Forever Be

Forever Be

By Sirch

How does one convince another, feelings different than that of a brother?
How to pursue an illusive figure who sings loves song?
Eloquent words spoken in splendor, entwining ourselves, binding together
Silken cords never meant to be broken, but be adored.

Your image haunts, beguiles – entices me further, persuading to provide me as your lover.
Your lips, attempting to calm my growing passion, speak ever softly.
Every night I whisper that I love you, but believe (accept) me? You will not.
Desiring experience, before risking true love, is your cause.

Sharing secrets, spoken in private, proof only to me of our loves depth.
Showing daily my allegiance, how I must frustrate!
Attempts eager yet unending, my desire to bask in the shadow of your presence.
The path I seek so simple; unconditional love forever be.

Chris Edward Gardner
Copyright ©2006 Chris Edward Gardner

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