by Aelf


To drift…. Upon the eddies of snow
That freeze shut my blue lips and iced over eyelids….

And to feel the heatless rays of an orange sun that will never warm my breath…

I count the ticks, and measure myself
from these puffing frosts of breath as they mingle with the clouds above, to
scud across a sky,
ridden with the breaths of ten thousand breaths,
one for every ten heartbeats…every five…every two…one for one…

As my heart slows to nearly nothing, my blood pulsing like a frozen river in my veins.

Waiting for him to breath life into my lungs, my heart…My Soul…

To lick my wounds with a tongue that will not stick and tear,
With a touch of fire that will not burn away my lashes as
my face is caressed, my eyes fluttering open to a face
So familiar, yet I do not recognize…Blood…
In my face, in my eyes…I see naught…
But his scent is overwhelming…
His hair..tickles my nose,
His smile tickles my heart.

Come, take me from this frigid prison,
The cold earthen catacombs of death.

And heat my passion, my thoughts of desire
And sate my desire of unity and not


Copyright ©2008 ~Aelf~

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