sort of energy bolt which sent my visitor or attacker flying against the nearest solid wall. The first I knew of this was whenSharonasked, no, actually screamed at me , “Jason, how the fuck did you do that?”

“I really have no idea what you’re talking about,” I said.

Sharontold me what had just happened and then went and got Branson, he too tried to surprise me and was hit by the energy bolt. When he had recovered and approached me, he tried to touch me but was hit with a small charge of electricity or something.

“What’s happening here Jason?” He asked.

“I really don’t know but I sort of feel like I’m encased in some kind of protective bubble or something. I really don’t know how to explain it.” We spent the rest of the night exploring my newly discovered extra. No one had seen anything like it before but it was obviously a great defense mechanism. I also discovered that, to a limited extent, I shared the same extra as Stefan and Sammy, in that I could get glimpses of peoples futures when I needed to it. Then again, we already knew about that, as I had had an insight into that shortly after I woke up.

Following on from the glow in my eyes developing that night in the Trafford centre, I had been fitted with my optrix, (or contacts), that made my eyes appear to be the natural blue colour that they had been when I was human.

The next few weeks were spent developing and learning to use my extra. It was sort of cool knowing that I had this great way of protecting myself from any danger that I may face.

Before I knew it, it had been six months since I had woken up and it was now into December. This was a much better time of year for us vampires as the sun came up later and set so much earlier. Anyway, this day, I was awake long before any one else in the house and decided that it was time for me to do something that I knew that I shouldn’t. I decided to sneak out and go in search of the people who had been my best friends in my former life. Yeah, I know that I had been warned that I should not have any contact with anyone from my old life but I had to do this. I had to let them know that I was Ok and that they shouldn’t worry about me. I just wanted to tell them that they should move on and get on with their lives and forget about me. Easier said than done!!

The other major thing that had happened was Damien moving out. The tension between the two of us had gotten so bad that Branson gave us an ultimatum, we either sort out our differences or one of us had to go. I had begun to make a few friends around the clubs and at various other hang outs but I didn’t feel close enough to anyone from another pack to ask if I could move in with them. And I didn’t want to lose Stefan, (or Sammy), for that matter. We had no idea were Damien had gone. We just woke up one day and he was gone. Not that I was too upset by it, after all, we had never really got on and so I wasn’t going to shed any tears over his moving out.

I had also made a lot of friends amongst the bands and musicians who performed around the clubs and as a result, I could often be found spending my evenings playing at one of the many underground clubs in town. I had also found out that Sammy and Stefan actually performed a live sex show at a club called MEAT LOCKER. At first I had been really pissed off about it but once I had calmed down, I came to the realization that they were just doing their bit to contribute to the household budget. As for the house where we live, we rented that from a vampire friendly human who had no problems with inter species business dealings. By doing my performances at the clubs, I was paying my way as far as the household expenses were concerned.

Anyway, I had awoken early this day and decided that I was going to find Chris and Steve, come hell or high water. I just had to and I would face the consequences later, whatever they might be. I showered and dressed as quickly and quietly as I could before sneaking off. I did make sure to take my house keys, sunglasses and some money, just in case I needed it. I had to take my sunglasses as I knew it would be an emotional and tear filled evening. I had discovered that if your eyes started to water then the glow could be seen through the optrix and the only way to hide it was with the sunglasses.

I finally reached he bus stop where Chris and Steve got off the bus on their way home from school and fond a suitable hiding place amongst the bushes and waited. I didn’t have to wait too long before they showed up and called out, “Chris, Steve, over here.”

“Who said that?” I hard Chris ask.

“I did, me, Jason,” I responded.

“Where are you?” Chris asked.

I drew the attention of them to my hiding place and they soon found me.

It was Steve who asked, “Where the fuck have you been for the past six months?”

I went on to explain that it was a really long and complex story. It was hard to convince two people that I had been so close too, that I had loved so much, that I was now a vampire. I told them to take a good, long, hard look at my skin and they finally noticed that it was much paler than it had been.

“So how did that happen?” Steve finally asked.

“It comes with the lack of exposure to sunlight. That would just turn me to a pile of dust,” I said.

I also removed the optrix so that they could see my eyes. They thought that the glow was really cool. They also wanted to see my fangs but I had to disappoint them and explain that they only manifested themselves when I had to feed. With that, the conversation turned to the boy from school who had vanished a little while after me. It was question, after question, after question. I finally had to give in and tell them everything that I knew about his disappearance. Needless to say, they were shocked at first but I finally convinced them that it was just a necessity for me to have done what I did to Lee. I think that they understood when I told them that for me, he had been nothing more than food.

We had been in the park for nearly an hour when I sensed Branson and Stevie approaching. “You two better go,” I said.

“Why?” Asked Steve.

“Because some of my other vampire friends have found me and I’m in some big trouble here,” I said.

“What Kind of trouble?” Chris and Steve both asked.

“By talking to you two I have broken one of the golden rules. I shouldn’t have any contact with anyone from my human life, so I hope you understand where I’m coming from here?” I said.

But it was too late because, as I looked up, there was Stevie and Branson. “I found him,” Stevie called out to alert Branson as to my whereabouts.

When Branson joined us he took one look at Chris and Steve and said, “Just go.”

I think, no, I know that my human friends were deeply hurt and offended by that but there was nothing I could do except watch as they walked away. It was a very painful experience for me and I felt my heart shatter into a million pieces at that moment and I didn’t think that I would ever recover. I also had to put on my sunglasses as the tears filled my eyes. The emotions that flooded my body at that moment are just too difficult to describe.

