A Different Perspective – Part 3

My First Time

   I was really  bugged out by the comment that Damien had made about me not liking Stefan and Sammy when I found out just what it was that they did at the club where they worked. I wasn’t just bugged out by it, I was totally pissed off but I knew there was little point in asking him just what he had meant by that comment. He had been making nasty comments about me ever since I woke up from the crossover and he wouldn’t explain that to me, so I doubted whether or not he would answer any questions that I had about Stefan and Sammy. I was also curious about what he had said about getting himself in trouble when he had been human due to his uncontrollable urge to kiss people. Again, I decided that there was not much point in asking about this as I was unlikely to get any sensible or honest answers to my questions and so I just let it slide.

We where still in the alleyway when Damien asked me, “Are you OK?”

“Urm……I think so, I’m just not sure that I could do what you just did tho’,” I responded to the question.

“Well, if you want to survive in this life, then you are going to have to feed every thirty days or so or you will just die,” he informed me.

“So what happens to the body?” I asked.

“It’ll be safely hidden were it is until the slag hunters come for it,” Damien said.

“What the hell are slag hunters?” I asked.

Damien explained to me that slag hunters were employed by the government to clean up after us. The work that they did was top secret and if any human came across a slag hunter performing his, or her, duty, then the life of the human would be terminated. Obviously it would be extremely dangerous for us, the vampire species, if it became common knowledge amongst the humans that we did ACTUALLY exist. It kinda took me by surprise to know that the government actually knew of our existence but I didn’t really question it. I was still very new to this life and had an awful lot to learn.

By now were walking through town towards the Triangle, an upmarket shopping centre. Obviously it wasn’t open at one in the morning but the huge TV screen was still broadcasting. As we got closer to it, I noticed that they were broadcasting an appeal for information on a thirteen year old boy who had mysteriously disappeared from his home almost five weeks ago. Then they showed a picture of ME. I felt the tears welling up in my eyes and Damien put his arm around me and said, “There’s not a lot you can do about it. All of us half-life’s have been through this, so just get used to the fact that THAT is all in your past. That was just you in another life.”

It got worse tho’, when the pictures on the TV screen flashed to a room and there was a long table. There were four people sat at the table, my parents, (or at least the people who had been my parents in my former life), along with Steve and Chris, who had been my two best friends in that life. Watching this was all very disturbing and Damien suggested that we get back home. I couldn’t have agreed more. I just needed to get away from seeing this, it was just too disturbing and I knew that there was no going back to that life. I was well aware of the fact that when I crossed over it was a one way trip and I had also been made VERY aware of the fact that I could have no contact, whatsoever, with anyone from my human life.

I didn’t think that I could make the walk back to our house before sunrise and I was also very conscious of the dangers of being exposed to the sunlight. Damien suggested that we take a night bus. I had no money but Damien said that he would take care of the bus fare. As we headed back toPiccadillyGardensto catch the bus, I heard a commotion down some dark alley. That was one of the first times that I became aware of just how much better my eyesight was. I noticed a group of boys, around 15 or 16 in the alley and I was aware of the fact that they were vampires but there was something very different about them. Their skin was very pale and they had no hair whatsoever.

Damien just said one word, which was, “Nosferatu.”

“And what the fuck is a Nosferatu?” I asked.

“The worst kind of vampire imaginable,” Damien replied.

Damien explained to me that a Nosferatu was created when the sire flooded the body of the host with a serious amount of the toxins that turned a human into a vampire. During the crossover the skin became very pale, the hair fell out and once the crossover was completed, the eyes glowed red, PERMANETLY. A Nosferatu was also in a constant state of blood lust and required feeding at least several times a week and they didn’t care whether or not they fed on humans or other vampires. They had also been known to cannibalise their victims. In other words, they were extremely dangerous. They were also prone to some kind of madness. Even to me, this all sounded really scary. Needless to say, we got out of there very quickly. Once on the bus, Damien told me about another government organization that had been set up to hunt down vampires, mainly Nosferatu and vampires who had been really careless when it came to feeding.

Once we had got onto the bus I asked Damien about something that he had mentioned earlier, “What did you mean when you referred to us as ‘half-lifes’?”

“A vampire that was turned before the age of eighteen is always referred to like that by the older vampires. It’s their way of insulting us and we very rarely have any contact with them. They call us half-lifes because they think, that, due to our age when we were turned that we have had no real experience of life. They think that we have not experienced any real pain or sadness in our lives. But what would they know?” Damien said in reply to my question.

