A Different Perspective – Part 2

Waking up to a new life

   I awoke to  what sounded like a loud noise, a very loud noise. As a human I had been to a couple of rock concerts and this sounded like that but amplified about 500 hundred times. And it was painful, really fucking painful.

Anyway, what I heard was Sammy saying, “Stefan, I think he’s awake. Your boyfriend is awake!!!”

Mmmmmm……..I thought boyfriend? I really liked the sound of that. I opened my eyes but that hurt too. In a voice, barely above a whisper, I said, “What have you got in there? A 2000 watt bulb or something?”

By now, Stefan was lying next to me and had his hands over my ears. “It’s Ok,” he said, “It’s always like this when you first wake up. It should have all settled down by sunset and you will be feeling so much better.”

“What day is it?” I asked.

“Friday,” Stefan said, “and we, meaning Sammy and me, have to go to sleep now as the sun will be up soon. We’ll introduce you to the others when we wake up and we’ll answer all of your questions.”

I was very surprised that I had been asleep for three days but was even more surprised when they told me it was actually nearer to five weeks. I had also noticed that I was connected to some sort of tube and I was told that I was being supplied with some kind of blood plasma to keep me fed. I noticed Sammy and Stefan stretching and yawning and knew that they must be tired. I asked one final question and that was if Stefan would sleep with me. Sammy had no objections and so Stefan cuddled up to me and I soon heard the sound of his soft, gentle snoring. They, the twins, had also told me that I would probably be in and out of consciousness for the rest of the day. Which I was.

I had no idea what time it was when I awoke but Stefan and Sammy were both soundly asleep. I looked around the room and even though it was pitch black, I could see perfectly. Despite the tube supplying me with the blood plasma, I was able to get up off the mattress and walk around the room. First thing I did was to look in the full length mirror that was hanging on the back of the door. I was very surprised that I could see my reflection. If I really was a vampire, why could I see my reflection? And why didn’t we sleep in coffins? I flashed myself a smile and didn’t see any fangs. Had they really turned me into a vampire? As I found out when Stefan and Sammy woke, there was so much mythology that humans had created regarding vampires. The first one being that we did not, contrary to human believes, sleep in coffins. As for the fangs, they only showed when it was time to feed. The idea that vampires had no reflection in a mirror was also another human misconception. I also learned that we could walk through churches and church yards without suffering adverse effects. Holy water and crucifixes also had no effect on us. Two things that I was warned to steer clear of were garlic and silver. Just the sight, the mere smell of these two things would send a vampire into an anaphalytic shock, something akin to humans having an allergy to nuts’ or other food items.

The room itself looked just like any normal teenage boys room. There was a TV, DVD player and HI FI system. I looked through the collection of DVDs’ and CDs’. Most of the music CDs’ were by bands that I knew from my human life. I was surprised by some of the DVDs’ though as they looked, at first glance, to be kiddie porn but then I realized that this must be vampire porn. It was kind of strange seeing these pictures of boys who were the same age as me or not too much older doing this stuff. I suppose I had a lot of adjusting to do.

I eventually lay down next to Stefan again and went back to sleep. Next time I woke, it must have been after sunset as I felt Stefans’ hand around my cock. “Mmmmm……..that’s nice I said.”

“It looks like it’s time to get up,” he said.

“Do we have to?” I asked. “You could just carry on doing that.”

“As much as I’d like to, we really do have to get up so that you can start learning about your new life,” Sammy said as he came over and kissed me. “And besides, you two have the rest of eternity to do that kind of stuff with each other.”

