Dark Offerings

Dark Offerings


Here are some fan submitted Wallpapers. You can left click on an image to see a larger version.

You can right click on any image and choose “save link as” to download the image file, or you can download a zip file of all the images with this link.

 GFD, By Infinity

Download: 800x600px  1024x768px  1280x960px  1600x1200px

Gone From Daylight, by Yoshiaki

Download: 908x768px

GFD Wallpaper, by Dark Hunter

Download: 800x600px

GFD Wallpaper #2, by Dark Hunter

Download: 800x600px

Pokemon Battle between Raider and Justin

GFD Wallpaper, by Hawkeye

Download: 1600x1200px

 Gone From Daylight Screensaver:

Here you can find a “Gone from Daylight” Screensaver created by Hawkeye and Lemonfresh. You can download the file directly:

Click here to download GFD.exe (screensaver)

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