A Different Perspective – Part 1

Jason: The Crossing Over

Hi, I’m Jason Lewis. I’m 15, about five foot four inches tall, blonde hair and the most amazing blues eyes, that everyone tells me make me look really cute and adorable. Well, at least they are blue when I have my contacts in. You may have read another story in the nifty archive about another Jason who is incredibly like me, but that’s where the similarity ends. That person is not me. Sure, that Jason Lewis maybe dose exist in another reality, different dimension or parallel world, call it what you want. It’s two years ago today that my life changed forever, two years since I made the transformation, the crossover., to become a part of an entirely different species. I just realized that it must also be two years since all that stuff happened to that other Jason, whoever he is? If he even exists? I never would have wanted any of that shit happening to me but as I say, there are different realities and alternative dimensions that offer endless variations and alternative outcomes to a persons’ life. This is the story of what happened to me and how I crossed over, became apart of this species and the life that I have lived for the last two years and how much I have really enjoyed my new life.

So, now you are wondering what happened to me and what I became? How it all changed my life? I will tell you but I’ll start at the beginning, which is probably the best place to start.

It was a Monday evening; late in May, if I remember correctly, when I met them, the two people, those two beautiful and just so perfect boys, who gave me the invitation, the opportunity to cross over to this new life. Who were they? I will get there and tell you, at some point in this story. Anyway, as I said it was a Monday and I had had another really bad day at school, suffering at the hands of the bullies. My stomach hurt form the punch that I had received in the bathroom during lunch break. I had spent the afternoon just trying to hide the pain and I was sure that there would be some serious bruising. I did talk to my parents, when I got the chance, about the fact that I was being bullied and they had been to the school numerous times, but it really never did any good. They also said that if anything happened, then I should talk to one of my teachers or go and see my headmaster. But what was the point? They never really did anything and if the bullies found out, then things just got worse for me. I was in a no win situation. My parents may have been self made millionaires but it is very true, oh; so very true, when you here people say that money, wealth, can’t buy you happiness. It doesn’t buy you an escape from the bullies; even if you did attend an exclusive private school with the added advantage that your parents don’t even pay the fees. I was a talented musician in my human life and had won a prestigious music scholarship to attend the school. Everyone was always telling me, trying to convince me that I was destined for great things in the world of music. But it never happened due to meeting those two Adonis’, those two pictures of perfection, that night, two years ago. Looking back, I was so so so lucky.

Anyway, my bad day, actually, make that totally shitty day, got even worse when I got home. My parents had left me a note letting me know that they would be late home. I really hated them doing this to me. Why couldn’t they, just for once, be there for me when I got home? No doubt they where out wheeling and dealing, looking for new business opportunities, negotiating new deals, new contracts, to increase their wealth even further. It was at times like this that I felt so unloved, so unwanted, that it hurt, YES, REALLY FUCKING HURT!!!!! It almost made want to cry and today I did. I had wanted to cry when I got punched in the stomach but then I would probably have been hit again, for being such a wimp. I did know, deep within my heart, that my parents did love me; they were just never that good at showing it physically. You know, the occasional hug or a kiss on the cheek form my mum. I did get those things sometimes but just not as often as I liked or wanted. I just needed that physical contact. Their way of showing me that they loved me was to provide me with every material possession that I wanted, all I had to do was ask and I got what ever I wanted. Who was I to complain about that? I was an only child; I was supposed to be spoilt.

They, my parents had also left me some money so that I could order a takeaway meal of some description for my dinner. What I really wanted was a good, home cooked meal, but I couldn’t cook and my mum wasn’t there. I put the money in my pocket; they wouldn’t miss it and certainly wouldn’t ask for it back. I then got a can of coke and a few things to snack on from the fridge, while I changed and decided what I was going to do. By the time I had changed and finished my little snack, I had decided that I would go and see my grandparents. I knew that they would be happy to see me and that grandma would make me something really nice and tasty to eat. I got my homework together and piled it all into my back pack and then dashed out of the house. After checking that I had locked the door, I got my bike from the garage and then I rode to my grandparents’ house, which wasn’t all that far away. As I thought, they were more than happy for me to show up and grandma made me a really great pasta dish for dinner and I had ice cream with the best strawberries that I ever tasted. I really enjoyed it and, looking back, it is fortunate that I did as it was the last meal that I would ever eat as a human and that after that, I would be feasting on a very different kind of food. But, I didn’t know that at the time. After I had eaten, I offered to do the washing up but grandma said that there was no need for me to do that. My grandparents had a four bedroom house but as it seemed very unlikely that they would ever have anymore grandchildren, granddad had turned one of the rooms into a computer room/ office. I went to that room to do my homework and once I finished, I went to talk with my granddad and grandma.

