Inside My Head

Inside My Head

By Mentalytitc

you dont understand the feelings i feel
you dont understand why my worlds so still
you don’t understand the pain that’s so real
they are walking around me
just circling my world
running around my wall
just waiting for it to fall
they ask how much more can i handle
how much more can i take….

how much more will i stand this before i decide my own fate
the confusion is rising
my belief is fading
the truth that im seeing, is so amazing….

how many lies will they ever tell me
how many more will i actually believe
how much longer before i have no self esteem
i’ve never posed a threat
my only mistake is i was so many others regret
but what they fail to see….

is real side of me
deep down inside
there he lives hidden away to just say goodbye
you lose so much and you just cant handle it anymore
the pain is unbearing now your unable to feel sore
now it’s only apathy
because i’ve finally forgotten who i’ve called me….

so there they still circle and wonder why
how much more have you held inside
the pain that i’m hunting
its so unforgiving
but you dont understand the wishfulness of not living
you hold your hands to your head and scream
because now they’ve invaded your special dreams
and before they get into the place where it starts
you get so angry and you go find that place in your heart
where the hate and the anger will eventually rise
where that soldier lives that just will not die
you’ve finally had it, nothing left to do
so you look in the mirror to see your last dying words are….


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