When we arrived home, everyone else was out doing whatever it was that they did, which meant that Damien and I were alone. We sat in the communal room and he offered me a drink. It was a clear liquid with ice in it and I had no idea what it was. I tasted it and it felt like it was burning my throat. “What is this stuff?” I asked.

“Vodka. I assume that you’ve never drank alcohol before?” Damien asked.

“It’s not exactly the sort of thing that thirteen year olds do,” I said.

“Maybe thirteen year old humans don’t drink but just remember that you’re a VAMPIRE now.”

Well that was true, I guess that it was just another adjustment that I was going to have to make to this new life, this new existence that I was now a part of. By the time I had finished the first one I had seriously got the taste for it. Damien told me to help myself to more, if I wanted it. I was also pondering over how I was going to approach Stefan and Sammy to find out just what they did at this club where they worked. Surely it couldn’t be anything that bad, could it? For now, I just put it all to the back of my mind. There was very little else that I could do until I got the chance to talk to those two and that wouldn’t be for around and hour and half yet. Even then, I doubted that I would really get much of a chance to talk as it would be near sunrise and the big sleep would over take us. Despite the fact that the house was totally sunproof, I had already found out that, as soon as the sun came up over the horizon, than the sleep would hit you and you would be out cold until sunset.

By the time they, Sammy and Stefan, arrived home, I was sat on the mattress in our room, feeling a little worse for wear from the vodka that I had been drinking and just staring at two DVDs that I had found. Not only I had found them amongst the collection of vampire porn that Sammy and Stefan owned but they had also pissed me off BIG TIME. These particular DVDs featured the two boys doing stuff with each other that had really upset me. I had so many questions whizzing around in my head at that moment that I didn’t know were to begin. When they walked in the room, I didn’t give them a chance to ask how I was. I just threw the DVDs at them and screamed, “Why the fuck couldn’t you just tell me?”

I couldn’t believe how calm they were. They just said that we could talk about this later and that it was now time to sleep for the day. But I didn’t see how I was going to sleep. Not with this playing on my mind but I was wrong. My body clock was obviously aware of the fact that it was sunrise and I suddenly felt so tired and that was it, the sleep overtook me.

I awoke to the feeling of a hand rubbing against my chest. Without even thinking, I grabbed a hold of the wrist and threw whoever it was across the room. The next thing that I was aware of was a voice, that I recognised as belonging to Stefan, screaming at me, “And what the fuck did I do to deserve that?”

By now, my eyes were wide open and I gazed across the room at Stefan before I responded with, “You fucking lied to me that is what you did to deserve that.”

I was looking at the eternity band around my own wrist, when he said, “We didn’t lie to you, I didn’t lie to you, I was just waiting for the right time to tell you that me and Sammy are involved in the vampire porn industry. We have to make money to survive somehow; I hope that you can understand that?”

“Right now, I’m not too sure about anything as far as you are concerned. I believed you when you said you could make a difference to my life but now, I really don’t know. The truth is that I really don’t know a thing about either of you apart from the fact that this,” I said, pointing at the eternity band, “is supposed to prove that you love me.”

At that point, Stevie came bursting in to the room, wondering what all the shouting and screaming was about. Right now I was beginning to think that maybe it would have been far better for Stefan to have fed on me and left me for dead. I felt like I was living in some really crazy, fucked up, nightmare. I felt like I would never adjust to this life. If you could call it that.

Stevie pit his arm around me and said, “I guess you guys have a few problems?”

“I suppose you could say that,” I replied.

Stevie explained to me that the whole process of crossing over was never easy and that it was always painful. I already knew that I had to make some serious adjustments, I just didn’t realise that it was going to be so hard, so difficult. Anyway, that night I got to spend some time alone with Stefan and Sammy. Stefan had been kicked out of his home when his dad caught him performing ‘unnatural’ acts with another boy. He eventually met Stevie and the two became friends and it was the latter who had turned him. Naturally, Stefan missed his identical twin brother and it was Damien who had bitten Sammy. Damien had tried using the eternity band on Sammy but it hadn’t worked and I was beginning to think that this was a part of the problem that he had with me. It was only my fourth night of being awake and I was still adjusting to the way in which my senses now worked. Everything was a hundred times better than it had been and it felt good, in a strange sort of way. I was in one of the many underground vampire clubs that existed and I was enjoying myself. I was getting quite a bit of attention from other vampires, both male and female, who wanted to know who the new ‘cutie’ was. I didn’t let it bother me tho’, due to the fact that I was with the twins and I was in love with Stefan, even if I was a little pissed off with him right now. After all, as he had said, he needed to do something to make some money and I suppose that I was eventually going to have to pull my weight and earn some money to put in to the kitty. I just had no idea what I would as far as that was concerned. As I said, I was really having fun in this club. I got talking to a few other vampires and telling them about abilities as a musician. I was eventually asked to join the clubs band and perform a few songs, which was really cool. Once I had finished, they invited me back again.

