Sorrowful One

Sorrowful One

By Sirch

Taking the pills-
He swallows them all.
Now, waiting for the darkness to fall
His hand hits the floor, knocks over the wine.
One tear starts to fall for someone to find.

That’s not the way
It was to end
If only he’d met that one special friend
And shared with them all burdens and grief
Shedding the tears… finding relief.

Sorrowful One,
This is for you.
Tear-stained eyes… feeling so blue,
This love you’ve lost is a heart-felt pain.
But, when all is said you’re the one you blame

Now, here you stand
Tear stained as crimson,
Torn and bleeding deep inside.
Scarlet sins…they seem to last,
Charred remains of this secret past.

Thoughts of blame, guilt and shame
Not being enough
To ease his pain
How to get past this agony
Just let it go and then let it be?

Friend realize,
All you’ve done or will do
Cannot bring him back or ever undo
What he chose as his path to walk it alone,
Thus leave behind his loved ones and home.

He never knew
You’d blame yourself
Bleed from your heart try to save someone else,
Diligently give all that you’ve got
Fighting each fight like it’s the last one you’ll fight

If he was here
I know what he’d say
You did nothing wrong, still you grieve anyway
Forgive yourself and do this for me
Let go of this pain and set it free

Chris Edward Gardner
Copyright ©2006 Chris Edward Gardner

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