Oh, Lover… My Element

Oh, Lover… My Element

By Sirch

Oh, lover… how long must I wait for your call?
When will darkness depart to announce your arrival?
Cold, bitter nothingness, until the rays of your presence melt my sorrow.
Your light; floods my veins, arteries engorge, blood pounds in my temples.
The greatness of your affection robs me of my vision! My torch dims.
My passion, though spent for now, promises conquest and demands repetition.

Oh, lover… how desperate am I to inhale your breathe?
Your absence has robbed me of my wind, surely I will faint!
Silence so deafening, until I feel the press of your lips. Air fills my emptiness.
Rhythm returns to my heart as you restore me to my fullness.
The flush, of my cheeks, returns. My senses reel from your velocity.
Urgency is replaced with satisfaction… until I starve for your love once more.

Oh lover… how dormant must I remain before awakened?
My chambers long to be filled with the fire of your return.
Rumbling announces a hasty appearance; flames consume every inch of capacity.
Your words fuel my flame… threatening to ignite!
Whispers, so meek, sends magma thrusting to my surface.
Release… though complete, I hunger for you again.

Oh lover… so parched are my fields from want.
When will you escape to cool my burning flesh?
Scorched, so dehydrated, until reward rains down upon my desire.
The thrashing, of our obsession, threatens to gouge new depths.
Torrential floods foretell a successful implantation of nourishment.
Sweet nectar replenishes this oasis. My thirst is quenched, for now.

Chris Edward Gardner
Copyright ©2006 Chris Edward Gardner

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