I asked loads of questions. The first one, obviously, being about feeding. The twins explained to me that another popular misconception that humans had about vampires is that we just spent all our time sucking the blood from them. This was not the case. It transpired that we only needed to feed once every thirty days or there abouts’ and that I would know when it was time for me to feed. I said that I was not too sure about having to take another human life. It was explained to me that when the time came for me to feed that I would not have much choice in the matter and that I would have a better understanding of that when the time came. I was also told that humans were referred to as donors and that the reason that they thought of us as evil was due to the fact that we used them for food. I was also told to think of it like this. If a pig or a chicken was able to communicate on the same intelligent level as a human, then those animals would probably consider humans to be evil. After all, those animals, to humans, were nothing more than food. It was a good way of looking at things and helped to put my mind at ease. I still wasn’t to sure if I would ever be able to feed and I was told that I should just forget about it for now.

A young boy came into the room. He only looked to be around 10 or 11 and had a stethoscope around his neck.

“Hi doc,” Stefan said.

Doc? How could this young kid be a doctor?

“If it’s all the same to you, I don’t think that now is the time for some kid to be playing doctor,” I said.

It turned out that, although he only looked to be about 11 years of age; it was actually twenty years since he had been turned and he really was an expert in vampire medicine. He checked me over and explained some of the changes that my body had undergone during the crossover. He also removed the tube that had been feeding me and said that I would be Ok until I needed to feed. He also informed us that we were required in the communal room.

Sammy and Stefan sorted out some clothes for me and we got dressed and headed to the communal room. There I met Branson, who was a kind of father figure. He would have been 32 if he had still been a human. It had been 16 years since he was brought over, which meant that he would have been 16 when he was turned. Then there wasSharon. She looked about 17 but it had been twelve years since she had been turned. Then there was Gizmo, Marco, Stevie, Katrina and Melissa. The last member of my new vampire family that I met was Damien and he took an instant dislike to me for some reason. He walked into the room and said, “So the newbie, the newblood is awake. I was really hoping that something would go wrong in the crossover.”

I had no idea what his problem was and it would be a while before I found out. I was also told about a few very important rules. Number one being that I should have no contact with anyone from my human life. The second important rule was that you should never try to take another vampires food. It got to a point were everyone in the room seemed to be shouting information at me. I wanted to scream out for them all to shut up but I just sat there, absorbing the information. I had no idea how I was doing that but it was kind of enjoyable.

I also asked Sammy and Stefan how they had been able to give me that glimpse, that insight into my future. It turned out that all vampires had at least one extra. A special ability that they used as a sort of weapon or defence mechanism. As Stefan and Sammy were identical twins, they shared many of the same abilities, one of these being the ability to see not only their own futures but those of other people as well. It was at that point that I suddenly saw something. The boy who had been sitting by my hospital bed, his name wasGaryand he would have ended up being my boyfriend. I told everyone in the room about this and the twins looked really surprised.

“He’s not supposed to discover his extra until after his first feeding,” Sammy said.

“It’s a slim chance but I think that he could be a mimic,” Branson said.

Branson explained to me what a mimic is. I t was a vampire who had the ability to copy anything that another vampire could do. For instance, you could find yourself in a fight with five others, all of whom were black belts in different martial arts. As a mimic, you could watch these guys for a few seconds and you would know all their moves and fight them off single headedly. In effect, you were suddenly a black belt in all of those martial arts. You also had the ability to copy any extra that another vampire had. Branson was unsure of why I had had this glimpse of what my human future would have been as I was not supposed to discover my extra until after I had fed for the first time. There had only been one vampire who was known to be a mimic in recent history, according to the scriptures. His name was Justin and, like me, he was a vampire born out of love. No one knew what had happened to him as he had just disappeared, leaving behind his totally broken lover Taryn. According to the scriptures, the only reason that Taryn kept himself fed was due to the fact that he lived in the vain hope that Justin would return.

I also asked about the eternity band that I remembered Stefan placing around my wrist. He lifted my arm and I saw what looked like a very intricately designed tattoo around my wrist. It was actually just below the surface of the skin and was the sign of a vampire born out of love. The eternity band was made from pure platinum and if the love was deep and true between the human being turned and the vampire that was turning him, then the band would dissolve during the crossover and leave behind what was the most beautiful thing that I had ever seen. A vampire born out of love was also very rare and again, according to the scriptures, there were only two such known vampires in recent history. These being Justin and two others by the names of Adam and Uriel. I felt lucky and privileged at that moment.