Chris and Steve didn’t move very far before they turned round take one last look at me and it was Steve who said, “Can we at least tell Colin and Sandra, his parents, sorry, former parents, that we have seen him?”

“Sorry but you just can’t do that,” Branson told them. “Besides, do you think that they would believe you if you told them that their son is now a vampire?”

Chris and Steve looked at each other and shook their heads. At that point, I was reading their thoughts and I sensed them say, ‘this is just so heartbreaking.’

I responded by saying, “It feels the same way for me. Now, please, for me, just get over this and move on in your lives.”

They promised to try and do their best to fulfill my request but said that it wouldn’t be easy.

As we made our way home. Branson informed that I was grounded until he decided otherwise. I would be allowed to fulfill my performing obligations but that was it. Even then, it would be either him or Sharon, as the two eldest in our little pack, that would be accompanying me to make sure that I didn’t get in anymore trouble. The only other exception to the grounding rule would be when I had to go and feed and then, I would also have an escort. It sounded like this whole being grounded thing was going to last for some time. Then again, it could have been a lot they could just have easily thrown me out into the sun. I suppose that I had to count myself lucky.

Life was somewhat boring for the next few weeks. Besides going out to perform three or four times a a week, I was more or less confined to the house. But,having said that, Sharon and Branson and the others made sure that I was kept busy with various chores, so at least that kept me out of mischief. The only thing that no one had any control over was the fun that I had with Sammy and Stefan. No one could try and stop us from doing that kind of stuff, could they?

Anyway, it was around a week before Xmas and I was due to feed again. I headed into town with Branson and it was as we walked throughPiccadillyGardensthat I saw Steve and Chris again. It was as we walked past the ice skating rink that had been set up for the Xmas period that I saw them. Well, actually, they saw me and it was Steve who called out, “Hey, Jason, how’s it going?”

There was no way that I could talk to him, not with Branson watching my every move. As we walked away, I could still here both Chris and Steve calling my name. I didn’t think that it would work but I decided to give it my best shot and gave Branson my cutest, most pleading puppy dog eyes.

The reaction I got from him at first was, “No way Jason, you know the rules.”

“Please, can’t I just talk to them for a few minutes? What harm can it really do? After all, they already know about me and I swear, that they won’t have said a word to anyone,” I pleaded.

Branson wasn’t too sure but eventually gave in and I headed back towards the ice rink.

Chris and Steve made their way to edge of the rink and said, “Hi Jay and how are you doing?”

“I’m OK,” I said, “but I can talk for a few minutes. After meeting up with you two the other week, I’m watched like a hawk. I’m not allowed out on my own and see that boy over there,” I said pointing to Branson, “He’s the leader of our pack and he said that I can talk to you for a few minutes.”

We did talk for a few minutes and they told me about people from my old life. My mum wasn’t doing to good. She had virtually broken down after my disappearance and my grandparents didn’t talk to my parents anymore. It was kind of hard hearing this stuff but there was nothing that I could do. I had no way of going back to that life. Eventually I noticed Branson looking at me and I had to say, “looks like I have to go. I’ve got stuff to do anyway.”

Needless to say Chris asked, “Such as?”

“You really don’t want to know,” came my response.

“You know that you can trust us,” Chris added.

“OK, I have to go and feed,” I said, as I began to walk away. I looked back and said, “Don’t even think about trying to follow me.”

We made our way across the Gardens and I spotted my donor. He was a boy of about fifteen with shoulder length black hair and he looked really cute. He had piercings in both ears and his lower lip. I made my way over to him and introduced myself. His name was Sean and I kind of decided that he was too good looking to just drain him and leave for dead. No, he was going to be the first one that I turned. It turned out that he was a runaway and the reason for that was that he was being abused by his father. Anyway, we talked and I asked him if he wanted to go to a party. When he said ‘yes’, I instructed him to follow me. I also knew that Branson was following me, it wouldn’t be that easy to give him the slip.

I led Sean down some dark alley and he kept asking where were we going. “It’s not too much further,” I told him.

Once we had got to a point where I knew it would be safe to do what I had to do, I said, “Can I kiss you?”

“I’m not into that kind of stuff, not with other boys anyway but I don’t suppose it would hurt this time,” he said.

I didn’t waste too much time in pressing my lips against his and it felt really nice. I slowly made my way down to his neck and gently licked at it and took little nips with my teeth. I could feel the familiar itching in my gums, as my fangs popped out.

“What are you doing?” He asked.

I ignored the question as I had to feed and I was at the point that I had no control over what I was I doing. There was a loud, agonizing scream, as my fangs tore through the flesh and sank into the jugular. There was the familiar feeling of the hot blood hitting my face. As Seans’ blood began to absorb into my system, I began to feel renewed and refreshed. I had never turned anyone before but I could feel the toxins being released into his body. I instinctively knew that I had to stop feeding before I completely drained him and I just knew when it was the right time to stop feeding.

Once I had withdrawn my fangs from his neck, I opened my bag and took out the water and face cloth and cleaned my face. Then I took off the t-shirt that I was wearing, due to the fact that it was now covered in blood stains. I put on my clean shirt and the jacket that I had brought with me, as I was feeling the chill of the night air. I glanced around for a place to hide the body and I also noticed that Branson had become to distracted. Even though Sean was older, taller and heavier than me, I had no trouble in moving his body to the hiding place that I had sussed out. I looked round again and noticed that Branson was till distracted and began to walk away in the opposite direction. As I left the alley, I bumped into a man and said to him, “Ermmmm…………sorry about that,”

I hadn’t looked at the man but as soon as he said, “Jason?” I recognised the voice.

I looked up at him and said, “Dad?”

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