For the next few weeks, I spent an awful lot of time with Branson and Gizmo being trained. They had me doing all kinds of physical exercise, something which I had never done as a human. Ok, I liked to go out riding my bike and swimming but that was about the limit of physical exercise. I never actually played any sports or anything; it just wasn’t my type of thing. I was also taught to defend myself by learning to fight. There had been many times when I had been getting bullied that I just wanted to lash out but I had always been told that fighting was wrong and so I just stood back and took what ever the bullies dished out. Branson and Gizmo told me that one of the things that made vampires different from humans was the fact that we were allowed to be, encouraged to be, individuals. At first, that sounded a bit strange, almost as if we were meant to be lonely creatures. However, that was not the case, it was all about developing a better understanding of yourself, which in turn would help you to interact with other vampires in a better way.

To begin with, my muscles hurt from all the running, fighting and exercise in general but I eventually got used to it and I was beginning to feel like a much better person. After about three weeks of this I was starting to protest about this nightly routine and just wanted to be allowed to go and have some fun with some of the others. Branson eventually relented and said that I could spend the night with the twins, who had a night off from their job.

This day, we had been woken to the sounds of rumbling in Sammys’ stomach and knew that the hunger was building. He would have to feed within the next day or two or the bloodlust would set in and that would put us all in danger. We headed off to the Trafford Centre as Sammy and Stefan wanted to some shopping. It was also the summer holidays as far as the human kids were concerned and Sammy knew that there would be a few suitable willing donors around. It was as we walked through the Trafford Centre that the next stage of my development as a vampire happened. Stefan suddenly placed his hand over my eyes and I asked, “Hey, whats’ going on?”

“It’s happening, your eyes have the glow,” he said.

I was told that, just before you needed to feed for the first time, your eyes developed this golden glow. It was something that happened to all vampires, with the exception of the Nosferatu, and was one of the reasons that we had to wear contacts or optrix, as they were known. These were used to make your eyes look as if they still had there natural colour from when you were a human. There were only three things that would make it obvious that you were a vampire;

1) The golden glow of the eyes when not wearing the optrix!

2) Your eyes turning that deep, crimson, blood red just before you sank your fangs into your donor.

3) The appearance of the fangs when the hunger was upon you.

Other than this, Sammy, Stefan and I looked, to all intents and purposes, just like any other teenage boys that were walking around the shopping centre.

“You better get him to the nearest bathroom and keep him there until I get back,” Sammy said to Stefan.

“So where you going?” I asked.

“I have to go and feed, I’ll be as quick as I can,” he said.

With that, Stefan led me to the nearest bathroom and took me in to one of the cubicles. I kept asking if I could look in one of the mirrors, so that I could see this glow that my eyes had developed. He just kept telling me that I could see it later and that for now I had to stay where I was as we didn’t want to give ourselves away. That would only lead to all kinds of trouble.

It seemed like forever before Sammy returned but in reality it was only about twenty minutes. I was surprised that there was not a trace of blood on him after what he had just done. It was obviously something that came from experience. Sammy handed me a pair of sunglasses and said, “You’ll have to wear these until we can get your optrix. We don’t want to give ourselves away now, do we?”

I put on the sunglasses and we left the bathroom. We spent a little while longer hanging around the Trafford Centre, until security began to clear the place out for the night. We just headed home at that point.

It was few days later and I woke up with Stefan lying next to me and he had his arm on my shoulder. “Tonight is the night that you are going to have to do it,” He said.

“Do what?” I asked.

“Go out and feed,” I was told in no uncertain terms.

“But how do you know that?” I asked.

“I can feel it, sense it,” he said.

I knew he was right as I could fell this strange rumbling, this intense pain in my stomach. It was the worst hunger pain that I had ever felt and I knew that tonight I was going to have to take the life of another human just so that I could live for another month. As it was, I still had much of my own human blood flowing through me and I was unsure as to whether or not I could go through with this. I dressed anyway and went in to the communal and, as usual, Damien was making his nasty, snide, comments towards me and it pissed me off no end. I could feel my gums itching as my fangs tries to pop out. I could feel my eyes turning to that crimson red colour as I lunged forward and pounced on my nemesis. I had absolutely no control over this, I was hungry, I needed to feed. I could feel the blood flowing through Damiens veins as he screamed out, “Get him off me!”

