By Mischief


The fabric of reality is wearing thin,
I can feel the insanity stirring within,
My reality is being torn apart at the seams,
Listening intently I can hear the screams,
I see things in a different light,
Nobody grasps my troublesome plight,
It seems to me that life is just illusion,
My head is spinning with chaotic delusion,
Visions of absurdity riddle my mind,
Reality and fantasy are now intertwined

Twisted fantasies turn into obsession,
Unwittingly thrown into a neurotic depression,
Constantly wondering if any of this is real,
It’s difficult to explain how I feel,
It’s almost as if my brain has an insanity plague,
Where my grip on the present becomes more vague,
I’m afraid that I’ll wake up from this one day,
Strapped to a bed in a hospital full of dismay,
Finding that I’ve truly lost my marbles afterall,
Discovering that I’m held in madness’s thrall,
Realizing that I am no longer who I used to be,
Howling terribly like a rabid banshee

Could it be that this is my fate,
To sit and doubt and wait,
To question myself and my sanity,
To wonder if i’ve lost my very humanity?
Oh, of all the things I’ve lost,
I most certainly miss my mind the most.

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