Mmmmm……hey, I just thought of something that is really funny. I wasted two of my last hours as a human doing homework that would never be handed in. Well, it’s really funny now but I didn’t know that at the time. Hindsight is such a wonderful thing.

Anyway, as I was saying, I went to talk to my grandparents. Well, I talked and they listened. I really poured my heart out to them and they really listened. I told them about how I felt when I got home and, yet again my parents were not there, I told them about my day at school and what had happened in the bathroom. Grandma took a look at my tummy and rubbed it with some witch-hazel, which she said would make the bruises go away much faster. Grandma said that she was going to call the school the next day and have a talk with the headmaster. I told her not to waste her time and that if the bullies found out; they would just do something even worse to me.

At that point, granddad said, “How would you like to come for lunch on Sunday?”

“That would be great,” I replied. I could hardly turn down an invitation like that as grandmas’ roasts were always fantastic. “But what about mum and dad?”

“They’re invited too. I think that it is about time that someone had a talk with them about you. More specifically, they need to be woken up to the fact they brought you into this world and that they have an obligation to you. They need to spend more time with you,” granddad said and I could tell that he was not too happy.

By now, it was getting late and dark outside and I needed to get home, even if it was to an empty house. They did ask me if I wanted to stay the night but I declined the offer as I had not brought my uniform or any of the other stuff that I would need for school tomorrow. I was about half way home when I heard a boy call out, “Hey, Jason, can I talk to you for a moment.”

I suppose that you could say that my defence mechanism kicked and I just peddled harder and faster, just to get away. All I could was that it was one of the bullies from school just wanting to have a final dig at me for the day. As I made my way home as fast as I could, I felt a sudden gust of wind rush past me. It just came out of nowhere and I had no Idea what it was. It had been a relatively hot day for the time of year and this gust of wind was just so unexplainable. It was as I turned into the road where my house was located that I had to break suddenly. There they where, just standing there. Those two images of perfection and total beauty. They looked to be about my age and I had no idea how I would tell them apart, if I knew their names, that is. I was just so attracted to them. Did I mention that I’m gay and that is why I was bullied? I had told my two best friends in the whole world that little bit of information just after my 12th birthday. What a big mistake that turned out to be.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“Sammy and Stefan,” One of the boys said.

They were both about the same height as me and had blonde hair, just like me. The resemblance was just so uncanny; it was like I was their long lost triplet or something. They also had blue eyes, almost the same colour as mine. If I hadn’t been so mesmerised by them, so attracted to them, then I think I would have just got out of there. But some how it was like I couldn’t bare to move, it felt as if they could read every thought in my head. They had access to every fear, every secret that held within me. I just had no idea how they were doing that.

I started to get a little scared and thought that may just hit me or something but I couldn’t move, I didn’t want to move. I just said, “Please don’t hurt me. Too many people have done that already. So please, just don’t hurt me, OK?”

One of the boys said, “Jason, we have no intention of hurting you. In fact we want to do just the opposite. We want to give you a chance to say how your life will turn out for once. We want to give you an opportunity to be in control of your life. We promise you that if you take our offer, then no one will ever hurt you again. You will have the ability to stand up for yourself, to defend yourself.”

This was a little weird, very weird, infact. And just how did they know my name? What could they do to change my life?

Before I could say anything else, something really strange happened. It was like watching some really sick horror movie but it was playing out in my mind. I was suddenly seeing images of myself arriving at school and being attacked by four boys who I didn’t know. They were punching me and I mean really punching me. The punches were harder than any that I had received before. I suddenly felt like I was actually feeling those punches and I wanted to scream out for this, this, well I had no idea what it was, to stop. The imaginary movie played on and I was being dragged off to another part of the school and the boys were taunting me with their private parts. One of them forced my mouth open and one of the others was forcing his into my mouth. They kept telling me to shut up and that a fucking queer like me should be enjoying this. If I struggled, I was just hit again. One of the boys was sticking his dick in my butt. I wanted to scream out, the pain was so intense but I couldn’t say a thing as I had my mouth full. The scene changed and I was lying in the emergency department at the hospital, the pain was so intense and I wanted my. Where the fuck was my mum? It carried on, scene after scene after scene. I wanted it to end but it continued on, like some nightmare from which I had no ability to wake up. I was taken to the operating theatre as they had to carry out some emergency surgery. I saw myself waking up in my hospital bed after the surgery. A boy, who I didn’t know, was sitting next to my bed and I could tell that he had been crying. I asked him why he had been crying. He told me that my parents were dead. That they had been killed in a car crash.

I couldn’t take any more of this and screamed out, “Please, stop it. Make this night mare stop.” I hoped that I would wake up but I didn’t and my tears, my sobs, they were real.

The two boys gently rubbed my back, to help ease my pain and the heartache that I was feeling. Then they did the one thing that I had wanted a boy to do to me for a long time. They kissed me. They actually kissed me on the lips. Oh, that felt so good and I soon felt so much better.