I felt some hands on my shoulders as I was dragged off and Gizmo said, “Get some shoes on, it’s time.’

I looked at Sammy and Stefan and I could see the hurt in their eyes as I said, “I’m sorry, I’m so so so so, sorry.”

I’m sure that they understood but I knew that I had hurt them, upset with the way in which I had just almost taken the life of one of my own. I left the house with Gizmo andSharonand we headed for the park. It was Saturday night and we knew that Lee, my chosen would be passing through the park on his way home from hanging out with his mates. We were also aware of the fact that he would be probably have been drinking or taking some kind of illegal substance.

Getting to the park was no easy task for me. The pain that I was felling was so intense and we had to stop for a while. That seemed to be a bit of a mistake as it just seemed to intensify the pain and I felt that I just couldn’t go on but I did. Eventually the pain subsided and we continued on our way to park. Once we got there, we didn’t have very long to wait for my donor to show up.

I approached him and said, in a very sarcastic way, “Hi Lee, it’s great to see you again.”

After what had happened during our last meeting I could see the fear in his eyes. I had also discovered that vampires had the ability to read human minds and I was using this ability at that moment. I discovered that Lee was actually gay and he was just being a bully to try and hide his true self, his true feelings. I grabbed hold of him by the scruff of the neck and said, “I think it’s about time that you experienced some real pleasure in your life,” as I pressed my lips against his. Even tho’ I was much stronger than him, I didn’t resist when he pushed me away and said, “Just what the fuck do you think you are doing? I’m not GAY.”

“But you are, you just haven’t admitted it to yourself yet,” I said, as I kissed him again. Using my mind reading ability, I could tell that he was enjoying this. Not that he would admit to that. I also grabbed a hold of his dick through the material of his jeans and I could feel the hardness off his cock. I felt a strange and perverse sense of satisfaction at what was happening but I couldn’t dwell on that too much. I felt my fangs pop out of my gums and I remember the fear that I saw on Lees’ face as he saw that my eyes had turned that deep, crimson red. Soon I would feed for the first time.

“Wh…wh….what are you?” I remember Lee asking.

I didn’t answer as I brushed my fangs across his neck. I was now at a point were I had no real control over my situation and I sank my fangs into his neck. The blood felt so hot as it hit my face. I thought that it would scold my face as it felt so hot. I remember the sound of tearing flesh as my fangs sank deeper through the flesh and muscle to reach their target. I felt my fangs sink in to the jugular and begin to suck the blood out of Lees’ body. I had been told that I had to let the fangs do the work. It was the fangs that drew the blood from the donor and absorbed it in to my system. As I fed, I also felt the rush of adrenalin from Lee going straight to my brain and filling me with a renewed sense of purpose. By now Lee was lying on the ground and I was straddling his chest as I fed. I felt a final rush of adrenalin to my brain as I sucked the last of the life essence from my donor and the blood turned cold. I also remember feeling as if I had had a massive orgasm, which I realized I had when I stood up after withdrawing my fangs from Lees’ neck. I also noticed the wetness round his crotch and knew that it had been as good for him as it had for me.

“You did really well,” Gizmo said, as he began to move the body in to the bushes were it would be discovered and removed by the slag hunters later. Meanwhile,Sharonbegan to clean me up with the water that she had brought. Once my face had been cleaned of the last traces of blood, I took off my t-shirt, which was also splattered with blood and put on the clean one that we had brought with us.

For some strange reason, I felt no remorse for what I had just done. That bastard had done so much to hurt me when I was a human that he had now paid the ultimate price for his evil deeds. Ok, so a human would think that what I had just done was evil but for me, it was essential. It was necessary for me to continue to live. I was far more important than he had ever been and I felt nothing for him, I had absolutely no feeling for what I had just done. It was just a case of us, the vampires, against them, the humans and I wanted to be on the winning side. Not that we could just wipe out the human race, as that would also be the end of us as we would have no food supply left.

“So what do we do now?” I asked

“How about we go and celebrate?”Sharonasked.

A few hours ago, that suggestion would have really disgusted me. Going off to celebrate the ending, the termination of a human life but now, it seemed like the best idea going. “But what about this?” I asked as I picked up the blood soaked t-shirt that I had discarded.

Sharonjust took out a cigarette lighter and set fire to it, thus disposing of the evidence.

With that we headed of to one the underground vampire clubs for a night of celebration.

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