I also learned that everyone in the house had connections with the vampire mafia and that is how we had a higher standard of living than many vampires. Everyone told me that I would learn more about that as time progressed. I was really starting to look forward to my new life.

Stefan and Sammy came over and kissed me again and said that they had to go to work. I wanted to know exactly what they did but they had left before I got the chance to ask. Katrina and Gizmo said that they would look after me that night. We left the house and headed for a nearby park. It was a park that I recognised, as it was not far from were I had lived as a human. Katrina and Gizmo also told me a little more about the vampire species, culture and society. They said that once I had settled in, they would take me to some of the vampire clubs and other haunts. There I would get the chance to meet some other vampires who were musicians and maybe even get the chance to join a band. At least my talents wouldn’t go to waste. I also asked about who the oldest known vampire in existence was. That turned out to be the somewhat mythical and legendry Comicality. No one knew much about him and the last person known to have seen him was Justin.

We had been in the park for around three quarters of an hour when we noticed a human boy walking; well, actually staggering towards us. My eyes focused on him instantly and I recognised him. His name was Lee and he had been one of the bullies at my school. He saw us and came over.

“Well, well, if it isn’t fag boy Jason. Where the fuck have you been hiding out for the last five weeks?” He asked.

Before I got chance to answer, I saw his fist being raised, ready to get in a punch. That is when I discovered that not only was my eyesight, hearing and other senses greatly improved but also my reflexes. I also discovered that I had the ability to defend myself. As a vampire I was so much faster than any human. I was on my feet and had grabbed a hold of Lees’ arm before he even had a chance to realize what was happening. I threw him to the ground with a force and ferocity that I had not known previously.

Lee looked up at me and said, “I suppose that was the last time I call you faggot or cocksucker?”

“I suppose so,’ I said.

Needless to say that Lee did not take much notice and was preparing to strike again. I raised my arm and brought the back of my hand crashing down on his cheek. It was done with such force that it left a red mark on his face and there was also a small amount of blood coming form his mouth. I could smell the blood and I could feel my gums begin to itch. I didn’t really understand what was happening as I had been told that it would be a while before I needed to feed. Katrina came up behind me and pulled me away, before saying, “I think we should get you out of here.”

As Katrina led me away, Gizmo looked down at Lee and said, “And you should get home and just forget that any of this happened.”

I could hear form the sound of his voice that Lee was shocked and terrified by what had happened but he picked himself up and started to walk away. I looked around and saw something grab him form the bushes. I leapt into action and ran over to where Lee was. I picked him up and threw him over my shoulder. It was at this point that another vampire appeared and he was not happy. After all, I had broken a golden rule and stolen his dinner. Then again, I had my own selfish reasons for that. After the way that I had been treated by Lee in my human life, I wanted him to pay the ultimate price for everything that he had ever done to me. I managed to get a good kick in and knocked the other vampire to the ground. By now I had been joined by Gizmo and Katrina. They told me to get Lee away from there and they would take care of the other vampire.

I ran at a speed that I had not known was possible. I got Lee home and placed him on his feet before he asked, “What the fuck happened there? And just what the hell happened to you?”

“You just wouldn’t believe me if I told you, so, please, just don’t ask,” I said in answer to the question.

By now, my two new vampire friends had showed up and said it was time to get me home. I knew that I would be in some trouble but I was new to all of this and so I was told that my punishment wouldn’t be too serious. When we got home, I was given a serious lecture on what I had done wrong and made to promise that I would never be so stupid again. Branson also told me that he had found out, via his mafia contacts, that the vampire whose food I had taken was part of a tribe that were renegades from the mafia. As a result, I would have the protection of the mafia, who were actually hunting for this group due to the crimes that they had committed. Once found they would be facing the only penalty available. DEATH. Either by a stake through the heart or they would be left in the sun to become toast. That was another thing that I discovered that the humans had right about us, we could be killed by a stake through the heart.