“But that won’t happen,” I said, as I used my t-shirt to dry my eyes.

“It will. Tomorrow to be precise but we can stop it,” one of the boys said. “Please, just believe in us.”

I had so many questions. Like who were they? What were they? What could they really do to make my life different? And how the hell had they just done what they did? I mean, being able to show me all that stuff that was supposedly going to happen tomorrow?

When I didn’t say anything, one of the boys said, “Please, Jason, just say that you believe in us? We know have a million questions that you would like to ask but we don’t have the time now. If you believe in us, then we will take you on the most amazing journey of your life.”

I still absolutely no idea who they were or what they were but there kisses, there touches. They had all been so very real and I just said, “Yes, I believe in you.”

With that, they told me they had to go but they would be back in a few hours and then the journey would begin. By the time I arrived home and put my bike away, it was almost eleven. Had I really been talking to those two mysterious boys for nearly an hour? I walked into the house and said goodnight to my parents. My grandparents had called and told them that I had been at their house. There was no real concern from my parents about how late home I was. I was home and safe. Mummys’ little boy was home and safe. That was all that mattered. My heart sank as I made my way to my room; there had not even been so much as a goodnight kiss from my mum. At that moment I really felt like that they just didn’t care about me at all. I just hoped that my two gods would show up and take me on this amazing journey that they had mentioned.

It was at around two in the morning that my mum came into my room to find me still awake. “Couldn’t you sleep?” She asked.

I pondered for a moment before answering. Why wasn’t she this concerned, this loving and caring a little more often? Finally I said, “I just have a few things on my mind.”

“Want to talk about?” Mum asked.

“Not really,” I replied. Well what could I tell her? That tomorrow I would go to school and end up being raped and assaulted? And that she and dad would be killed in a car crash? Like mum would have believed that. Or that two mysterious boys would be showing up sometime soon to take me on some amazing journey? That was just as, if not more, unbelievable than the rape thing. Right? As it was, I still had no idea that Sammy and Stefan were vampires. By the time I found that out, it was too late to get of coming to this life. Mum went and got me a nytol from the bathroom cabinet. It was just something that would help me to sleep. Needless to say, I only pretended to take the tablet as I didn’t want to miss my two boys. With that, mum kissed me on the cheek and left. Again, I just pretended to be drifting off to sleep. I appreciated that kiss, you won’t believe how much I appreciated it but it was just too little too late.

My visitors arrived aroundthree amand I soon found them lying either side of me on my bed and pleasuring me in ways that I had only ever dreamed about. I had dreamed about the time when I found myself a boyfriend and could do this stuff with him. And now, here I was with not one but two of the most beautiful boys that you will ever set eyes on. I felt like this was just another dream but one very pleasant dream at that. They told me that I could tell them apart quite easily. That was very true as Sammy had his left eyebrow pierced and Stefan his right. I didn’t say any thing but I thought that these boys must have really cool parents to allow them to do that at their age. I felt Stefan pleasuring my most private part with his mouth. Had I died already? While Stefan was doing what he was doing, which I really enjoyed, Sammy kept kissing me and rubbing my chest and tummy. He kept telling me to relax and just enjoy myself. He didn’t really need to tell me to do that. I WAS ENJOYING THIS. I felt so happy. I felt Stefan placing something around my wrist.

“What’s that?” I asked

As Stefan had his mouth full, it was Sammy who answered, “That is an eternity band. We’ll explain it to, you when you wake up. Now, no more questions.”

I felt Stefan entering me and at first the pain was so bad that I wondered why I was doing this/ Why was I so trusting of these two strangers? But the pain was soon replaced with the most incredible feelings of pleasure that I had ever had. It was awesome. Stefan carried on with what he was doing and I just lay there and enjoyed every pleasure and every feeling. It was that good and I didn’t want it to end but I knew it would. I felt those feelings that I had become familiar with from pleasuring myself. Only this time, it was far more intense than it had ever been. I could sense that Stefan was experiencing the same feelings, the same pleasures. Up to that point, I had my eyes closed but for some reason I opened them at that point and that is when I saw it. Stefan had his mouth wide open and I could see his fangs, salivating and glistening in the darkness of my room. AAS if that was haunting enough, his eyes had turned that deep crimson colour that they go at the point when you are about to feed. I wanted to escape but I couldn’t. The combined strength of two vampires is far more than any human can possibly fight off

“Vampires don’t exist,’ I said as Stefan lunged forward and I felt the fangs tearing through the flesh, tissue and muscle on the way to their target. MY JUGULAR. I seem to remember Sammy saying, “oh but we do.” The sound of tearing flesh and the sucking and slurping as Stefan enjoyed his meal, were the last things that I remember of my human life. I was dying. The darkness descended and I fell into the sleep that is a part of the cross over. That was my last memory of my human life

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