It wasn’t too much longer before Sammy and Stefan arrived home. We went to our room and made out for a while before the sleep set in. It was summer and the worst time of year for vampires. This being down to the fact that the sun set much later and rose much earlier.

The next day I was not allowed out. Instead, Branson and Sharon kept me busy with chores around the house. I felt pissed off about this but they said that after what I had done the previous day, it was for my own good. I also learned a couple of things that made me think that being a vampire wouldn’t be too bad after all. Firstly, I learned that during the sleep cycle my body would regenerate and I would look like and be in the body of a thirteen year old for all eternity. I was also told that as I had been a virgin when I crossed over, I would be a virgin for ever. If I had sex with Stefan, or Sammy, for that matter, then my body would heal within an hour and I would be a virgin again. So everytime would be like my first time.

By Sunday I had learnt that as a vampire, when you wake up, you are awake. There is none of this human nonsense of wanting to doze or snooze for a while. I was just chatting with the twins when the door burst open and Damien came bursting in.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Stefan asked.

“HE,” Damien said, pointing at me, “is going hunting tonight. Now get dressed,” I was ordered as a pile of clothing and a pair of trainers where thrown in my direction.

“But he’s not ready,” Sammy protested

“I know that but I felt the hunger when I woke and he needs to see how this is done,” Damien responded.

It looked as if I didn’t have much of a choice in this. I was kind of nervous and afraid but the twins assured me that I would be OK. As Damien left the room he said, “You have five minutes to get ready.”

Damien and I left the house and headed into the city. Due to the fact that we could move so much faster than any human, it didn’t take us long to cover the five mile distance into the city. By the time we got there I was aching as my muscles hadn’t been properly trained yet. We got toPiccadillyGardensand rested for a while. Damien gave my leg muscles a massage and I was soon feeling better. As we sat there, I discovered that I was able to distinguish other vampires from the humans. It had a lot to do with the way they walked and the air of self confidence that they portrayed. Even the humans seemed different. The way they smelt and looked just seemed to be totally different to me now that I was a vampire. All the time that we sat in the Gardens, I noticed that Damien kept looking round, searching for his donor for tonight. Suddenly Damiens’ eyes became fixed on a human boy of about 16 and I knew he had found his dinner. I noticed another vampire that had been looking at the boy but he, (the other vampire), nodded at Damien and I knew that the boy was Damiens. I really wasn’t looking forward to this but I also knew that I had to do it.

Damien stood up and said, “OK, lets’ move.”

I just did as I was told. I followed Damien as he followed his target. The human passed an alley way and in a swift move, Damien pounced and sent the boy flying into the dark depths of the alley way. By now, Damiens’ eyes had turned that crimson colour that I had seen just before Stefan bit me. Damien leapt forward and landed on the boy. The boy put up a struggle but was punched in the stomach by Damien. The punch was so hard that I can swear that I heard the ribs shatter. Despite that, the boy still struggled but Damien just leaned forward and sank his fangs into the boys’ neck. He tore through the flesh and tissue before finding the target. I could hear the sucking and slurping as the very essence of his life was drained. It was over within minutes and I just stood there watching as Damien cleaned himself up.

I then helped Damien move the body further into the alley and we covered it up with some boxes.

“So will he become one of us?” I asked.

“No, he was just food. When we want to create a new vampire, we release some chemicals into the donors’ body that cause the transformation,” Damien said.

I have no idea why but Damien leaned forward and kissed me. I felt powerless to resist but after a while I pushed him away and said, “Why the hell did you do that?”

“I never could resist the urge to kiss someone as cute as you, even when I was a human. It got me in a lot of trouble but once I crossed over a few people met with some very unfortunate accidents,” Damien said in response to my question.

“Yeah, well just remember that I was created out of love and I love that person just as much,” I said.

“You may not be saying that when you find out what he and Sammy do at that club where they work,” Damien retorted.

What the hell was that supposed to mean?

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